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Aad, G. and Abbott, B. and Abbott, D.C. and Abed Abud, A. and Abeling, K. and Abhayasinghe, D.K. and Abidi, S.H. and Abou Zeid, O.S. and Abraham, N.L. and Abramowicz, H. and Abreu, H. and Abulaiti, Y. and Acharya, B.S. and Achkar, B. and Adam, L. and Adam Bourdarios, C. and Adamczyk, L. and Adamek, L. and Adelman, J. and Adersberger, M. and Adiguzel, A. and Adorni, S. and Adye, T. and Affolder, A.A. and Afik, Y. and Agapopoulou, C. and Agaras, M.N. and Aggarwal, A. and Agheorghiesei, C. and Aguilar-Saavedra, J.A. and Ahmad, A. and Ahmadov, F. and Ahmed, W.S. and Ai, X. and Aielli, G. and Akatsuka, S. and à kesson, T.P.A. and Akilli, E. and Akimov, A.V. and AlKhoury, K. and Alberghi, G.L. and Albert, J. and Alconada Verzini, M.J. and Alderweireldt, S. and Aleksa, M. and Aleksandrov, I.N. and Alexa, C. and Alexopoulos, T. and Alfonsi, A. and Alfonsi, F. and Alhroob, M. and Ali, B. and Ali, S. and Aliev, M. and Alimonti, G. and Allaire, C. and Allbrooke, B.M.M. and Allen, B.W. and Allport, P.P. and Aloisio, A. and Alonso, F. and Alpigiani, C. and Alshehri, A.A. and Alunno Camelia, E. and Alvarez Estevez, M. and Alviggi, M.G. and Amaral Coutinho, Y. and Ambler, A. and Ambroz, L. and Amelung, C. and Amidei, D. and Amor Dos Santos, S.P. and Amoroso, S. and Amrouche, C.S. and An, F. and Anastopoulos, C. and Andari, N. and Andeen, T. and Anders, C.F. and Anders, J.K. and Andrean, S.Y. and Andreazza, A. and Andrei, V. and Anelli, C.R. and Angelidakis, S. and Angerami, A. and Anisenkov, A.V. and Annovi, A. and Antel, C. and Anthony, M.T. and Antipov, E. and Antonelli, M. and Antrim, D.J.A. and Anulli, F. and Aoki, M. and Aparisi Pozo, J.A. and Aparo, M.A. and Aperio Bella, L. and Araujo Ferraz, V. and Araujo Pereira, R. and Arcangeletti, C. and Arce, A.T.H. and Arduh, F.A. and Arguin, J.-F. and Argyropoulos, S. and Arling, J.-H. and Armbruster, A.J. and Armstrong, A. and Arnaez, O. and Arnold, H. and Arrubarrena Tame, Z.P. and Artoni, G. and Artz, S. and Asai, S. and Asawatavonvanich, T. and Asbah, N. and Asimakopoulou, E.M. and Asquith, L. and Assahsah, J. and Assamagan, K. and Astalos, R. and Atkin, R.J. and Atkinson, M. and Atlay, N.B. and Atmani, H. and Augsten, K. and Avolio, G. and Ayoub, M.K. and Azuelos, G. and Bachacou, H. and Bachas, K. and Backes, M. and Backman, F. and Bagnaia, P. and Bahmani, M. and Bahrasemani, H. and Bailey, A.J. and Bailey, V.R. and Baines, J.T. and Bakalis, C. and Baker, O.K. and Bakker, P.J. and Bakshi Gupta, D. and Balaji, S. and Baldin, E.M. and Balek, P. and Balli, F. and Balunas, W.K. and Balz, J. and Banas, E. and Bandieramonte, M. and Bandyopadhyay, A. and Banerjee, S. and Barak, L. and Barbe, W.M. and Barberio, E.L. and Barberis, D. and Barbero, M. and Barbour, G. and Barillari, T. and Barisits, M.-S. and Barkeloo, J. and Barklow, T. and Barnea, R. and Barnett, B.M. and Barnett, R.M. and Barnovska-Blenessy, Z. and Baroncelli, A. and Barone, G. and Barr, A.J. and Barranco Navarro, L. and Barreiro, F. and Barreiro Guimarãesda Costa, J. and Barron, U. and Barsov, S. and Bartels, F. and Bartoldus, R. and Bartolini, G. and Barton, A.E. and Bartos, P. and Basalaev, A. and Basan, A. and Bassalat, A. and Basso, M.J. and Bates, R.L. and Batlamous, S. and Batley, J.R. and Batool, B. and Battaglia, M. and Bauce, M. and Bauer, F. and Bauer, K.T. and Bawa, H.S. and Beacham, J.B. and Beau, T. and Beauchemin, P.H. and Becherer, F. and Bechtle, P. and Beck, H.C. and Beck, H.P. and Becker, K. and Becot, C. and Beddall, A. and Beddall, A.J. and Bednyakov, V.A. and Bedognetti, M. and Bee, C.P. and Beermann, T.A. and Begalli, M. and Begel, M. and Behera, A. and Behr, J.K. and Beisiegel, F. and Bell, A.S. and Bella, G. and Bellagamba, L. and Bellerive, A. and Bellos, P. and Beloborodov, K. and Belotskiy, K. and Belyaev, N.L. and Benchekroun, D. and Benekos, N. and Benhammou, Y. and Benjamin, D.P. and Benoit, M. and Bensinger, J.R. and Bentvelsen, S. and Beresford, L. and Beretta, M. and Berge, D. and Bergeaas Kuutmann, E. and Berger, N. and Bergmann, B. and Bergsten, L.J. and Beringer, J. and Berlendis, S. and Bernardi, G. and Bernius, C. and Bernlochner, F.U. and Berry, T. and Berta, P. and Bertella, C. and Bertram, I.A. and Bessidskaia