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Evangelou, E and Warren, HR and Mosen-Ansorena, D and Mifsud, B and Pazoki, R and Gao, H and Ntritsos, G and Dimou, N and Cabrera, CP and Karaman, I and Ng, FL and Evangelou, M and Witkowska, K and Tzanis, E and Hellwege, JN and Giri, A and Velez Edwards, DR and Sun, YV and Cho, K and Gaziano, JM and Wilson, PWF and Tsao, PS and Kovesdy, CP and Esko, T and Mägi, R and Milani, L and Almgren, P and Boutin, T and Debette, S and Ding, J and Giulianini, F and Holliday, EG and Jackson, AU and Li-Gao, R and Lin, W-Y and Luan, J and Mangino, M and Oldmeadow, C and Prins, BP and Qian, Y and Sargurupremraj, M and Shah, N and Surendran, P and ThÃriault, S and Verweij, N and Willems, SM and Zhao, J-H and Amouyel, P and Connell, J and de Mutsert, R and Doney, ASF and Farrall, M and Menni, C and Morris, AD and Noordam, R and ParÃ, G and Poulter, NR and Shields, DC and Stanton, A and Thom, S and Abecasis, G and Amin, N and Arking, DE and Ayers, KL and Barbieri, CM and Batini, C and Bis, JC and Blake, T and Bochud, M and Boehnke, M and Boerwinkle, E and Boomsma, DI and Bottinger, EP and Braund, PS and Brumat, M and Campbell, A and Campbell, H and Chakravarti, A and Chambers, JC and Chauhan, G and Ciullo, M and Cocca, M and Collins, F and Cordell, HJ and Davies, G and de Borst, MH and de Geus, EJ and Deary, IJ and Deelen, J and Del Greco M, F and Demirkale, CY and DÃrr, M and Ehret, GB and Elosua, R and Enroth, S and Erzurumluoglu, AM and Ferreira, T and FrÃ¥nberg, M and Franco, OH and Gandin, I and Gasparini, P and Giedraitis, V and Gieger, C and Girotto, G and Goel, A and Gow, AJ and Gudnason, V and Guo, X and Gyllensten, U and Hamsten, A and Harris, TB and Harris, SE and Hartman, CA and Havulinna, AS and Hicks, AA and Hofer, E and Hofman, A and Hottenga, J-J and Huffman, JE and Hwang, S-J and Ingelsson, E and James, A and Jansen, R and Jarvelin, M-R and Joehanes, R and Johansson, à and Johnson, AD and Joshi, PK and Jousilahti, P and Jukema, JW and Jula, A and KähÃnen, M and Kathiresan, S and Keavney, BD and Khaw, K-T and Knekt, P and Knight, J and Kolcic, I and Kooner, JS and Koskinen, S and Kristiansson, K and Kutalik, Z and Laan, M and Larson, M and Launer, LJ and Lehne, B and Lehtimäki, T and Liewald, DCM and Lin, L and Lind, L and Lindgren, CM and Liu, YM and Loos, RJF and Lopez, LM and Lu, Y and Lyytikäinen, L-P and Mahajan, A and Mamasoula, C and Marrugat, J and Marten, J and Milaneschi, Y and Morgan, A and Morris, AP and Morrison, AC and Munson, PJ and Nalls, MA and Nandakumar, P and Nelson, CP and Niiranen, T and Nolte, IM and Nutile, T and Oldehinkel, AJ and Oostra, BA and OâReilly, PF and Org, E and Padmanabhan, S and Palmas, W and Palotie, A and Pattie, A and Penninx, BWJH and Perola, M and Peters, A and Polasek, O and Pramstaller, PP and Nguyen, QT and Raitakari, OT and Ren, M and Rettig, R and Rice, K and Ridker, PM and Ried, JS and Riese, H and Ripatti, S and Robino, A and Rose, LM and Rotter, JI and Rudan, I and Ruggiero, D and Saba, Y and Sala, CF and Salomaa, V and Samani, NJ and Sarin, A-P and Schmidt, R and Schmidt, H and Shrine, N and Siscovick, D and Smith, AV and Snieder, H and Sõber, S and Sorice, R and Starr, JM and Stott, DJ and Strachan, DP and Strawbridge, RJ and SundstrÃm, J and Swertz, MA and Taylor, KD and Teumer, A and Tobin, MD and Tomaszewski, M and Toniolo, D and Traglia, M and Trompet, S and Tuomilehto, J and Tzourio, C and Uitterlinden, AG and Vaez, A and van der Most, PJ and van Duijn, CM and Vergnaud, A-C and Verwoert, GC and Vitart, V and Völker, U and Vollenweider, P and Vuckovic, D and Watkins, H and Wild, SH and Willemsen, G and Wilson, JF and Wright, AF and Yao, J and Zemunik, T and Zhang, W and Attia, JR and Butterworth, AS and Chasman, DI and Conen, D and Cucca, F and Danesh, J and Hayward, C and Howson, JMM and Laakso, M and Lakatta, EG and Langenberg, C and Melander, O and Mook-Kanamori, DO and Palmer, CNA and Risch, L and Scott, RA and Scott, RJ and Sever, P and Spector, TD and van der Harst, P and Wareham, NJ and Zeggini, E and Levy, D and Munroe, PB and Newton-Cheh, C and Brown, MJ and Metspalu, A and Hung, AM and OâDonnell, CJ and Edwards, TL and Psaty, BM and Tzoulaki, I and Barnes, MR and Wain, LV and Elliott, P and Caulfield, MJ (2018) Genetic analysis of over 1 million people identifies 535 new loci associated with blood pressure traits. In: Nature Genetics, 50 (12). p. 1755.

