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Maiti, D and Mukherjee, S (2023) Cluster Preface: Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis in India. In: Synlett, 34 (6). pp. 493-494.

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Srikrishna, Adusumilli and Sheth, Vishal M and Nagaraju, Gopalasetty (2011) Rhodium Carbenoid Mediated C-H Activation of a Tertiary Methyl Group: An Enantiospecific Approach to the Angular Triquinanes Norsilphiperfolane and Norcameroonanes. In: Synlett (16). pp. 2343-2346.

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Srikrishna, A and Viswajanani, R (1995) Tributylchlorostannane as Lewis Acid in the Regioselective Reductive Cleavage of Ketals. In: Synlett (1). pp. 95-96.

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