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Agrawal, A and Bhise, A and Arasanipalai, R and Tony, LA and Jana, S and Ghose, D (2023) Accurate Estimation of 3D-Repetitive-Trajectories using Kalman Filter, Machine Learning and Curve-Fitting Method for High-speed Target Interception. [Book Chapter]

Augustine, P (2023) Two-dimensional layered materials for efficient photodetection. [Book Chapter]

Angurana, R and Shehata, N and Katoch, V and Kaur, H and Raina, TK and Singh, S and Ramamurthy, PC and Dhanjal, DS and Singh, J (2023) Depleted mineralization of pesticides on soil microbial diversity. [Book Chapter]

Anbazhagan, P and Bajaj, K (2023) Region Specific Consideration for GMPE Development, Representative Seismic Hazard Estimation and Rock Design Spectrum for Himalayan Region. [Book Chapter]

Aliyu, A and Srivastava, C (2022) Electron Microscopy of Magnetic Nanoparticles: Understanding Synthesis Mechanism and Evoluation of Size-Composition Correlations. [Book Chapter]

Ankit, K and Tony, LA and Jana, S and Ghose, D (2022) Multi-agent Cooperative Framework for Autonomous Wall Construction. [Book Chapter]

Afsharinia, B and Gurtoo, A and Shaw, R (2022) Developmental Agenda and the Global Pandemic. [Book Chapter]

Agrawal, S and Kumar, V and Singh, S and Shahi, SK (2022) Gene mediated phytodetoxification of environmental pollutants. [Book Chapter]

Augustine, P (2021) Realization of relaxor PMN-PT thin films using pulsed laser ablation. [Book Chapter]

Awasthi, N and Gupta, S and Kiran, A and Pardasani, R (2021) State-of-the-art equipment for rapid and accurate diagnosis of COVID-19. [Book Chapter]

Aggarwal, M and Murty, MN (2020) Node Representations. [Book Chapter]

Ashok Krishnan, KS and Sharma, V (2020) Diffusion approximation analysis of multihopwireless networks: Quality-of-service and convergence of stationary distribution. [Book Chapter]

Amrein, BA and Runthala, A and Kamerlin, SCL (2019) In Silico-Directed Evolution Using CADEE. [Book Chapter]

Amrita, MA and Akhilesh, KB (2019) Digital Masters: Blueprinting Digital Transformation. [Book Chapter]

Amrita, MA and Akhilesh, KB (2019) Operations Management of Cyber-Physical Production Systems. [Book Chapter]

Akhilesh, KB and Möller, DPF (2019) Smart Technologies: Scope and Applications. [Book Chapter]

Akhilesh, KB (2019) Smart Technologies—Scope and Applications. [Book Chapter]

Asha, S and Ratheesh, M and Jose, SP and Krishnakumar, IM and Sandya, S (2019) NEERA: A Nonalcoholic Nutritious Beverage from Unopened Inflorescence of Coconut Palm. [Book Chapter]

Aggarwal, P and Challa, KR and Rath, M and Sunkara, P and Nath, U (2018) Generation of inducible transgenic lines of arabidopsis transcription factors regulated by microRNAs. [Book Chapter]

Athira, KS and Chokshi, AH (2018) Size Effect in Mechanical Behavior of Nb Microwires. [Book Chapter]

Adhikari, S and Eswar, NKR and Mishra, AK and Sarkar, D and Madras, G (2018) Functionally Active Nanomaterials for Environmental Remediation. [Book Chapter]

Arunagiri, S and Mathew, M (2018) Patents and networks: Case of cochlear implant technology evolution using patent classification data. [Book Chapter]

Aithal, BH and Chandan, MC and Vinay, S and Ramachandra, TV (2018) Urbanization in India: Patterns, visualization of cities, and greenhouse gas inventory for developing an urban observatory. [Book Chapter]

Anand, V and Thomas, R and Thulasi Raman, KH and Gowravaram, MR (2018) Plasma-Induced Polymeric Coatings. [Book Chapter]

Aysha, S and Mani, Monto (2017) Adaptation of Buildings to Climate Change. [Book Chapter]

