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Nambiar, Siddharth and Ranganath, Praveen and Kallega, Rakshitha and Selvaraja, Shankar Kumar (2019) High efficiency DBR assisted grating chirp generators for silicon nitride fiber-chip coupling. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Das, Debayan and Dsouza, Andrea and Kaur, Navjot and Soni, Shruti and Toley, Bhushan J (2019) Paper Stacks for Uniform Rehydration of Dried Reagents in Paper Microfluidic Devices. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 (1).

Bag, Saientan and Friederich, Pascal and Kondov, Ivan and Wenzel, Wolfgang (2019) Concentration dependent energy levels shifts in donor-acceptor mixtures due to intermolecular electrostatic interaction. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 (1).

Nikumbh, Akshaya C and Chakraborty, Arindam and Bhat, G S (2019) Recent spatial aggregation tendency of rainfall extremes over India. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 (1).

MacKenzie, Mark and Chi, Haonan and Varma, Manoj and Pal, Parama and Kar, Ajoy and Paterson, Lynn (2019) Femtosecond laser fabrication of silver nanostructures on glass for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Bandyopadhyay, Debmita and Singh, Gulab and Kulkarni, Anil V (2019) Spatial distribution of decadal ice-thickness change and glacier stored water loss in the Upper Ganga basin, India during 2000-2014. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Gupta, Sarthak and Kumar, Pratik and Paul, Tathagata and van Schaik, Andre and Ghosh, Arindam and Thakur, Chetan Singh (2019) Low Power, CMOS-MoS2 Memtransistor based Neuromorphic Hybrid Architecture for Wake-Up Systems. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Rai, Durgesh K. and Gurusaran, Manickam and Urban, Volker and Aran, Kiana and Ma, Lulu and Li, Pingzuo and Qian, Shuo and Narayanan, Tharangattu N. and Ajayan, Pulickel M. and Liepmann, Dorian and Sekar, Kanagaraj and Alvarez-Cao, Maria-Efigenia and Escuder-Rodriguez, Juan-Jose and Cerdan, Maria-Esperanza and Gonzalez-Siso, Maria-Isabel and Viswanathan, Sowmya and Paulmurugan, Ramasamy and Renugopalakrishnan, Venkatesan (2019) Structural determination of Enzyme-Graphene Nanocomposite Sensor Material. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Kaur, Navjot and Michael, Joy S and Toley, Bhushan J (2019) A modular paper-and-plastic device for tuberculosis nucleic acid amplification testing in limited-resource settings. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Gomez-Heredia, C L and Ramirez-Rincon, J A and Bhardwaj, D and Rajasekar, P and Tadeo, I J and Cervantes-Lopez, J L and Ordonez-Miranda, J and Ares, O and Umarji, A M and Drevillon, J and Joulain, K and Ezzahri, Y and Alvarado-Gil, J J (2019) Measurement of the hysteretic thermal properties of W-doped and undoped nanocrystalline powders of VO2. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 (1).

Madhavan, Vinod E and Carignano, Marcelo and Kachmar, Ali and Sangunni, K S (2019) Crystallization properties of arsenic doped GST alloys. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 (1).

Sagar, Vishak and Sengupta, Ranit and Sridharan, Devarajan (2019) Dissociable sensitivity and bias mechanisms mediate behavioral effects of exogenous attention. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Karunakaran, Kalyani B and Chaparala, Srilakshmi and Ganapathiraju, Madhavi K (2019) Potentially repurposable drugs for schizophrenia identified from its interactome. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Sriniyasaiah, Nishant and Kumar, Vinod and Vaidyanathan, Srinivas and Sukumar, Raman and Sinha, Anindya (2019) All-Male Groups in Asian Elephants: A Novel, Adaptive Social Strategy in Increasingly Anthropogenic Landscapes of Southern India. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Prasad, Deepika and Arora, Divya and Nandicoori, Vinay Kumar and Muniyappa, K (2019) Elucidating the functional role of Mycobacterium smegmatis recX in stress response. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Debnath, Nandini and Kumar, Aloke and Thundat, Thomas and Sadrzadeh, Mohtada (2019) Investigating fouling at the pore-scale using a microfluidic membrane mimic filtration system. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Balakrishnan, Ajay and Koppaka, Deepak and Anand, Abhishek and Deb, Barnali and Grenci, Gianluca and Viasnoff, Virgile and Thompson, Erik W. and Gowda, Harsha and Bhat, Ramray and Rangarajan, Annapoorni and Thiery, Jean Paul and Babu, K. Govind and Kumar, Prashant (2019) Circulating Tumor Cell cluster phenotype allows monitoring response to treatment and predicts survival. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Kumar, J R Harish and Seelamantula, Chandra Sekhar and Kamath, Yogish Subraya and Jampala, Rajani (2019) Rim-to-Disc Ratio Outperforms Cup-to-Disc Ratio for Glaucoma Prescreening. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Das Bhowmik, Rajarshi and Suchetana, Bihu and Lu, Mengqian (2019) Shower effect of a rainfall onset on the heat accumulated during a preceding dry spell. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Kashyap, G and Bapat, D and Das, D and Gowaikar, R and Amritkar, RE and Rangarajan, G and Ravindranath, V and Ambika, G (2019) Synapse loss and progress of Alzheimer's disease - A network model. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 (1).

