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Klionsky, DJ and Abdel-Aziz, AK and Abdelfatah, S and Abdellatif, M and Abdoli, A and Abel, S and Abeliovich, H and Abildgaard, MH and Abudu, YP and Acevedo-Arozena, A and Adamopoulos, IE and Adeli, K and Adolph, TE and Adornetto, A and Aflaki, E and Agam, G and Agarwal, A and Aggarwal, BB and Agnello, M and Agostinis, P and Agrewala, JN and Agrotis, A and Aguilar, PV and Ahmad, ST and Ahmed, ZM and Ahumada-Castro, U and Aits, S and Aizawa, S and Akkoc, Y and Akoumianaki, T and Akpinar, HA and Al-Abd, AM and Al-Akra, L and Al-Gharaibeh, A and Alaoui-Jamali, MA and Alberti, S and Alcocer-Gómez, E and Alessandri, C and Ali, M and Alim Al-Bari, MA and Aliwaini, S and Alizadeh, J and Almacellas, E and Almasan, A and Alonso, A and Alonso, GD and Altan-Bonnet, N and Altieri, DC and Ã�lvarez, Ã�MC and Alves, S and Alves da Costa, C and Alzaharna, MM and Amadio, M and Amantini, C and Amaral, C and Ambrosio, S and Amer, AO and Ammanathan, V and An, Z and Andersen, SU and Andrabi, SA and Andrade-Silva, M and Andres, AM and Angelini, S and Ann, D and Anozie, UC and Ansari, MY and Antas, P and Antebi, A and Antón, Z and Anwar, T and Apetoh, L and Apostolova, N and Araki, T and Araki, Y and Arasaki, K and Araújo, WL and Araya, J and Arden, C and Arévalo, M-A and Arguelles, S and Arias, E and Arikkath, J and Arimoto, H and Ariosa, AR and Armstrong-James, D and Arnauné-Pelloquin, L and Aroca, A and Arroyo, DS and Arsov, I and Artero, R and Asaro, DML and Aschner, M and Ashrafizadeh, M and Ashur-Fabian, O and Atanasov, AG and Au, AK and Auberger, P and Auner, HW and Aurelian, L and Autelli, R and Avagliano, L and Ã�valos, Y and Aveic, S and Aveleira, CA and Avin-Wittenberg, T and Aydin, Y and Ayton, S and Ayyadevara, S and Azzopardi, M and Baba, M and Backer, JM and Backues, SK and Bae, D-H and Bae, O-N and Bae, SH and Baehrecke, EH and Baek, A and Baek, S-H and Baek, SH and Bagetta, G and Bagniewska-Zadworna, A and Bai, H and Bai, J and Bai, X and Bai, Y and Bairagi, N and Baksi, S and Balbi, T and Baldari, CT and Balduini, W and Ballabio, A and Ballester, M and Balazadeh, S and Balzan, R and Bandopadhyay, R and Banerjee, S and Banerjee, S and Bánréti, Ã� and Bao, Y and Baptista, MS and Baracca, A and Barbati, C and Bargiela, A and BarilÃ, D and Barlow, PG and Barmada, SJ and Barreiro, E and Barreto, GE and Bartek, J and Bartel, B and Bartolome, A and Barve, GR and Basagoudanavar, SH and Bassham, DC and Bast, Jr and Basu, A and Batoko, H and Batten, I and Baulieu, EE and Baumgarner, BL and Bayry, J and Beale, R and Beau, I and Beaumatin, F and Bechara, LRG and Beck, Jr and Beers, MF and Begun, J and Behrends, C and Behrens, GMN and Bei, R and Bejarano, E and Bel, S and Behl, C and Belaid, A and Belgareh-Touzé, N and Bellarosa, C and Belleudi, F and Belló Pérez, M and Bello-Morales, R and Beltran, JSDO and Beltran, S and Benbrook, DM and Bendorius, M and Benitez, BA and Benito-Cuesta, I and Bensalem, J and Berchtold, MW and Berezowska, S and Bergamaschi, D and Bergami, M and Bergmann, A and Berliocchi, L and Berlioz-Torrent, C and Bernard, A and Berthoux, L and Besirli, CG and Besteiro, S and Betin, VM and Beyaert, R and Bezbradica, JS and Bhaskar, K and Bhatia-Kissova, I and Bhattacharya, R and Bhattacharya, S and Bhattacharyya, S and Bhuiyan, MS and Bhutia, SK and Bi, L and Bi, X and Biden, TJ and Bijian, K and Billes, VA and Binart, N and Bincoletto, C and Birgisdottir, AB and Bjorkoy, G and Blanco, G and Blas-Garcia, A and Blasiak, J and Blomgran, R and Blomgren, K and Blum, JS and Boada-Romero, E and Boban, M and Boesze-Battaglia, K and Boeuf, P and Boland, B and Bomont, P and Bonaldo, P and Bonam, SR and Bonfili, L and Bonifacino, JS and Boone, BA and Bootman, MD and Bordi, M and Borner, C and Bornhauser, BC and Borthakur, G and Bosch, J and Bose, S and Botana, LM and Botas, J and Boulanger, CM and Boulton, ME and Bourdenx, M and Bourgeois, B and Bourke, NM and Bousquet, G and Boya, P and Bozhkov, PV and Bozi, LHM and Bozkurt, TO and Brackney, DE and Brandts, CH and Braun, RJ and Braus, GH and Bravo-Sagua, R and Bravo-San Pedro, JM and Brest, P and Bringer, M-A and Briones-Herrera, A and Broaddus, VC and Brodersen, P and Brodsky, JL and Brody, SL and Bronson, PG and Bronstein, JM and Brown, CN and Brown, RE and Brum, PC and Brumell, JH and Brunetti-Pierri, N and Bruno, D and Bryson-Richardson, RJ and Bucci, C and Buchrieser, C and Bueno, M and Buitrago-Molina, LE and Buraschi, S and Buch, S and Buchan, JR and Buckingham, EM and Budak, H and Budini, M and Bultynck, G and Burada, F and Burgoyne, JR and Burón, MI and Bustos, V and Büttner, S and Butturini, E and Byrd, A and Cabas, I and Cabrera-Benitez, S and Cadwell, K and Cai, J and Cai, L and Cai, Q and Cairó, M and Calbet, JA and Caldwell, GA and Caldwell, KA and Call, JA and Calvani, R and Calvo, AC and Calvo-Rubio Barrera, M and Camara, NOS and Camonis, JH and Camougrand, N and Campanella, M and Campbell, EM and