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BV, H and Jolly, MK (2024) Proneural-mesenchymal antagonism dominates the patterns of phenotypic heterogeneity in glioblastoma. In: iScience, 27 (3).

Arora, G and Banerjee, M and Langthasa, J and Bhat, R and Chatterjee, S (2023) Targeting metabolic fluxes reverts metastatic transitions in ovarian cancer. In: iScience, 26 (11).

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Kumar, S and Singh, S and Chatterjee, A and Bajpai, P and Sharma, S and Katpara, S and Lodha, R and Dutta, S and Luthra, K (2023) Recognition determinants of improved HIV-1 neutralization by a heavy chain matured pediatric antibody. In: iScience, 26 (9).

Najafi, A and Jolly, MK and George, JT (2023) Population dynamics of EMT elucidates the timing and distribution of phenotypic intra-tumoral heterogeneity. In: iScience, 26 (7).

Fiegna, F and Pande, S and Peitz, H and Velicer, GJ (2023) Widespread density dependence of bacterial growth under acid stress. In: iScience, 26 (7).

Mattei, F and Jolly, MK (2023) Interdisciplinary research in cancer and immunity employing biophysical approaches. In: iScience, 26 (5).

Hariharan, V and Chowdhury, AR and Rao S, S and Chakravortty, D and Basu, S (2023) phoP maintains the environmental persistence and virulence of pathogenic bacteria in mechanically stressed desiccated droplets. In: iScience, 26 (5).

Nagaraj, H and Narayanan, R (2023) Plasticity manifolds and degeneracy govern circadian oscillations of neuronal intrinsic properties in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. In: iScience, 26 (4).

Kumbhakar, P and Parui, A and Dhakar, S and Paliwal, M and Behera, R and Gautam, ARS and Roy, S and Ajayan, PM and Sharma, S and Singh, AK and Tiwary, CS (2023) Spontaneous hydrogen production using gadolinium telluride. In: iScience, 26 (4).

Kulkarni, P and Salgia, R and Rangarajan, G (2023) Intrinsically disordered proteins and conformational noise: The hypothesis a decade later. Elsevier Inc..

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Naik, HC and Hari, K and Chandel, D and Jolly, MK and Gayen, S (2022) Single-cell analysis reveals X upregulation is not global in pre-gastrulation embryos. In: iScience, 25 (6).

Bhowmik, S and Govind Rajan, A (2022) Chemical vapor deposition of 2D materials: A review of modeling, simulation, and machine learning studies. In: iScience, 25 (3).

Mishra, P and Narayanan, R (2022) Conjunctive changes in multiple ion channels mediate activity-dependent intrinsic plasticity in hippocampal granule cells. In: iScience, 25 (3).

Thakur, C and Tripathi, A and Ravichandran, S and Shivananjaiah, A and Chakraborty, A and Varadappa, S and Chikkavenkatappa, N and Nagarajan, D and Lakshminarasimhaiah, S and Singh, A and Chandra, N (2022) A new blood-based RNA signature (R9), for monitoring effectiveness of tuberculosis treatment in a South Indian longitudinal cohort. In: iScience, 25 (2).

Sperk, M and Mikaeloff, F and Svensson-Akusjärvi, S and Krishnan, S and Ponnan, SM and Ambikan, AT and Nowak, P and Sönnerborg, A and Neogi, U (2021) Distinct lipid profile, low-level inflammation, and increased antioxidant defense signature in HIV-1 elite control status. In: iScience, 24 (2).

Kedia, S and Ramakrishna, P and Netrakanti, PR and Singh, N and Sisodia, SS and Jose, M and Kumar, S and Mahadevan, A and Ramanan, N and Nadkarni, S and Nair, D (2021) Alteration in synaptic nanoscale organization dictates amyloidogenic processing in Alzheimer's disease. In: iScience, 24 (1).

Naik, HC and Hari, K and Chandel, D and Mandal, S and Jolly, MK and Gayen, S (2021) Semicoordinated allelic-bursting shape dynamic random monoallelic expression in pregastrulation embryos. In: iScience, 24 (9).

Pillai, M and Jolly, MK (2021) Systems-level network modeling deciphers the master regulators of phenotypic plasticity and heterogeneity in melanoma. In: iScience, 24 (10).

Mohanty, A and Nam, A and Pozhitkov, A and Yang, L and Srivastava, S and Nathan, A and Wu, X and Mambetsariev, I and Nelson, M and Subbalakshmi, AR and Guo, L and Nasser, MW and Batra, SK and Orban, J and Jolly, MK and Massarelli, E and Kulkarni, P and Salgia, R (2020) A Non-genetic Mechanism Involving the Integrin β4/Paxillin Axis Contributes to Chemoresistance in Lung Cancer. In: iScience, 23 (9).

Bhosle, A and Datey, A and Chandrasekharan, G and Singh, D and Chakravortty, D and Chandra, N (2020) A Strategic Target Rescues Trimethoprim Sensitivity in Escherichia coli. In: iScience, 23 (4).

Kollaran, AM and Joge, S and Kotian, HS and Badal, D and Prakash, D and Mishra, A and Varma, M and Singh, V (2019) Context-Specific Requirement of Forty-Four Two-Component Loci in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Swarming. In: iScience, 13 . pp. 305-317.

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