Aaditya, Gayathri and Mani, Monto (2017) Integration of Photovoltaics in Buildings. [Book Chapter]

Arora, Gunjan and Kulshreshtha, Ankur and Arora, Kriti and Talwar, Puneet and Raj, Rishi and Grewal, Gurpreet and Sajid, Andaleeb and Kukreti, Ritushree (2017) Emerging Themes in Drug Resistance. [Book Chapter]

Agrawal, G and Negi, YS and Pradhan, S and Dash, M and Samal, SK (2017) Wettability and contact angle of polymeric biomaterials. [Book Chapter]

Ananthasuresh, GK (2008) Systematic Synthesis Methods. [Book Chapter]

Arathi, HS and Gadagkar, Raghavendra (1996) Can genetically unrelated individuals join colonies of Ropalidia marginata ? [Book Chapter]


Bhattacharyya, T and Bhowmik, M (2024) A Note on the Dilation of a Certain Family of Tetrablock Contractions. [Book Chapter]

Barua, R and Datta, S (2023) Artificial intelligence in modern medical science: A promising practice. [Book Chapter]

Barua, R and Bhowmik, S and Banerjee, D and Datta, S (2023) The effects of climate change on human health and the healthcare sector. [Book Chapter]

Barua, R and Datta, S and Sarkar, A (2023) Artificial intelligence and robotics-based minimally invasive surgery: Innovations and future perceptions. [Book Chapter]

Barua, R and Datta, S and Sarkar, A (2023) Artificial intelligence and robotics-based minimally invasive surgery: Innovations and future perceptions. [Book Chapter]

Barua, R and Datta, S (2023) Emerging surgical robotic applications for modern Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). [Book Chapter]

Barua, R and Datta, S (2023) Emerging surgical robotic applications for modern Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). [Book Chapter]

Bansia, H and Ramakumar, S (2023) Homology Modeling of Antibody Variable Regions: Methods and Applications. [Book Chapter]

Bishnoi, M and Deepika, A and Mody, N and Jain, A (2022) Biomedical Applications of Nano-Biosensor. [Book Chapter]

Banerjee, A and Mukherjee, PS (2022) Self-assembled discrete coordination architectures toward biological applications. [Book Chapter]

Bheemireddy, S and Srinivasan, N (2022) Computational Study on the Dynamics of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis RNA Polymerase Assembly. [Book Chapter]

Bhowmik, RD and Roy, T (2022) Challenges and Solution Pathways in Water Use Through the Lens of COVID-19. [Book Chapter]

Balakrishnan, J and Preethi, LK and Kushvaha, SS and Mayandi, J (2022) Colloidal Quantum Dot Photodetectors for Infrared Imaging. [Book Chapter]

Babu, GLS and Sporer, H and Zanzinger, H and Gattung, E (2022) Desiccation behaviour of selected geosynthetic clay liners. [Book Chapter]

Brundha, G and Aishwarya, S and Patil, AG and Aishwarya, S and More, SS and Khan, K and Padyana, S and Madhavi, J and Yadav, AN and Ravish, H and Manjunath, PR and Sahu, B and Raghu, AV and Zameer, F (2022) Reinforced protein polymers in biomedical engineering. [Book Chapter]

Bose, A and Visweswariah, SS (2022) The pseudokinase domain in receptor guanylyl cyclases. [Book Chapter]

Bhat, SV and Muthukrishnan, K and Ramakrishna, J and Srinivasan, R (2021) Lithium nuclear magnetic resonance in lithium formate monohydrate. [Book Chapter]

Baruah, D C and Chanakya, H N and Ghosh, S K and Nelles, M (2021) Changing focus on bioenergy through resource circulation: A review for India and Europe. [Book Chapter]

Basumatary, H and Arout Chelvane, J and Singh, V and Ranjan, R (2021) Microscopic and Magnetic Investigations in Sputtered Sm-Fe Thin Films. [Book Chapter]

Bora, PJ and Kishore, Kishore and Ramamurthy, PC (2021) Polymer-metal/metal oxide-coated fly ash cenosphere composite film for electromagnetic interference shielding. [Book Chapter]