Campbell-Valois, F-X and Campello, S and Campesi, I and Campos, JC and Camuzard, O and Cancino, J and Candido de Almeida, D and Canesi, L and Caniggia, I and Canonico, B and Cantí, C and Cao, B and Caraglia, M and Caramés, B and Carchman, EH and Cardenal-Muñoz, E and Cardenas, C and Cardenas, L and Cardoso, SM and Carew, JS and Carle, GF and Carleton, G and Carloni, S and Carmona-Gutierrez, D and Carneiro, LA and Carnevali, O and Carosi, JM and Carra, S and Carrier, A and Carrier, L and Carroll, B and Carter, AB and Carvalho, AN and Casanova, M and Casas, C and Casas, J and Cassioli, C and Castillo, EF and Castillo, K and Castillo-Lluva, S and Castoldi, F and Castori, M and Castro, AF and Castro-Caldas, M and Castro-Hernandez, J and Castro-Obregon, S and Catz, SD and Cavadas, C and Cavaliere, F and Cavallini, G and Cavinato, M and Cayuela, ML and Cebollada Rica, P and Cecarini, V and Cecconi, F and Cechowska-Pasko, M and Cenci, S and Ceperuelo-Mallafré, V and Cerqueira, JJ and Cerutti, JM and Cervia, D and Cetintas, VB and Cetrullo, S and Chae, H-J and Chagin, AS and Chai, C-Y and Chakrabarti, G and Chakrabarti, O and Chakraborty, T and Chakraborty, T and Chami, M and Chamilos, G and Chan, DW and Chan, EYW and Chan, ED and Chan, HYE and Chan, HH and Chan, H and Chan, MTV and Chan, YS and Chandra, PK and Chang, C-P and Chang, C and Chang, H-C and Chang, K and Chao, J and Chapman, T and Charlet-Berguerand, N and Chatterjee, S and Chaube, SK and Chaudhary, A and Chauhan, S and Chaum, E and Checler, F and Cheetham, ME and Chen, C-S and Chen, G-C and Chen, J-F and Chen, LL and Chen, L and Chen, L and Chen, M and Chen, M-K and Chen, N and Chen, Q and Chen, R-H and Chen, S and Chen, W and Chen, W and Chen, X-M and Chen, X-W and Chen, X and Chen, Y and Chen, Y-G and Chen, Y and Chen, Y and Chen, Y-J and Chen, Y-Q and Chen, ZS and Chen, Z and Chen, Z-H and Chen, ZJ and Chen, Z and Cheng, H and Cheng, J and Cheng, S-Y and Cheng, W and Cheng, X and Cheng, X-T and Cheng, Y and Cheng, Z and Chen, Z and Cheong, H and Cheong, JK and Chernyak, BV and Cherry, S and Cheung, CFR and Cheung, CHA and Cheung, K-H and Chevet, E and Chi, RJ and Chiang, AKS and Chiaradonna, F and Chiarelli, R and Chiariello, M and Chica, N and Chiocca, S and Chiong, M and Chiou, S-H and Chiramel, AI and Chiurchiù, V and Cho, D-H and Choe, S-K and Choi, AMK and Choi, ME and Choudhury, KR and Chow, NS and Chu, CT and Chua, JP and Chua, JJE and Chung, H and Chung, KP and Chung, S and Chung, S-H and Chung, Y-L and Cianfanelli, V and Ciechomska, IA and Cifuentes, M and Cinque, L and Cirak, S and Cirone, M and Clague, MJ and Clarke, R and Clementi, E and Coccia, EM and Codogno, P and Cohen, E and Cohen, MM and Colasanti, T and Colasuonno, F and Colbert, RA and Colell, A and Ä�oliÄ�, M and Coll, NS and Collins, MO and Colombo, MI and Colón-Ramos, DA and Combaret, L and Comincini, S and Cominetti, MR and Consiglio, A and Conte, A and Conti, F and Contu, VR and Cookson, MR and Coombs, KM and Coppens, I and Corasaniti, MT and Corkery, DP and Cordes, N and Cortese, K and Costa, MDC and Costantino, S and Costelli, P and Coto-Montes, A and Crack, PJ and Crespo, JL and Criollo, A and Crippa, V and Cristofani, R and Csizmadia, T and Cuadrado, A and Cui, B and Cui, J and Cui, Y and Cui, Y and Culetto, E and Cumino, AC and Cybulsky, AV and Czaja, MJ and Czuczwar, SJ and Dâ��Adamo, S and Dâ��Amelio, M and Dâ��Arcangelo, D and Dâ��Lugos, AC and Dâ��Orazi, G and da Silva, JA and Dafsari, HS and Dagda, RK and Dagdas, Y and Daglia, M and Dai, X and Dai, Y and Dai, Y and Dal Col, J and Dalhaimer, P and Dalla Valle, L and Dallenga, T and Dalmasso, G and Damme, M and Dando, I and Dantuma, NP and Darling, AL and Das, H and Dasarathy, S and Dasari, SK and Dash, S and Daumke, O and Dauphinee, AN and Davies, JS and Dávila, VA and Davis, RJ and Davis, T and Dayalan Naidu, S and De Amicis, F and De Bosscher, K and De Felice, F and De Franceschi, L and De Leonibus, C and de Mattos Barbosa, MG and De Meyer, GRY and De Milito, A and De Nunzio, C and De Palma, C and De Santi, M and De Virgilio, C and De Zio, D and Debnath, J and DeBosch, BJ and Decuypere, J-P and Deehan, MA and Deflorian, G and DeGregori, J and Dehay, B and Del Rio, G and Delaney, JR and Delbridge, LMD and Delorme-Axford, E and Delpino, MV and Demarchi, F and Dembitz, V and Demers, ND and Deng, H and Deng, Z and Dengjel, J and Dent, P and Denton, D and DePamphilis, ML and Der, CJ and Deretic, V and Descoteaux, A and Devis, L and Devkota, S and Devuyst, O and Dewson, G and Dharmasivam, M and Dhiman, R and di Bernardo, D and Di Cristina, M and Di Domenico, F and Di Fazio, P and Di Fonzo, A and Di Guardo, G and Di Guglielmo, GM and Di Leo, L and Di Malta, C and Di Nardo, A and Di Rienzo, M and Di Sano, F and Diallinas, G and Diao, J and Diaz-Araya, G and Díaz-Laviada, I and Dickinson, JM and Diederich, M and Dieudé, M and Dikic, I and Ding, S and Ding, W-X and Dini, L and DiniÄ�, J and Dinic, M and Dinkova-Kostova, AT and Dionne, MS