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Acharjee, Sumita and Fatima, Tanzeem and Krishnan, Rangachari and Srivastava, Ashutosh and Hanur, Vageeshbabu S and Rao, M Srinivasa (2022) Comparative transcriptome profiling of high and low oil yielding Santalum album L. In: PLOS ONE, 17 (4). ISSN 1932-6203

Mallik, Ashok Kumar and Achyuthan, N. Srikanthan and Ganesh, Sumaithangi R and Pal, Saunak P and Vijayakumar, S P and Shanker, Kartik (2019) Discovery of a deeply divergent new lineage of vine snake (Colubridae: Ahaetuliinae: Proahaetulla gen. nov.) from the southern Western Ghats of Peninsular India with a revised key for Ahaetuliinae. In: PLOS ONE, 14 (7).

Hofman, M P G and Hayward, M W and Heim, M and Marchand, P and Rolandsen, C M and Mattisson, J and Urbano, F and Heurich, M and Mysterud, A and Melzheimer, J and Morellet, N and Voigt, U and Allen, B L and Gehr, B and Rouco, C and Ullmann, W and Holand, O and Jorgensen, n H and Steinheim, G and Cagnacci, F and Kroeschel, M and Kaczensky, P and Buuveibaatar, B and Payne, J C and Palmegiani, I and Jerina, K and Kjellander, P and Johansson, O and LaPoint, S and Bayrakcismith, R and Linnell, J D C and Zaccaroni, M and Jorge, M L S and Oshima, J EF and Songhurst, A and Fischer, C and Mc Bride, RT and Thompson, J J and Streif, S and Sandfort, R and Bonenfant, C and Drouilly, M and Klapproth, M and Zinner, D and Yarnell, R and Stronza, A and Wilmott, L and Meisingset, E and Thaker, M and Vanak, AT and Nicoloso, S and Graeber, R and Said, S and Boudreau, MR and Devlin, A and Hoogesteijn, R and May-Junior, J A and Nifong, J C and Odden, J and Quigley, H B and Tortato, F and Parker, D M and Caso, A and Perrine, J and Tellaeche, C and Zieba, F and Zwijacz-Kozica, T and Appel, CL and Axsom, I and Bean, W T and Cristescu, B and Periquet, S and Teichman, K J and Karpanty, S and Licoppe, A and Menges, V and Black, K and Scheppers, T L and Schai-Braun, S C and Azevedo, F C and Lemos, F G and Payne, A and Swanepoel, L H and Weckworth, B and Berger, A and Bertassoni, A and McCulloch, G and Sustr, P and Athreya, V and Bockmuhl, D and Casaer, J and Ekori, A and Melovski, D and Richard-Hansen, C and van de Vyver, D and Reyna-Hurtado, R and Robardet, E and Selva, N and Sergiel, A and Farhadinia, M S and Sunde, P and Portas, R and Ambarli, H and Berzins, R and Kappeler, P M and Mann, G K and Pyritz, L and Bissett, C and Grant, T and Steinmetz, R and Swedell, L and Welch, R J and Armenteras, D. and Bidder, OR and Gonzalez, TM and Rosenblatt, A. and Kachel, S and Balkenhol, N (2019) Right on track? Performance of satellite telemetry in terrestrial wildlife research. In: PLOS ONE, 14 (5).

Singh, Nivedita and Kallollimath, Pradeep and Shah, Mohd Hussain and Kapoor, Saketh and Bhat, Vishwanath Kumble and Viswanathan, Lakshminarayanapuram Gopal and Nagappa, Madhu and Bindu, Parayil S and Taly, Arun B and Sinha, Sanjib and Kumar, Arun (2019) Genetic analysis of ATP7B in 102 south Indian families with Wilson disease. In: PLOS ONE, 14 (5).

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Zainabadi, Kayvan and Dhayabaran, Vaigundan and Moideen, Kutty and Krishnaswamy, Patnam (2019) An efficient and cost-effective method for purification of small sized DNAs and RNAs from human urine. In: PLOS ONE, 14 (2).