Bylund, O. and Besson, N. and Bethani, A. and Bethke, S. and Betti, A. and Bevan, A.J. and Beyer, J. and Bhattacharya, D.S. and Bhattarai, P. and Bi, R. and Bianchi, R.M. and Biebel, O. and Biedermann, D. and Bielski, R. and Bierwagen, K. and Biesuz, N.V. and Biglietti, M. and Billoud, T.R.V. and Bindi, M. and Bingul, A. and Bini, C. and Biondi, S. and Birman, M. and Bisanz, T. and Biswal, J.P. and Biswas, D. and Bitadze, A. and Bittrich, C. and Bjørke, K. and Blazek, T. and Bloch, I. and Blocker, C. and Blue, A. and Blumenschein, U. and Bobbink, G.J. and Bobrovnikov, V.S. and Bocchetta, S.S. and Bocci, A. and Boerner, D. and Bogavac, D. and Bogdanchikov, A.G. and Bohm, C. and Boisvert, V. and Bokan, P. and Bold, T. and Bolz, A.E. and Bomben, M. and Bona, M. and Bonilla, J.S. and Boonekamp, M. and Booth, C.D. and Borecka-Bielska, H.M. and Borgna, L.S. and Borisov, A. and Borissov, G. and Bortfeldt, J. and Bortoletto, D. and Boscherini, D. and Bosman, M. and BossioSola, J.D. and Bouaouda, K. and Boudreau, J. and Bouhova-Thacker, E.V. and Boumediene, D. and Boutle, S.K. and Boveia, A. and Boyd, J. and Boye, D. and Boyko, I.R. and Bozson, A.J. and Bracinik, J. and Brahimi, N. and Brandt, G. and Brandt, O. and Braren, F. and Brau, B. and Brau, J.E. and Breaden Madden, W.D. and Brendlinger, K. and Brenner, L. and Brenner, R. and Bressler, S. and Brickwedde, B. and Briglin, D.L. and Britton, D. and Britzger, D. and Brock, I. and Brock, R. and Brooijmans, G. and Brooks, W.K. and Brost, E. and Bruckmande Renstrom, P.A. and Bruncko, D. and Bruni, A. and Bruni, G. and Bruni, L.S. and Bruno, S. and Bruschi, M. and Bruscino, N. and Bryngemark, L. and Buanes, T. and Buat, Q. and Buchholz, P. and Buckley, A.G. and Budagov, I.A. and Bugge, M.K. and Bührer, F. and Bulekov, O. and Burch, T.J. and Burdin, S. and Burgard, C.D. and Burger, A.M. and Burghgrave, B. and Burr, J.T.P. and Burton, C.D. and Burzynski, J.C. and Büscher, V. and Buschmann, E. and Bussey, P.J. and Butler, J.M. and Buttar, C.M. and Butterworth, J.M. and Butti, P. and Buttinger, W. and BuxoVazquez, C.J. and Buzatu, A. and Buzykaev, A.R. and Cabras, G. and Cabrera Urbán, S. and Caforio, D. and Cai, H. and Cairo, V.M.M. and Cakir, O. and Calace, N. and Calafiura, P. and Calderini, G. and Calfayan, P. and Callea, G. and Caloba, L.P. and Caltabiano, A. and Calvente Lopez, S. and Calvet, D. and Calvet, S. and Calvet, T.P. and Calvetti, M. and Camacho Toro, R. and Camarda, S. and Camarero Munoz, D. and Camarri, P. and Camerlingo, M.T. and Cameron, D. and Camincher, C. and Campana, S. and Campanelli, M. and Camplani, A. and Campoverde, A. and Canale, V. and Canesse, A. and CanoBret, M. and Cantero, J. and Cao, T. and Cao, Y. and Capeans Garrido, M.D.M. and Capua, M. and Cardarelli, R. and Cardillo, F. and Carducci, G. and Carli, I. and Carli, T. and Carlino, G. and Carlson, B.T. and Carlson, E.M. and Carminati, L. and Carney, R.M.D. and Caron, S. and Carquin, E. and Carrá, S. and Carter, J.W.S. and Casado, M.P. and Casha, A.F. and Castillo, F.L. and Castillo Garcia, L. and Castillo Gimenez, V. and Castro, N.F. and Catinaccio, A. and Catmore, J.R. and Cattai, A. and Cavaliere, V. and Cavallaro, E. and Cavasinni, V. and Celebi, E. and Cerda Alberich, L. and Cerny, K. and Cerqueira, A.S. and Cerri, A. and Cerrito, L. and Cerutti, F. and Cervelli, A. and Cetin, S.A. and Chadi, Z. and Chakraborty, D. and Chan, J. and Chan, W.S. and Chan, W.Y. and Chapman, J.D. and Chargeishvili, B. and Charlton, D.G. and Charman, T.P. and Chau, C.C. and Che, S. and Chekanov, S. and Chekulaev, S.V. and Chelkov, G.A. and Chen, B. and Chen, C. and Chen, C.H. and Chen, H. and Chen, J. and Chen, J. and Chen, J. and Chen, S. and Chen, S.J. and Chen, X. and Chen, Y. and Chen, Y.