Turcot, V and Lu, Y and Highland, HM and Schurmann, C and Justice, AE and Fine, RS and Bradfield, JP and Esko, T and Giri, A and Graff, M and Guo, X and Hendricks, AE and Karaderi, T and Lempradl, A and Locke, AE and Mahajan, A and Marouli, E and Sivapalaratnam, S and Young, KL and Alfred, T and Feitosa, MF and Masca, NGD and Manning, AK and Medina-Gomez, C and Mudgal, P and Ng, MCY and Reiner, AP and Vedantam, S and Willems, SM and Winkler, TW and Abecasis, G and Aben, KK and Alam, DS and Alharthi, SE and Allison, M and Amouyel, P and Asselbergs, FW and Auer, PL and Balkau, B and Bang, LE and Barroso, I and Bastarache, L and Benn, M and Bergmann, S and Bielak, LF and Blüher, M and Boehnke, M and Boeing, H and Boerwinkle, E and Böger, CA and Bork-Jensen, J and Bots, ML and Bottinger, EP and Bowden, DW and Brandslund, I and Breen, G and Brilliant, MH and Broer, L and Brumat, M and Burt, AA and Butterworth, AS and Campbell, PT and Cappellani, S and Carey, DJ and Catamo, E and Caulfield, MJ and Chambers, JC and Chasman, DI and Chen, Y-DI and Chowdhury, R and Christensen, C and Chu, AY and Cocca, M and Cook, JP and Corley, J and Corominas Galbany, J and Cox, AJ and Crosslin, DS and Cuellar-Partida, G and D'Eustacchio, A and Danesh, J and Davies, G and Bakker, PIW and Groot, MCH and Mutsert, R and Deary, IJ and Dedoussis, G and Demerath, EW and Heijer, M and Hollander, AI and Ruijter, HM and Dennis, JG and Denny, JC and Angelantonio, E and Drenos, F and Du, M and Dubé, M-P and Dunning, AM and Easton, DF and Edwards, TL and Ellinghaus, D and Ellinor, PT and Elliott, P and Evangelou, E and Farmaki, A-E and Farooqi, IS and Faul, JD and Fauser, S and Feng, S and Ferrannini, E and Ferrieres, J and Florez, JC and Ford, I and Fornage, M and Franco, OH and Franke, A and Franks, PW and Friedrich, N and Frikke-Schmidt, R and Galesloot, TE and Gan, W and Gandin, I and Gasparini, P and Gibson, J and Giedraitis, V and Gjesing, AP and Gordon-Larsen, P and Gorski, M and Grabe, H-J and Grant, SFA and Grarup, N and Griffiths, HL and Grove, ML and Gudnason, V and Gustafsson, S and Haessler, J and Hakonarson, H and Hammerschlag, AR and Hansen, T and Harris, KM and Harris, TB and Hattersley, AT and Have, CT and Hayward, C and He, L and Heard-Costa, NL and Heath, AC and Heid, IM and Helgeland, � and Hernesniemi, J and Hewitt, AW and Holmen, OL and Hovingh, GK and Howson, JMM and Hu, Y and Huang, PL and Huffman, JE and Ikram, MA and Ingelsson, E and Jackson, AU and Jansson, J-H and Jarvik, GP and Jensen, GB and Jia, Y and Johansson, S and Jørgensen, ME and Jørgensen, T and Jukema, JW and Kahali, B and Kahn, RS and Kähönen, M and Kamstrup, PR and Kanoni, S and Kaprio, J and Karaleftheri, M and Kardia, SLR and Karpe, F and Kathiresan, S and Kee, F and Kiemeney, LA and Kim, E and Kitajima, H and Komulainen, P and Kooner, JS and Kooperberg, C and Korhonen, T and Kovacs, P and Kuivaniemi, H and Kutalik, Z and Kuulasmaa, K and Kuusisto, J and Laakso, M and Lakka, TA and Lamparter, D and Lange, EM and Lange, LA and Langenberg, C and Larson, EB and Lee, NR and Lehtimäki, T and Lewis, CE and Li, H and Li, J and Li-Gao, R and Lin, H and Lin, K-H and Lin, L-A and Lin, X and