Ghosh, Tanushree and Bhaduri, Swayamdipta and Montemagno, Carlo and Kumar, Aloke (2019) Sporosarcina pasteurii can form nanoscale calcium carbonate crystals on cell surface. In: PLOS ONE, 14 (1).

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Sandhya, Sankaran and Maulik, Aditi and Giri, Malyasree and Singh, Mahavir (2018) Domain architecture of BAF250a reveals the ARID and ARM-repeat domains with implication in function and assembly of the BAF remodeling complex. In: PLOS ONE, 13 (10).

Temesszentandrasi-Ambrus, Csilla and Toth, Szilard and Verma, Rinkee and Banhegyi, Peter and Szabadkai, Istvan and Baska, Ferenc and Szantai-Kis, Csaba and Hartkoorn, Ruben C and Lingerfelt, Mary A and Sarkadi, Balazs and Szakacs, Gergely and Orfi, Laszlo and Nagaraja, Valakunja and Ekins, Sean and Telbisz, Agnes (2018) Characterization of new, efficient Mycobacterium tuberculosis topoisomerase-I inhibitors and their interaction with human ABC multidrug transporters. In: PLOS ONE, 13 (9).

Chandrasegaran, Karthikeyan and Kandregula, Samyuktha Rao and Quader, Suhel and Juliano, Steven A (2018) Context-dependent interactive effects of non-lethal predation on larvae impact adult longevity and body composition. In: PLOS ONE, 13 (2).

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Alampalli, Shuba Varshini and Thomson, Michael M and Sampathkumar, Raghavan and Sivaraman, Karthi and Jesuraj, Anto UKJ and Dhar, Chirag and Souza, George D and Berry, Neil and Vyakarnam, Annapurna (2017) Deep sequencing of near full-length HIV-1 genomes from plasma identifies circulating subtype C and infrequent occurrence of AC recombinant form in Southern India. In: PLOS ONE, 12 (12).

Melangathli, Geetha and Sen, Titash and Kumar, Rakesh and Bawa, Pushpinder and Srinivasan, Subha and Vijayraghavan, Usha (2017) Functions for fission yeast splicing factors SpSlu7 and SpPrp18 in alternative splice-site choice and stress-specific regulated splicing. In: PLOS ONE, 12 (12).

Vetrivel, Iyanar and Mahajan, Swapnil and Tyagi, Manoj and Hoffmann, Lionel and Sanejouand, Yves-Henri and Srinivasan, Narayanaswamy and de Brevern, Alexandre G and Cadet, Frederic and Offmann, Bernard (2017) Knowledge-based prediction of protein backbone conformation using a structural alphabet. In: PLOS ONE, 12 (11).

Singh, Rajnish Prakash and Runthala, Ashish and Khan, Shahid and Jha, Prabhat Nath (2017) Quantitative proteomics analysis reveals the tolerance of wheat to salt stress in response to Enterobacter cloacae SBP-8. In: PLOS ONE, 12 (9).

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Kapoor, Saketh and Shah, Mohd Hussain and Singh, Nivedita and Rather, Mohammad Iqbal and Bhat, Vishwanath and Gopinath, Sindhura and Bindu, Parayil Sankaran and Taly, Arun B and Sinha, Sanjib and Nagappa, Madhu and Bharath, Rose Dawn and Mahadevan, Anita and Narayanappa, Gayathri and Chickabasaviah, Yasha T and Kumar, Arun (2016) Genetic Analysis of PLA2G6 in 22 Indian Families with Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy, Atypical Late-Onset Neuroaxonal Dystrophy and Dystonia Parkinsonism Complex. In: PLOS ONE, 11 (5).

Guttal, Vishwesha and Raghavendra, Srinivas and Goel, Nikunj and Hoarau, Quentin (2016) Lack of Critical Slowing Down Suggests that Financial Meltdowns Are Not Critical Transitions, yet Rising Variability Could Signal Systemic Risk. In: PLOS ONE, 11 (1).

