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Nurk, S and Koren, S and Rhie, A and Rautiainen, M and Bzikadze, AV and Mikheenko, A and Vollger, MR and Altemose, N and Uralsky, L and Gershman, A and Aganezov, S and Hoyt, SJ and Diekhans, M and Logsdon, GA and Alonge, M and Antonarakis, SE and Borchers, M and Bouffard, GG and Brooks, SY and Caldas, GV and Chen, N-C and Cheng, H and Chin, C-S and Chow, W and de Lima, LG and Dishuck, PC and Durbin, R and Dvorkina, T and Fiddes, IT and Formenti, G and Fulton, RS and Fungtammasan, A and Garrison, E and Grady, PGS and Graves-Lindsay, TA and Hall, IM and Hansen, NF and Hartley, GA and Haukness, M and Howe, K and Hunkapiller, MW and Jain, C and Jain, M and Jarvis, ED and Kerpedjiev, P and Kirsche, M and Kolmogorov, M and Korlach, J and Kremitzki, M and Li, H and Maduro, VV and Marschall, T and McCartney, AM and McDaniel, J and Miller, DE and Mullikin, JC and Myers, EW and Olson, ND and Paten, B and Peluso, P and Pevzner, PA and Porubsky, D and Potapova, T and Rogaev, EI and Rosenfeld, JA and Salzberg, SL and Schneider, VA and Sedlazeck, FJ and Shafin, K and Shew, CJ and Shumate, A and Sims, Y and Smit, AFA and Soto, DC and Sovi, I and Storer, JM and Streets, A and Sullivan, BA and Thibaud-Nissen, F and Torrance, J and Wagner, J and Walenz, BP and Wenger, A and Wood, JMD and Xiao, C and Yan, SM and Young, AC and Zarate, S and Surti, U and McCoy, RC and Dennis, MY and Alexandrov, IA and Gerton, JL and O'Neill, RJ and Timp, W and Zook, JM and Schatz, MC and Eichler, EE and Miga, KH and Phillippy, AM (2022) The complete sequence of a human genome. In: Science, 376 (6588). pp. 44-53.

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Borah, PJ and Venugopal, V and Sukhatme, J and Muddebihal, P and Goswami, BN (2020) Indian monsoon derailed by a North Atlantic wavetrain. In: Science, 370 (6522). pp. 1335-1338.

Segal, L and Agarwal, D and Isaacson, KJ and Oehmke, TB and Kumar, B and Chen, JS and Cusimano, JM and Negi, S and Tiper, I and Bakermans, AJ and Jensen, MM and Sanganyado, E and Shan-e-Ali Zaidi, S and Romero-Molina, C and Martínez, SE and Anderson, SM and Santos, GM and De Lella Ezcurra, AL and Farragher, J and Sharma, V and Duncan, G and Dutton-Regester, K and Kim, SA and Yu, S and Schwendimann, BA and Reichardt, JKV and Halder, A and Dennis, AF and Ellwanger, JH and Chiu, Y-H (2018) Nextgen voices quality mentoring. In: Science, 362 (6410). pp. 22-24.

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Rodriguez, JP and Taber, AB and Daszak, P and Sukumar, R and Valladares-Padua, C and Padua, S and Aguirre, LF and Medellin, RA and Acosta, M and Aguirre, AA and Bonacic, C and Bordino, P and Bruschini, J and Buchori, D and Gonzalez, S and Mathews, T and Mendez, M and Mugica, L and Dobson, AP and Pearl, M (2007) Global and local conservation priorities - Response. In: Science, 318 (5855).

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Gadagkar, Raghavendra (2004) EVOLUTION: Sex...Only If Really Necessary in a Feminine Monarchy. In: Science, 306 (5702). pp. 1694-1695.

Gadagkar, Raghavendra (2004) Sex...Only if really necessary in feminine monarchy. In: Science, 306 (5702). pp. 1694-1695.

Gadagkar, Raghavendra (2004) Sex…Only If Really Necessary in a Feminine Monarchy. In: Science, 306 (5702). pp. 1694-1695.

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