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Abu-Ajamieh, F and Okada, N and Vempati, SK (2024) Corrected calculation for the non-local solution to the g � 2 anomaly and novel results in non-local QED. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, 2024 (1).

Aditya, S and Roy, N (2024) Family-Vicsek dynamical scaling and Kardar-Parisi-Zhang-like superdiffusive growth of surface roughness in a driven one-dimensional quasiperiodic model. In: Physical Review B, 109 (3).

Adukkadan, A and Ranjan, R and Kumar, V (2024) High pyroelectric performance and its dependence on the field-induced orientation in antiferroelectric PLZST system. In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society .

Adukkadan, A and Ranjan, R and Kumar, V (2024) High pyroelectric performance and its dependence on the field-induced orientation in antiferroelectric PLZST system. In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society .

Ahsan, N and Shariq, M and Surolia, A and Raj, R and Khan, MF and Kumar, P (2024) Multipronged regulation of autophagy and apoptosis: emerging role of TRIM proteins. In: Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters, 29 (1).

Ailiga, M and Mallik, S and Narain, G (2024) Lorentzian Robin Universe. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, 2024 (1).

Akeredolu, BJ and Ahemen, I and Amah, AN and Onojah, AD and Shakya, J and Gayathri, HN and Ghosh, A (2024) Improved liquid phase exfoliation technique for the fabrication of MoS2/graphene heterostructure-based photodetector. In: Heliyon, 10 (3).

Allirani, H and Dumka, A and Verma, A (2024) A framework for assessment of pedestrianization impacts on quality of life: Combining subjective and objective measures. In: Cities, 145 .

Anandan, M and Raghurama Rao, SV (2024) Entropy conserving/stable schemes for a vector-kinetic model of hyperbolic systems. In: Applied Mathematics and Computation, 465 .

Anjali, C and Nidhisha, V and Amrutha, TP and Gopal, R and Chethan, B and Thayyil, MS and Periyat, P and Neeroli Kizhakayil, R (2024) Graphene oxide boosted high surface area CeO2 for humidity sensing. In: Results in Engineering, 21 .

Antony, AJ and Balaraman, AA and Dutta, S (2024) Enhanced piezoelectric properties in europium-doped lead lanthanum zirconate titanate thin films. In: Thin Solid Films, 790 .

Anup, N and Rohith, B and Vijith, V and Rose, L and Sreeraj, P and Sabu, A and Krishnamohan, KS and Sudeepkumar, BL and Sunil, AS and Sunil, PS (2024) Volcanic Eruption Triggers a Rare Meteotsunami in the Indian Ocean. In: Geophysical Research Letters, 51 (2).

Arjun Sreedhar, S and Narasimhan, R (2024) Numerical simulations of ductile crack initiation and growth in a textured magnesium alloy. In: Mechanics of Materials, 190 .

Arjun Sreedhar, S and Narasimhan, R (2024) Numerical simulations of ductile crack initiation and growth in a textured magnesium alloy. In: Mechanics of Materials, 190 .

Arora, U and Khuntia, HK and Chanakya, HN and Kapley, A (2024) Luffa cylindrica (Sponge Gourd) Fibers in Treatment of Greywater: an Aerobic Fixed-Film Reactor Approach. In: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology .

Arya, R and Jain, RK and Mishra, AK (2024) Primordial black holes dark matter and secondary gravitational waves from warm Higgs-G inflation. In: Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2024 (2).

Austeria, MP and Vinoth Babu, P and Heine, T and Sampath, S and Hwan Kim, D (2024) Skew trapezoidal bipyramidal distortion in MoS6 unit stabilizing distorted phases of 1T-MoS2 single layer. In: Applied Surface Science, 652 .


Babu, JR and Gopalakrishnan, S and Fatoba, OO and Leiva-Garcia, R and Akid, R (2024) Modeling fatigue-assisted pitting in pipeline steel with PCA-XFEM. In: Corrosion Science, 228 .