Paul, Apurba and Ramdani, Ghania and Tatu, Utpal and Langsley, Gordon and Natarajan, Vasant (2019) Studying the rigidity of red blood cells induced by Plasmodium falciparum infection. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Karati, Anirudha and Nagini, M and Ghosh, Sanyukta and Shabadi, Rajashekhara and Pradeep, KG and Mallik, Ramesh Chandra and Murty, BS and Varadaraju, UV (2019) Ti2NiCoSnSb - a new half-Heusler type high-entropy alloy showing simultaneous increase in Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity for thermoelectric applications. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Chandran, Aneesh and Chee, Xavier and Prole, David L and Rahman, Taufiq (2019) Exploration of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) regulated dynamics of N-terminal domain of IP3 receptor reveals early phase molecular events during receptor activation. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 . p. 2454.

Katti, Harish and Peelen, Marius and Arun, SP (2019) Machine vision benefits from human contextual expectations. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Tandon, Himani and Sharma, Arun and Sandhya, Sankaran and Srinivasan, Narayanaswamy and Singh, Ramandeep (2019) Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv0366c-Rv0367c encodes a non-canonical PezAT-like toxin-antitoxin pair. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Tandon, Himani and Sharma, Arun and Sandhya, Sankaran and Srinivasan, Narayanaswamy and Singh, Ramandeep (2019) Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv0366c-Rv0367c encodes a non-canonical PezAT-like toxin-antitoxin pair. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Islam, Saurav and Shukla, Shruti and Bajpai, Vivek K and Han, Young-Kyu and Huh, Yun Suk and Ghosh, Arindam and Gandhi, Sonu (2019) Microfluidic-based graphene field effect transistor for femtomolar detection of chlorpyrifos. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

Purohit, Ravi Raj Purohit Purushottam Raj and Arya, Abhinav and Bojjawar, Girish and Pelerin, Maxime and Van Petegem, Steven and Proudhon, Henry and Mukherjee, Soham and Gerard, Celine and Signor, Loic and Mocuta, Cristian and Casati, Nicola and Suwas, Satyam and Chokshi, Atul H and Thilly, Ludovic (2019) Revealing the role of microstructure architecture on strength and ductility of Ni microwires by in-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 9 .