-H. and Cheng, H.C. and Cheng, H.J. and Cheplakov, A. and Cheremushkina, E. and Cherkaoui El Moursli, R. and Cheu, E. and Cheung, K. and Chevalérias, T.J.A. and Chevalier, L. and Chiarella, V. and Chiarelli, G. and Chiodini, G. and Chisholm, A.S. and Chitan, A. and Chiu, I. and Chiu, Y.H. and Chizhov, M.V. and Choi, K. and Chomont, A.R. and Chouridou, S. and Chow, Y.S. and Chu, M.C. and Chu, X. and Chudoba, J. and Chwastowski, J.J. and Chytka, L. and Cieri, D. and Ciesla, K.M. and Cinca, D. and Cindro, V. and CioarÄ�, I.A. and Ciocio, A. and Cirotto, F. and Citron, Z.H. and Citterio, M. and Ciubotaru, D.A. and Ciungu, B.M. and Clark, A. and Clark, M.R. and Clark, P.J. and Clawson, S.E. and Clement, C. and Coadou, Y. and Cobal, M. and Coccaro, A. and Cochran, J. and Coelho Lopes DeSa, R. and Cohen, H. and Coimbra, A.E.C. and Cole, B. and Colijn, A.P. and Collot, J. and CondeMuiño, P. and Connell, S.H. and Connelly, I.A. and Constantinescu, S. and Conventi, F. and Cooper-Sarkar, A.M. and Cormier, F. and Cormier, K.J.R. and Corpe, L.D. and Corradi, M. and Corrigan, E.E. and Corriveau, F. and Cortes-Gonzalez, A. and Costa, M.J. and Costanza, F. and Costanzo, D. and Cowan, G. and Cowley, J.W. and Crane, J. and Cranmer, K. and Crawley, S.J. and Creager, R.A. and Crépé-Renaudin, S. and Crescioli, F. and Cristinziani, M. and Croft, V. and Crosetti, G. and Cueto, A. and Cuhadar Donszelmann, T. and Cukierman, A.R. and Cunningham, W.R. and Czekierda, S. and Czodrowski, P. and Czurylo, M.M. and Da Cunha Sargedas De Sousa, M.J. and Da Fonseca Pinto, J.V. and Da Via, C. and Dabrowski, W. and Dachs, F. and Dado, T. and Dahbi, S. and Dai, T. and Dallapiccola, C. and Dam, M. and Dâ��amen, G. and Dâ��Amico, V. and Damp, J. and Dandoy, J.R. and Daneri, M.F. and Dann, N.S. and Danninger, M. and Dao, V. and Darbo, G. and Dartsi, O. and Dattagupta, A. and Daubney, T. and Dâ��Auria, S. and David, C. and Davidek, T. and Davis, D.R. and Dawson, I. and De, K. and De Asmundis, R. and De Beurs, M. and De Castro, S. and De Cecco, S. and De Groot, N. and de Jong, P. and Dela Torre, H. and De Maria, A. and De Pedis, D. and De Salvo, A. and De Sanctis, U. and De Santis, M. and De Santo, A. and De Vasconcelos Corga, K. and De Vivie De Regie, J.B. and Debenedetti, C. and Dedovich, D.V. and Deiana, A.M. and Del Peso, J. and Delabat Diaz, Y. and Delgove, D. and Deliot, F. and Delitzsch, C.M. and Della Pietra, M. and Della Volpe, D. and Dellâ��Acqua, A. and Dellâ��Asta, L. and Delmastro, M. and Delporte, C. and Delsart, P.A. and De Marco, D.A. and Demers, S. and Demichev, M. and Demontigny, G. and Denisov, S.P. and Dâ��Eramo, L. and Derendarz, D. and Derkaoui, J.E. and Derue, F. and Dervan, P. and Desch, K. and Deterre, C. and Dette, K. and Deutsch, C. and Devesa, M.R. and Deviveiros, P.O. and Di Bello, F.A. and Di Ciaccio, A. and Di Ciaccio, L. and Di Clemente, W.K. and Di Donato, C. and Di Girolamo, A. and Di Gregorio, G. and Di Micco, B. and Di Nardo, R. and Di Petrillo, K.F. and Di Sipio, R. and Diaconu, C. and Dias, F.A. and Dias Do Vale, T. and Diaz, M.A. and Dickinson, J. and Diehl, E.B. and Dietrich, J. and Díez Cornell, S. and Dimitrievska, A. and Ding, W. and Dingfelder, J. and Dittus, F. and Djama, F. and Djobava, T. and Djuvsland, J.I. and Do Vale, M.A.B. and Dobre, M. and Dodsworth, D. and Doglioni, C. and Dolejsi, J. and Dolezal, Z. and Donadelli, M. and Dong, B. and Donini, J. and Dâ��onofrio, A. and Dâ��Onofrio, M. and Dopke, J. and Doria, A. and Dova, M.T. and Doyle, A.T. and Drechsler, E. and Dreyer, E. and Dreyer, T. and Drobac, A.S. and Du, D. and Duan, Y. and Dubinin, F. and Dubovsky, M. and Dubreuil, A. and Duchovni, E. and Duckeck, G. and Ducu, O.A. and Duda, D. and Dudarev, A. and Dudder, A.C. and Duffield, E.M. and Duflot, L. and Dührssen, M. and Dülsen, C. and Dumancic, M. and Dumitriu, A.E. and Duncan, A.K. and Dunford, M. and Duperrin, A. and Duran Yildiz, H. and Düren, M. and Durglishvili, A. and Duschinger, D. and Dutta, B. and Duvnjak, D. and Dyckes, G.I. and Dyndal, M. and Dysch, S. and Dziedzic, B.S. and Ecker, K.M. and Eggleston, M.G. and Eifert, T. and Eigen, G. and Einsweiler, K. and Ekelof, T. and ElJarrari, H. and ElKosseifi, R. and Ellajosyula, V. and Ellert, M. and Ellinghaus, F. and Elliot, A.A. and Ellis, N. and Elmsheuser, J. and Elsing, M. and Emeliyanov, D. and Emerman, A. and Enari, Y. and Epland, M.B. and Erdmann, J. and Ereditato, A. and Erland, P.A. and Errenst, M. and Escalier, M. and Escobar, C. and Estrada Pastor, O. and Etzion, E. and Evans, H. and Evans, M.O. and Ezhilov, A. and Fabbri, F. and Fabbri, L. and Fabiani, V. and Facini, G. and Faisca Rodrigues Pereira, R.M. and Fakhrutdinov, R.M. and Falciano, S. and Falke, P.J. and Falke, S. and Faltova, J. and Fang, Y. and Fang, Y. and Fanourakis, G. and