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Prasad, Kavirayani R and Gandi, Vasudeva Rao and Nidhiry, John Eugene and Bhat, Kavya S (2010) Enantiodivergent Formal Total Synthesis of Aspercyclide C from L-(+)-Tartaric Acid. In: Synthesis (15). pp. 2521-2526.

Prasad, Kavirayani R and Dhaware, Madhuri G (2007) Stereoselective total synthesis of bioactive styryllactones: 9-Deoxygoniopypyrone, goniopypyrone and 7-epi-Goniofufurone. In: Synthesis, 2007 (23). pp. 3697-3705.

Bhar, D and Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan (1994) A useful sulfur-transfer reaction with tetrathiomolybdate: coversion of arylamines to aryl disulfides. In: Synthesis (8). pp. 785-786.

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Raju, B and Rao, Krishna GS (1987) Conversion of 1,4-dihydrobenzoic acids to polyformylbenzenes under Vilsmeier reaction conditions. In: Synthesis, 1987 (2). pp. 197-199.

Rao, Suresh CM and Rao, Krishna GS (1987) One-Pot Benzoannulation of Homoallyl Alcohols: Vilsmeier Reaction Route to Biphenyls. In: Synthesis (3). pp. 231-233.

Rao, Raju B and Krishna, GS (1985) Vilsmeier reaction of some 1-methoxy-1,4-cyclohexadienes: a convenient route to polyformylbenzenes. In: Synthesis, 8 . pp. 779-781.

Kasturi, TR and Jois, HRY and Mathew, Lata (1984) A Novel Transformation of 3-Alkoxyisoquinolines to 3-Chloroisoquinolines and an Unusual Decyanation of 1,3-Dialkoxy-4-cyano-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroisoquinolines Under Vilsmeier-Haack Conditions. In: Synthesis, 9 . pp. 743-746.

Bhatt, Vivekananda M and Kulkarni, Surendra U (1983) Cleavage of ethers. In: Synthesis (4). pp. 249-282.

Bhatt, M Vivekananda and El-Morey, Saad S (1982) Silicon Tetrachloride/Sodium Iodide as a Convenient and Highly Regioselective Ether Cleaving Reagent. In: Synthesis (12). 1048 -1050.

Reddy, GS and Bhatt, MV (1981) A New One-Step Conversion Of Ketoximes Into Alpha-Acyloxyketones. In: Synthesis (3). pp. 223-224.

Reddy, M Parameswara and Rao, GS Krishna (1980) One-Step Vilsmeier Route to Some 5-Aryl-3-methyl-2(E),4(E)-pentadienals and their Oxidation to Pentadienoic Acids. In: Synthesis, 10 . pp. 815-818.

Sangaiah, R and Rao, Krishna GS (1980) Oxidation of Acetoxy-(alkyl)-arenes and Alkoxy-(alkyl)-arenes with Benzyltriethylammonium Permanganate; Convenient Syntheses of Some Natural Products. In: Synthesis, 12 . 1018-1019 .

Perumal, Thirumalai P and Bhatt, Vivekananda M (1980) Oxidation of Halophenols and Highly Substituted Phenols with Lead(IV) Acetate. In: Synthesis, 11 . pp. 943-945.

Naidu, Venkama M and Krishna Rao, GS (1979) Convenient Synthesis of p-Methoxyphenylcarbonyl Compounds and Desmethoxy-encecalin using 2,3-Dichloro-,6-dicyanobenzoquinone (DDQ). In: Synthesis (2). pp. 144-145.

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Banerjee, DK and Subrahmanyam, G (1973) Synthesis of methyl 3-(4-methyl-3-oxo-1-cyclo-hexenyl)-butanoate. In: Synthesis (4). pp. 213-215.

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