Bagchi, S and Basak, R and Garg, R and Ghosh, A (2024) Sparse Bounds for Pseudo-multipliers Associated to Grushin Operators, II. In: Journal of Geometric Analysis, 34 (2).

Bairwa, D and Elizabeth, S (2024) Spin reorientation, spin switching, and magnetic compensation in Er1�xSmxFeO3 single crystals. In: Physica Scripta, 99 (2).

Balaji, VR and Ibrar Jahan, MA and Sridarshini, T and Geerthana, S and Thirumurugan, A and Hegde, G and Sitharthan, R and Dhanabalan, SS (2024) Machine learning enabled 2D photonic crystal biosensor for early cancer detection. In: Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, 224 .

Balodi, M and Banerjee, A and Kour, S (2024) Comodule theories in Grothendieck categories and relative Hopf objects. In: Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 228 (6).

Banerjee, A and Das, S (2024) Heavily separable functors of the second kind and applications. In: Journal of Algebra, 643 . pp. 49-75.

Banerjee, S and Gupta, SK and Pal, S and Prabhakaran, EN (2024) Crystal structures reveal that the sterically hindered pivaloyl-cisProlyl amide bond is energetically frustrated. In: Peptide Science .

Bang, A and Ranganath, HA and Gadagkar, R (2024) A crazy ants� crazy form of reproduction: Causes and consequences. In: Journal of Biosciences, 49 (1).

Bang, Alok and Ranganath, HA and Gadagkar, R (2024) A crazy ants’ crazy form of reproduction: Causes and consequences. In: Journal of Biosciences, 49 (1). p. 17.

Barman, S and Krishna, A and Kulkarni, P and Narang, S (2024) Sublinear approximation algorithm for nash social welfare with XOS valuations. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Basavaraju, M and Sunil Chandran, L and Francis, MC and Naskar, A (2024) Weak Total Coloring Conjecture and Hadwiger�s Conjecture on Total Graphs. In: Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 31 (1).

Beere, HK and Reddy, NS and Kulkarni, P and Samanta, K and Jung, HY and Ghosh, D (2024) Compositionally complex ball-in-ball type metal oxide anode via laser-induced fast fabrication for binder-free high-capacity Li-ion batteries. In: Journal of Energy Storage, 80 .

Behera, AK and Rahaman, MM and Roy, D (2024) A residual stress-dependent mixed-mode phase-field model: Application to assessing the role of tailored residual stresses on the mechanical performance of ceramic laminates. In: Mechanics of Materials, 188 .

Bera, G and Surampalli, A and Riddick, ML and Reddy, VR and Sathe, VG and Turpu, GR and Welter, E and Sagdeo, A and Meneghini, C (2024) Local structural investigation across the magnetic transition in the type-II multiferroic material FeVO4. In: Physical Review B, 109 (7).

Bera, S (2024) MultiHypExp: A MATHEMATICA package for expanding multivariate hypergeometric functions in terms of multiple polylogarithms. In: Computer Physics Communications, 297 .

Bera, S and Haldar, A and Banerjee, S (2024) Dynamical mean-field theory for Rényi entanglement entropy and mutual information in the Hubbard model. In: Physical Review B, 109 (3).

Bhadra, S and Thoudam, S and Nath, BB and Sharma, P (2024) Between the Cosmic-Ray �Knee� and the �Ankle�: Contribution from Star Clusters. In: Astrophysical Journal, 961 (2).

Bharadwaj, A and Mhamane, S and Bangal, P and Menon, T and Isvaran, K and Quader, S (2024) Assessment of long-term trends in a threatened grassland bird community using daily bird lists. In: Bird Conservation International, 34 .

Bharti, C and Ghosh, D (2024) A novel non-intrusive ROM for randomly excited linear dynamical systems with high stochastic dimension using ANN. In: Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 75 .

Bhat, FA and Verma, M and Verma, A (2024) Who will buy electric vehicles? Segmenting the young Indian buyers using cluster analysis. In: Case Studies on Transport Policy, 15 .

