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Adhikari, S and Anoop, VP and Parui, S (2021) Existence of Extremals of Dunkl-Type Sobolev Inequality and of Stein�Weiss Inequality for Dunkl Riesz Potential. In: Complex Analysis and Operator Theory, 15 (2).

Advaith, S and Parida, DR and Aswathi, KT and Dani, N and Chetia, UK and Chattopadhyay, K and Basu, S (2021) Experimental investigation on single-medium stratified thermal energy storage system. In: Renewable Energy, 164 . pp. 146-155.

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Agnihotri, R and Oommen, C (2021) Impact of HAN Ternary Propellant System Decomposition on Catalytic Sustainability. In: Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics .

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Anantharamaiah, PN and Shashanka, HM and Kumar, R and Chelvane, JA and Sahoo, B (2021) Chemically enabling CoFe2O4 for magnetostrictive strain sensing applications at lower magnetic fields: Effect of Zn substitution. In: Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology, 266 .

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Balaji, VR and Murugan, M and Robinson, S and Hegde, G (2021) A Novel Hybrid Channel DWDM Demultiplexer Using Two Dimensional Photonic Crystals Meeting ITU Standards. In: Silicon . (In Press)

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Barman, RK and BÃlanger, G and Bhattacherjee, B and Godbole, R and Sengupta, D and Tata, X (2021) Current bounds and future prospects of light neutralino dark matter in the NMSSM. In: Physical Review D, 103 (1).

Basu, B and Bhaskar, N and Barui, S and Sharma, V and Das, S and Govindarajan, N and Hegde, P and Perikal, PJ and Antharasanahalli Shivakumar, M and Khanapure, K and Tekkatte Jagannatha, A (2021) Evaluation of implant properties, safety profile and clinical efficacy of patient-specific acrylic prosthesis in cranioplasty using 3D binderjet printed cranium model: A pilot study. In: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 85 . pp. 132-142.

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Bhattacharyya, A and Jameei, A and Saha, R and Garai, A and Karande, AA and Chakravarty, AR (2021) BODIPY-linked: Cis -dichlorido zinc(ii) conjugates: The strategic design of organelle-specific next-generation theranostic photosensitizers. In: Dalton Transactions, 50 (1). pp. 103-115.


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Dasika, P and Samantaray, D and Murali, K and Abraham, N and Watanbe, K and Taniguchi, T and Ravishankar, N and Majumdar, K (2021) Contact-Barrier Free, High Mobility, Dual-Gated Junctionless Transistor Using Tellurium Nanowire. In: Advanced Functional Materials . (In Press)

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Desikan, R and Antia, R and Dixit, NM (2021) Physical �strength� of the multi-protein chain connecting immune cells: Does the weakest link limit antibody affinity maturation?: The weakest link in the multi-protein chain facilitating antigen acquisition by B cells in germinal centres limits antibody affinity maturation. In: BioEssays . (In Press)

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Gali, ML and Rao, PR (2021) Preface. In: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 88 . v-vi.

Gali, ML and Rao, PR (2021) Preface. In: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 88 . v-vi.

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Ghosh, A and Boggavarapu, P and Ravikrishna, RV (2021) Measurement of liquid and vapor penetration of evaporating methanol sprays. In: Atomization and Sprays, 30 (10). pp. 741-757.

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