D'Souza, Fiona and Uppangala, Shubhashree and Asampille, Gitanjali and Salian, Sujith Raj and Kalthur, Guruprasad and Talevi, Riccardo and Atreya, Hanudatta S and Adiga, Satish Kumar (2018) Spent embryo culture medium metabolites are related to the in vitro attachment ability of blastocysts. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Rangarajan, Ravi and Mondal, Surajit and Thankachan, Prashanth and Chakrabarti, Ramananda and Kurpad, Anura (2018) Assessing bone mineral changes in response to vitamin D supplementation using natural variability in stable isotopes of Calcium in Urine. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Mohanta, Zinia and Atreya, Hanudatta S and Srivastava, Chandan (2018) Correlation between defect density in mechanically milled graphite and total oxygen content of graphene oxide produced from oxidizing the milled graphite. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Sudesh, - and Kumar, Pawan and Neha, Prakriti and Das, Tanmoy and Patnaik, Satyabrata (2018) Evidence for trivial Berry phase and absence of chiral anomaly in semimetal NbP (vol 7, 46062, 2017). In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Ahmad, Faraz and Das, Debajyoti and Kommaddi, Reddy Peera and Diwakar, Latha and Gowaikar, Ruturaj and Rupanagudi, Khader Valli and Bennett, David A and Ravindranath, Vijayalakshmi (2018) Isoform-specific hyperactivation of calpain-2 occurs presymptomatically at the synapse in Alzheimer's disease mice and correlates with memory deficits in human subjects. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Shkir, Mohd and Yahia, IS and Ganesh, V and Bitla, Y and Ashraf, IM and Kaushik, Ajeet and AlFaify, S (2018) A facile synthesis of Au-nanoparticles decorated PbI2 single crystalline nanosheets for optoelectronic device applications. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Thimmaiah, Poovanna Cheppudira and Panda, Asish Kumar and Pandey, Upendra Kumar and McCague, Claire and Dutta, Pradip and Bahrami, Majid (2018) A New Approach to Compute the Porosity and Surface Roughness of Porous Coated Capillary-Assisted Low Pressure Evaporators. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Mukherjee, Sriparna and Sengupta, Nabonita and Chaudhuri, Ankur and Akbar, Irshad and Singh, Noopur and Chakraborty, Sibani and Suryawanshi, Amol Ratnakar and Bhattacharyya, Arindam and Basu, Anirban (2018) PLVAP and GKN3 Are Two Critical Host Cell Receptors Which Facilitate Japanese Encephalitis Virus Entry Into Neurons. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Baksi, Arka and Vasan, S S and Dighe, Rajan R (2018) DNA Flow cytometric analysis of the human testicular tissues to investigate the status of spermatogenesis in azoospermic patients. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Ghosh, Prosenjit and Prasanna, K and Banerjee, Yogaraj and Williams, Ian and Gagan, Michael K and Chaudhuri, Atanu and Suwas, Satyam (2018) Rainfall seasonality on the Indian subcontinent during the Cretaceous greenhouse (vol 8, 8482, 2018). In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Jyothibabu, R and Arunpandi, N and Jagadeesan, L and Karnan, C and Lallu, K R and Vinayachandran, P N (2018) Response of phytoplankton to heavy cloud cover and turbidity in the northern Bay of Bengal. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Jenjeti, Ramesh Naidu and Kumar, Rajat and Austeria, Muthu P and Sampath, S (2018) Field Effect Transistor Based on Layered NiPS3. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Rekha, M Y and Mallik, Nitin and Srivastava, Chandan (2018) First Report on High Entropy Alloy Nanoparticle Decorated Graphene. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Bulagonda, Eswarappa Pradeep and Manivannan, Bhavani and Mahalingam, Niranjana and Lama, Manmath and Chanakya, Pachi Pulusu and Khamari, Balaram and Jadhao, Sudhir and Vasudevan, Madavan and Nagaraja, Valakunja (2018) Comparative genomic analysis of a naturally competent Elizabethkingia anophelis isolated from an eye infection. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Ghosh, Prosenjit and Prasanna, K and Banerjee, Yogaraj and Williams, Ian S and Gagan, Michael K and Chaudhuri, Atanu and Suwas, Satyam (2018) Rainfall seasonality on the Indian subcontinent during the Cretaceous greenhouse. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Samal, Alaka and Das, Dipti P and Madras, Giridhar (2018) Repercussion of Solid state vs. Liquid state synthesized p-n heterojunction RGO-copper phosphate on proton reduction potential in water. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Kaity, Bivash and Sarkar, Ratan and Chakrabarti, Buddhapriya and Mitra, Mithun K (2018) Reprogramming, oscillations and transdifferentiation in epigenetic landscapes. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Tekumalla, Sravya and Nandigam, Yogesh and Bibhanshu, Nitish and Rajashekara, Shabadi and Yang, Chen and Suwas, Satyam and Gupta, Manoj (2018) A strong and deformable in-situ magnesium nanocomposite igniting above 1000 degrees C. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Deshpande, Adwait and Gupta, Shreejata and Sinha, Anindya (2018) Intentional communication between wild bonnet macaques and humans. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Brahma, Madhuchhanda and Kabiraj, Arnab and Saha, Dipankar and Mahapatra, Santanu (2018) Scalability assessment of Group-IV mono-chalcogenide based tunnel FET. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Yella, Venkata Rajesh and Kumar, Aditya and Bansal, Manju (2018) Identification of putative promoters in 48 eukaryotic genomes on the basis of DNA free energy. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Chakrabarti, Ramananda and Mondal, Surajit and Acharya, Shiba Shankar and Lekha, J Sree and Sengupta, Debasis (2018) Submarine groundwater discharge derived strontium from the Bengal Basin traced in Bay of Bengal water samples. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Ravi, Venkatraman and Jain, Aditi and Ahamed, Faiz and Fathma, Nowrin and Desingu, Perumal Arumugam and Sundaresan, Nagalingam R (2018) Systematic evaluation of the adaptability of the non-radioactive SUnSET assay to measure cardiac protein synthesis. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Huguet, Carme and Routh, Joyanto and Fietz, Susanne and Lone, Mahjoor Ahmad and Kalpana, M S and Ghosh, Prosenjit and Mangini, Augusto and Kumar, Vikash and Rangarajan, Ravi (2018) Temperature and Monsoon Tango in a Tropical Stalagmite: Last Glacial-Interglacial Climate Dynamics. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Bhattacharjee, Amit Kumar (2018) Controlling motile disclinations in a thick nematogenic material with an electric field. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 (2517).