Fanti, M. and Faraj, M. and Farbin, A. and Farilla, A. and Farina, E.M. and Farooque, T. and Farrington, S.M. and Farthouat, P. and Fassi, F. and Fassnacht, P. and Fassouliotis, D. and Faucci Giannelli, M. and Fawcett, W.J. and Fayard, L. and Fedin, O.L. and Fedorko, W. and Fehr, A. and Feickert, M. and Feligioni, L. and Fell, A. and Feng, C. and Feng, M. and Fenton, M.J. and Fenyuk, A.B. and Ferguson, S.W. and Ferrando, J. and Ferrante, A. and Ferrari, A. and Ferrari, P. and Ferrari, R. and Ferreira de Lima, D.E. and Ferrer, A. and Ferrere, D. and Ferretti, C. and Fiedler, F. and FilipÄ�iÄ�, A. and Filthaut, F. and Finelli, K.D. and Fiolhais, M.C.N. and Fiorini, L. and Fischer, F. and Fisher, W.C. and Fleck, I. and Fleischmann, P. and Flick, T. and Flierl, B.M. and Flores, L. and Flores Castillo, L.R. and Follega, F.M. and Fomin, N. and Foo, J.H. and Forcolin, G.T. and Formica, A. and Förster, F.A. and Forti, A.C. and Fortin, E. and Foti, M.G. and Fournier, D. and Fox, H. and Francavilla, P. and Francescato, S. and Franchini, M. and Franchino, S. and Francis, D. and Franco, L. and Franconi, L. and Franklin, M. and Fray, A.N. and Freeman, P.M. and Freund, B. and Freund, W.S. and Freundlich, E.M. and Frizzell, D.C. and Froidevaux, D. and Frost, J.A. and Fujimoto, M. and Fukunaga, C. and Fullana Torregrosa, E. and Fusayasu, T. and Fuster, J. and Gabrielli, A. and Gabrielli, A. and Gadatsch, S. and Gadow, P. and Gagliardi, G. and Gagnon, L.G. and Galhardo, B. and Gallardo, G.E. and Gallas, E.J. and Gallop, B.J. and Galster, G. and Gamboa Goni, R. and Gan, K.K. and Ganguly, S. and Gao, J. and Gao, Y. and Gao, Y.S. and García, C. and GarcíaNavarro, J.E. and GarcíaPascual, J.A. and Garcia-Argos, C. and Garcia-Sciveres, M. and Gardner, R.W. and Garelli, N. and Gargiulo, S. and Garner, C.A. and Garonne, V. and Gasiorowski, S.J. and Gaspar, P. and Gaudiello, A. and Gaudio, G. and Gavrilenko, I.L. and Gavrilyuk, A. and Gay, C. and Gaycken, G. and Gazis, E.N. and Geanta, A.A. and Gee, C.M. and Gee, C.N.P. and Geisen, J. and Geisen, M. and Gemme, C. and Genest, M.H. and Geng, C. and Gentile, S. and George, S. and Geralis, T. and Gerlach, L.O. and Gessinger-Befurt, P. and Gessner, G. and Ghasemi, S. and Ghasemi Bostanabad, M. and Ghneimat, M. and Ghosh, A. and Ghosh, A. and Giacobbe, B. and Giagu, S. and Giangiacomi, N. and Giannetti, P. and Giannini, A. and Giannini, G. and Gibson, S.M. and Gignac, M. and Gillberg, D. and Gilles, G. and Gingrich, D.M. and Giordani, M.P. and Giraud, P.F. and Giugliarelli, G. and Giugni, D. and Giuli, F. and Gkaitatzis, S. and Gkialas, I. and Gkougkousis, E.L. and Gkountoumis, P. and Gladilin, L.K. and Glasman, C. and Glatzer, J. and Glaysher, P.C.F. and Glazov, A. and Gledhill, G.R. and Gnesi, I. and Goblirsch-Kolb, M. and Godin, D. and Goldfarb, S. and Golling, T. and Golubkov, D. and Gomes, A. and Goncalves Gama, R. and Gonçalo, R. and Gonella, G. and Gonella, L. and Gongadze, A. and Gonnella, F. and Gonski, J.L. and González de la Hoz, S. and Gonzalez Fernandez, S. and Gonzalez Renteria, C. and Gonzalez Suarez, R. and Gonzalez-Sevilla, S. and Gonzalvo Rodriguez, G.R. and Goossens, L. and Gorasia, N.A. and Gorbounov, P.A. and Gordon, H.A. and Gorini, B. and Gorini, E. and GoriÅ¡ek, A. and Goshaw, A.T. and Gostkin, M.I. and Gottardo, C.A. and Gouighri, M. and Goussiou, A.G. and Govender, N. and Goy, C. and Gozani, E. and Grabowska-Bold, I. and Graham, E.C. and Gramling, J. and Gramstad, E. and Grancagnolo, S. and Grandi, M. and Gratchev, V. and Gravila, P.M. and Gravili, F.G. and Gray, C. and Gray, H.M. and Grefe, C. and Gregersen, K. and Gregor, I.M. and Grenier, P. and Grevtsov, K. and Grieco, C. and Grieser, N.A. and Grillo, A.A. and Grimm, K. and Grinstein, S. and Grivaz, J.