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Hareesh, K and Rondiya, SR and Dhole, SD and More, MA and Phase, DM (2022) Development of CoFe2O4 scaffolded reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotube emitter for field emission application. In: Optical Materials, 134 .

Akkera, HS and Kumar, Y and Kumar, MD and Reddy, GS and Kumar, BR and Pasha, UM and Bitla, Y and Ganesh, V (2022) Structural, electrical, and optical properties of rare-earth Sm3+ doped SnO2 transparent conducting oxide thin films for optoelectronic device applications: Synthesized by the spin coating method. In: Optical Materials, 133 .

Rahaman, S and Sunil, MA and Singha, MK and Ghosh, K (2022) Optimization and fabrication of low cost Cu2SnS3/ZnS thin film heterojunction solar cell using ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. In: Optical Materials, 123 .

Alagarasan, D and Varadharajaperumal, S and Kumar, KDA and Naik, R and Umrao, S and Shkir, M and AIFaify, S and Ganesan, R (2021) Influence of nanostructured SnS thin films for visible light photo detection. In: Optical Materials, 121 .

Kaushik, S and Kapoor, AK and Pant, RK and Krupanidhi, SB and Singh, R (2021) Observation of negative photoconductivity at bandgap and super bandgap excitations in GaN nanorods. In: Optical Materials, 121 .

Jayasekhar Babu, P and Saranya, S and Singh, YD and Venkataswamy, M and Raichur, AM and Doble, M (2021) Photoluminescence carbon nano dots for the conductivity based optical sensing of dopamine and bioimaging applications. In: Optical Materials, 117 .

Alagarasan, D and Varadharajaperumal, S and Arun Kumar, KD and Naik, R and Arunkumar, A and Ganesan, R and Hegde, G and El Sayed Massoud, E (2021) Optimization of different temperature annealed nanostructured CdSe thin film for photodetector applications. In: Optical Materials, 122 .

Priyadarshini, P and Das, S and Alagarasan, D and Ganesan, R and Varadharajaperumal, S and Naik, R (2021) Thermal annealing induced changes in structural, linear and nonlinear optical properties of Bi7In28Se65 films for nonlinear applications. In: Optical Materials .

Vishnumurthy, KA and Kesavan, AV and Swathi, SK and Ramamurthy, PC (2020) Low band gap thienothiophene-diketopyrrolopyrole copolymers with V2O5 as hole transport layer for photovoltaic application. In: Optical Materials, 109 .

Kumar, A and Kumar, R and Verma, N and Anupama, AV and Choudhary, HK and Philip, R and Sahoo, B (2020) Effect of the band gap and the defect states present within band gap on the non-linear optical absorption behaviour of yttrium aluminium iron garnets. In: Optical Materials, 108 .

Singha, MK and Patra, A (2020) Highly efficient and Reusable ZnO microflower photocatalyst on stainless steel mesh under UV–Vis and natural sunlight. In: Optical Materials, 107 .

Raj, A and Kumar, M and Mishra, D and Anshul, A (2020) Raman and photoluminescence spectral studies in epitaxial Bi2NiMnO6 double perovskite thin-film samples. In: Optical Materials, 101 .

Daisy Rani, T and Rajkumar, M and Chandramohan, A (2020) Synthesis, crystal structure, photoluminescence, thermal, laser damage threshold and DFT calculations of 1,10-phenanthrolinium-2-carboxy-6-nitrobenzoate. In: Optical Materials, 100 .

Kore, BP and Kumar, A and Kroon, RE and Terblans, JJ and Swart, HC (2020) Origin of visible and near IR upconversion in Yb3+-Tm3+-Er3+ doped BaMgF4 phosphor through energy transfer and cross-relaxation processes. In: Optical Materials, 99 .

Kore, BP and Kumar, A and Kroon, RE and Terblans, JJ and Swart, HC (2020) Origin of visible and near IR upconversion in Yb3+-Tm3+-Er3+ doped BaMgF4 phosphor through energy transfer and cross-relaxation processes. In: Optical Materials, 99 .

Sridharan, Kishore and Tamilselvan, V and Yuvaraj, D and Rao, Narasimha K and Philip, Reji (2012) Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of Lead Telluride nanorods. In: Optical Materials, 34 (4). pp. 639-645.

Babu Reddy, JN and Suja, Elizabeth and Bhat, HL and Venkatram, N and Rao, Narayana D (2009) Influence of non-stoichiometric defects on nonlinear absorption and refraction in Nd:Zn co-doped lithium niobate. In: Optical Materials, 31 (6). pp. 1022-1026.

Reddy, Sreekantha D and Reddy, Raja D and Reddy, BK and Reddy, Koteeswara N and Gunasekhar, KR and Reddy, Sreedhara P (2008) Synthesis and optical characterization of $Cd_{1-x}Mn_{x}S$ nano-crystalline films. In: Optical Materials, 30 (6). pp. 924-929.

Sahoo, Rabindra and Mishra, Sarada P and Kumar, Anil and Sindhu, S and Rao, Narasimha K and Gopal, ESR (2007) Novel high contrast electrochromic polymer materials based on 3,4-propylenedioxythiophene. In: Optical Materials, 30 (1). pp. 143-145.

Venkataraman, Harihara B and Varma, KBR (2006) Structural and optical properties of $(100-x)(Li_2B_4O_7)-x(SrO-Bi_2O_3-0.7Nb_2O_5-0.3V_2O_5)$ glasses and glass nanocrystal composites. In: Optical Materials, 28 (12). pp. 1423-1431.

Mashraqui, Sabir H and Kenny, Rajesh S and Ghadigaonkar, Shailesh G and Krishnan, Anu and Bhattacharya, Mily and Das, Puspendu K (2004) Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of some donor-acceptor oxadiazoles. In: Optical Materials, 27 (2). pp. 257-260.

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Saisudha, MB and Ramakrishna, J (2002) Optical absorption of $Nd^3^+$, $Sm^3^+$ and $Dy^3^+$ in bismuth borate glasses with large radiative transition probabilities. In: Optical Materials, 18 (4). pp. 403-417.

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