Singh, Amrinder and Deshpande, Neha and Pramanik, Nilkamal and Jhunjhunwala, Siddharth and Rangarajan, Annapoorni and Atreya, Hanudatta S (2018) Optimized peptide based inhibitors targeting the dihydrofolate reductase pathway in cancer. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Ramachandiran, Iyappan and Vijayakumar, Anitha and Ramya, Visvanathan and Rajasekharan, Ram (2018) Arabidopsis serine/threonine/tyrosine protein kinase phosphorylates oil body proteins that regulate oil content in the seeds. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 .

Bhagavat, Raghu and Kim, Heung-Bok and Kim, Chang-Yub and Terwilliger, Thomas C and Mehta, Dolly and Srinivasan, Narayanaswamy and Chandra, Nagasuma (2017) A genome-wide structure-based survey of nucleotide binding proteins in M. tuberculosis. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 (1).

Lohani, H and Mishra, P and Banerjee, A and Majhi, K and Ganesan, R and Manju, U and Topwal, D and Kumar, P S Anil and Sekhar, B R (2017) Band Structure of Topological Insulator BiSbTe1.25Se1.75. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Khan, Lubina and Kumar, Rajesh and Thiruvengadam, Ramachandran and Parray, Hilal Ahmad and Makhdoomi, Muzamil Ashraf and Kumar, Sanjeev and Aggarwal, Heena and Mohata, Madhav and Hussain, Abdul Wahid and Das, Raksha and Varadarajan, Raghavan and Bhattacharya, Jayanta and Vajpayee, Madhu and Murugavel, K G and Solomon, Suniti and Sinha, Subrata and Luthra, Kalpana (2017) Cross-neutralizing anti-HIV-1 human single chain variable fragments(scFvs) against CD4 binding site and N332 glycan identified from a recombinant phage library. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Rao, D Chaitanya Kumar and Karmakar, Srinibas and Basu, Saptarshi (2017) Atomization characteristics and instabilities in the combustion of multi-component fuel droplets with high volatility differential. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Kumar, Vinay and Kashyap, Nikhila D M and Hebbar, Suraj and Swetha, R and Prasad, Sujay and Kamala, T and Srikanta, S S and Krishnaswamy, P R and Bhat, Navakanta (2017) Aza-heterocyclic Receptors for Direct Electron Transfer Hemoglobin Biosensor. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Mukhokosi, Emma P and Krupanidhi, Saluru B and Nanda, Karuna K (2017) Band Gap Engineering of Hexagonal SnSe2 Nanostructured Thin Films for Infra-Red Photodetection. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Zachariah, Nikita and Das, Aritra and Murthy, Tejas G and Borges, Renee M (2017) Building mud castles: a perspective from brick-laying termites. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Rakshit, Srabanti and Adiga, Vasista and Nayak, Soumya and Sahoo, Pravat Nalini and Sharma, Prabhat Kumar and van Meijgaarden, Krista E and Jesuraj, Anto Uk J and Dhar, Chirag and Souza, George D and Finak, Greg and De Rosa, Stephen C and Ottenhoff, Tom H M and Vyakarnam, Annapurna (2017) Circulating Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR latency antigen-specific, polyfunctional, regulatory IL10(+) Th17 CD4 T-cells differentiate latent from active tuberculosis. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Sarangi, Nirod Kumar and Ayappa, KG and Basu, Jaydeep Kumar (2017) Complex dynamics at the nanoscale in simple biomembranes. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Bansal, Lalit and Basu, Saptarshi and Chakraborty, Suman (2017) Confinement suppresses instabilities in particle-laden droplets. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Yadavalli, S and Jayaram, S and Manda, S S and Madugundu, A K and Nayakanti, D S and Tan, T Z and Bhat, R and Rangarajan, A and Chatterjee, A and Gowda, H and Thiery, J P and Kumar, P (2017) Data-Driven Discovery of Extravasation Pathway in Circulating Tumor Cells. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Shamim, Saquib and Mahapatra, S and Scappucci, G and Klesse, W M and Simmons, M Y and Ghosh, Arindam (2017) Dephasing rates for weak localization and universal conductance fluctuations in two dimensional Si: P and Ge: P delta-layers. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Majumdar, Shamik and Deobagkar-Lele, Mukta and Adiga, Vasista and Raghavan, Abinaya and Wadhwa, Nitin and Ahmed, Syed Moiz and Rananaware, Supriya Rajendra and Chakraborty, Subhashish and Joy, Omana and Nandi, Dipankar (2017) Differential susceptibility and maturation of thymocyte subsets during Salmonella Typhimurium infection: insights on the roles of glucocorticoids and Interferon-gamma. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