Bhattacharjee, B and Nandy, P and Pathak, T (2024) Operator dynamics in Lindbladian SYK: a Krylov complexity perspective. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, 2024 (1).

Bhattacharjee, S and Banerjee, S and Bhalerao, V and Beniamini, P and Bose, S and Hotokezaka, K and Pai, A and Saleem, M and Waratkar, G (2024) Joint gravitational wave-short GRB detection of binary neutron star mergers with existing and future facilities. In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 528 (3). pp. 4255-4263.

Bhattacharya, A and Sahu, H and Zahed, A and Sen, K (2024) Complexity for one-dimensional discrete-time quantum walk circuits. In: Physical Review A, 109 (2).

Bhunia, P (2024) Improved bounds for the numerical radius via polar decomposition of operators. In: Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 683 . pp. 31-45.

Bibhanshu, N and Rajanna, R and Bhattacharjee, A and Suwas, S (2024) Investigation of Survived Solidification Features After Hot Isostatic Pressing in Third Generation γ-TiAl Alloys: Ti�45Al�(5, 10)Nb�0.2B�0.2C. In: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science .

Biswas, A and Karanth, KP (2024) All about being old and shooting hairs: clade age and urticating hair explain the patterns of diversification in tarantulas. In: Evolution, 78 (1). pp. 146-159.

Boopathy, B and Mukherjee, D and Nishanth, V and Chowdhury, AR and Chakravortty, D and Rao, L (2024) Generation of Species-Specific High-Strength Plasma Activated Water at Neutral pH and its Antimicrobial Characteristics. In: Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing .

Borges, RM (2024) Solastalgia, our deteriorating environment, and Spirit of Place. In: Journal of Biosciences, 49 (1).


Catalanotto, M and Vaz, JM and Abshire, C and Youngblood, R and Chu, M and Levine, H and Jolly, MK and Dragoi, A-M (2024) Dual role of CASP8AP2/FLASH in regulating epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition plasticity (EMP). In: Translational Oncology, 39 .

Chadha, N and Moghaddam, AG and Van Den Brink, J and Fulga, C (2024) Real-space topological localizer index to fully characterize the dislocation skin effect. In: Physical Review B, 109 (3).

Chakraborti, M and Das, D and Ghosh, N and Mukherjee, S and Saha, I (2024) New physics implications of vector boson fusion searches exemplified through the Georgi-Machacek model. In: Physical Review D, 109 (1).

Chakraborty, D and Chandran, LS and Padinhatteeri, S and Pillai, RR (2024) s-Club Cluster Vertex Deletion on interval and well-partitioned chordal graphs. In: Discrete Applied Mathematics, 345 (345). pp. 170-189.

Chakraborty, D and Shankar, G and Prajapati, A and Chandra Obul Reddy, BR and Kumar, A (2024) Hot deformation characteristics and microstructural evolution of Ti-900 alloy. In: Materials Letters, 355 .

Chakraborty, S and Yurchenko, SN and Georges, R and Simon, A and Lacinbala, O and Chandrasekaran, V and Jayaram, V and Dartois, E and Kassi, S and Gusdorf, A and Lesaffre, P and Jagadeesh, G and Arunan, E and Biennier, L (2024) Laboratory investigation of shock-induced dissociation of buckminsterfullerene and astrophysical insights. In: Astronomy and Astrophysics, 681 .

Chandra, A and Choubey, N and Verma, A and Sooraj, KP (2024) Quasi-stochastic optimization model for time-based arrival scheduling considering Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) track time and a new delay-conflict relationship. In: Journal of Air Transport Management, 115 .

Chandran, LS and Hashim, T and Jacob, D and Mathew, R and Rajendraprasad, D and Singh, N (2024) New bounds on the anti-Ramsey numbers of star graphs via maximum edge q-coloring. In: Discrete Mathematics, 347 (4).