and Distler, JHW and Diwan, A and Dixon, IMC and Djavaheri-Mergny, M and Dobrinski, I and Dobrovinskaya, O and Dobrowolski, R and Dobson, RCJ and Ä�okiÄ�, J and Dokmeci Emre, S and Donadelli, M and Dong, B and Dong, X and Dong, Z and Dorn II, GW and Dotsch, V and Dou, H and Dou, J and Dowaidar, M and Dridi, S and Drucker, L and Du, A and Du, C and Du, G and Du, H-N and Du, L-L and du Toit, A and Duan, S-B and Duan, X and Duarte, SP and Dubrovska, A and Dunlop, EA and Dupont, N and Durán, RV and Dwarakanath, BS and Dyshlovoy, SA and Ebrahimi-Fakhari, D and Eckhart, L and Edelstein, CL and Efferth, T and Eftekharpour, E and Eichinger, L and Eid, N and Eisenberg, T and Eissa, NT and Eissa, S and Ejarque, M and El Andaloussi, A and El-Hage, N and El-Naggar, S and Eleuteri, AM and El-Shafey, ES and Elgendy, M and Eliopoulos, AG and Elizalde, MM and Elks, PM and Elsasser, H-P and Elsherbiny, ES and Emerling, BM and Emre, NCT and Eng, CH and Engedal, N and Engelbrecht, A-M and Engelsen, AST and Enserink, JM and Escalante, R and Esclatine, A and Escobar-Henriques, M and Eskelinen, E-L and Espert, L and Eusebio, M-O and Fabrias, G and Fabrizi, C and Facchiano, A and Facchiano, F and Fadeel, B and Fader, C and Faesen, AC and Fairlie, WD and Falcó, A and Falkenburger, BH and Fan, D and Fan, J and Fan, Y and Fang, EF and Fang, Y and Fang, Y and Fanto, M and Farfel-Becker, T and Faure, M and Fazeli, G and Fedele, AO and Feldman, AM and Feng, D and Feng, J and Feng, L and Feng, Y and Feng, Y and Feng, W and Fenz Araujo, T and Ferguson, TA and Fernández, Ã�F and Fernandez-Checa, JC and Fernández-Veledo, S and Fernie, AR and Ferrante, Jr and Ferraresi, A and Ferrari, MF and Ferreira, JCB and Ferro-Novick, S and Figueras, A and Filadi, R and Filigheddu, N and Filippi-Chiela, E and Filomeni, G and Fimia, GM and Fineschi, V and Finetti, F and Finkbeiner, S and Fisher, EA and Fisher, PB and Flamigni, F and Fliesler, SJ and Flo, TH and Florance, I and Florey, O and Florio, T and Fodor, E and Follo, C and Fon, EA and Forlino, A and Fornai, F and Fortini, P and Fracassi, A and Fraldi, A and Franco, B and Franco, R and Franconi, F and Frankel, LB and Friedman, SL and Fröhlich, LF and Frühbeck, G and Fuentes, JM and Fujiki, Y and Fujita, N and Fujiwara, Y and Fukuda, M and Fulda, S and Furic, L and Furuya, N and Fusco, C and Gack, MU and Gaffke, L and Galadari, S and Galasso, A and Galindo, MF and Gallolu Kankanamalage, S and Galluzzi, L and Galy, V and Gammoh, N and Gan, B and Ganley, IG and Gao, F and Gao, H and Gao, M and Gao, P and Gao, S-J and Gao, W and Gao, X and Garcera, A and Garcia, MN and Garcia, VE and García-Del Portillo, F and Garcia-Escudero, V and Garcia-Garcia, A and Garcia-Macia, M and García-Moreno, D and Garcia-Ruiz, C and García-Sanz, P and Garg, AD and Gargini, R and Garofalo, T and Garry, RF and Gassen, NC and Gatica, D and Ge, L and Ge, W and Geiss-Friedlander, R and Gelfi, C and Genschik, P and Gentle, IE and Gerbino, V and Gerhardt, C and Germain, K and Germain, M and Gewirtz, DA and Ghasemipour Afshar, E and Ghavami, S and Ghigo, A and Ghosh, M and Giamas, G and Giampietri, C and Giatromanolaki, A and Gibson, GE and Gibson, SB and Ginet, V and Giniger, E and Giorgi, C and Girao, H and Girardin, SE and Giridharan, M and Giuliano, S and Giulivi, C and Giuriato, S and Giustiniani, J and Gluschko, A and Goder, V and Goginashvili, A and Golab, J and Goldstone, DC and Golebiewska, A and Gomes, LR and Gomez, R and Gómez-Sánchez, R and Gomez-Puerto, MC and Gomez-Sintes, R and Gong, Q and Goni, FM and González-Gallego, J and Gonzalez-Hernandez, T and Gonzalez-Polo, RA and Gonzalez-Reyes, JA and González-Rodríguez, P and Goping, IS and Gorbatyuk, MS and Gorbunov, NV and Görgülü, K and Gorojod, RM and Gorski, SM and Goruppi, S and Gotor, C and Gottlieb, RA and Gozes, I and Gozuacik, D and Graef, M and Gräler, MH and Granatiero, V and Grasso, D and Gray, JP and Green, DR and Greenhough, A and Gregory, SL and Griffin, EF and Grinstaff, MW and Gros, F and Grose, C and Gross, AS and Gruber, F and Grumati, P and Grune, T and Gu, X and Guan, J-L and Guardia, CM and Guda, K and Guerra, F and Guerri, C and Guha, P and Guillén, C and Gujar, S and Gukovskaya, A and Gukovsky, I and Gunst, J and Günther, A and Guntur, AR and Guo, C and Guo, C and Guo, H and Guo, L-W and Guo, M and Gupta, P and Gupta, SK and Gupta, S and Gupta, VB and Gupta, V and Gustafsson, AB and Gutterman, DD and HB, R and Haapasalo, A and Haber, JE and HaÄ�, A and Hadano, S and Hafrén, AJ and Haidar, M and Hall, BS and Halldén, G and Hamacher-Brady, A and Hamann, A and Hamasaki, M and Han, W and Hansen, M and Hanson, PI and Hao, Z and Harada, M and Harhaji-Trajkovic, L and Hariharan, N and Haroon, N and Harris, J and Hasegawa, T and Hasima Nagoor, N and Haspel, JA and Haucke, V and Hawkins, WD and Hay, BA and Haynes, CM and Hayrabedyan, SB and Hays, TS and He, C and He, Q and He, R-R and He, Y-W and He, Y-Y and Heakal, Y and Heberle, AM and Hejtmancik, JF and