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Aggarwal, D and Attada, R and Shukla, KK and Chakraborty, R and Kunchala, RK (2022) Monsoon precipitation characteristics and extreme precipitation events over Northwest India using Indian high resolution regional reanalysis. In: Atmospheric Research, 267 .

Agrawal, P and Karthikeyan, S and Makineni, SK and Gault, B and Banerjee, D (2022) Dynamic strain aging in the intermediate temperature regime of near-α titanium alloy, IMI 834: Experimental and modeling. In: Acta Materialia, 222 .

Alagarasan, D and Hegde, SS and Varadharajaperumal, S and Arun Kumar, KD and Naik, R and Panjalingam, SP and Massoud, EES and Ganesan, R (2022) Effect of annealing temperature on SnS thin films for photodetector applications. In: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics .

Aliyu, A and Srivastava, C (2022) Phase constitution, surface chemistry and corrosion behavior of electrodeposited MnFeCoNiCu high entropy alloy-graphene oxide composite coatings. In: Surface and Coatings Technology, 429 .

Amith Yadav, HJ and Eraiah, B and Kalasad, MN and Thippeswamy, M and Rajasreelatha, V (2022) Synthesis, characterization of zro2:Tb3+ (1-9 mol ) nanophosphors for blue lighting applications and antibacterial property. In: Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 12 (6). pp. 7147-7158.

Ansh, Ansh and Shrivastava, M (2022) Superior resistance switching in monolayer MoS2 channel-based gated binary resistive random-access memory via gate-bias dependence and a unique forming process. In: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 55 (8).

Avrachenkov, K and Patil, K and Thoppe, G (2022) Online algorithms for estimating change rates of web pages. In: Performance Evaluation, 153 .


Baheti, S and Anjana, PS and Peri, S and Simmhan, Y (2022) DiPETrans: A framework for distributed parallel execution of transactions of blocks in blockchains. In: Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience .

Bardhan, A and Raghavan, S (2022) Growth design for high quality AlxGa(1�x)N layer with high AlN-fraction on Si (1 1 1) substrate by MOCVD. In: Journal of Crystal Growth, 578 .

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Bera, S and Chandel, VS and Londhe, M (2022) On a Spectral Version of Cartan�s Theorem. In: Journal of Geometric Analysis, 32 (2).

Bhaskar, N and Sulyaeva, V and Gatapova, E and Kaichev, V and Khomyakov, M and Kolodin, A and Kosinova, M and Basu, B (2022) On the origin of better hemocompatibility of the BCxNyOz coatings. In: Applied Surface Science, 576 .

Bhat, AS and Sane, VA and Seshadri, KS and Krishnan, A (2022) Behavioural context shapes vocal sequences in two anuran species with different repertoire sizes. In: Animal Behaviour .

Bhat, CR and Mondal, A and Pinjari, AR and Saxena, S and Pendyala, RM (2022) A multiple discrete continuous extreme value choice (MDCEV) model with a linear utility profile for the outside good recognizing positive consumption constraints. In: Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 156 . pp. 28-49.

Bisaillon, P and Sandhu, R and Pettit, C and Khalil, M and Poirel, D and Manohar, CS and Sarkar, A (2022) Combined selection of the dynamic model and modeling error in nonlinear aeroelastic systems using Bayesian Inference. In: Journal of Sound and Vibration, 522 .


Cao, Y and Awwad, NS and Ibrahium, HA and Sarkar, A and Ali, HE and Menazea, AA (2022) Investigation of the interaction mechanism of 3-allyl-2-hydantoin anti-cancer on the pristine and functionalized BC2N nanotubes as an effective drug delivery nanocarriers. In: Journal of Biotechnology, 345 . pp. 40-46.

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Choudhury, PN and Sivakumar, KC (2022) Nesbitt and Shapiro cyclic sum inequalities for positive definite matrices. In: Advances in Operator Theory, 7 (1).


Das, A and Arunan, E (2022) Measurement of Donor-Acceptor Interchange Tunnelling in Ar(H2O)2 using Rotational Spectroscopy and a Re-look at Its Structure and Bonding. In: Journal of Molecular Structure, 1252 .

Das, A and Namtirtha, A and Dutta, A (2022) Fuzzy clustering of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia images assisted by Eagle strategy and morphological reconstruction. In: Knowledge-Based Systems, 239 .

Das, A and Shukla, RK and Govardhan, RN (2022) Contrasting thrust generation mechanics and energetics of flapping foil locomotory states characterized by a unified - Scaling. In: Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 930 .

