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Acharya, Srijan and Panicker, Arpana Gopi and Laxmi, Devara Vijaya and Suwas, Satyam and Chatterjee, Kaushik (2019) Study of the influence of Zr on the mechanical properties and functional response of Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr-O alloy for orthopedic applications. In: MATERIALS & DESIGN, 164 .

Adegoke, Oluwashina and Dewangan, Gulab C and Pawar, Pramod and Pal, Main (2019) UV to X-Ray Comptonization Delay in Mrk 493. In: ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS, 870 (2).

Agarwalla, Kumar Sanjib and Ghosh, Kirtiman and Kumar, Nilanjana and Patra, Ayon (2019) Same-sign multilepton signatures of an SU(2)(R) quintuplet at the LHC. In: JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS (1).


Ananthanarayan, B and Pal, Abhishek and Ramanan, S and Sarkar, Ratan (2019) Unveiling regions in multi-scale Feynman integrals using singularities and power geometry. In: EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, 79 (1).

Anbazhagan, P and Srilakshmi, KN and Bajaj, Ketan and Moustafa, Sayed SR and Al-Arifi, Nassir SN (2019) Determination of seismic site classification of seismic recording stations in the Himalayan region using HVSR method. In: SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, 116 . pp. 304-316.

Antony, Hiasindh Ashmi and Topno, Nishith Saurav and Gummadi, Sathyanarayana N and Sankar, Devanarayanan Siva and Krishna, Ramadas and Parija, Subhash Chandra (2019) In silico modeling of Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter protein and biochemical studies suggest its key contribution to chloroquine resistance. In: ACTA TROPICA, 189 . pp. 84-93.


Balachandran, Niranjan and Kundu, Atreyee and Chatterjee, Debasish (2019) RANDOMIZED ALGORITHMS FOR STABILIZING SWITCHING SIGNALS. In: MATHEMATICAL CONTROL AND RELATED FIELDS, 9 (1). pp. 159-174.

Balaswamy, V and Aparanji, Santosh and Arun, S and Ramachandran, Siddharth and Supradeepa, VR (2019) High-power, widely wavelength tunable, grating-free Raman fiber laser based on filtered feedback. In: OPTICS LETTERS, 44 (2). pp. 279-282.

Bang, Alok (2019) Antecedents of behavioural and reproductive dominance in pairs of the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata. In: BEHAVIOURAL PROCESSES, 158 . pp. 1-3.

Basak, Gopal K and Ghosh, Mrinal K and Mukherjee, Diganta (2019) A Stochastic Model with Inflation, Growth and Technology for the Political Business Cycle. In: COMPUTATIONAL ECONOMICS, 53 (1). pp. 125-140.

Behera, BC and Jana, Subhadip and Bhat, Shwetha G and Gauquelin, N and Tripathy, G and Kumar, Anil PS and Samal, D (2019) Evidence for exchange bias coupling at the perovskite/brownmillerite interface in spontaneously stabilized SrCoO3-delta/SrCoO2.5 bilayers. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 99 (2).

Bhat, Satyanath and Jain, Shweta and Gujar, Sujit and Narahari, Y (2019) An optimal bidimensional multi-armed bandit auction for multi-unit procurement. In: ANNALS OF MATHEMATICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, 85 (1). pp. 1-19.

Bhattacharjee, Arindam and Mohanty, Atanu K and Chatterjee, Anindya (2019) Expansion of Preisach density in magnetic hysteresis using general basis functions. In: APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION, 341 . pp. 418-427.

Bhattarai, Mangesh and Bharti, Vineet and Natarajan, Vasant and Sargsyan, Armen and Sarkisyan, David (2019) Study of EIT resonances in an anti-relaxation coated Rb vapor cell. In: PHYSICS LETTERS A, 383 (1). pp. 91-96.

Bisht, Harish and Rani, Meenu and Kumar, Kireet and Sah, Saurabh and Arya, Prakash Chandra (2019) Retreating rate of Chaturangi glacier, Garhwal Himalaya, India derived from kinematic GPS survey and satellite data. In: CURRENT SCIENCE, 116 (2). pp. 304-311.

Biswal, S and Reddy, DH and Ramaswamy, A (2019) Reducing uncertainties in estimating long-time prestress losses in concrete structures using a hygro-thermo-chemo-mechanical model for concrete. In: COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES, 211 . pp. 1-13.

Biswas, Shibananda and Ghosh, Gargi and Misra, Gadadhar and Roy, Subrata Shyam (2019) On reducing submodules of Hilbert modules with G(n)-invariant kernels. In: JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS, 276 (3). pp. 751-784.

Bocci, Federico and Gearhart-Serna, Larisa and Boareto, Marcelo and Ribeiro, Mariana and Ben-Jacob, Eshel and Devi, Gayathri R and Levine, Herbert and Onuchic, Jose Nelson and Jolly, Mohit Kumar (2019) Toward understanding cancer stem cell heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment. In: PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 116 (1). pp. 148-157.