Chatterjee, D and Sunder, S and Krishna, M and Yadav, S and Sysoliatin, A and Gochelashvili, K and Semjonov, S and Venkitesh, D and Konyukhov, A (2024) A Comprehensive Study on Phase Sensitive Amplification and Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Nonlinear Fibers with Longitudinally Varying Dispersion. In: Photonics, 11 (1).

Chetan, U and Kar, PK and Sahu, TL and Dhopeshwar, S and Mahato, J and Aditya, K and Lakkaraju, R (2024) Laminar line source starting plumes and their interaction with energy expulsion events. In: Acta Mechanica .

Choudhary, BS and Kumar, TA and Vashishtha, A and Tejasri, S and Kumar, AS and Agarwal, R and Chakrapani, H (2024) An esterase-cleavable persulfide donor with no electrophilic byproducts and a fluorescence reporter. In: Chemical Communications .

Choudhury, PN and Khare, A (2024) Distance matrices of a tree: Two more invariants, and in a unified framework. In: European Journal of Combinatorics, 115 .

Choudhury, V and Khandekar, C and Boddeti, AK and Jishi, A and Erkovan, M and Sentz, T and Kalhor, F and Cardoso, S and Supradeepa, VR and Jacob, Z (2024) Computational Kerr ellipsometry: Quantifying broadband optical nonreciprocity of magneto-optic materials. In: Physical Review B, 109 (5).

Chowdhury, SR and Mondal, G and Ratnayake, P and Basu, B (2024) Three-Dimensional Extrusion Printed Urinary Specific Grafts: Mechanistic Insights into Buildability and Biophysical Properties. In: ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 10 (2). pp. 1040-1061.


Dalmia, A and Daga, P and Datey, A and Chakravortty, D and Tumaney, AW (2024) Biochemical characterization of lipid metabolic genes of Aurantiochytrium limacinum. In: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 259 .

Damu, C and Moudghalya, S and Nerale, MM and Panda, D and Prasad, R and Behera, U and Reddy, BNS (2024) Numerical investigation on non-linear streaming effects in a two-stage coaxial pulse tube cryocooler. In: Physics of Fluids, 36 (1).

Das, A and Nandi, N and Ray, S (2024) Alpha and SSVEP power outperform gamma power in capturing attentional modulation in human EEG. In: Cerebral Cortex, 34 (1).

Das, A and Pal, R and Mehta, S and Islam, KP and Mondal, A and Pal, AN and Choudhury, D (2024) Space-charge driven origin of the reversible pyrocurrent peaks in Cu1-xCdxCr2 O4. In: Physical Review B, 109 (2).

Das, AB (2024) Triangular tessellations of one-loop scattering amplitudes in �3 theory. In: European Physical Journal: Special Topics .

Das, BK and Das, T and Das, D and Parashar, K and Parashar, SKS and Kumar, R and Anupama, AV and Sahoo, B (2024) Negative temperature co-efficient of resistance behaviour of Cr doped ZnO nanoceramics. In: Materials Science and Engineering: B, 299 .

Das, N and Bora, B and Upadhyay, A and Das, D and Bera, A and Goswami, TK (2024) Cu(ii) flavonoids as potential photochemotherapeutic agents. In: Dalton Transactions .

Das, RP and Sahoo, S and Paidesetty, SK and Ahmad, I and Sahoo, B and Jayabaskaran, C and Patel, H and Arakha, M and Pradhan, AK (2024) Isolation, characterization, and multimodal evaluation of novel glycolipid biosurfactant derived from Bacillus species: A promising Staphylococcus aureus tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase inhibitor through molecular docking and MD simulations. In: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 261 .

Das, S and Garg, SK and Krishnan, C and Kundu, A (2024) What is the Simplest Linear Ramp? In: Journal of High Energy Physics, 2024 (1).