Helgason, GV and Henkel, V and Herb, M and Hergovich, A and Herman-Antosiewicz, A and Hernández, A and Hernandez, C and Hernandez-Diaz, S and Hernandez-Gea, V and Herpin, A and Herreros, J and Hervás, JH and Hesselson, D and Hetz, C and Heussler, VT and Higuchi, Y and Hilfiker, S and Hill, JA and Hlavacek, WS and Ho, EA and Ho, IHT and Ho, PW-L and Ho, S-L and Ho, WY and Hobbs, GA and Hochstrasser, M and Hoet, PHM and Hofius, D and Hofman, P and Höhn, A and Holmberg, CI and Hombrebueno, JR and Yi-Ren Hong, C-WH and Hooper, LV and Hoppe, T and Horos, R and Hoshida, Y and Hsin, I-L and Hsu, H-Y and Hu, B and Hu, D and Hu, L-F and Hu, MC and Hu, R and Hu, W and Hu, Y-C and Hu, Z-W and Hua, F and Hua, J and Hua, Y and Huan, C and Huang, C and Huang, C and Huang, C and Huang, C and Huang, H and Huang, K and Huang, MLH and Huang, R and Huang, S and Huang, T and Huang, X and Huang, YJ and Huber, TB and Hubert, V and Hubner, CA and Hughes, SM and Hughes, WE and Humbert, M and Hummer, G and Hurley, JH and Hussain, S and Hussain, S and Hussey, PJ and Hutabarat, M and Hwang, H-Y and Hwang, S and Ieni, A and Ikeda, F and Imagawa, Y and Imai, Y and Imbriano, C and Imoto, M and Inman, DM and Inoki, K and Iovanna, J and Iozzo, RV and Ippolito, G and Irazoqui, JE and Iribarren, P and Ishaq, M and Ishikawa, M and Ishimwe, N and Isidoro, C and Ismail, N and Issazadeh-Navikas, S and Itakura, E and Ito, D and Ivankovic, D and Ivanova, S and Iyer, AKV and Izquierdo, JM and Izumi, M and Jäättelä, M and Jabir, MS and Jackson, WT and Jacobo-Herrera, N and Jacomin, A-C and Jacquin, E and Jadiya, P and Jaeschke, H and Jagannath, C and Jakobi, AJ and Jakobsson, J and Janji, B and Jansen-Dürr, P and Jansson, PJ and Jantsch, J and Januszewski, S and Jassey, A and Jean, S and Jeltsch-David, H and Jendelova, P and Jenny, A and Jensen, TE and Jessen, N and Jewell, JL and Ji, J and Jia, L and Jia, R and Jiang, L and Jiang, Q and Jiang, R and Jiang, T and Jiang, X and Jiang, Y and Jimenez-Sanchez, M and Jin, E-J and Jin, F and Jin, H and Jin, L and Jin, L and Jin, M and Jin, S and Jo, E-K and Joffre, C and Johansen, T and Johnson, GVW and Johnston, SA and Jokitalo, E and Jolly, MK and Joosten, LAB and Jordan, J and Joseph, B and Ju, D and Ju, J-S and Ju, J and Juárez, E and Judith, D and Juhász, G and Jun, Y and Jung, CH and Jung, S-C and Jung, YK and Jungbluth, H and Jungverdorben, J and Just, S and Kaarniranta, K and Kaasik, A and Kabuta, T and Kaganovich, D and Kahana, A and Kain, R and Kajimura, S and Kalamvoki, M and Kalia, M and Kalinowski, DS and Kaludercic, N and Kalvari, I and Kaminska, J and Kaminskyy, VO and Kanamori, H and Kanasaki, K and Kang, C and Kang, R and Kang, SS and Kaniyappan, S and Kanki, T and Kanneganti, T-D and Kanthasamy, AG and Kanthasamy, A and Kantorow, M and Kapuy, O and Karamouzis, MV and Karim, MR and Karmakar, P and Katare, RG and Kato, M and Kaufmann, SHE and Kauppinen, A and Kaushal, GP and Kaushik, S and Kawasaki, K and Kazan, K and Ke, P-Y and Keating, DJ and Keber, U and Kehrl, JH and Keller, KE and Keller, CW and Kemper, JK and Kenific, CM and Kepp, O and Kermorgant, S and Kern, A and Ketteler, R and Keulers, TG and Khalfin, B and Khalil, H and Khambu, B and Khan, SY and Khandelwal, VKM and Khandia, R and Kho, W and Khobrekar, NV and Khuansuwan, S and Khundadze, M and Killackey, SA and Kim, D and Kim, DR and Kim, D-H and Kim, D-E and Kim, EY and Kim, E-K and Kim, H-R and Kim, H-S and Kim, Hyung-Ryong and Kim, JH and Kim, JK and Kim, J-H and Kim, J and Kim, JH and Kim, KI and Kim, PK and Kim, S-J and Kimball, SR and Kimchi, A and Kimmelman, AC and Kimura, T and King, MA and Kinghorn, KJ and Kinsey, CG and Kirkin, V and Kirshenbaum, LA and Kiselev, SL and Kishi, S and Kitamoto, K and Kitaoka, Y and Kitazato, K and Kitsis, RN and Kittler, JT and Kjaerulff, O and Klein, PS and Klopstock, T and Klucken, J and Knævelsrud, H and Knorr, RL and Ko, BCB and Ko, F and Ko, J-L and Kobayashi, H and Kobayashi, S and Koch, I and Koch, JC and Koenig, U and Kögel, D and Koh, YH and Koike, M and Kohlwein, SD and Kocaturk, NM and Komatsu, M and König, J and Kono, T and Kopp, BT and Korcsmaros, T and Korkmaz, G and Korolchuk, VI and Korsnes, MS and Koskela, A and Kota, J and Kotake, Y and Kotler, ML and Kou, Y and Koukourakis, MI and Koustas, E and Kovacs, AL and Kovács, T and Koya, D and Kozako, T and Kraft, C and Krainc, D and Krämer, H and Krasnodembskaya, AD and Kretz-Remy, C and Kroemer, G and Ktistakis, NT and Kuchitsu, K and Kuenen, S and Kuerschner, L and Kukar, T and Kumar, A and Kumar, A and Kumar, D and Kumar, D and Kumar, S and Kume, S and Kumsta, C and Kundu, CN and Kundu, M and Kunnumakkara, AB and Kurgan, L and Kutateladze, TG and Kutlu, O and Kwak, S and Kwon, HJ and Kwon, TK and Kwon, YT and Kyrmizi, I and La Spada, A and Labonté, P and Ladoire, S and Laface, I and Lafont, F and Lagace, DC and Lahiri, V and Lai, Z and Laird, AS and Lakkaraju, A and Lamark, T and Lan, S-H and Landajuela, A and Lane, DJR and Lane, JD