Das, R and Sarkar, S and Kumar, R and D Ramarao, S and Cherevotan, A and Jasil, M and Vinod, CP and Singh, AK and Peter, SC (2022) Noble-Metal-Free Heterojunction Photocatalyst for Selective CO2Reduction to Methane upon Induced Strain Relaxation. In: ACS Catalysis . pp. 687-697.

Datar, V and Jacob, A (2022) Hermitian�Yang�Mills Connections on Collapsing Elliptically Fibered K3 Surfaces. In: Journal of Geometric Analysis, 32 (2).

Datta, A and Mathew, J and Hemchandra, S (2022) The explicit filtering method for large eddy simulations of a turbulent premixed flame. In: Combustion and Flame, 237 .

Datta, B and Maity, D (2022) Platonic solids, Archimedean solids and semi-equivelar maps on the sphere. In: Discrete Mathematics, 345 (1).

De, A and Upadhyaya, DB and Thiyaku, S and Tomer, SK (2022) Use of Multi-sensor Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Flood and Drought Monitoring and Mapping in India. [Book Chapter]

Dey, N and Kumari, N (2022) Anion-induced deprotonation as a simple strategy to improve analytical performance of an amphiphilic probe at mesoscopic interface. In: Results in Chemistry, 4 .

Dharumarajan, S and Lalitha, M and Gomez, C and Vasundhara, R and Kalaiselvi, B and Hegde, R (2022) Prediction of soil hydraulic properties using VIS-NIR spectral data in semi- arid region of Northern Karnataka Plateau. In: Geoderma Regional, 28 .

Dishwar, RK and Agrawal, S and Singh, AK and Sinha, OP (2022) Effect of Bath Environment and Charge Material on the Removal of Impurities from the Pig Iron Melt Using Laboratory Scale (2Â kg) Electric Arc Furnace. In: Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals .


Edachery, V and Swamybabu, V and Gurupatham, A and Paramasamy, M and Kailas, SV (2022) The role of surface topography and normal load in the initiation of ratchetting-peak friction, seizure, scuffing, and elastic shakedown. In: Journal of Tribology, 144 (2).


Ganguly, P and Manna, R and Thangavelu, S (2022) On a theorem of Chernoff on rank one Riemannian symmetric spaces. In: Journal of Functional Analysis, 282 (5).

Garg, D and Ganesan, S (2022) An overlapping local projection stabilization for Galerkin approximations of Stokes and Darcy flow problems. In: Applied Numerical Mathematics, 171 . pp. 106-127.

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Gnanavignesh, R and Shenoy, UJ (2022) An improved relaxation based spatial domain decomposition method for parallel transient stability simulation. In: International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 135 .

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Gowthaman, S and Tripathi, P and Ariharan, S and Ramkumar, J and Balani, K (2022) Water attenuation enhances tribological damage resistance in laser peened steel. In: Materials Letters, 308 .

Gupta, A and Srivastava, C (2022) Electrodeposition current density induced texture and grain boundary engineering in Sn coatings for enhanced corrosion resistance. In: Corrosion Science, 194 .

Gupta, S (2022) Comparison of improved autogenous and bio-based self-healing techniques in fiber-reinforced mortar: Effect of bacteria incorporation strategy and fiber hybridization. In: Journal of Building Engineering, 45 .

Gupta, S and Tulliani, J-M and Kua, HW (2022) Carbonaceous admixtures in cementitious building materials: Effect of particle size blending on rheology, packing, early age properties and processing energy demand. In: Science of the Total Environment, 807 .


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Hunsur Ravikumar, C and Maroli, N and Kulkarni, B and Kolandaivel, P and Balakrishna, RG (2022) Heterostructure of CsPbBr3-CdS perovskite quantum dots for enhanced stability and charge transfer. In: Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology, 275 .


Jahan, MAI and Chethana, K and Honnungar, RV and Asokan, S (2022) Design and development of optical fiber Bragg grating based device for measurement of handgrip force. In: Optical and Quantum Electronics, 54 (1).

Jayaram, K and Gopalakrishnan, P and Vishakantaiah, J (2022) Abstract and Image Analysis of High-Temperature Materials from Scientific Journals Using Deep Learning and Rule-Based Machine Learning Approaches. In: 2nd International Conference on Data Science, Machine Learning and Applications, ICDSMLA 2020, 21-22 Nov 2020, Pune, pp. 489-500.

Jena, SK and Chakraverty, S and Mahesh, V and Harursampath, D and Sedighi, HM (2022) A novel numerical approach for the stability of nanobeam exposed to hygro-thermo-magnetic environment embedded in elastic foundation. In: ZAMM Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik .

