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Subramanyan, V and Kirkpatrick, KL and Vishveshwara, S and Vishveshwara, S (2023) Are microtubules electron-based topological insulators? In: EPL, 143 (4).

Dave, SS and Ganguly, O and Saumia, PS and Srivastava, AM (2022) Hawking radiation from acoustic black holes in hydrodynamic flow of electrons. In: EPL, 139 (6). pp. 1-7.

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Schirmer, J and Kumar, R and Bagwe, V and Raychaudhuri, P and Taniguchi, T and Watanabe, K and Liu, C-X and Das, A and Jain, JK (2020) Hall effect for Dirac electrons in graphene exposed to an Abrikosov flux lattice. In: EPL, 132 (3).

Udupa, A and Viswanathan, K and Chandrasekar, S (2020) Pattern formation on free surfaces via plastic buckling and periodic folding. In: EPL, 129 (4).

Kumar Kundu, H and Jesudasan, J and Raychaudhuri, P and Mukerjee, S and Bid, A (2019) Universal scaling behaviour near vortex-solid/glass to vortex-fluid transition in type-II superconductors in two and three dimensions. In: EPL, 128 (2).

Shinde, Satish Laxman and Dao, Thang Duy and Nagao, Tadaaki and Nanda, Karuna Kar (2019) Unconventional energy transfer from narrow to broad luminescent wide band gap materials. In: EPL, 127 (1).

Sil, Anomitra and Negi, Devendra S and Naik, Mit H and Jain, Manish and Datta, Ranjan and Ranjan, Rajeev and Kumar, P S Anil (2019) Large intrinsic magnetization in an epitaxial BiFeO3/NdGaO3 system. In: EPL, 126 (5).

Kumaran, V and Muramulla, NSP and Tyagi, A and Goswami, PS (2019) Turbulence collapses at a threshold particle loading in a dilute particle-gas suspension. In: EPL, 128 (6).

Phuyal, D and Mukherjee, S and Das, S and Jana, S and Kvashnina, KO and Sarma, DD and Rensmo, H and Butorin, SM and Karis, O (2018) The origin of low bandgap and ferroelectricity of a co-doped BaTiO3 (vol 124, 27005, 2018). In: EPL, 124 (6).

Phuyal, D and Mukherjee, S and Das, S and Jana, S and Kvashnina, KO and Sarma, DD and Rensmo, H and Buortin, SM and Karis, O (2018) The origin of low bandgap and ferroelectricity of a co-doped BaTiO3. In: EPL, 124 (2).

Mukherjee, Sumanta and Pal, Banabir and Sarkar, Indranil and van Roekeghem, Ambroise and Drube, Wolfgang and Takagi, H and Matsuno, Jobu and Biermann, Silke and Sarma, DD (2018) Nature of the charge carriers in LaAlO3-SrTiO(3 )oxide heterostructures probed using hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. In: EPL, 123 (4).

Bhat, Shwetha G and Gauquelin, N and Sebastian, Nirmal K and Sil, Anomitra and Beche, A and Verbeeck, J and Samal, D and Kumar, P S Anil (2018) Orthorhombic vs. hexagonal epitaxial SrIrO3 thin films: Structural stability and related electrical transport properties. In: EPL, 122 (2).

Gupta, Satyendra Nath and Muthu, D V.S and Shekhar, C and Sankar, R and Felser, C and Sood, A K (2017) Pressure-induced electronic and structural phase transitions in Dirac semimetal Cd3As2: Raman study. In: EPL, 120 (5).

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Gupta, Satyendra Nath and Pal, Anand and Muthu, DVS and Kumar, Anil PS and Sood, AK (2016) Metallic monoclinic phase in VO2 induced by electrochemical gating: In situ Raman study. In: EPL, 115 (1).

Gupta, Satyendra Nath and Sriluckshmy, PV and Mehlawat, Kavita and Balodhi, Ashiwini and Mishra, Dileep K and Hassan, SR and Ramakrishnan, TV and Muthu, DVS and Singh, Yogesh and Sood, AK (2016) Raman signatures of strong Kitaev exchange correlations in (Na1-xLix)(2)IrO3: Experiments and theory. In: EPL, 114 (4).

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Takahashi, Y and Verma, VK and Shibata, G and Harano, T and Ishigami, K and Yoshimatsu, K and Kadono, T and Fujimori, A and Tanaka, A and Chang, FH and Lin, HJ and Huang, DJ and Chen, CT and Pal, B and Sarma, DD (2014) Observation of magnetically hard grain boundaries in double-perovskite Sr2FeMoO6. In: EPL, 108 (2).

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Kumar, Sunil and Harnagea, L and Wurmehl, S and Buchner, B and Sood, AK (2012) Acoustic and optical phonon dynamics from femtosecond time-resolved optical spectroscopy of the superconducting iron pnictide Ca(Fe0.944Co0.056)(2)As-2. In: EPL, 100 (5).

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