and Lang, CH and Lange, C and Langel, Ã� and Langer, R and Lapaquette, P and Laporte, J and LaRusso, NF and Lastres-Becker, I and Lau, WCY and Laurie, GW and Lavandero, S and Law, BYK and Law, HK-W and Layfield, R and Le, W and Le Stunff, H and Leary, AY and Lebrun, J-J and Leck, LYW and Leduc-Gaudet, J-P and Lee, C and Lee, C-P and Lee, D-H and Lee, EB and Lee, EF and Lee, GM and Lee, H-J and Lee, HK and Lee, JM and Lee, JS and Lee, J-A and Lee, J-Y and Lee, JH and Lee, M and Lee, MG and Lee, MJ and Lee, M-S and Lee, SY and Lee, S-J and Lee, SY and Lee, SB and Lee, WH and Lee, Y-R and Lee, Y-H and Lee, Y and Lefebvre, C and Legouis, R and Lei, YL and Lei, Y and Leikin, S and Leitinger, G and Lemus, L and Leng, S and Lenoir, O and Lenz, G and Lenz, HJ and Lenzi, P and León, Y and Leopoldino, AM and Leschczyk, C and Leskelä, S and Letellier, E and Leung, C-T and Leung, PS and Leventhal, JS and Levine, B and Lewis, PA and Ley, K and Li, B and Li, D-Q and Li, J and Li, J and Li, J and Li, K and Li, L and Li, M and Li, M and Li, M and Li, M and Li, M and Li, P-L and Li, M-Q and Li, Q and Li, S and Li, T and Li, W and Li, W and Li, X and Li, Y-P and Li, Y and Li, Z and Li, Z and Li, Z and Lian, J and Liang, C and Liang, Q and Liang, W and Liang, Y and Liang, Y and Liao, G and Liao, L and Liao, M and Liao, Y-F and Librizzi, M and Lie, PPY and Lilly, MA and Lim, HJ and Lima, TRR and Limana, F and Lin, C and Lin, C-W and Lin, D-S and Lin, F-C and Lin, JD and Lin, KM and Lin, K-H and Lin, L-T and Lin, P-H and Lin, Q and Lin, S and Lin, S-J and Lin, W and Lin, X and Lin, Y-X and Lin, Y-S and Linden, R and Lindner, P and Ling, S-C and Lingor, P and Linnemann, AK and Liou, Y-C and Lipinski, MM and LipovÅ¡ek, S and Lira, VA and Lisiak, N and Liton, PB and Liu, C and Liu, C-H and Liu, C-F and Liu, CH and Liu, F and Liu, H and Liu, H-S and Liu, H-F and Liu, H and Liu, J and Liu, J and Liu, J and Liu, L and Liu, L and Liu, M and Liu, Q and Liu, W and Liu, W and Liu, X-H and Liu, X and Liu, X and Liu, X and Liu, X and Liu, Y and Liu, Y and Liu, Y and Liu, Y and Liu, Y and Livingston, JA and Lizard, G and Lizcano, JM and Ljubojevic-Holzer, S and LLeonart, ME and Llobet-Navà s, D and Llorente, A and Lo, CH and Lobato-Márquez, D and Long, Q and Long, YC and Loos, B and Loos, JA and López, MG and López-Doménech, G and López-Guerrero, JA and López-Jiménez, AT and López-Pérez, Ã� and López-Valero, I and Lorenowicz, MJ and Lorente, M and Lorincz, P and Lossi, L and Lotersztajn, S and Lovat, PE and Lovell, JF and Lovy, A and LÅ�w, P and Lu, G and Lu, H and Lu, J-H and Lu, J-J and Lu, M and Lu, S and Luciani, A and Lucocq, JM and Ludovico, P and Luftig, MA and Luhr, M and Luis-Ravelo, D and Lum, JJ and Luna-Dulcey, L and Lund, AH and Lund, VK and Lünemann, JD and Lüningschrör, P and Luo, H and Luo, R and Luo, S and Luo, Z and Luparello, C and Lüscher, B and Luu, L and Lyakhovich, A and Lyamzaev, KG and Lystad, AH and Lytvynchuk, L and Ma, AC and Ma, C and Ma, M and Ma, N-F and Ma, Q-H and Ma, X and Ma, Y and Ma, Z and MacDougald, OA and Macian, F and MacIntosh, GC and MacKeigan, JP and Macleod, KF and Maday, S and Madeo, F and Madesh, M and Madl, T and Madrigal-Matute, J and Maeda, A and Maejima, Y and Magarinos, M and Mahavadi, P and Maiani, E and Maiese, K and Maiti, P and Maiuri, MC and Majello, B and Major, MB and Makareeva, E and Malik, F and Mallilankaraman, K and Malorni, W and Maloyan, A and Mammadova, N and Man, GCW and Manai, F and Mancias, JD and Mandelkow, E-M and Mandell, MA and Manfredi, AA and Manjili, MH and Manjithaya, R and Manque, P and Manshian, BB and Manzano, R and Manzoni, C and Mao, K and Marchese, C and Marchetti, S and Marconi, AM and Marcucci, F and Mardente, S and Mareninova, OA and Margeta, M and Mari, M and Marinelli, S and Marinelli, O and Mariño, G and Mariotto, S and Marshall, RS and Marten, MR and Martens, S and Martin, APJ and Martin, KR and Martin, S and Martin, S and Martín-Segura, A and Martín-Acebes, MA and Martin-Burriel, I and Martin-Rincon, M and Martin-Sanz, P and Martina, JA and Martinet, W and Martinez, A and Martinez, A and Martinez, J and Martinez Velazquez, M and Martinez-Lopez, N and Martinez-Vicente, M and Martins, DO and Martins, JO and Martins, WK and Martins-Marques, T and Marzetti, E and Masaldan, S and Masclaux-Daubresse, C and Mashek, DG and Massa, V and Massieu, L and Masson, GR and Masuelli, L and Masyuk, AI and Masyuk, TV and Matarrese, P and Matheu, A and Matoba, S and Matsuzaki, S and Mattar, P and Matte, A and Mattoscio, D and Mauriz, JL and Mauthe, M and Mauvezin, C and Maverakis, E and Maycotte, P and Mayer, J and Mazzoccoli, G and Mazzoni, C and Mazzulli, JR and McCarty, N and McDonald, C and McGill, MR and McKenna, SL and McLaughlin, B and McLoughlin, F and McNiven, MA and McWilliams, TG and Mechta-Grigoriou, F and Medeiros, TC and Medina, DL and Megeney, LA and Megyeri, K and Mehrpour, M and Mehta, JL and Meijer, AJ and Meijer, AH and Mejlvang, J and Meléndez, A and Melk, A