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Rao, RR and Priyadarshini, S and Mani, M (2023) Examining the use of End-of-Life (EoL) PV panels in housing and sustainability. In: Solar Energy, 257 . 210 -220.

Nath, B and Singh, S and Kumar Behera, S and Ramamurthy, PC and Roy Mahapatra, D and Hegde, G (2023) Perovskite solar cell performance analysis via interface engineering employing MOF-composite. In: Solar Energy, 257 . 249 – 256.

Gore, P and Singh, MP and Suryateja, D and Basu, B and Chattopadhyay, K (2023) Early-stage corrosion of IN 740H alloy in eutectic NaCl-KCl molten salt at high temperatures. In: Solar Energy, 252 . pp. 330-341.

Kumar Poobalan, R and Pratap Singh, M and Basavaraju, U and Barshilia, HC and Basu, B (2022) Optical properties and thermal degradation of NbB2/Nb(BNO)/Al2O3 spectrally selective tandem absorber. In: Solar Energy, 247 . pp. 510-519.

Lopis, AD and Choudhari, KS and Sai, R and Kanakikodi, KS and Maradur, SP and Shivashankar, SA and Kulkarni, SD (2022) Laddered type-1 heterojunction: Harvesting full-solar-spectrum in scavenger free photocatalysis. In: Solar Energy, 240 . pp. 57-68.

Kesavan, AV and Adiga, V and Chandrasekar, GK and Panidhara, KM and Ramamurthy, PC (2022) Nanoscale small molecule self-assembled ITO for photon harvesting in polymer and perovskite solar cells. In: Solar Energy, 240 . pp. 201-210.

Ray, S and Barman, B and Darshan, C and Tarafder, K and Bangera, KV (2022) ZnSxSe1−x thin films: A study into its tunable energy band gap property using an experimental and theoretical approach. In: Solar Energy, 240 . pp. 140-146.

Kaka, F and Keshav, M and Ramamurthy, PC (2022) Optimising the photovoltaic parameters in donor�acceptor�acceptor ternary polymer solar cells using Machine Learning framework. In: Solar Energy, 231 . pp. 447-457.

Ranjan Parida, D and Dani, N and Basu, S (2021) Data-driven analysis of molten-salt nanofluids for specific heat enhancement using unsupervised machine learning methodologies. In: Solar Energy, 227 . pp. 447-456.

Sasidharan, S and Dutta, P (2021) Optical characterization of a fixed focus Scheffler reflector for pressurized solar receiver testing. In: Solar Energy, 227 . pp. 89-100.

Sarkar, SK and Kang, LJ and Pandey, UK and Luscombe, CK and Thilagar, P (2021) Triarylborane-BODIPY conjugate: An efficient non-fullerene electron acceptor for bulk heterojunction organic solar cell. In: Solar Energy, 230 . pp. 242-249.

Prabeesh, P and Sajeesh, VG and Packia Selvam, I and Divya Bharati, MS and Mohan Rao, G and Potty, SN (2020) CZTS solar cell with non-toxic buffer layer: A study on the sulphurization temperature and absorber layer thickness. In: Solar Energy, 207 . pp. 419-427.

Kamath, HG and Srinivasan, J (2020) Validation of global irradiance derived from INSAT-3D over India. In: Solar Energy, 202 . pp. 45-54.

Kesavan, AV and Rao, AD and Ramamurthy, PC (2020) Tailoring optoelectronic properties of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite photovoltaics using al nanoparticle modified PC61BM layer. In: Solar Energy, 201 . pp. 621-627.

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