Jithin, MA and Ganapathi, KL and Ambresh, M and Nukala, P and Udayashankar, NK and Mohan, S (2022) Development of titanium nitride thin film microheaters using laser micromachining. In: Vacuum, 197 .

Johnson, KS and Hussein, S and Chakraborty, P and Muruganantham, A and Mikhail, S and Gonzalez, G and Song, S and Jolly, MK and Toneff, MJ and Benton, ML and Lin, YC and Taube, JH (2022) CTCF expression and dynamic motif accessibility modulates epithelial�mesenchymal gene expression. In: Cancers, 14 (1).

Jose, SP and M, R and S, S and Rajan, S and Saji, S and Narayanan, V and S, S (2022) Anti-inflammatory effect of Kaba Sura Kudineer (AYUSH approved COVID-19 drug)-A Siddha poly-herbal formulation against lipopolysaccharide induced inflammatory response in RAW-264.7 macrophages cells. In: Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 283 .

Joshi, P and Mondal, PP (2022) Single-molecule clustering for super-resolution optical fluorescence microscopy. In: Photonics, 9 (1).

Jutur, P and Barman, D and Govardhan, RN (2022) Low Reynolds number stall flutter of a linear cascade with large amplitudes at low reduced frequencies: Unsteady loads and flow features. In: Journal of Fluids and Structures, 109 .


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Kalore, SA and Sivakumar Babu, GL and Mahajan, RR (2022) Considerations for Design of Aggregate Gradation in Pavement Drainage Layers. In: 4th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics, ICTG 2021, 23-26 May 2021, Chicago, pp. 317-331.

Kaushik, P and Kumar, A (2022) Emerging role and function of miR-198 in human health and diseases. In: Pathology Research and Practice, 229 .

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Khumukcham, SS and Penugurti, V and Soni, A and Uppala, V and Hari, K and Jolly, MK and Dwivedi, A and Salam PK, A and Padala, C and Mukta, S and Bhopal, T and Manavathi, B (2022) A reciprocal feedback loop between HIF-1α and HPIP controls phenotypic plasticity in breast cancer cells. In: Cancer Letters, 526 . pp. 12-28.

Koley, M and Lala, K (2022) Are journal archiving and embargo policies impeding the success of India's open access policy? In: Learned Publishing .

Krishnamohan, KS and Bala, G (2022) Sensitivity of tropical monsoon precipitation to the latitude of stratospheric aerosol injections. In: Climate Dynamics .

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Kumar, V and Agrawal, S and Shahi, SK and Motghare, A and Singh, S and Ramamurthy, PC (2022) Bioremediation potential of newly isolated Bacillus albus strain VKDS9 for decolourization and detoxification of biomethanated distillery effluent and its metabolites characterization for environmental sustainability. In: Environmental Technology and Innovation, 26 .

Kumar N, V and BS, K and Asokan, S (2022) Selective detection of lead in water using etched fiber Bragg grating sensor. In: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 354 .

Kumar Naik, TSS and Kesavan, AV and Swamy, BEK and Singh, S and Anil, AG and Madhavi, V and Ramamurthy, PC (2022) Low cost, trouble-free disposable pencil graphite electrode sensor for the simultaneous detection of hydroquinone and catechol. In: Materials Chemistry and Physics, 278 .


Lal Krishna, AS and Menon, S and Prosad, A and Raghunathan, V (2022) Mid-infrared quasi-BIC resonances with sub-wavelength slot mode profiles in germanium-based coupled guided-mode resonance structures. In: Photonics Research, 10 (1). pp. 68-75.

Lee, H and Park, J-H and Maity, N and Kim, D and Jang, D and Kim, C and Yoon, Y-G and Singh, AK and Han, Y and Yoon, S-G (2022) Diffusion-enhanced preferential growth of m-oriented GaN micro-domains on directly grown graphene with a large domain size on Ti/SiO2/Si(001). In: Materials Today Communications, 30 .

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Nandan, R and Nanda, S and Bisen, OY and Raza, W and Nanda, KK (2022) Nicotiana genus: a green and sustainable source for designing of nitrogen-rich efficient carbon nanocomposites for the hydrogenation of nitrophenol and non-enzymatic glucose sensing. In: Materials Today Sustainability, 17 .

Nandanapalli, KR and Mudusu, D and Karuppannan, R and Hahn, Y-B and Lee, S (2022) Predominantly enhanced catalytic activities of surface protected ZnO nanorods integrated stainless-steel mesh structures: A synergistic impact on oxygen evolution reaction process. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 429 .

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