-F. and Groh, S. and Gross, E. and Grosse-Knetter, J. and Grout, Z.J. and Grud, C. and Grummer, A. and Grundy, J.C. and Guan, L. and Guan, W. and Gubbels, C. and Guenther, J. and Guerguichon, A. and Guerrero Rojas, J.G.R. and Guescini, F. and Guest, D. and Gugel, R. and Guillemin, T. and Guindon, S. and Gul, U. and Guo, J. and Guo, W. and Guo, Y. and Guo, Z. and Gupta, R. and Gurbuz, S. and Gustavino, G. and Guth, M. and Gutierrez, P. and Gutschow, C. and Guyot, C. and Gwenlan, C. and Gwilliam, C.B. and Haas, A. and Haber, C. and Hadavand, H.K. and Hadef, A. and Haleem, M. and Haley, J. and Hall, J.J. and Halladjian, G. and Hallewell, G.D. and Hamacher, K. and Hamal, P. and Hamano, K. and Hamdaoui, H. and Hamer, M. and Hamity, G.N. and Han, K. and Han, L. and Han, S. and Han, Y.F. and Hanagaki, K. and Hance, M. and Handl, D.M. and Haney, B. and Hank, M.D. and Hankache, R. and Hansen, E. and Hansen, J.B. and Hansen, J.D. and Hansen, M.C. and Hansen, P.H. and Hanson, E.C. and Hara, K. and Harenberg, T. and Harkusha, S. and Harrison, P.F. and Hartman, N.M. and Hartmann, N.M. and Hasegawa, Y. and Hasib, A. and Hassani, S. and Haug, S. and Hauser, R. and Havener, L.B. and Havranek, M. and Hawkes, C.M. and Hawkings, R.J. and Hayashida, S. and Hayden, D. and Hayes, C. and Hayes, R.L. and Hays, C.P. and Hays, J.M. and Hayward, H.S. and Haywood, S.J. and He, F. and 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and Kimura, N. and Kind, O.M. and King, B.T. and Kirchmeier, D. and Kirk, J. and Kiryunin, A.E. and Kishimoto, T. and Kisliuk, D.P. and Kitali, V. and Kitsaki, C. and Kivernyk, O. and Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, T. and Klassen, M. and Klein, C. and Klein, M.H. and Klein, M. and Klein, U. and Kleinknecht, K. and Klimek, P. and Klimentov, A. and Klingl, T. and Klioutchnikova, T. and Klitzner, F.F. and Kluit, P. and Kluth, S. and Kneringer, E. and Knoops, E.B.F.G. and Knue, A. and Kobayashi, D. and Kobayashi, T. and Kobel, M. and Kocian, M. and Kodama, T. and Kodys, P. and Koeck, D.M. and Koenig, P.T. and Koffas, T. and Köhler, N.M. and Kolb, M. and Koletsou, I. and Komarek, T. and Kondo, T. and Köneke, K. and Kong, A.X.Y. and König, A.C. and Kono, T. and Konstantinides, V. and Konstantinidis, N. and Konya, B. and Kopeliansky, R. and Koperny, S. and Korcyl, K. and Kordas, K. and Koren, G. and Korn, A. and Korolkov, I. and Korolkova, E.V. and Korotkova, N. and Kortner, O. and Kortner, S. and Kostyukhin, V.V. and Kotsokechagia, A. and Kotwal, A. and Koulouris, A. and Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi, A. and Kourkoumelis, C. and Kourlitis, E. and Kouskoura, V. and Kowalewska, A.B. and Kowalewski, R. and Kozanecki, W. and Kozhin, A.S. and Kramarenko, V.A. and Kramberger, G. and Krasnopevtsev, D. and Krasny, M.W. and Krasznahorkay, A. and Krauss, D. and Kremer, J.A. and Kretzschmar, J. and Krieger, P. and Krieter, F. and Krishnan, A. and Krizka, K. and Kroeninger, K. and Kroha, H. and Kroll, J. and Kroll, J. and Krowpman, K.S. and Kruchonak, U. and Krüger, H. and Krumnack, N. and Kruse, M.C. and Krzysiak, J.A. and Kubota, T. and Kuchinskaia, O. and Kuday, S. and Kuechler, J.T. and Kuehn, S. and Kugel, A. and Kuhl, T. and Kukhtin, V. and Kulchitsky, Y. and Kuleshov, S. and Kulinich, Y.P. and Kuna, M. and Kunigo, T. and Kupco, A. and Kupfer, T. and Kuprash, O. and Kurashige, H. and Kurchaninov, L.L. and Kurochkin, Y.A. and Kurova, A. and Kurth, M.G. and Kuwertz, E.S. and Kuze, M. and Kvam, A.K. and Kvita, J. and Kwan, T. and La Rotonda, L. and La Ruffa, F. and Lacasta, C. and Lacava, F. and Lack, D.P.J. and Lacker, H. and Lacour, D. and Ladygin, E. and Lafaye, R. and Laforge, B. and Lagouri, T. and Lai, S. and Lakomiec, I.K. and Lammers, S. and Lampl, W. and Lampoudis, C. and Lançon, E. and Landgraf, U. and Landon, M.P.J. and Lanfermann, M.C. and Lang, V.S. and Lange, J.C. and Langenberg, R.J. and Lankford, A.J. and Lanni, F. and Lantzsch, K. and Lanza, A. and Lapertosa, A. and Laplace, S. and Laporte, J.F. and Lari, T. and Lasagni Manghi, F. and Lassnig, M. and Lau, T.S. and Laudrain, A. and Laurier, A. and Lavorgna, M. and Lawlor, S.D. and Lazzaroni, M. and Le, B. and Le Guirriec, E. and Lebedev, A. and Le Blanc, M. and Le Compte, T. and Ledroit-Guillon, F. and Lee, A.C.A. and Lee, C.A. and Lee, G.R. and Lee, L. and Lee, S.C. and Lee, S. and Lefebvre, B. and Lefebvre, H.P. and Lefebvre, M. and Leggett, C. and Lehmann, K. and Lehmann, N. and Lehmann Miotto, G. and Leight, W.A. and Leisos, A. and Leite, M.A.L. and Leitgeb, C.E. and Leitner, R. and Lellouch, D. and Leney, K.J.C. and Lenz, T. and Leone, R. and Leone, S. and Leonidopoulos, C. and Leopold, A. and Leroy, C. and Les, R. and Lester, C.G. and Levchenko, M. and LevË�eque, J. and Levin, D. and Levinson, L.J. and Lewis, D.J. and Li, B. and Li, B. and Li, C.