Carreira, Erick M and Ding, Kuiling and Brimble, Margaret and Liu, Hung-wen and Chiu, Pauline and Maulide, Nuno and Prasad, Kavirayani R and Xi, Zhenfeng and Reisman, Sarah E and Yamaguchi, Shigehiro and Ritter, Tobias and Yu, Jin-Quan (2019) Organic Letters 2.0: A New Beginning. In: ORGANIC LETTERS, 21 (1). pp. 1-4.

Chandorkar, Yashoda and Ravikumar, K and Basu, Bikramjit (2019) The Foreign Body Response Demystified. In: ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, 5 (1, SI). pp. 19-44.

Chandran, Sunil L and Issac, Davis and Zhou, Sanming (2019) Hadwiger's conjecture for squares of 2-trees. In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS, 76 . pp. 159-174.

Chandrasekhar, K Devi and Murthy, J Krishna and Lin, JY and Wu, HC and Yang, HD (2019) Observation of oscillation like magnetocaloric effect in multiferroic Ni0.95Zn0.05Cr2O4. In: JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 771 . pp. 674-679.

Chandrasekhar, M and Jayarao, G and Khatua, Dipak Kumar and Kumar, P (2019) Effect of NaNbO3 addition on structure, dielectric and energy storage properties of lead free piezoelectric Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-K0.5Na0.5NbO3 ceramics. In: CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 45 (2, A). pp. 1969-1976.

Chatterjee, Ritika and Shreenivas, Meghanashree M and Sunil, Rohith and Chakravortty, Dipshikha (2019) Enteropathogens: Tuning Their Gene Expression for Hassle-Free Survival. In: FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY, 9 .

Chaudhuri, Atanu and Sarkar, Apu and Kapoor, Rajeev and Chakravartty, JK and Ray, RK and Suwas, Satyam (2019) Understanding the Mechanism of Dynamic Recrystallization During High-Temperature Deformation in Nb-1Zr-0.1C Alloy. In: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS ENGINEERING AND PERFORMANCE, 28 (1). pp. 448-462.

Cheik, Sougueh and Bottinelli, Nicolas and Soudan, Benoit and Harit, Ajay and Chaudhary, Ekta and Sukumar, Raman and Jouquet, Pascal (2019) Effects of termite foraging activity on topsoil physical properties and water infiltration in Vertisol. In: APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY, 133 . pp. 132-137.

Chen, Lin X and Christopher, Phillip and De Angelis, Filippo and Jin, Song and Hu, Yong-Sheng and Park, Nam-Gyu and Das Sarma, Dipankar and Sun, Yang-Kook and Kamat, Prashant V (2019) We Editors Are Authors, Too. In: ACS ENERGY LETTERS, 4 (1). pp. 249-250.

Choudhury, S and Komaragiri, JR and Tiwari, PC and Sirunyan, AM and Tumasyan, A and Adam, W (2019) Search for low-mass resonances decaying into bottom quark-antiquark pairs in proton-proton collisions at root s=13 TeV. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 99 (1).

Chouhan, Arun Singh and Jasti, Naga Prathibha and Avasthi, Sushobhan (2019) The dual role of ozone-treated aluminum doped zinc oxide for CH3NH3PbI3 solar cells. In: ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, 66 . pp. 249-257.

Chowdhury, Shubhankar Roy and Roy, Debasish (2019) A non-equilibrium thermodynamic model for viscoplasticity and damage: Two temperatures and a generalized fluctuation relation. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, 113 . pp. 158-184.

Chowdhury, Shubhankar Roy and Roy, Pranesh and Roy, Debasish and Reddy, JN (2019) A modified peridynamics correspondence principle: Removal of zero-energy deformation and other implications. In: COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING, 346 . pp. 530-549.


DMello, Marilyn Esclance and Sundaram, Nalini G and Singh, Akash and Singh, Abhishek K and Kalidindi, Suresh Babu (2019) An amine functionalized zirconium metal-organic framework as an effective chemiresistive sensor for acidic gases. In: CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 55 (3). pp. 349-352.

Dasgupta, Queeny and Madras, Giridhar and Chatterjee, Kaushik (2019) Gradient platform for combinatorial screening of thermoset polymers for biomedical applications. In: MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS, 94 . pp. 766-777.

Datt, Gopal and Kumar, Sanjay (2019) A criterion for quasinormality in C-n. In: PROCEEDINGS OF THE INDIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES-MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, FEB 2019, INDIA.

Dey, Nilanjan and Biswakarma, Dipen and Bhattacharya, Santanu (2019) Metal Complex as an Optical Sensing Platform for Rapid Multimodal Recognition of a Pathogenic Biomarker in Real-Life Samples. In: ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, 7 (1). pp. 569-577.

Dhang, Prasun and Sharma, Prateek (2019) 3D global simulations of RIAFs: convergence, effects of azimuthal extent, and dynamo. In: MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 482 (1). pp. 848-869.