Baby, A and Saeed Rila, BC and Anil Vishnu, GK and Pandya, HJ (2021) Assembly Management Software Integrated with Additive Manufacturing for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. [Book Chapter]

Balaji Prabhu, BV and Narasipura, OSJ (2021) Improved Image Super-resolution Using Enhanced Generative Adversarial Network a Comparative Study. [Book Chapter]

Bharadwaj, G and Shivapuji, AM (2020) Remote Diagnostic Assessment Tool for Engines. [Book Chapter]

Baloria, V and Prajapati, CS and Bhat, N and Gupta, G (2020) Chemiresistors and Their Microfabrication. [Book Chapter]

Basu, B and Kalin, M and Manoj Kumar, BV (2020) Friction and Wear of Ceramics: Principles and Case Studies. [Book Chapter]

Bagaria, A and Ramakumar, S (2020) Peptide Nanotubes: A Crystallographic Approach. [Book Chapter]

Belton, A and Guillot, D and Khare, A and Putinar, M (2020) A panorama of positivity. Ii: Fixed dimension. [Book Chapter]

Bisht, A and Roy, A and Dixit, US and Suwas, S and Silberschmidt, VV (2019) Small-Scale Machining Simulations. [Book Chapter]

Burela, RG and Harursampath, D (2019) Asymptotically-Accurate Nonlinear Hyperelastic Shell Constitutive Model Using Variational Asymptotic Method. [Book Chapter]

Bajaj, M and Akhilesh, KB (2019) How Energy and Utility Companies Are Leveraging Industrial IoT in a Highly Competitive Business Environment? [Book Chapter]

Burra, R and Singh, C and Kuri, J and Altman, E (2019) Routing on a ring network. [Book Chapter]

Bajaj, M and Akhilesh, KB (2019) Understanding the Need for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Environment. [Book Chapter]

Belton, Alexander and Guillot, Dominique and Khare, Apoorva and Putinar, Mihai (2019) A Panorama of Positivity. I: Dimension Free. [Book Chapter]

Banerjee, C and Kumar, DN (2019) Integration of GRACE Data for Improvement of Hydrological Models. [Book Chapter]

Basnett, S and Kulkarni, AV (2019) Snow cover changes observed over Sikkim Himalaya. [Book Chapter]

Bolch, T and Shea, JM and Liu, S and Azam, FM and Gao, Y and Gruber, S and Immerzeel, WW and Kulkarni, A and Li, H and Tahir, AA and Zhang, G and Zhang, Y (2019) Status and Change of the Cryosphere in the Extended Hindu Kush Himalaya Region. [Book Chapter]

Bhattacharjee, Y and Biswas, S and Bose, S (2019) Thermoplastic polymer composites for EMI shielding applications. [Book Chapter]

Bharadwaj, Kishor KS and Ramesh, T and Ananthasuresh, GK (2019) Non-dimensionalized Feasibility Maps for Designing Compliant Mechanisms. [Book Chapter]

Basu, S and Chaudhuri, S and Cetegen, BM and Saha, A (2018) Mixing dynamics in interacting vortices. [Book Chapter]

Balreddy, MS and Dinesh, SV and Sitharam, TG (2018) Effect of fines on pore pressure development during cyclic loading. [Book Chapter]

Basu, S and Agarwal, AK and Mukhopadhyay, A and Patel, C (2017) Introduction to Application Paradigms of Droplets and Spray Transport. [Book Chapter]

Basu, S and Agarwal, AK and Mukhopadhyay, A and Patel, C (2017) Introduction to Droplets and Sprays: Applications for Combustion and Propulsion. [Book Chapter]

Bakshi, Arindam and Vishnu Vardhan, GP and Hema, M and Murthy, MRN and Savithri, HS (2017) Structural and Functional Characterization of Sesbania Mosaic Virus. [Book Chapter]

Biswas, Arnab Kumar and Nandy, S K and Narayan, Ranjani (2017) Multiprocessor system-on-chip for processing data in cloud computing. [Book Chapter]

Basheer, Soorej M. and Chellappan, Sreeja (2017) Enzyme Engineering. [Book Chapter]