and Memisoglu, G and Mendes, AF and Meng, D and Meng, F and Meng, T and Menna-Barreto, R and Menon, MB and Mercer, C and Mercier, AE and Mergny, J-L and Merighi, A and Merkley, SD and Merla, G and Meske, V and Mestre, AC and Metur, SP and Meyer, C and Meyer, H and Mi, W and Mialet-Perez, J and Miao, J and Micale, L and Miki, Y and Milan, E and Milczarek, M and Miller, DL and Miller, SI and Miller, S and Millward, SW and Milosevic, I and Minina, EA and Mirzaei, H and Mirzaei, HR and Mirzaei, M and Mishra, A and Mishra, N and Mishra, PK and Misirkic Marjanovic, M and Misasi, R and Misra, A and Misso, G and Mitchell, C and Mitou, G and Miura, T and Miyamoto, S and Miyazaki, M and Miyazaki, M and Miyazaki, T and Miyazawa, K and Mizushima, N and Mogensen, TH and Mograbi, B and Mohammadinejad, R and Mohamud, Y and Mohanty, A and Mohapatra, S and Möhlmann, T and Mohmmed, A and Moles, A and Moley, KH and Molinari, M and Mollace, V and Møller, AB and Mollereau, B and Mollinedo, F and Montagna, C and Monteiro, MJ and Montella, A and Montes, LR and Montico, B and Mony, VK and Monzio Compagnoni, G and Moore, MN and Moosavi, MA and Mora, AL and Mora, M and Morales-Alamo, D and Moratalla, R and Moreira, PI and Morelli, E and Moreno, S and Moreno-Blas, D and Moresi, V and Morga, B and Morgan, AH and Morin, F and Morishita, H and Moritz, OL and Moriyama, M and Moriyasu, Y and Morleo, M and Morselli, E and Moruno-Manchon, JF and Moscat, J and Mostowy, S and Motori, E and Moura, AF and Moustaid-Moussa, N and Mrakovcic, M and Muciño-Hernández, G and Mukherjee, A and Mukhopadhyay, S and Mulcahy Levy, JM and Mulero, V and Muller, S and Münch, C and Munjal, A and Munoz-Canoves, P and Muñoz-Galdeano, T and Münz, C and Murakawa, T and Muratori, C and Murphy, BM and Murphy, JP and Murthy, A and Myöhänen, TT and Mysorekar, IU and Mytych, J and Nabavi, SM and Nabissi, M and Nagy, P and Nah, J and Nahimana, A and Nakagawa, I and Nakamura, K and Nakatogawa, H and Nandi, SS and Nanjundan, M and Nanni, M and Napolitano, G and Nardacci, R and Narita, M and Nassif, M and Nathan, I and Natsumeda, M and Naude, RJ and Naumann, C and Naveiras, O and Navid, F and Nawrocki, ST and Nazarko, TY and Nazio, F and Negoita, F and Neill, T and Neisch, AL and Neri, LM and Netea, MG and Neubert, P and Neufeld, TP and Neumann, D and Neutzner, A and Newton, PT and Ney, PA and Nezis, IP and Ng, CCW and Ng, TB and Nguyen, HTT and Nguyen, LT and Ni, H-M and Ní Cheallaigh, C and Ni, Z and Nicolao, MC and Nicoli, F and Nieto-Diaz, M and Nilsson, P and Ning, S and Niranjan, R and Nishimune, H and Niso-Santano, M and Nixon, RA and Nobili, A and Nobrega, C and Noda, T and Nogueira-Recalde, U and Nolan, TM and Nombela, I and Novak, I and Novoa, B and Nozawa, T and Nukina, N and Nussbaum-Krammer, C and Nylandsted, J and Oâ��Donovan, TR and Oâ��Leary, SM and Oâ��Rourke, EJ and Oâ��Sullivan, MP and Oâ��Sullivan, TE and Oddo, S and Oehme, I and Ogawa, M and Ogier-Denis, E and Ogmundsdottir, MH and Ogretmen, B and Oh, GT and Oh, S-H and Oh, YJ and Ohama, T and Ohashi, Y and Ohmuraya, M and Oikonomou, V and Ojha, R and Okamoto, K and Okazawa, H and Oku, M and Oliván, S and Oliveira, JMA and Ollmann, M and Olzmann, JA and Omari, S and Omary, MB and Ã�nal, G and Ondrej, M and Ong, S-B and Ong, S-G and Onnis, A and Orellana, JA and Orellana-Muñoz, S and Ortega-Villaizan, MDM and Ortiz-Gonzalez, XR and Ortona, E and Osiewacz, HD and Osman, A-HK and Osta, R and Otegui, MS and Otsu, K and Ott, C and Ottobrini, L and Ou, J-HJ and Outeiro, TF and Oynebraten, I and Ozturk, M and Pagès, G and Pahari, S and Pajares, M and Pajvani, UB and Pal, R and Paladino, S and Pallet, N and Palmieri, M and Palmisano, G and Palumbo, C and Pampaloni, F and Pan, L and Pan, Q and Pan, W and Pan, X and Panasyuk, G and Pandey, R and Pandey, UB and Pandya, V and Paneni, F and Pang, SY and Panzarini, E and Papademetrio, DL and Papaleo, E and Papinski, D and Papp, D and Park, EC and Park, HT and Park, J-M and Park, J-I and Park, JT and Park, J and Park, SC and Park, S-Y and Parola, AH and Parys, JB and Pasquier, A and Pasquier, B and Passos, JF and Pastore, N and Patel, HH and Patschan, D and Pattingre, S and Pedraza-Alva, G and Pedraza-Chaverri, J and Pedrozo, Z and Pei, G and Pei, J and Peled-Zehavi, H and Pellegrini, JM and Pelletier, J and Peñalva, MA and Peng, D and Peng, Y and Penna, F and Pennuto, M and Pentimalli, F and Pereira, CMF and Pereira, GJS and Pereira, LC and Pereira de Almeida, L and Perera, ND and Pérez-Lara, Ã� and Perez-Oliva, AB and Pérez-Pérez, ME and Periyasamy, P and Perl, A and Perrotta, C and Perrotta, I and Pestell, RG and Petersen, M and Petrache, I and Petrovski, G and Pfirrmann, T and Pfister, AS and Philips, JA and Pi, H and Picca, A and Pickrell, AM and Picot, S and Pierantoni, GM and Pierdominici, M and Pierre, P and Pierrefite-Carle, V and Pierzynowska, K and Pietrocola, F and Pietruczuk, M and Pignata, C and Pimentel-Muiños, FX and Pinar, M and Pinheiro, RO and Pinkas-Kramarski, R