Seshadri, KS and Singal, Ramit and Priti, H and Ravikanth, G and Vidisha, MK and Saurabh, S and Pratik, M and Gururaja, Kotambylu Vasudeva (2016) Microhyla laterite sp nov., A New Species of Microhyla Tschudi, 1838 (Amphibia: Anura: Microhylidae) from a Laterite Rock Formation in South West India. In: PLOS ONE, 11 (3).

Rogerson, Thomas and Jayaprakash, Balaji and Cai, Denise J and Sano, Yoshitake and Lee, Yong-Seok and Zhou, Yu and Bekal, Pallavi and Deisseroth, Karl and Silva, Alcino J (2016) Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms for Trapping and Activating Emotional Memories. In: PLOS ONE, 11 (8).

Velankar, Avadhoot D and Kumara, Honnavalli N and Pal, Arijit and Mishra, Partha Sarathi and Singh, Mewa (2016) Population Recovery of Nicobar Long-Tailed Macaque Macaca fascicularis umbrosus following a Tsunami in the Nicobar Islands, India. In: PLOS ONE, 11 (2).

Anbazhagan, P and Uday, Anjali and Moustafa, Sayed SR and Al-Arifi, Nassir SN (2016) Pseudo-Spectral Damping Reduction Factors for the Himalayan Region Considering Recorded Ground-Motion Data. In: PLOS ONE, 11 (9).

Balaji, Sai A and Udupa, Nayanabhirama and Chamallamudi, Mallikarjuna Rao and Gupta, Vaijayanti and Rangarajan, Annapoorni (2016) Role of the Drug Transporter ABCC3 in Breast Cancer Chemoresistance. In: PLOS ONE, 11 (5).

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Zimik, Soling and Nayak, Alok Ranjan and Pandit, Rahul (2015) A Computational Study of the Factors Influencing the PVC-Triggering Ability of a Cluster of Early Afterdepolarization-Capable Myocytes. In: PLOS ONE, 10 (12).

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Palem, Padmini PC and Kuriakose, Gini C and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2015) An Endophytic Fungus, Talaromyces radicus, Isolated from Catharanthus roseus, Produces Vincristine and Vinblastine, Which Induce Apoptotic Cell Death. In: PLOS ONE, 10 (12).

Mohammed, Arifullah and Chiruvella, Kishore K and Rao, Yerra Koteswara and Geethangili, Madamanchi and Raghavan, Sathees C and Ghanta, Rama Gopal (2015) In Vitro Production of Echioidinin, 7-O-Methywogonin from Callus Cultures of Andrographis lineata and Their Cytotoxicity on Cancer Cells. In: PLOS ONE, 10 (10).

Dwivedi, Gajendradhar R and Srikanth, Kolluru D and Anand, Praveen and Naikoo, Javed and Srilatha, NS and Rao, Desirazu N (2015) Insights into the Functional Roles of N-Terminal and C-Terminal Domains of Helicobacter pylori DprA. In: PLOS ONE, 10 (7).

Chandrasekar, Bhagawat S and Yadav, Shikha and Victor, Emmanuel S and Majumdar, Shamik and Deobagkar-Lele, Mukta and Wadhwa, Nitin and Podder, Santosh and Das, Mrinmoy and Nandi, Dipankar (2015) Interferon-Gamma and Nitric Oxide Synthase 2 Mediate the Aggregation of Resident Adherent Peritoneal Exudate Cells: Implications for the Host Response to Pathogens. In: PLOS ONE, 10 (6).

Paul, Manoj and Hemshekhar, Mahadevappa and Thushara, Ram M and Sundaram, Mahalingam S and NaveenKumar, Somanathapura K and Naveen, Shivanna and Devaraja, Sannaningaiah and Somyajit, Kumar and West, Robert and Basappa, * and Nayaka, Siddaiah C and Zakai, Uzma I and Nagaraju, Ganesh and Rangappa, Kanchugarakoppal S and Kemparaju, Kempaiah and Girish, Kesturu S (2015) Methotrexate Promotes Platelet Apoptosis via JNK-Mediated Mitochondrial Damage: Alleviation by N-Acetylcysteine and N-Acetylcysteine Amide. In: PLOS ONE, 10 (6).

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