Bose, S and Pötschke, P and Bhattacharyya, AR (2016) Influence of Organic Modifier on Miscibility and Chain Scission of the PA6 Phase and the Extent of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Dispersion in Co-Continuous PA6/ABS Blends. [Book Chapter]

Bhattacharya, S and Ghatak, KP (2012) Field Emission from Superlattices of Nonparabolic Semiconductors Under Magnetic Quantization. [Book Chapter]

Bhattacharya, S and Ghatak, KP (2012) Field Emission from Quantum Confined Semiconductors Under Magnetic Quantization. [Book Chapter]

Bhattacharya, S and Ghatak, KP (2012) Field Emission from Quantum Wire Superlattices of Non-parabolic Semiconductors. [Book Chapter]

Bhattacharya, S and Ghatak, KP (2012) Field Emission from Quantum Wires of Nonparabolic Semiconductors. [Book Chapter]

Bhattacharya, S and Ghatak, KP (2012) Field Emission from Quantum-Confined III�V Semiconductors in the Presence of LightWaves. [Book Chapter]

Bhattacharya, S and Ghatak, KP (2012) Field Emission from Quantum-Confined Optoelectronic Semiconductors. [Book Chapter]

Bedathur, Srikanta J and Haritsa, Jayant R (2005) Search-Optimized Suffix-Tree Storage for Biological Applications. [Book Chapter]

BN, Goswami (2005) South Asian Monsoon. [Book Chapter]

Barua, Rana and Roy, Suman and Chaochen, Zhou (1999) Completeness of Neighbourhood Logic. [Book Chapter]



Chattopadhyay, K and Nagarajan, R (2023) Synthesis of Nanocomposites: Synthesis of Nanocomposites by Nonequilibrium Processing. [Book Chapter]

Choudhuri, AR (2022) Basics of Plasma Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics. [Book Chapter]

Choudhuri, AR (2022) Electrodynamics and Electromagnetic Waves. [Book Chapter]

Choudhuri, AR (2022) Electrostatics. [Book Chapter]

Choudhuri, AR (2022) Relativity and Electrodynamics. [Book Chapter]

Chaupatnaik, A and Barpanda, P (2020) Combustion Synthesized MLi2Ti6O14 (M = Sr, Ba, Pb) Titanate Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries. [Book Chapter]

Chandra Mohana, N and Mithun, PR and Yashavantha Rao, HC and Mahendra, C and Satish, S (2020) Nanoparticle applications in sustainable agriculture, poultry, and food: Trends and perspective. [Book Chapter]

Chakraborti, S and Chakravarthi, P and Srinivasan, N (2020) A ligand-centric approach to identify potential drugs for repurposing: Case study with aurora kinase inhibitors. [Book Chapter]

Chakraborti, S and Ramakrishnan, G and Srinivasan, N (2019) Repurposing Drugs Based on Evolutionary Relationships Between Targets of Approved Drugs and Proteins of Interest. [Book Chapter]

Charanpahari, A and Gupta, N and Devthade, V and Ghugal, S and Bhatt, J (2019) Ecofriendly nanomaterials for sustainable photocatalytic decontamination of organics and bacteria. [Book Chapter]

Chung, SY and Rajesh, R and Venkatramanan, S (2019) Evaluation of heavy-metal contamination in groundwater using hydrogeochemical and multivariate statistical analyses. [Book Chapter]

Chakraborti, S and Ramakrishnan, G and Srinivasan, N (2019) In Silico Modeling of FDA-Approved Drugs for Discovery of Anticandida Agents: A Drug-Repurposing Approach. [Book Chapter]

Caprini, I and Fischer, J and Abbas, G and Ananthanarayan, B (2018) Perturbative expansions in QCD improvrd by conformal mappings of the Borel plane. [Book Chapter]

Chattopadhyay, J and Srivastava, R (2017) Advanced nanomaterials in biomedical, sensor and energy applications. [Book Chapter]

Chattopadhyay, Jayeeta and Srivastava, Rohit and Pathak, Tara Sankar (2017) Hollow Carbon Nano-spheres: A Step Toward Energy Applications. [Book Chapter]

Choudhury, Abhik (2017) Phase-Field Modeling as a Method Relevant for Modeling Phase Transformation During Interdiffusion. [Book Chapter]