and Pinton, P and Pircs, K and Piya, S and Pizzo, P and Plantinga, TS and Platta, HW and Plaza-Zabala, A and Plomann, M and Plotnikov, EY and Plun-Favreau, H and Pluta, R and Pocock, R and Pöggeler, S and Pohl, C and Poirot, M and Poletti, A and Ponpuak, M and Popelka, H and Popova, B and Porta, H and Porte Alcon, S and Portilla-Fernandez, E and Post, M and Potts, MB and Poulton, J and Powers, T and Prahlad, V and Prajsnar, TK and Praticò, D and Prencipe, R and Priault, M and Proikas-Cezanne, T and Promponas, VJ and Proud, CG and Puertollano, R and Puglielli, L and Pulinilkunnil, T and Puri, D and Puri, R and Puyal, J and Qi, X and Qi, Y and Qian, W and Qiang, L and Qiu, Y and Quadrilatero, J and Quarleri, J and Raben, N and Rabinowich, H and Ragona, D and Ragusa, MJ and Rahimi, N and Rahmati, M and Raia, V and Raimundo, N and Rajasekaran, N-S and Ramachandra Rao, S and Rami, A and Ramírez-Pardo, I and Ramsden, DB and Randow, F and Rangarajan, PN and Ranieri, D and Rao, H and Rao, L and Rao, R and Rathore, S and Ratnayaka, JA and Ratovitski, EA and Ravanan, P and Ravegnini, G and Ray, SK and Razani, B and Rebecca, V and Reggiori, F and Régnier-Vigouroux, A and Reichert, AS and Reigada, D and Reiling, JH and Rein, T and Reipert, S and Rekha, RS and Ren, H and Ren, J and Ren, W and Renault, T and Renga, G and Reue, K and Rewitz, K and Ribeiro de Andrade Ramos, B and Riazuddin, SA and Ribeiro-Rodrigues, TM and Ricci, J-E and Ricci, R and Riccio, V and Richardson, DR and Rikihisa, Y and Risbud, MV and Risueño, RM and Ritis, K and Rizza, S and Rizzuto, R and Roberts, HC and Roberts, LD and Robinson, KJ and Roccheri, MC and Rocchi, S and Rodney, GG and Rodrigues, T and Rodrigues Silva, VR and Rodriguez, A and Rodriguez-Barrueco, R and Rodriguez-Henche, N and Rodriguez-Rocha, H and Roelofs, J and Rogers, RS and Rogov, VV and Rojo, AI and Rolka, K and Romanello, V and Romani, L and Romano, A and Romano, PS and Romeo-Guitart, D and Romero, LC and Romero, M and Roney, JC and Rongo, C and Roperto, S and Rosenfeldt, MT and Rosenstiel, P and Rosenwald, AG and Roth, KA and Roth, L and Roth, S and Rouschop, KMA and Roussel, BD and Roux, S and Rovere-Querini, P and Roy, A and Rozieres, A and Ruano, D and Rubinsztein, DC and Rubtsova, MP and Ruckdeschel, K and Ruckenstuhl, C and Rudolf, E and Rudolf, R and Ruggieri, A and Ruparelia, AA and Rusmini, P and Russell, RR and Russo, GL and Russo, M and Russo, R and Ryabaya, OO and Ryan, KM and Ryu, K-Y and Sabater-Arcis, M and Sachdev, U and Sacher, M and Sachse, C and Sadhu, A and Sadoshima, J and Safren, N and Saftig, P and Sagona, AP and Sahay, G and Sahebkar, A and Sahin, M and Sahin, O and Sahni, S and Saito, N and Saito, S and Saito, T and Sakai, R and Sakai, Y and Sakamaki, J-I and Saksela, K and Salazar, G and Salazar-Degracia, A and Salekdeh, GH and Saluja, AK and Sampaio-Marques, B and Sanchez, MC and Sanchez-Alcazar, JA and Sanchez-Vera, V and Sancho-Shimizu, V and Sanderson, JT and Sandri, M and Santaguida, S and Santambrogio, L and Santana, MM and Santoni, G and Sanz, A and Sanz, P and Saran, S and Sardiello, M and Sargeant, TJ and Sarin, A and Sarkar, C and Sarkar, S and Sarrias, M-R and Sarkar, S and Sarmah, DT and Sarparanta, J and Sathyanarayan, A and Sathyanarayanan, R and Scaglione, KM and Scatozza, F and Schaefer, L and Schafer, ZT and Schaible, UE and Schapira, AHV and Scharl, M and Schatzl, HM and Schein, CH and Scheper, W and Scheuring, D and Schiaffino, MV and Schiappacassi, M and Schindl, R and Schlattner, U and Schmidt, O and Schmitt, R and Schmidt, SD and Schmitz, I and Schmukler, E and Schneider, A and Schneider, BE and Schober, R and Schoijet, AC and Schott, MB and Schramm, M and Schröder, B and Schuh, K and Schüller, C and Schulze, RJ and Schürmanns, L and Schwamborn, JC and Schwarten, M and Scialo, F and Sciarretta, S and Scott, MJ and Scotto, KW and Scovassi, AI and Scrima, A and Scrivo, A and Sebastian, D and Sebti, S and Sedej, S and Segatori, L and Segev, N and Seglen, PO and Seiliez, I and Seki, E and Selleck, SB and Sellke, FW and Selsby, JT and Sendtner, M and Senturk, S and Seranova, E and Sergi, C and Serra-Moreno, R and Sesaki, H and Settembre, C and Setty, SRG and Sgarbi, G and Sha, O and Shacka, JJ and Shah, JA and Shang, D and Shao, C and Shao, F and Sharbati, S and Sharkey, LM and Sharma, D and Sharma, G and Sharma, K and Sharma, P and Sharma, S and Shen, H-M and Shen, H and Shen, J and Shen, M and Shen, W and Shen, Z and Sheng, R and Sheng, Z and Sheng, Z-H and Shi, J and Shi, X and Shi, Y-H and Shiba-Fukushima, K and Shieh, J-J and Shimada, Y and Shimizu, S and Shimozawa, M and Shintani, T and Shoemaker, CJ and Shojaei, S and Shoji, I and Shravage, BV and Shridhar, V and Shu, C-W and Shu, H-B and Shui, K and Shukla, AK and Shutt, TE and Sica, V and Siddiqui, A and Sierra, A and Sierra-Torre, V and Signorelli, S and Sil, P and Silva, BJDA and Silva, JD and Silva-Pavez, E and Silvente-Poirot, S and Simmonds, RE and Simon, AK and Simon, H-U