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Ahmed, A and Rakshit, S and Adiga, V and Dias, M and Dwarkanath, P and D�Souza, G and Vyakarnam, A (2021) A century of BCG: Impact on tuberculosis control and beyond*. In: Immunological Reviews, 301 (1). pp. 98-121.

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Rakshit, Srabanti and Ahmed, Asma and Adiga, Vasista and Sundararaj, Bharath K and Sahoo, Pravat Nalini and Kenneth, John and D'Souza, George and Bonam, Wesley and Johnson, Christina and Franken, Kees L M C and Ottenhoff, Tom H M and Finak, Greg and Gottardo, Raphael and Stuart, Kenneth D and De Rosa, Stephen C and McElrath, M Juliana and Vyakarnam, Annapurna (2019) BCG revaccination boosts adaptive polyfunctional Th1/Th17 and innate effectors in IGRA(+) and IGRA(-) Indian adults. In: JCI INSIGHT, 4 (24).

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