Chaitanya, A Krishna and Mukherji, Utpal and Sharma, Vinod (2017) Learning Equilibria of a Stochastic Game on Gaussian Interference Channels with Incomplete Information. [Book Chapter]

Chakrapani, K and Sampath, S (2017) Assemblies of organic and inorganic molecular systems on solid substrates. [Book Chapter]

Chethan, DS and Venkatesh, GS and Srinivas, Gunti Ranga and Vinod Kumar, CS (2017) Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Hemp–Polyester Composites. [Book Chapter]

Chaudhuri, Swetaprovo (2017) Global and Local Viewpoints to Analyze Turbulence-Premixed Flame Interaction. [Book Chapter]

Chandra, N and Sandhya, S and Anand, P (2015) Structural annotation of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteome. [Book Chapter]

Chandrashekar, TS and Narahari, Y (2014) Procurement Network Formation: A Cooperative Game Theoretic Approach. [Book Chapter]

Chanakya, HN and Balachandra, P (2013) Bioenergy deployment for climate smart development: The case of biogas for cooking in India. [Book Chapter]

Chandran, Thyageshwar and Sharma, Alok and Vijayan, Mamannamana (2013) Generation of Ligand Specificity and Modes of Oligomerization in beta-Prism I Fold Lectins. [Book Chapter]

Chandrashekar, TS and Narahari, Yadati (2005) Economic Mechanisms for Shortest Path Cooperative Games with Incomplete Information. [Book Chapter]

Chandru, Vijay and Rao, Rammohan M and Swaminathan, Ganesh (2004) Protein folding on lattices: an integer programming approach. [Book Chapter]

Chandru, Vijay and Hariharan, Ramesh and Krishnakumar, Narasimha M (2004) Short-Cuts on Star, Source and Planar Unfoldings. [Book Chapter]

Chandran, Sunil L and Ram, Shankar L (2002) Approximations for ATSP with Parametrized Triangle Inequality. [Book Chapter]

Chandru, V and Vidyasagar, M and Vinay, V (1997) Tractable theories for the synthesis of neural networks. [Book Chapter]

Chaturvedi, VK and Kurup, Ramakrishna CK (1987) Interaction of lutein with mitochondrial and artificial membranes. [Book Chapter]


Dey, M and Maity, N and Singh, AK (2023) Metal Oxide Nanostructures-Based Electronics. [Book Chapter]

Datta, S and Barua, Ranjit and Das, Samir (2023) Role and challenges of bioprinting in bone tissue engineering. [Book Chapter]

Das, DR and Sarkar, M and Paul, A (2023) Tools and approaches for assessing stress-responsive secondary metabolites to design climate-smart crops. [Book Chapter]

Darshan, GH and Shyamkumar, V (2023) Regenerated silk sericin from Antheraea mylitta and Bombyx mori, the potential biomaterial. [Book Chapter]

Dash, S and Mohanty, HS and Sahoo, B and Pradhan, DK (2023) Tuning of physical and chemical properties of perovskite ceramic materials through surface modifications. [Book Chapter]

Das, S and Manjunath, K and Biswas, A and Sekar, K (2022) Therapeutic target identification and evaluation using machine learning. [Book Chapter]

Dixit, R and Kumari, M (2022) Microbial metabolites in plant disease management. [Book Chapter]

Datta, S and Singh, S and Ramamurthy, PC and Angurana, R and Dhanjal, DS and Katoch, V and Kumar, A and Kapoor, D and Singh, J and Singh, J (2022) Treatment approaches for bio-contaminants in organic wastes. [Book Chapter]

Datta, S and Singh, S and Ramamurthy, PC and Angurana, R and Dhanjal, DS and Katoch, V and Kumar, A and Kapoor, D and Singh, J and Singh, J (2022) Treatment approaches for bio-contaminants in organic wastes. [Book Chapter]

Duodu, MG and Singh, B and Christina, E (2022) Waste management through bioremediation technology: An eco-friendly and sustainable solution. [Book Chapter]

De, A and Upadhyaya, DB and Thiyaku, S and Tomer, SK (2022) Use of Multi-sensor Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Flood and Drought Monitoring and Mapping in India. [Book Chapter]