Fosu, Benjamin R and Ghosh, Prosenjit and Mishra, Divya and Banerjee, Yogaraj and K, Prasanna and Sarkar, Amrita (2019) Acid digestion of carbonates using break seal method for clumped isotope analysis. In: RAPID COMMUNICATIONS IN MASS SPECTROMETRY, 33 (2). pp. 203-214.

Franch, Oskar and Han, Xiao and Marcussen, Laerke Bay and Givskov, Asger and Andersen, Marie Bech and Godbole, Adwait Anand and Harmsen, Charlotte and Norskov-Lauritsen, Niels and Thomsen, Jonas and Pedersen, Finn Skou and Wang, Yilong and Shi, Donglu and Wejse, Christian and Podenphant, Lone and Nagaraja, Valakunja and Bertl, Johanna and Stougaard, Magnus and Ho, Yi-Ping and Hede, Marianne Smedegaard and Labouriau, Rodrigo and Knudsen, Birgitta Ruth (2019) A new DNA sensor system for specific and quantitative detection of mycobacteria. In: NANOSCALE, 11 (2). pp. 587-597.

Frappart, F and Papa, F and Guentner, A and Tomasella, J and Pfeffer, J and Ramillien, G and Emilio, T and Schietti, J and Seoane, L and da Silva Carvalho, J and Medeiros Moreira, D and Bonnet, MP and Seyler, F (2019) The spatio-temporal variability of groundwater storage in the Amazon River Basin. In: ADVANCES IN WATER RESOURCES, 124 . pp. 41-52.


Gajrani, Kishor Kumar and Suvin, PS and Kailas, Satish Vasu and Sankar, Mamilla Ravi (2019) Thermal, rheological, wettability and hard machining performance of MoS2 and CaF2 based minimum quantity hybrid nano-green cutting fluids. In: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, 266 . pp. 125-139.

Gangavarapu, Yasasvi PR and Sharma, Anjanashree Mankala Ramakrishna and Ganapathi, KL and Mohan, Sangeneni and Naik, AK (2019) Dielectric based charge carrier tuning for CNT CMOS inverters. In: SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 34 (1).


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Godbole, Rohini M and Kaushik, Abhiram and Misra, Anuradha and Padval, Siddhesh (2019) Probing the gluon Sivers function through direct photon production at RHIC. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 99 (1).

Gopalakrishnan, Vidya and Dahal, Sumedha and Radha, Gudapureddy and Sharma, Shivangi and Raghavan, Sathees C and Choudhary, Bibha (2019) Characterization of DNA double-strand break repair pathways in diffuse large B cell lymphoma. In: MOLECULAR CARCINOGENESIS, 58 (2). pp. 219-233.

Goswami, Koushik (2019) Heat fluctuation of a harmonically trapped particle in an active bath. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 99 (1).

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Halappa, Pramod and Devakumar, Balaji and Shivakumara, C (2019) Effect of Ca2+ ion co-doping on radiative properties via tuning the local symmetry around the Eu3+ ions in orange red light emitting GdPO4:Eu3+ phosphors. In: NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 43 (1). pp. 63-71.

Harikumar, Kandath and Dhall, Sidhant and Bhat, Seetharama (2019) Design and Experimental Validation of a Robust Output Feedback Control for the Coupled Dynamics of a Micro Air Vehicle. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTROL AUTOMATION AND SYSTEMS, 17 (1). pp. 155-167.

Hatte, Sandeep and Dhar, Riju and Bansal, Lalit and Chakraborty, Suman and Basu, Saptarshi (2019) On the lifetime of evaporating confined sessile droplets. In: COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS, 560 . pp. 78-83.


Islam, Saurav and Shukla, Shruti and Bajpai, Vivek K and Han, Young-Kyu and Huh, Yun Suk and Ghosh, Arindam and Gandhi, Sonu (2019) Microfluidic-based graphene field effect transistor for femtomolar detection of chlorpyrifos. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .


Jacob, KT and Sivakumar, Shivesh (2019) Thermodynamic properties of MgGa2O4 and phase relations in the system Mg-Ga-O. In: JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 775 . pp. 1357-1364.

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Joshi, Vipin and Tiwari, Prakash and Shrivastava, Mayank (2019) Part I: Physical Insight Into Carbon-Doping-Induced Delayed Avalanche Action in GaN Buffer in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, 66 (1). pp. 561-569.

Joshi, Vipin and Tiwari, Prakash and Shrivastava, Mayank (2019) Part II: Proposals to Independently Engineer Donor and Acceptor Trap Concentrations in GaN Buffer for Ultrahigh Breakdown AlGaN/GaN HEMTs. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, 66 (1). pp. 570-577.


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Krishna, Lekshmi and Dhamodaran, Kamesh and Subramani, Murali and Ponnulagu, Murugeswari and Jeyabalan, Nallathambi and Meka, Sai Rama Krishna and Jayadev, Chaitra and Shetty, Rohit and Chatterjee, Kaushik and Khora, Samanta Sekhar and Das, Debashish (2019) Protective Role of Decellularized Human Amniotic Membrane from Oxidative Stress-Induced Damage on Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells. In: ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, 5 (1, SI). pp. 357-372.

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