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Roul, B and Chowdhury, AM and Kumari, M and Kumawat, KL and Das, S and Nanda, KK and Krupanidhi, SB (2022) Reduced-graphene oxide decorated γ-In2Se3/Si heterostructure-based broadband photodetectors with enhanced figures-of-merit. In: Materials Advances .

Madhavan, R (2022) Nanocrack-based ultrasensitive wearable and skin-mountable strain sensors for human motion detection. In: Materials Advances, 3 (23). 8665- 8676.

Shetty, S and Mathur, A and Sakhuja, N and Chatterjee, D and Kundu, S and Halder, A and Bhat, N and Ravishankar, N (2022) Mesoporous zinc platinate and platinum nanotubes: insights into the formation mechanism and their catalytic activity. In: Materials Advances .

Vidyashree, MP and Sushmita, K and Kokila, MK and Bose, S (2022) ‘Template-free’ synthesis of self-assembled micro-spikes resulting in ‘sea-urchin’-like carbon structures for suppressing electromagnetic radiation. In: Materials Advances .

Das, S and Alagarasan, D and Varadharajaperumal, S and Ganesan, R and Naik, R (2022) Tuning the nonlinear susceptibility and linear parameters upon annealing Ag60−xSe40Tex nanostructured films for nonlinear and photonic applications. In: Materials Advances .

Chowdhury, AM and Singh, DK and Roul, B and Nanda, KK and Krupanidhi, SB (2022) Dependence of defect structure on In concentration in InGaN epilayers grown on AlN/Si(111) substrate. In: Materials Advances, 3 (15). pp. 6237-6245.

Parida, A and Sahoo, D and Alagarasan, D and Vardhrajaperumal, S and Ganesan, R and Naik, R (2022) Enhancing the third-order nonlinearity and crystallinity by selenium incorporation in tin sulfide films (SnS1−xSex) for optoelectronic applications. In: Materials Advances .

Singh, DK and Pant, RK and Nanda, KK and Krupanidhi, SB (2022) Pulsed laser deposition for conformal growth of MoS2 on GaN nanorods for highly efficient self-powered photodetection. In: Materials Advances .

Sushmita, K and Maiti, S and Bose, S (2022) Multi-layered composites using polyurethane-based foams and 3D-printed structures to curb electromagnetic pollution. In: Materials Advances, 3 (11). pp. 4578-4599.

Kedambaimoole, Vaishakh and Harsh, Kajol and Rajanna, Konandur and Sen, Prosenjit and Nayak, MM and Kumar, Saurabh (2022) MXene wearables: properties, fabrication strategies, sensing mechanism and applications. In: Materials Advances, 3 (9). pp. 3784-3808. ISSN 2633-5409

Nilawar, S and Uddin, M and Chatterjee, K (2021) Surface engineering of biodegradable implants: Emerging trends in bioactive ceramic coatings and mechanical treatments. In: Materials Advances, 2 (24). pp. 7820-7841.

Sharma, D and Bose, S (2021) The journey of PDMS-based nanocomposites for EMI shielding applications: From bench to translational research. In: Materials Advances, 2 (17). pp. 5580-5592.

Ponnada, S and Kiai, MS and Gorle, DB and Nowduri, A (2021) History and recent developments in divergent electrolytes towards high-efficiency lithium-sulfur batteries-a review. In: Materials Advances, 2 (13). pp. 4115-4139.

Tadeo, IJ and Krupanidhi, SB and Umarji, AM (2021) Enhanced phase transition and infrared photoresponse characteristics in VO2(M1) thin films synthesized by DC reactive sputtering on different substrates. In: Materials Advances, 2 (11). pp. 3726-3735.

Bora, PJ and Khanum, KK and Ramesh, RK and Vinoy, KJ and Ramamurthy, PC (2021) Porous fibres of a polymer blend for broadband microwave absorption. In: Materials Advances, 2 (11). pp. 3613-3619.

Bora, PJ and Meghana Jois, HS and Kumar, TRS and Khasnabis, S and Ramamurthy, PC (2021) Tailorable microwave absorption characteristics of bio waste-based composites through a macroscopic design. In: Materials Advances, 2 (11). pp. 3715-3725.

Nandi, S and Kumar, S and Misra, A (2021) Zinc oxide heterostructures: Advances in devices from self-powered photodetectors to self-charging supercapacitors. In: Materials Advances, 2 (21). pp. 6768-6799.

Ponnada, S and Gorle, DB and Kiai, MS and Rajagopal, S and Sharma, RK and Nowduri, A (2021) A facile, cost-effective, rapid, single-step synthesis of Ag-Cu decorated ZnO nanoflower-like composites (NFLCs) for electrochemical sensing of dopamine. In: Materials Advances, 2 (18). pp. 5986-5996.

Narashimhan Ramana, L and Mudakavi, RJ and Raichur, AM (2020) Self-assembled albumin decorated MoS2aggregates and photo-stimuli induced geometrical switching for enhanced theranostics applications. In: Materials Advances, 1 (8). pp. 3000-3008.

Prateek, P and Siddiqui, S and Bhunia, R and Singh, N and Garg, A and Gupta, RK (2020) Interface modulation in multi-layered BaTiO3nanofibers/PVDF using the PVP linker layer as an adhesive for high energy density capacitor applications. In: Materials Advances, 1 (4). pp. 680-688.

Bora, PJ and Anil, AG and Ramamurthy, PC and Tan, DQ (2020) MXene interlayered crosslinked conducting polymer film for highly specific absorption and electromagnetic interference shielding. In: Materials Advances, 1 (2). pp. 177-183.

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