Dash, M and Parida, C and Sahu, BK and Sahu, KC and Das, S (2021) Influence of physical processes on nutrient dynamics and phytoplankton in the coastal Bay of Bengal. [Book Chapter]

Datey, A and Gopalan, J and Chakravortty, D (2021) Needleless or noninvasive delivery technology. [Book Chapter]

Divinski, SV and Lukianova, OA and Wilde, G and Dash, A and Esakkiraja, N and Paul, A (2021) High-Entropy Alloys: Diffusion. [Book Chapter]

Desikan, R and Behera, A and Maiti, PK and Ayappa, KG (2021) Using multiscale molecular dynamics simulations to obtain insights into pore forming toxin mechanisms. [Book Chapter]

Dasappa, S and Shivapuji, AM (2021) Biomass gasification: Thermochemical route to energetic bio-chemicals. [Book Chapter]

Dattathri, S and Sharma, P (2020) An idealized setup for cosmological evolution of baryonic gas in isolated halos. [Book Chapter]

Dwivedi, M and Shadab, MH and Santosh, VR (2020) Insect pest detection, migration and monitoring using radar and LiDAR systems. [Book Chapter]

Dey, S and Samanta, GC and Jayaraman, N (2020) Advancements in synthetic and structural studies of septanoside sugars. [Book Chapter]

Das, TK and Biju, AT (2020) N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC)-Catalyzed Transformations for the Synthesis of Heterocycles. [Book Chapter]

Dan, A and Basu, B (2020) Understanding spectrally selective properties of solar absorbers. [Book Chapter]

Dubey, A and Pudakalakatti, SM and Atreya, HS (2019) Fast NMR Methods for Identification of Resonances and Metabolic Pathways. [Book Chapter]

De, Santanu and Chaudhuri, S (2017) Mechanics and Modelling of Turbulence–Combustion Interaction. [Book Chapter]

Daskhan, Gour Chand and Giri, Malyasree and Jayaraman, Narayanaswamy (2017) [3, 3]-Sigmatropic Rearrangement as a Powerful Synthetic Tool on Skeletal Modification of Unsaturated Sugars. [Book Chapter]

Dutta, Pradip and Kumar, Pramod (2017) Supercritical Carbon Dioxide-Based Power Cycles. [Book Chapter]

Dyawanapelly, Sathish and Jain, Nishant Kumar and KR, Sindhu and Prasanna, Maruthi and Singh, Akhilesh Vikram (2017) Biodegradable Polymers for Protein and Peptide Therapeutics: Next Generation Delivery Systems. [Book Chapter]

Das, Anindita and Chakrabarti, Abhijit and Das, Puspendu K (2017) Enzyme Adsorption on Nanoparticle Surface Probed by Highly Sensitive Second Harmonic Light Scattering. [Book Chapter]

Dey, D and Rangarajan, A (2010) Breast Cancer Stem Cells. [Book Chapter]

Doraiswamy, Harish and Natarajan, Vijay (2008) Efficient Output-Sensitive Construction of Reeb Graphs. [Book Chapter]

Ding, Mingzhou and Rangarajan, Govindan (2004) First passage time problem: a Fokker-Planck approach. [Book Chapter]

Deshpande, SM (1999) Application of kinetic schemes to all types of meshes. [Book Chapter]


Edachery, V and Ravi, S and Badiuddin, AF and Tomy, A and Suvin, PS and Kailas, SV (2023) Effect of Surface Topography and Roughness on the Wetting Characteristics of an Indigenously Developed Green Cutting Fluid (GCF). [Book Chapter]

Edachery, V and Pariyar, A and Muthukumar, M and Harsha, S and Likhitha, CS and Kailas, SV (2021) A Study on the Tribological Behavior of Al/B4C/Graphite Hybrid Composite Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing. [Book Chapter]


Farooq, S and Singh, S and Kumar, V and Dhanjal, DS and Ramamurthy, PC and Singh, J (2022) Arsenic-induced responses in plants: Impacts on morphological, anatomical, and other quantitative and qualitative characters. [Book Chapter]