-Q. and Li, F. and Li, H. and Li, H. and Li, J. and Li, K. and Li, L. and Li, M. and Li, Q. and Li, Q.Y. and Li, S. and Li, X. and Li, Y. and Li, Z. and Li, Z. and Liang, Z. and Liberatore, M. and Liberti, B. and Liblong, A. and Lie, K. and Lim, S. and Lin, C.Y. and Lin, K. and Lin, T.H. and Linck, R.A. and Lindley, R.E. and Lindon, J.H. and Lionti, A.L. and Lipeles, E. and Lipniacka, A. and Liss, T.M. and Lister, A. and Little, J.D. and Liu, B. and Liu, B.L. and Liu, H.B. and Liu, H. and Liu, J.B. and Liu, J.K.K. and Liu, K. and Liu, M. and Liu, P. and Liu, Y. and Liu, Y. and Liu, Y.L. and Liu, Y.W. and Livan, M. and Lleres, A. and Llorente Merino, J. and Lloyd, S.L. and Lo, C.Y. and Lobodzinska, E.M. and Loch, P. and Loffredo, S. and Lohse, T. and Lohwasser, K. and Lokajicek, M. and Long, J.D. and Long, R.E. and Longo, L. and Looper, K.A. and Lopez Paz, I. and Lopez Solis, A. and Lorenz, J. and Lorenzo Martinez, N. and Lory, A.M. and Lösel, P.J. and Lösle, A. and Lou, X. and Lou, X. and Lounis, A. and Love, J. and Love, P.A. and Lozano Bahilo, J.J. and Lu, M. and Lu, Y.J. and Lubatti, H.J. and Luci, C. and Lucotte, A. and Luedtke, C. and Luehring, F. and Luise, I. and Luminari, L. and Lund-Jensen, B. and Lutz, M.S. and Lynn, D. and Lyons, H. and Lysak, R. and Lytken, E. and Lyu, F. and Lyubushkin, V. and Lyubushkina, T. and Ma, H. and Ma, L.L. and Ma, Y. and Maccarrone, G. and Macchiolo, A. and Macdonald, C.M. and Machado Miguens, J. and Madaffari, D. and Madar, R. and Mader, W.F. and Madugoda Ralalage Don, M. and Madysa, N. and Maeda, J. and Maeno, T. and Maerker, M. and Magerl, V. and Magini, N. and Magro, J. and Mahon, D.J. and Maidantchik, C. and Maier, T. and Maio, A. and Maj, K. and Majersky, O. and Majewski, S. and Makida, Y. and Makovec, N. and Malaescu, B. and Malecki, P. and Maleev, V.P. and Malek, F. and Mallik, U. and Malon, D. and Malone, C. and Maltezos, S. and Malyukov, S. and Mamuzic, J. and Mancini, G. and Mandíc, I. and Manhaesde Andrade Filho, L. and Maniatis, I.M. and Manjarres Ramos, J. and Mankinen, K.H. and Mann, A. and Manousos, A. and Mansoulie, B. and Manthos, I. and Manzoni, S. and Marantis, A. and Marceca, G. and Marchese, L. and Marchiori, G. and Marcisovsky, M. and Marcoccia, L. and Marcon, C. and Marin Tobon, C.A. and Marjanovic, M. and Marshall, Z. and Martensson, M.U.F. and Marti-Garcia, S. and Martin, C.B. and Martin, T.A. and Martin, V.J. and Martindit Latour, B. and Martinelli, L. and Martinez, M. and Martinez Agullo, P. and Martinez Outschoorn, V.I. and Martin-Haugh, S. and Martoiu, V.S. and Martyniuk, A.C. and Marzin, A. and Maschek, S.R. and Masetti, L. and Mashimo, T. and Mashinistov, R. and Masik, J. and Maslennikov, A.L. and Massa, L. and Massarotti, P. and Mastrandrea, P. and Mastroberardino, A. and Masubuchi, T. and Matakias, D. and Matic, A. and Matsuzawa, N. and Mättig, P. and Maurer, J. and MaÄ�ek, B. and Maximov, D.A. and Mazini, R. and Maznas, I. and Mazza, S.M. and Mc Gowan, J.P. and Mc Kee, S.P. and Mc Carthy, T.G. and Mc Cormack, W.P. and Mc Donald, E.F. and Mcfayden, J.A. and Mchedlidze, G. and Mc Kay, M.A. and Mc Lean, K.D. and Mc Mahon, S.J. and Mc Namara, P.C. and Mc Nicol, C.J. and Mc Pherson, R.A. and Mdhluli, J.E. and Meadows, Z.A. and Meehan, S. and Megy, T. and Mehlhase, S. and Mehta, A. and Meirose, B. and Melini, D. and Mellado Garcia, B.R. and Mellenthin, J.D. and Melo, M. and Meloni, F. and Melzer, A. and Menary, S.B. and Mendes Gouveia, E.D. and Meng, L. and Meng, X.T. and Menke, S. and Meoni, E. and Mergelmeyer, S. and Merkt, S.A.M. and Merlassino, C. and Mermod, P. and Merola, L. and Meroni, C. and Merz, G. and Meshkov, O. and Meshreki, J.K.R. and Messina, A. and Metcalfe, J. and Mete, A.S. and Meyer, C. and Meyer, J.