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Deka, B and Sarkar, T and Bhattacharyya, A and Butcher, RJ and Banerjee, S and Deka, S and Saikia, KK and Hussain, A (2024) Synthesis, characterization, and cancer cell-selective cytotoxicity of mixed-ligand cobalt(iii) complexes of 8-hydroxyquinolines and phenanthroline bases. In: Dalton Transactions, 12 .

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Devaraj, A and Sharma, R and Nagesh, S and Paul, B (2024) Insights into the phase-dependent cyclotron line feature in XTE J1946 + 274:ãn AstroSatãnd Insight -HXMT view. In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 527 (4). pp. 11015-11025.

Devi, R and Singh, S and Rana, VS and Singh, O and Kumar, K and Shrivastava, R and Yadav, RK and Singh, AK and Gupta, NK and Singh, AP (2024) Synthesis of well-defined ester-linked covalent organic polymer and its potential applications in C–H bond activation. In: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 447 .

Dey, P and Tewari, N and Dutta, S and Newman, RA and Chaudhuri, TK (2024) Oleander attenuates hepatic inflammation in a TLR4-independent manner and by favorable modulation of hepatocellular global metabolome that supports cytoprotection. In: Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 323 .

Diwan, A and Patel, SS and Pal, A and Dwivedi, A and Shukla, JP and Panthi, SK and Agrawal, R (2024) Flow Characteristics of Cement Mortar with Varied Silica Fume for Additive Construction. In: International Conference on Recent Advancements in Civil Engineering, RACE 2022, 14 - 15 October 2022, Bhopal, pp. 191-201.

Dutta, D and Show, S and Pal, A and Anifowoshe, AT and Prasad Aj, M and Nongthomba, U (2024) The association of cysteine to thiomersal attenuates its apoptosis-mediated cytotoxicity in zebrafish. In: Chemosphere, 350 .

Dutta, S and Misra, A and Bose, S (2024) Polyoxometalate nanocluster-infused triple IPN hydrogels for excellent microplastic removal from contaminated water: detection, photodegradation, and upcycling. In: Nanoscale, 16 (10). pp. 5188-5205.

Dutta, S and Patel, BGM and Singh, Y and Hegde, G and Bose, S (2024) Photocatalytic driven �self-cleaning� IPN membranes infused with a �host-guest� pair consisting of metal-organic framework encapsulated anionic �nano-clusters� for water remediation. In: Journal of Membrane Science, 694 .

Dwivedi, A and Gupta, S (2024) Carbon dioxide sequestration in mortars with excavated soil: Engineering performances and environmental benefits. In: Science of the Total Environment, 917 .


Esakkiraja, N and Vishwakarma, A and Makineni, SK and Jayaram, V and Hickel, T and Divinski, SV and Paul, A (2024) Diffusion-controlled growth and microstructural evolution between Pt and Pd containing B2-NiAl bondcoats and Ni-based single crystal superalloy. In: Acta Materialia, 266 .


Gadagkar, R (2024) An Indian Tribute to William Morton Wheeler. In: Resonance, 29 (2). pp. 187-207.

Gadagkar, R (2024) An Indian Tribute to William Morton Wheeler. In: Resonance - Journal of Science Education, 29 (2). pp. 187-207.

Gadagkar, R. (2024) Prologue - The Painted Stork - Exploring Ecology and Conservation in India by Abdul Jamil Urfi. [Book Chapter]

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Gai, C and Kolokolnikov, T and Schrader, J and Sharma, V (2024) Recurrent and chaotic outbreaks in SIR model. In: European Journal of Applied Mathematics .

Gai, C and Kolokolnikov, T and Schrader, J and Sharma, V (2024) Recurrent and chaotic outbreaks in SIR model. In: European Journal of Applied Mathematics .

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Gopinath, NK and Dan, A and Aruna, ST and Govindarajan, KV and Jagadeesh, G and Barshilia, HC and Roy Mahapatra, D (2024) High emittance plasma sprayed ZrO2-Y2O3/La2Zr2O7 thermal barrier coatings for potential application in scramjets. In: Applied Surface Science, 652 .

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