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Sen Gupta, R and Mandal, S and Arya, S and Dutta, S and Manna, K and Safikul Islam, S and Pathan, S and Bose, S (2023) Copper-substituted polyoxometalate-soldered interpenetrating polymeric networks membranes for water remediation. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 461 .

Yadorao Bisen, O and Kumar Yadav, A and Pavithra, B and Kar Nanda, K (2022) Electronic structure modulation of molybdenum-iron double-atom catalyst for bifunctional oxygen electrochemistry. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 449 .

Mandal, A and Chatterjee, K (2022) Emerging trends in humidity-responsive 4D bioprinting. In: Chemical Engineering Journal .

Sen Gupta, R and Padmavathy, N and Agarwal, P and Bose, S (2022) pH-triggered bio-inspired membranes engineered using sequential interpenetrating polymeric networks for tunable antibiotic and dye removal. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 446 .

Rachna Devi, H and Yadorao Bisen, O and Chen, Z and Kar Nanda, K (2022) Spatially dispersed one-dimensional carbon architecture on oxide framework for oxygen electrochemistry. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 433 (1).

Nandanapalli, KR and Mudusu, D and Karuppannan, R and Hahn, Y-B and Lee, S (2022) Predominantly enhanced catalytic activities of surface protected ZnO nanorods integrated stainless-steel mesh structures: A synergistic impact on oxygen evolution reaction process. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 429 .

Kumar, N and Shetti, NP and Jagannath, S and Aminabhavi, TM (2022) Electrochemical sensors for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 430 .

Devi, HR and Chikkegowda, R and Rangappa, D and Yadav, AK and Chen, Z and Nanda, KK (2022) Trimetallic oxide-hydroxide porous nanosheets for efficient water oxidation. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 435 .

Goyal, P and Paruthi, A and Menon, D and Behara, R and Jaiswal, A and V, K and Kumar, A and Krishnan, V and Misra, SK (2021) Fe doped bimetallic HKUST-1 MOF with enhanced water stability for trapping Pb(II) with high adsorption capacity. In: Chemical Engineering Journal .

Boruah, B and Samantaray, PK and Madras, G and Modak, J M and Bose, S (2020) Sustainable photocatalytic water remediation via dual active strongly coupled AgBiO3 on PVDF/PBSA membranes. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 394 .

Menon, AV and Choudhury, B and Madras, G and Bose, S (2020) ‘Trigger-free’ self-healable electromagnetic shielding material assisted by co-doped graphene nanostructures. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 382 .

Ramasamy, HV and Senthilkumar, B and Barpanda, P and Lee, YS (2019) Superior potassium-ion hybrid capacitor based on novel P3-type layered K 0.45 Mn 0.5 Co 0.5 O 2 as high capacity cathode. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 368 . pp. 235-243.

Menon, AV and Madras, G and Bose, S (2019) Light weight, ultrathin, and “thermally-clickable” self-healing MWNT patch as electromagnetic interference suppressor. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 366 . pp. 72-82.

Vinu, R and Polisetti, Sneha and Madras, Giridhar (2010) Dye sensitized visible light degradation of phenolic compounds. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 165 (3). pp. 784-797.

Sontakke, Sharad and Modak, Jayant and Madras, Giridhar (2010) Photocatalytic inactivation of Escherischia coli and Pichia pastoris with combustion synthesized titanium dioxide. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 165 (1). pp. 225-233.

Deshpande, Parag A and Madras, Giridhar (2010) Photocatalytic degradation of phenol by base metal-substituted orthovanadates. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 161 (1-2). pp. 136-145.

Konaganti, Vinod Kumar and Kota, Ramanjaneyulu and Patil, Satish and Madras, Giridhar (2010) Adsorption of anionic dyes on chitosan grafted poly(alkyl methacrylate)s. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 158 (3). pp. 393-401.

Deshpande, Parag A and Madras, Giridhar (2010) Photocatalytic degradation of dyes over combustion synthesized Ce1-xFexVO4. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 158 (3). pp. 571-577.

Tripathy, Sushree Swarupa and Raichur, Ashok M (2008) Enhanced adsorption capacity of activated alumina by impregnation with alum for removal of As(V) from water. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 138 (1-3). pp. 179-186.

Thomas, Bejoy and Prathapan, S and Sugunan, S (2007) Dehydration of aldoximes over H-zeolites: A convenient and highly atom economic method for the preparation of nitriles. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 133 (1-3). pp. 59-68.

Srinivasan, K (2001) Curvature of the vapour pressure curve. In: Chemical Engineering Journal, 81 (1-3). pp. 63-67.

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