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Bora, Pritom J and Gupta, Shalabh and Pecharsky, Vitalij K and Vinoy, K J and Ramamurthy, Praveen C and Hadimani, Ravi L (2019) Enhancement of microwave absorption bandwidth of polymer blend using ferromagnetic gadolinium silicide nanoparticles. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 252 . pp. 178-181.

Pothnis, J R and Sridevi, M and Supreeth, M K and Anilchandra, A R and Hegde, G and Gururaja, S (2019) Enhanced tensile properties of novel bio-waste synthesized carbon particle reinforced composites. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 251 . pp. 110-113.

Sykam, Nagaraju and Rao, G Mohan (2018) Lightweight flexible graphite sheet for high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 233 . pp. 59-62.

Chouhan, Arun Singh and Jasti, Naga Prathibha and Avasthi, Sushobhan (2018) Effect of interface defect density on performance of perovskite solar cell: Correlation of simulation and experiment. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 221 . pp. 150-153.

Jayapandi, S and Lakshmi, D and Premkumar, S and Packiyaraj, P and Anitha, K (2018) Augmented photocatalytic and electrochemical activities of Ag tailored LaCoO3 perovskite semiconductor. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 218 . pp. 205-208.

Akkera, Harish Sharma and Kaur, Davinder (2018) Exchange bias effect in Ni50Mn35In15/BiFeO3 heterostructure thin film. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 217 . pp. 64-66.

Raza, W and Ahmad, K (2018) A highly selective Fe@ZnO modified disposable screen printed electrode based non-enzymatic glucose sensor (SPE/Fe@ZnO). In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 212 . pp. 231-234.

Chouhan, Arun Singh and Athresh, Eashwer and Ranjan, Rajeev and Raghavan, Srinivasan and Avasthi, Sushobhan (2017) BaBiO3: A potential absorber for all-oxide photovoltaics. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 210 . pp. 218-222.

Sa, Kadambinee and Mahakul, Prakash C and Das, Bamadev and Subramanyam, B V R S and Mukherjee, Jonaki and Saha, Sunirmal and Raiguru, Jagatpati and Patra, Khirod C and Nanda, Karuna K and Mahanandia, Pitamber (2017) Large scale synthesis of reduced graphene oxide using ferrocene and HNO3. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 211 . pp. 335-338.

Shetty, Hitha D and Patra, Ananya and Prasad, V (2017) Polydimethylsiloxane-multiwalled carbon nanotube composite as a metamaterial. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 210 . pp. 309-313.

Sykam, Nagaraju and Rao, Mohan G (2017) Room temperature synthesis of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets as anode material for supercapacitors. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 204 . pp. 169-172.

Sripan, Chinnaiyah and Madhavan, Vinod E and Viswanath, Annamraju Kasi and Ganesan, R (2017) Sulfurization and annealing effects on thermally evaporated CZTS films. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 189 . pp. 110-113.

Samantaray, Dipti and Chaudhuri, Atanu and Borah, Utpal and Bhaduri, AK and Dutta, Pradip (2016) Role of grain boundary ferrite layer in dynamic recrystallization of semi-solid processed type 304L austenitic stainless steel. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 179 . pp. 65-68.

Brahma, Sanjaya and Shivashankar, SA (2016) Yellow-red luminescence in ZnO nanoparticles synthesized from zinc acetylacetonate phenanthroline. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 164 . pp. 235-238.

Sripan, Chinnaiyah and Ganesan, R and Vinod, E M and Viswanath, Annamraju Kasi (2016) The effect of sulfur on the phase formation of Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cell material. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 180 . pp. 295-297.

Sripan, Chinnaiyah and Ganesan, R and Vinod, EM and Viswanath, Annamraju Kasi (2016) The effect of sulfur on the phase formation of Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cell material. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 180 . pp. 295-297.

Perumal, S and Gorsse, S and Ail, Ujwala and Prakasarn, M and Vives, S and Decourt, R and Umarji, AM (2015) Low thermal conductivity of endogenous manganese silicide/Si composites for thermoelectricity. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 155 . pp. 41-43.

Singh, Mahander Pratap and Srivastava, Chandan (2015) Synthesis and electron microscopy of high entropy alloy nanoparticles. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 160 . pp. 419-422.

Sabat, RK and Mishra, RK and Sachdev, AK and Suwas, Satyam (2015) The deciding role of texture on ductility in a Ce containing Mg alloy. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 153 . pp. 158-161.

Samantaray, Dipti and Kumar, Vinod and Bhaduri, AK and Dutta, Pradip (2014) Formation of annular austenitic ring between outer ferrite layer and solid globule in a semi-solid processed SS 304L. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 135 . pp. 127-130.

Shivakumara, S and Penki, Tirupathi Rao and Munichandraiah, N (2014) High specific surface area alpha-Fe2O3 nanostructures as high performance electrode material for supercapacitors. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 131 . pp. 100-103.

Majeed, Shafquat and Shivashankar, SA (2014) Microspherical, hierarchical structures of blue-green-emitting Dy:GdOOH and Dy:Gd2O3. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 125 . pp. 136-139.

Reddy, Koteeswara N and Devika, M and Tu, CW (2014) Vertically aligned ZnO nanorods on flexible substrates for multifunctional device applications: Easy and cost-effective route. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 120 . pp. 62-64.

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Nagaraju, G and Ravishankar, TN and Manjunatha, K and Sarkar, S and Nagabhushana, H and Goncalves, R and Dupont, J (2013) Ionothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles: Photocatalytic hydrogen generation. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 109 . pp. 27-30.

Silambarasan, M and Saravanan, S and Nayak, Deepak R (2013) Micro-Raman and photoluminescence studies of self-assembled quantum well microtubes on GaAs substrate. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 105 . pp. 148-150.

Kumar, Rakesh R and Rao, Narasimha K and Rajanna, K and Phani, A R (2013) Novel co-evaporation approach for the growth of Sb doped SnO2 nanowires. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 106 . pp. 164-167.

Kumar, Rakesh R and Rao, Narasimha K and Phani, AR (2013) Self catalytic growth of SnO2 branched nanowires by thermal evaporation. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 92 . pp. 243-246.

Chakraborty, S and Tiwary, CS and Kole, AK and Kumbhakar, P and Chattopadhyay, K (2013) A simple method of synthesis and optical properties of Mn doped ZnO nanocups. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 91 . pp. 379-382.

Kumar, Rakesh R and Rao, Narasimha K and Phani, AR (2012) Bismuth catalyzed growth of silicon nanowires by electron beam evaporation. In: MATERIALS LETTERS, 82 . pp. 163-166.

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