and Simons, M and Singh, A and Singh, LP and Singh, R and Singh, SV and Singh, SK and Singh, SB and Singh, S and Singh, SP and Sinha, D and Sinha, RA and Sinha, S and Sirko, A and Sirohi, K and Sivridis, EL and Skendros, P and Skirycz, A and Slaninová, I and Smaili, SS and Smertenko, A and Smith, MD and Soenen, SJ and Sohn, EJ and Sok, SPM and Solaini, G and Soldati, T and Soleimanpour, SA and Soler, RM and Solovchenko, A and Somarelli, JA and Sonawane, A and Song, F and Song, HK and Song, J-X and Song, K and Song, Z and Soria, LR and Sorice, M and Soukas, AA and Soukup, S-F and Sousa, D and Sousa, N and Spagnuolo, PA and Spector, SA and Srinivas Bharath, MM and St Clair, D and Stagni, V and Staiano, L and Stalnecker, CA and Stankov, MV and Stathopulos, PB and Stefan, K and Stefan, SM and Stefanis, L and Steffan, JS and Steinkasserer, A and Stenmark, H and Sterneckert, J and Stevens, C and Stoka, V and Storch, S and Stork, B and Strappazzon, F and Strohecker, AM and Stupack, DG and Su, H and Su, L-Y and Su, L and Suarez-Fontes, AM and Subauste, CS and Subbian, S and Subirada, PV and Sudhandiran, G and Sue, CM and Sui, X and Summers, C and Sun, G and Sun, J and Sun, K and Sun, M-X and Sun, Q and Sun, Y and Sun, Z and Sunahara, KKS and Sundberg, E and Susztak, K and Sutovsky, P and Suzuki, H and Sweeney, G and Symons, JD and Sze, SCW and Szewczyk, NJ and TabÄ�cka-Å�onczynska, A and Tabolacci, C and Tacke, F and Taegtmeyer, H and Tafani, M and Tagaya, M and Tai, H and Tait, SWG and Takahashi, Y and Takats, S and Talwar, P and Tam, C and Tam, SY and Tampellini, D and Tamura, A and Tan, CT and Tan, E-K and Tan, Y-Q and Tanaka, M and Tanaka, M and Tang, D and Tang, J and Tang, T-S and Tanida, I and Tao, Z and Taouis, M and Tatenhorst, L and Tavernarakis, N and Taylor, A and Taylor, GA and Taylor, JM and Tchetina, E and Tee, AR and Tegeder, I and Teis, D and Teixeira, N and Teixeira-Clerc, F and Tekirdag, KA and Tencomnao, T and Tenreiro, S and Tepikin, AV and Testillano, PS and Tettamanti, G and Tharaux, P-L and Thedieck, K and Thekkinghat, AA and Thellung, S and Thinwa, JW and Thirumalaikumar, VP and Thomas, SM and Thomes, PG and Thorburn, A and Thukral, L and Thum, T and Thumm, M and Tian, L and Tichy, A and Till, A and Timmerman, V and Titorenko, VI and Todi, SV and Todorova, K and Toivonen, JM and Tomaipitinca, L and Tomar, D and Tomas-Zapico, C and TomiÄ�, S and Tong, BC-K and Tong, C and Tong, X and Tooze, SA and Torgersen, ML and Torii, S and Torres-López, L and Torriglia, A and Towers, CG and Towns, R and Toyokuni, S and Trajkovic, V and Tramontano, D and Tran, Q-G and Travassos, LH and Trelford, CB and Tremel, S and Trougakos, IP and Tsao, BP and Tschan, MP and Tse, H-F and Tse, TF and Tsugawa, H and Tsvetkov, AS and Tumbarello, DA and Tumtas, Y and Tuñón, MJ and Turcotte, S and Turk, B and Turk, V and Turner, BJ and Tuxworth, RI and Tyler, JK and Tyutereva, EV and Uchiyama, Y and Ugun-Klusek, A and Uhlig, HH and UÅ�amek-KozioÅ�, M and Ulasov, IV and Umekawa, M and Ungermann, C and Unno, R and Urbe, S and Uribe-Carretero, E and Ã�stün, S and Uversky, VN and Vaccari, T and Vaccaro, MI and Vahsen, BF and Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg, H and Valdor, R and Valente, MJ and Valko, A and Vallee, RB and Valverde, AM and Van den Berghe, G and van der Veen, S and Van Kaer, L and van Loosdregt, J and van Wijk, SJL and Vandenberghe, W and Vanhorebeek, I and Vannier-Santos, MA and Vannini, N and Vanrell, MC and Vantaggiato, C and Varano, G and Varela-Nieto, I and Varga, M and Vasconcelos, MH and Vats, S and Vavvas, DG and Vega-Naredo, I and Vega-Rubin-de-Celis, S and Velasco, G and Velázquez, AP and Vellai, T and Vellenga, E and Velotti, F and Verdier, M and Verginis, P and Vergne, I and Verkade, P and Verma, M and Verstreken, P and Vervliet, T and Vervoorts, J and Vessoni, AT and Victor, VM and Vidal, M and Vidoni, C and Vieira, OV and Vierstra, RD and Viganó, S and Vihinen, H and Vijayan, V and Vila, M and Vilar, M and Villalba, JM and Villalobo, A and Villarejo-Zori, B and Villarroya, F and Villarroya, J and Vincent, O and Vindis, C and Viret, C and Viscomi, MT and Visnjic, D and Vitale, I and Vocadlo, DJ and Voitsekhovskaja, OV and Volonté, C and Volta, M and Vomero, M and Von Haefen, C and Vooijs, MA and Voos, W and Vucicevic, L and Wade-Martins, R and Waguri, S and Waite, KA and Wakatsuki, S and Walker, DW and Walker, MJ and Walker, SA and Walter, J and Wandosell, FG and Wang, B and Wang, C-Y and Wang, C and Wang, C and Wang, C and Wang, C-Y and Wang, D and Wang, F and Wang, F and Wang, F and Wang, G and Wang, H and Wang, H and Wang, H and Wang, H-G and Wang, J and Wang, J and Wang, J and Wang, J and Wang, K and Wang, L and Wang, L and Wang, MH and Wang, M and Wang, N and Wang, P and Wang, P and Wang, P and Wang, P and Wang, QJ and Wang, Q and Wang, QK and Wang, QA and Wang, W-T and Wang, W and Wang, X and Wang, X and Wang, Y and Wang, Y 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