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Genetic analysis of over 1 million people identifies 535 new loci associated with blood pressure traits

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Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41588-018-0205-x


High blood pressure is a highly heritable and modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. We report the largest genetic association study of blood pressure traits (systolic, diastolic and pulse pressure) to date in over 1 million people of European ancestry. We identify 535 novel blood pressure loci that not only offer new biological insights into blood pressure regulation but also highlight shared genetic architecture between blood pressure and lifestyle exposures. Our findings identify new biological pathways for blood pressure regulation with potential for improved cardiovascular disease prevention in the future.

Item Type: Journal Article
Publication: Nature Genetics
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Additional Information: The copyright for this article belongs to the Author.
Keywords: article; blood pressure; genetic analysis; genetics; human; erratum; error
Department/Centre: Autonomous Societies / Centres > Centre for Brain Research
Date Deposited: 23 Aug 2022 06:19
Last Modified: 23 Aug 2022 06:23
URI: https://eprints.iisc.ac.in/id/eprint/76195

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