Filipowicz, A and Aballay, A and Singh, V (2022) Cellular and Organismal Responses to Infections in Caenorhabditis elegans. [Book Chapter]

Fisher, Brian L and Malsch, Annette KF and Gadagkar, Raghavendra and Delabie, Jacques HC and Vasconcelos, Heraldo L and Majer, Jonathan D (2000) Applying the ALL Protocol: Selected Case Studies. [Book Chapter]


Gadagkar, R. (2024) Prologue - The Painted Stork - Exploring Ecology and Conservation in India by Abdul Jamil Urfi. [Book Chapter]

Gurrala, G and Joseph, FC (2023) Application of Homotopy Methods in Power Systems Simulations. [Book Chapter]

Gupta, A and Dhiman, A and Samal, SK and Agrawal, G (2023) Stimuli-Responsive Microgels as Drug Carriers and Theranostics. [Book Chapter]

Gurumurthy, GP and Tripti, M and Balakrishna, K and Riotte, J and Audry, S and Udayashankar, HN (2023) Geochemical Characterization of Suspended Sediments in the Nethravati Estuary, Southwest Coast of India: Insights to Redox Processes, Metal Sorption, and Pollution Aspect. [Book Chapter]

Guin, M and Kundu, T and Verma, VK and Singh, NB (2022) Progress and challenges of semiconducting materials for solar photocatalysis. [Book Chapter]

Gupta, VK and Sarker, SD and Sharma, M and Pirovani, ME and Usmani, Z and Jayabaskaran, C (2022) Biomolecules from Natural Sources: Advances and Applications. [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, R. (2022) Foreword - On The Web With Spiders: A Handbook With Field Notes by Abhijeeth Bayani. [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, R. (2022) Foreword - On The Web With Spiders: A Handbook With Field Notes by Abhijeeth Bayani. [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, R. (2022) Foreword - Pakshi Jala by Shubha Navakanta Bhat. [Book Chapter]

Gadgil, S and Francis, PA and Rajendran, K and Nanjundiah, RS and Rao, SA (2021) Role of land-ocean contrast in the indian summer monsoon rainfall. [Book Chapter]

Gaur, R (2021) Environmental impact and life cycle analysis of green nanomaterials. [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, R (2021) Foreword - Encyclopedia of Social Insects. [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, R (2021) Foreword - India on My Mind. [Book Chapter]

Gupta, A and Srivastava, C (2021) Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Metal Cluster Nucleation Over Graphene Oxide. [Book Chapter]

Gadiyaram, V and Dighe, A and Ghosh, S and Vishveshwara, S (2021) Network Re-Wiring During Allostery and Protein-Protein Interactions: A Graph Spectral Approach. [Book Chapter]

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Gadagkar, R (2020) Cooperation in Social Insects. [Book Chapter]

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Giridharan, A and Venkatesh, KA (2020) Machine consciousness: Mind, machine, and society contributors. [Book Chapter]

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Ganguli, R (2020) Fractal dimension indicator for damage detection in uncertain composites. [Book Chapter]

Ganesan, RA (2020) Cardiorespiratory and endocrine mechanisms behind the effectiveness of pranayama. [Book Chapter]

Ginley, D and Ager, J and Agrawal, R and Alam, MA and Arora, BM and Avasthi, S and Basak, D and Bhargava, P and Biswas, P and Bora, B and Braunecker, WA and Buonassisi, T and Dhage, S and Dhere, N and Garner, S and Hu, X and Jhunjhunwala, A and Kabra, D and Kavaipatti, B and Kazmerski, L and Kottantharayil, A and Kumar, R and Lo, C and Mani, M and Nair, PR and Narsamma, L and Olson, DC and Pal, AJ and Raghavan, S and Ramamurthy, P and Sarada, B and Sarkar, S and Sastry, OS and Sridhar, H and Tamizmani, G and Urban, J and van Hest, M and Vasi, J and Wang, Y and Wu, Y (2020) Sustainable Photovoltaics. [Book Chapter]

Ganguli, R (2019) Image processing filters for machine fault detection and isolation. [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, R (2019) Cooperation. [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, R (2019) What Can We Learn from Insect Societies? [Book Chapter]

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