-P. and MeyerZu Theenhausen, H. and Miano, F. and Michetti, M. and Middleton, R.P. and MijoviÄ�, L. and Mikenberg, G. and Mikestikova, M. and Mikuž, M. and Mildner, H. and Milesi, M. and Milic, A. and Milke, C.D. and Miller, D.W. and Milov, A. and Milstead, D.A. and Mina, R.A. and Minaenko, A.A. and Miñano Moya, M. and Minashvili, I.A. and Mincer, A.I. and Mindur, B. and Mineev, M. and Minegishi, Y. and Mir, L.M. and Mironova, M. and Mirto, A. and Mistry, K.P. and Mitani, T. and Mitrevski, J. and Mitsou, V.A. and Mittal, M. and Miu, O. and Miucci, A. and Miyagawa, P.S. and Mizukami, A. and Mjörnmark, J.U. and Mkrtchyan, T. and Mlynarikova, M. and Moa, T. and Mobius, S. and Mochizuki, K. and Mogg, P. and Mohapatra, S. and Moles-Valls, R. and Mondragon, M.C. and Mönig, K. and Monnier, E. and Montalbano, A. and Montejo Berlingen, J. and Montella, M. and Monticelli, F. and Monzani, S. and Morange, N. and Moreno, D. and Moreno Llácer, M. and Moreno Martinez, C. and Morettini, P. and Morgenstern, M. and Morgenstern, S. and Mori, D. and Morii, M. and Morinaga, M. and Morisbak, V. and Morley, A.K. and Mornacchi, G. and Morris, A.P. and Morvaj, L. and Moschovakos, P. and Moser, B. and Mosidze, M. and Moskalets, T. and Moss, H.J. and Moss, J. and Moyse, E.J.W. and Muanza, S. and Mueller, J. and Mueller, R.S.P. and Muenstermann, D. and Mullier, G.A. and Mungo, D.P. and Munoz Martinez, J.L. and Munoz Sanchez, F.J. and Murin, P. and Murray, W.J. and Murrone, A. and MÇ�skinja, M. and Mwewa, C. and Myagkov, A.G. and Myers, A.A. and Myers, J. and Myska, M. and Nachman, B.P. and Nackenhorst, O. and NagNag, A. and Nagai, K. and Nagano, K. and Nagasaka, Y. and Nagle, J.L. and Nagy, E. and Nairz, A.M. and Nakahama, Y. and Nakamura, K. and Nakamura, T. and Nanjo, H. and Napolitano, F. and Naranjo Garcia, R.F. and Narayan, R. and Naryshkin, I. and Naumann, T. and Navarro, G. and Nechaeva, P.Y. and Nechansky, F. and Neep, T.J. and Negri, A. and Negrini, M. and Nellist, C. and Nelson, M.E. and Nemecek, S. and Nessi, M. and Neubauer, M.S. and Neuhaus, F. and Neumann, M. and Newhouse, R. and Newman, P.R. and Ng, C.W. and Ng, Y.S. and Ng, Y.W.Y. and Ngair, B. and Nguyen, H.D.N. and Nguyen Manh, T. and Nibigira, E. and Nickerson, R.B. and Nicolaidou, R. and Nielsen, D.S. and Nielsen, J. and Nikiforou, N. and Nikolaenko, V. and Nikolic-Audit, I. and Nikolopoulos, K. and Nilsson, P. and Nindhito, H.R. and Ninomiya, Y. and Nisati, A. and Nishu, N. and Nisius, R. and Nitsche, I. and Nitta, T. and Nobe, T. and Noguchi, Y. and Nomidis, I. and Nomura, M.A. and Nordberg, M. and Novak, T. and Novgorodova, O. and Novotny, R. and Nozka, L. and Ntekas, K. and Nurse, E. and Oakham, F.G. and Oberlack, H. and Ocariz, J. and Ochi, A. and Ochoa, I. and Ochoa-Ricoux, J.P. and Oâ��Connor, K. and Oda, S. and Odaka, S. and Oerdek, S. and Ogrodnik, A. and Oh, A. and Oh, S.H. and Ohm, C.C. and Oide, H. and Ojeda, M.L. and Okawa, H. and Okazaki, Y. and Oâ��Keefe, M.W. and Okumura, Y. and Okuyama, T. and Olariu, A. and Oleiro Seabra, L.F. and Olivares Pino, S.A. and Oliveira Damazio, D. and Oliver, J.L. and Olsson, M.J.R. and Olszewski, A. and Olszowska, J. and Oâ��Neil, D.C. and Oâ��neill, A.P. and Onofre, A. and Onyisi, P.U.E. and Oppen, H. and Oreamuno Madriz, R.G. and Oreglia, M.J. and Orellana, G.E. and Orestano, D. and Orlando, N. and Orr, R.S. and Oâ��Shea, V. and Ospanov, R. and Oteroy Garzon, G. and Otono, H. and Ott, P.S. and Ottino, G.J. and Ouchrif, M. and Ouellette, J. and Ould-Saada, F. and Ouraou, A. and Ouyang, Q. and Owen, M. and Owen, R.E. and Ozcan, V.E. and Ozturk, N. and Pacalt, J. and Pacey, H.A. and Pachal, K. and Pacheco Pages, A. and Padilla Aranda, C. and Pagan Griso, S. and Paganini, M. and Palacino, G. and Palazzo, S. and Palestini, S. and Palka, M. and Pallin, D. and Palni, P. and Panagoulias, I. and Pandini, C.E. and Panduro Vazquez, J.G. and Pani, P. and Panizzo, G. and Paolozzi, L. and Papadatos, C. and Papageorgiou, K. and Parajuli, S. and Paramonov, A. and Paraskevopoulos, C. and Paredes Hernandez, D. and Paredes Saenz, S.R. and Parida, B. and Park, T.H. and Parker, A.J. and Parker, M.A. and Parodi, F. and Parrish, E.W. and Parsons, J.A. and Parzefall, U. and Pascual Dominguez, L. and Pascuzzi, V.R. and Pasner, J.M.P. and Pasquali, F. and Pasqualucci, E. and Passaggio, S. and Pastore, F. and Pasuwan, P. and Pataraia, S. and Pater, J.R. and Pathak, A. and Patton, J. and Pauly, T. and Pearkes, J. and Pearson, B. and Pedersen, M. and PedrazaDiaz, L. and Pedro, R. and Peiffer, T. and Peleganchuk, S.V. and Penc, O. and Peng, H. and Peralva, B.S. and Perego, M.M. and Pereira Peixoto, A.P. and Pereira Sanchez, L. and Perepelitsa, D.V. and Peri, F. and Perini, L. and Pernegger, H. and Perrella, S. and Perrevoort, A. and Peters, K. and Peters, R.F.Y. and Petersen, B.A. and Petersen, T.C. and Petit, E. and Petridis, A. 