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Maity, Tanmoy and Saha, Debraj and Das, Soma and Ghosh, Pameli and Koner, Subratanath (2019) Homo and hetero-bridged dinuclear copper(II) complex: Synthesis, X-ray structure and catalytic N-arylation. In: POLYHEDRON, 173 .

Khulbe, Kritika and Mugesh, Govindasamy (2019) Lock and key-based nanozyme model to understand the substituent effect on the hydrolysis of organophosphate-based nerve agents by Zr-incorporated cerium oxide. In: POLYHEDRON, 172 . pp. 198-204.

Kumar, Atul and Zangrando, Ennio and Mukherjee, Partha Sarathi (2019) Self-assembled Pd3L2 cages having flexible tri-imidazole donors. In: POLYHEDRON, 172 . pp. 67-73.

Musib, Dula and Raza, Md Kausar and Martina, Kh and Roy, Mithun (2019) Mn(I)-based photoCORMs for trackable, visible light-induced CO release and photocytotoxicity to cancer cells. In: POLYHEDRON, 172 . pp. 125-131.

Sadhu, Mehul H and Mathoniere, Corine and Patil, Yogesh P and Kumar, Sujit Baran (2017) Binuclear copper(II) complexes with N3S-coordinate tripodal ligand and mixed azide-carboxylate bridges: Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties. In: POLYHEDRON, 122 . pp. 210-218.

Haldar, Shobhraj and Vijaykumar, Gonela and Ghosh, Aloke Kumar and Carrella, Luca and Bera, Manindranath (2017) Linking PO43- and HAsO42- anions with a dinuclear Zn-2(II)] complex: Formation and stabilization of novel decanuclear metallomacrocyclic Zn-10(II)] and tetranuclear Zn-4(II)] clusters. In: POLYHEDRON, 121 . pp. 130-141.

Dar, Umar Ali and Shand, Sujit and Lande, Dipali N and Rao, Soniya S and Patil, Yogesh P and Gejji, Shridhar P and Nethaji, M and Weyhermueller, Thomas and Salunke-Gawali, Sunita (2016) Molecular structures of 2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoqinone derivatives and their zinc(II) complexes: Combining experiment and density functional theory. In: POLYHEDRON, 113 . pp. 61-72.

Garai, Aditya and Pant, Ila and Kondaiah, Paturu and Chakravarty, Akhil R (2015) Iron(III) salicylates of dipicolylamine bases showing photo-induced anticancer activity and cytosolic localization. In: POLYHEDRON, 102 . pp. 668-676.

Garai, Aditya and Basu, Uttara and Khan, Imran and Pant, Ila and Hussain, Akhtar and Kondaiah, Paturu and Chakravarty, Akhil R (2014) Iron(III) benzhydroxamates of dipicolylamines for photocytotoxicity in red light and cellular imaging. In: POLYHEDRON, 73 . pp. 124-132.

Pasayat, Sagarika and Dash, Subhashree P and Roy, Satabdi and Dinda, Rupam and Dhaka, Sarita and Maurya, Mannar R and Kaminsky, Werner and Patil, Yogesh P and Nethaji, M (2014) Synthesis, structural studies and catalytic activity of dioxidomolybdenum(VI) complexes with aroylhydrazones of naphthol-derivative. In: POLYHEDRON, 67 . pp. 1-10.

Raghavan, Srinidhi M and Jaiswal, Piyush and Sundaram, Nalini G and Shivashankar, SA (2014) A composition-dependent ``re-entrant'' crystallographic phase transition in the substitutional metal acetylacetonate complex (Cr1-xGax)(acac)(3). In: POLYHEDRON, 70 . pp. 188-193.

Chetana, PR and Rao, Ramakrishna and Lahiri, Debojyoti and Policegoudra, RS and Sankolli, Ravish and Aradhya, MS (2014) mu-Oxamido binuclear copper (II) complexes: Synthesis, crystal structure, DNA interaction and antibacterial studies. In: POLYHEDRON, 68 . pp. 172-179.

Poornima, Sengottaiyan and Anbu, Sellamuthu and Ravishankaran, Rajendran and Sundaramoorthy, Shanmugam and Vennila, Natesan K and Karande, Anjali A and Velmurugan, Devadasan and Kandaswamy, Muthusamy (2013) DNA and protein targeting 1,2,4-triazole based water soluble dinickel(II) complexes enhances antiproliferation and lactate dehydrogenase inhibition. In: POLYHEDRON, 62 . pp. 26-36.

Saswati, * and Dinda, Rupam and Schmiesing, Carla S and Sinn, Ekkehard and Patil, Yogesh P and Nethaji, M and Stoeckli-Evans, Helen and Acharyya, Rama (2013) Mixed-ligand nickel(II) thiosemicarbazone complexes: Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation. In: POLYHEDRON, 50 (1). pp. 354-363.

Pasayat, Sagarika and Dash, Subhashree P and Saswati, * and Majhi, Paresh Kumar and Patil, Yogesh P and Nethaji, M and Dash, Hirak R and Das, Surajit and Dinda, Rupam (2012) Mixed-ligand aroylhydrazone complexes of molybdenum: Synthesis, structure and biological activity. In: POLYHEDRON, 38 (1). pp. 198-204.

Chetana, PR and Rao, Ramakrishna and Saha, Sounik and Policegoudra, RS and Vijayan, P and Aradhya, MS (2012) Oxidative DNA cleavage, cytotoxicity and antimicrobial studies of L-ornithine copper (II) complexes. In: POLYHEDRON, 48 (1). pp. 43-50.

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