Lind, L and Lindström, J and Linneberg, A and Liu, C-T and Liu, DJ and Liu, Y and Lo, KS and Lophatananon, A and Lotery, AJ and Loukola, A and Luan, J and Lubitz, SA and Lyytikäinen, L-P and Männistö, S and Marenne, G and Mazul, AL and McCarthy, MI and McKean-Cowdin, R and Medland, SE and Meidtner, K and Milani, L and Mistry, V and Mitchell, P and Mohlke, KL and Moilanen, L and Moitry, M and Montgomery, GW and Mook-Kanamori, DO and Moore, C and Mori, TA and Morris, AD and Morris, AP and Müller-Nurasyid, M and Munroe, PB and Nalls, MA and Narisu, N and Nelson, CP and Neville, M and Nielsen, SF and Nikus, K and Njølstad, PR and Nordestgaard, BøG and Nyholt, DR and O'Connel, JR and O'Donoghue, ML and Olde Loohuis, LM and Ophoff, RA and Owen, KR and Packard, CJ and Padmanabhan, S and Palmer, CNA and Palmer, ND and Pasterkamp, G and Patel, AP and Pattie, A and Pedersen, O and Peissig, PL and Peloso, GM and Pennell, CE and Perola, M and Perry, JA and Perry, JRB and Pers, TH and Person, TN and Peters, A and Petersen, ERB and Peyser, PA and Pirie, A and Polasek, O and Polderman, TJ and Puolijoki, H and Raitakari, OT and Rasheed, A and Rauramaa, R and Reilly, DF and Renström, F and Rheinberger, M and Ridker, PM and Rioux, JD and Rivas, MA and Roberts, DJ and Robertson, NR and Robino, A and Rolandsson, O and Rudan, I and Ruth, KS and Saleheen, D and Salomaa, V and Samani, NJ and Sapkota, Y and Sattar, N and Schoen, RE and Schreiner, PJ and Schulze, MB and Scott, RA and Segura-Lepe, MP and Shah, SH and Sheu, WH-H and Sim, X and Slater, AJ and Small, KS and Smith, AV and Southam, L and Spector, TD and Speliotes, EK and Starr, JM and Stefansson, K and Steinthorsdottir, V and Stirrups, KE and Strauch, K and Stringham, HM and Stumvoll, M and Sun, L and Surendran, P and Swift, AJ and Tada, H and Tansey, KE and Tardif, J-C and Taylor, KD and Teumer, A and Thompson, DJ and Thorleifsson, G and Thorsteinsdottir, U and Thuesen, BH and Tönjes, A and Tromp, G and Trompet, S and Tsafantakis, E and Tuomilehto, J and Tybjaerg-Hansen, A and Tyrer, JP and Uher, R and Uitterlinden, AG and Uusitupa, M and Laan, SW and Duijn, CM and Leeuwen, N and Van Setten, J and Vanhala, M and Varbo, A and Varga, TV and Varma, R and Velez Edwards, DR and Vermeulen, SH and Veronesi, G and Vestergaard, H and Vitart, V and Vogt, TF and Völker, U and Vuckovic, D and Wagenknecht, LE and Walker, M and Wallentin, L and Wang, F and Wang, CA and Wang, S and Wang, Y and Ware, EB and Wareham, NJ and Warren, HR and Waterworth, DM and Wessel, J and White, HD and Willer, CJ and Wilson, JG and Witte, DR and Wood, AR and Wu, Y and Yaghootkar, H and Yao, J and Yao, P and Yerges-Armstrong, LM and Young, R and Zeggini, E and Zhan, X and Zhang, W and Zhao, JH and Zhao, W and Zhou, W and Zondervan, KT and Rotter, JI and Pospisilik, JA and Rivadeneira, F and Borecki, IB and Deloukas, P and Frayling, TM and Lettre, G and North, KE and Lindgren, CM and Hirschhorn, JN and Loos, RJF (2018) Protein-altering variants associated with body mass index implicate pathways that control energy intake and expenditure in obesity. In: Nature Genetics, 50 (1). pp. 26-35.

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