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Ruiz-Martinez, A. and Rummler, A. and Rurikova, Z. and Rusakovich, N.A. and Russell, H.L. and Rustige, L. and Rutherfoord, J.P. and Rüttinger, E.M. and Rybar, M. and Rybkin, G. and Rye, E.B. and Ryzhov, A. and Sabater Iglesias, J.A. and Sabatini, P. and Sacerdoti, S. and Sadrozinski, H.F.-W. and Sadykov, R. and Safai Tehrani, F. and Safarzadeh Samani, B. and Safdari, M. and Saha, P. and Saha, S. and Sahinsoy, M. and Sahu, A. and Saimpert, M. and Saito, M. and Saito, T. and Sakamoto, H. and Salamani, D. and Salamanna, G. and Salazar Loyola, J.E. and Salnikov, A. and Salt, J. and Salvador Salas, A. and Salvatore, D. and Salvatore, F. and Salvucci, A. and Salzburger, A. and Samarati, J. and Sammel, D. and Sampsonidis, D. and Sampsonidou, D. and Sánchez, J. and Sanchez Pineda, A. and Sandaker, H. and Sander, C.O. and Sanderswood, I.G. and Sandhoff, M. and Sandoval, C. and Sankey, D.P.C. and Sannino, M. and Sano, Y. and Sansoni, A. and Santoni, C. and Santos, H. and Santpur, S.N. and 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Vandelli, W. and Vandenbroucke, M. and Vandewall, E.R. and Vaniachine, A. and Vannicola, D. and Vari, R. and Varnes, E.W. and Varni, C. and Varol, T. and Varouchas, D. and Varvell, K.E. and Vasile, M.E. and Vasquez, G.A. and Vazeille, F. and Vazquez Furelos, D. and Vazquez Schroeder, T. and Veatch, J. and Vecchio, V. and Veen, M.J. and Veloce, L.M. and Veloso, F. and Veneziano, S. and Ventura, A. and Venturi, N. and Verbytskyi, A. and Vercesi, V. and Verducci, M. and VergelInfante, C.M. and Vergis, C. and Verkerke, W. and Vermeulen, A.T. and Vermeulen, J.C. and Vernieri, C. and Vetterli, M.C. and Viaux Maira, N. and Vickey, T. and Vickey Boeriu, O.E. and Viehhauser, G.H.A. and Vigani, L. and Villa, M. and Villaplana Perez, M. and Villhauer, E.M. and Vilucchi, E. and Vincter, M.G. and Virdee, G.S. and Vishwakarma, A. and Vittori, C. and Vivarelli, I. and Vogel, M. and Vokac, P. and von Buddenbrock, S.E. and Von Toerne, E. and Vorobel, V. and Vorobev, K. and Vos, M. and Vossebeld, J.H. and Vozak, M. and Vranjes, N. and Vranjes Milosavljevic, M. and Vrba, V. and Vreeswijk, M. and Vuillermet, R. and Vukotic, I. and Wada, S. and Wagner, P. and Wagner, W. and Wagner-Kuhr, J. and Wahdan, S. and Wahlberg, H. and Wakasa, R. and Walbrecht, V.M. and Walder, J. and Walker, R. and Walker, S.D. and Walkowiak, W. and Wallangen, V. and Wang, A.M. and Wang, A.Z. and Wang, C. and Wang, F. and Wang, H. and Wang, H. and Wang, J. and Wang, J. and Wang, P. and Wang, Q. and Wang, R.-J. and Wang, R. and Wang, R. and Wang, S.M. and Wang, W.T. and Wang, W. and Wang, W.X. and Wang, Y. and Wang, Z. and Wanotayaroj, C. and Warburton, A. and Ward, C.P. and Wardrope, D.R. and Warrack, N. and Washbrook, A. and Watson, A.T. and Watson, M.F. and Watts, G. and Waugh, B.M. and Webb, A.F. and Weber, C. and Weber, M.S. and Weber, S.A. and Weber, S.M. and Weidberg, A.R. and Weingarten, J. and Weirich, M. and Weiser, C. and Wells, P.S. and Wenaus, T. and Wengler, T. and Wenig, S. and Wermes, N. and Werner, M.D. and Wessels, M. and Weston, T.D. and Whalen, K. and Whallon, N.L. and Wharton, A.M. and White, A.S. and White, A. and White, M.J. and Whiteson, D. and Whitmore, B.W. and Wiedenmann, W. and Wiel, C. and Wielers, M. and Wieseotte, N. and Wiglesworth, C. and Wiik-Fuchs, L.A.M. and Wilkens, H.G. and Wilkins, L.J. and Williams, H.H. and Williams, S. and Willis, C. and Willocq, S. and Windischhofer, P.J. and Wingerter-Seez, I. and Winkels, E. and Winklmeier, F. and Winter, B.T. and Wittgen, M. and Wobisch, M. and Wolf, A. and Wolf, T.M.H. and Wolff, R. and Wölker, R. and Wollrath, J. and Wolter, M.W. and Wolters, H. and Wong, V.W.S. and Woods, N.L. and Worm, S.D. and Wosiek, B.K. and Wózniak, K.W. and Wraight, K. and Wu, S.L. and Wu, X. and Wu, Y. and Wyatt, T.R. and Wynne, B.M. and Xella, S. and Xi, Z. and Xia, L. and Xiao, X. and Xie, X. and Xiotidis, I. and Xu, D. and Xu, H. and Xu, H. and Xu, L. and Xu, T. and Xu, W. and Xu, Z. and Xu, Z. and Yabsley, B. and Yacoob, S. and 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