James, Martin and Ray, Samriddhi Sankar (2017) Enhanced droplet collision rates and impact velocities in turbulent flows: The effect of poly-dispersity and transient phases. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Makineni, Surendra Kumar and Sugathan, Sandeep and Meher, Subhashish and Banerjee, Rajarshi and Bhattacharya, Saswata and Kumar, Subodh and Chattopadhyay, Kamanio (2017) Enhancing elevated temperature strength of copper containing aluminium alloys by forming L1(2) Al3Zr precipitates and nucleating theta `' precipitates on them. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Bose, Mihika and Kamra, Mohini and Mullick, Ranajoy and Bhattacharya, Santanu and Das, Saumitra and Karande, Anjali A (2017) Identification of a flavonoid isolated from plum (Prunus domestica) as a potent inhibitor of Hepatitis C virus entry. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Metri, Rahul and Mohan, Abhilash and Nsengimana, Jeremie and Pozniak, Joanna and Molina-Paris, Carmen and Newton-Bishop, Julia and Bishop, David and Chandra, Nagasuma (2017) Identification of a gene signature for discriminating metastatic from primary melanoma using a molecular interaction network approach. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Metri, Rahul and Mohan, Abhilash and Nsengimana, Jeremie and Pozniak, Joanna and Molina-Paris, Carmen and Newton-Bishop, Julia and Bishop, David and Chandra, Nagasuma (2017) Identification of a gene signature for discriminating metastatic from primary melanoma using a molecular interaction network approach. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Karmakar, Nirupam and Chakraborty, Arindam and Nanjundiah, Ravi S (2017) Increased sporadic extremes decrease the intraseasonal variability in the Indian summer monsoon rainfall. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Sharma, Shailza and Mujumdar, Pradeep (2017) Increasing frequency and spatial extent of concurrent meteorological droughts and heatwaves in India. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Murthy, J Krishna and Kumar, P S Anil (2017) Interface-induced spontaneous positive and conventional negative exchange bias effects in bilayer La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/Eu0.45Sr0.55MnO3 heterostructures. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Ali, Asfa and Bovilla, Venugopal Reddy and Mysarla, Danti Kumari and Siripurapu, Prasanthi and Pathak, U Rashmi and Basu, Bhakti and Mamillapalli, Anitha and Bhattacharya, Santanu (2017) Knockdown of Broad-Complex Gene Expression of Bombyx mori by Oligopyrrole Carboxamides Enhances Silk Production. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Nagapriya, K S and Sinha, Shashank and Prashanth, R and Poonacha, Samhitha and Chaudhry, Gunaranjan and Bhattacharya, Anandaroop and Choudhury, Niloy and Mahalik, Saroj and Maity, Sandip (2017) Laser Calorimetry Spectroscopy for ppm-level Dissolved Gas Detection and Analysis. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Jahfer, S and Vinayachandran, P N and Nanjundiah, Ravi S (2017) Long-term impact of Amazon river runoff on northern hemispheric climate. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Palaniyandi, P and Rangarajan, Govindan (2017) A Mathematical Model for Storage and Recall of Images using Targeted Synchronization of Coupled Maps. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Datey, Akshay and Subburaj, Janardhanraj and Gopalan, Jagadeesh and Chakravortty, Dipshikha (2017) Mechanism of transformation in Mycobacteria using a novel shockwave assisted technique driven by in-situ generated oxyhydrogen. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Nair, Aswathi and Bhattacharya, Prasenjit and Sambandan, Sanjiv (2017) Modulating Thin Film Transistor Characteristics by Texturing the Gate Metal. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Dende, Chaitanya and Meena, Jairam and Nagarajan, Perumal and Nagaraj, Viswanathan Arun and Panda, Amulya Kumar and Padmanaban, Govindarajan (2017) Nanocurcumin is superior to native curcumin in preventing degenerative changes in Experimental Cerebral Malaria. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Hasan, Jafar and Jain, Shubham and Chatterjee, Kaushik (2017) Nanoscale Topography on Black Titanium Imparts Multi-biofunctional Properties for Orthopedic Applications. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Kumar, Pushpander and Natarajan, Vasant (2017) Precise measurement of hyperfine structure in the 3S(1/2) state of Li-7. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Zimik, Soling and Pandit, Rahul (2017) Reentry via high-frequency pacing in a mathematical model for human-ventricular cardiac tissue with a localized fibrotic region. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Vinoth, R and Babu, Ganesh S and Bharti, Vishal and Gupta, V and Navaneethan, M and Bhat, Venkataprasad S and Muthamizhchelvan, C and Ramamurthy, Praveen C and Sharma, Chhavi and Aswal, Dinesh K and Hayakawa, Yasuhiro and Neppolian, B (2017) Ruthenium based metallopolymer grafted reduced graphene oxide as a new hybrid solar light harvester in polymer solar cells. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Bhattacharjee, Amit Kumar (2017) Stochastic kinetics reveal imperative role of anisotropic interfacial tension to determine morphology and evolution of nucleated droplets in nematogenic films. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Mulleti, Satish and Singh, Amrinder and Brahmkhatri, Varsha P and Chandra, Kousik and Raza, Tahseen and Mukherjee, Sulakshana P and Seelamantula, Chandra Sekhar and Atreya, Hanudatta S (2017) Super-Resolved Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Chandrasekar, Hareesh and Bhat, KN and Rangarajan, Muralidharan and Raghavan, Srinivasan and Bhat, Navakanta (2017) Thickness Dependent Parasitic Channel Formation at AlN/Si Interfaces. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Hussain, Tabish and Saha, Dhurjhoti and Purohit, Gunjan and Kar, Anirban and Mukherjee, Anand Kishore and Sharma, Shalu and Sengupta, Suman and Dhapola, Parashar and Maji, Basudeb and Vedagopuram, Sreekanth and Horikoshi, Nobuko T and Horikoshi, Nobuo and Pandita, Raj K and Bhattacharya, Santanu and Bajaj, Avinash and Riou, Jean-Francois and Pandita, Tej K and Chowdhury, Shantanu (2017) Transcription regulation of CDKN1A (p21/CIP1/WAF1) by TRF2 is epigenetically controlled through the REST repressor complex. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Prakash, Praneet and Varma, Manoj (2017) Trapping/Pinning of colloidal microspheres over glass substrate using surface features. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Perlekar, Prasad and Pal, Nairita and Pandit, Rahul (2017) Two-dimensional Turbulence in Symmetric Binary-Fluid Mixtures: Coarsening Arrest by the Inverse Cascade. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

Beri, Divya and Balan, Balu and Chaubey, Shweta and Subramaniam, Suraj and Surendra, Bachu and Tatu, Utpal (2017) A disrupted transsulphuration pathway results in accumulation of redox metabolites and induction of gametocytogenesis in malaria. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 .

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Suran, Swathi and Bharadwaj, Krishna and Raghavan, Srinivasan and Varma, Manoj M (2016) Bright-field Nanoscopy: Visualizing Nano-structures with Localized Optical Contrast Using a Conventional Microscope. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6 .

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