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Book Chapter

Ramaswamy, S (1997) Excess dissipation in dense emulsions. [Book Chapter]

Ramaswamy, S (1997) Self-diffusion of colloids at freezing. [Book Chapter]

Ramaswamy, S (1997) Shear-enhanced diffusion in charge-stabilised colloids. [Book Chapter]

Journal Article

Gupta, RK and Kant, R and Soni, H and Sood, AK and Ramaswamy, S (2022) Active nonreciprocal attraction between motile particles in an elastic medium. In: Physical Review E, 105 (5).

Bowick, MJ and Fakhri, N and Marchetti, MC and Ramaswamy, S (2022) Symmetry, Thermodynamics, and Topology in Active Matter. In: Physical Review X, 12 (1).

Chattopadhyay, J and Pannir-Sivajothi, S and Varma, K and Ramaswamy, S and Dasgupta, C and Maiti, PK (2021) Heating leads to liquid-crystal and crystalline order in a two-temperature active fluid of rods. In: Physical Review E, 104 (5).

Mondal, D and Prabhune, AG and Ramaswamy, S and Sharma, P (2021) Strong confinement of active microalgae leads to inversion of vortex flow and enhanced mixing. In: eLife, 10 .

Chajwa, R and Menon, N and Ramaswamy, S and Govindarajan, R (2020) Waves, Algebraic Growth, and Clumping in Sedimenting Disk Arrays. In: Physical Review X, 10 (4).

Dadhichi, LP and Kethapelli, J and Chajwa, R and Ramaswamy, S and Maitra, A (2020) Nonmutual torques and the unimportance of motility for long-range order in two-dimensional flocks. In: Physical Review E, 101 (5).

Hemingway, EJ and Maitra, A and Banerjee, S and Marchetti, MC and Ramaswamy, S and Fielding, SM and Cates, ME (2015) Active Viscoelastic Matter: From Bacterial Drag Reduction to Turbulent Solids. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 114 (9).

Marchetti, MC and Joanny, JF and Ramaswamy, S and Liverpool, TB and Prost, J and Rao, Madan and Simha, Aditi R (2013) Hydrodynamics of soft active matter. In: Reviews of Modern Physics, 85 (3). pp. 1143-1189.

Narayan, V and Ramaswamy, S and Menon, N (2008) Response to Comment on “Long-Lived Giant Number Fluctuations in a Swarming Granular Nematic". In: Science, 320 (5876). 612d.

Muhuri, S and Rao, M and Ramaswamy, S (2007) Shear-flow–induced isotropic-to-nematic transition in a suspension of active filaments. In: Europhysics Letters, 78 (4). 48002-p1-48002-p5.

Ganapathy, R and Sood, AK and Ramaswamy, S (2007) Superdiffusion of concentration in wormlike-micelle solutions. In: Europhysics Letters(EPL), 77 (1). 18007-p1-18007-p5.

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Das, J and Rao, M and Ramaswamy, S (2002) Driven Heisenberg magnets: Nonequilibrium criticality, spatiotemporal chaos and control. In: EPL: Europhysics Letters, 60 (3). pp. 418-424.

Das, M and Ramaswamy, S and Ananthakrishna, G (2002) Melting-freezing cycles in a relatively sheared pair of crystalline monolayers. In: EPL: Europhysics Letters, 60 (4). pp. 636-642.

Ramaswamy, S and Barma, M and Das, D and Basu, A (2002) Phase diagram of a two-species lattice model with a linear instability. In: Phase Transitions: A Multinational Journal, 75 (4-5). pp. 363-375.

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Ramaswamy, S (2001) Issues in the statistical mechanics of steady sedimentation. In: Advances In Physics, 50 (3). pp. 297-341.

Basappa, G and Suneel, * and Kumaran, V and Nott, PR and Ramaswamy, S and Naik, VM and Rout, D (1999) Structure and rheology of the defect-gel states of pure and particle-dispersed lyotropic lamellar phases. In: European Physical Journal B, 12 (2). pp. 269-276.

Basu, A and Bhattacharjee, JK and Ramaswamy, S (1999) Mean magnetic field and noise cross-correlation in magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: results from a one-dimensional model. In: European Physical Journal B, 9 (4). pp. 725-730.

Sanyal, S and Sood, AK and Ramkumar, S and Ramaswamy, S and Kumar, N (1994) Novel Polarization Dependence in Diffusing-Wave Spectroscopy of Crystallizing Colloidal Suspensions. In: Physical Review Letters, 72 (18). pp. 2963-2966.

Ramaswamy, S and Murthy, MRN (1992) Crystal structure of cadaverine dihydrochloride monohydrate. In: Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophys, 29 (5). pp. 40-406.

Ramaswamy , S and Murthy, MRN (1992) Crystal structures of propanediamine complexed with L and DL- glutamic acid: effect of chirality on propanediamine. In: Acta Crystallographica Section B Structural Science, 48 (4). 488-492 .

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Thathachar, MAL and Ramaswamy, S (1973) Identification of a class of non-linear systems. In: International Journal of Control,, 18 (4). 741 - 752.

Editorials/Short Communications

Menon, GI and Pandit, R and Ramaswamy, S (1996) Sponge phase transitions from a lattice model. In: Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology - Section A: Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 288 . pp. 93-104.

Dhar, SK and Pandit, R and Ramaswamy, S (1995) Nonequilibrium phase transitions in a driven sandpile model. In: Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, 28 (22). L563-L569 .

Ramaswamy, S (1995) Mitra,S.K. - A Pioneer In Radio-Communications in India. In: Current Science (Bangalore), 68 (11). p. 1079.

Ramaswamy, S and Murthy, MRN (1991) The crystal and molecular structure of putrescine - di-glutamic acid complexes. In: Current Science (Bangalore), 61 (6). 410 -413.

Ramaswamy, S and Murty, MRN (1991) Crystal structure of hexanediamine-glutamic acid complex. In: Current Science (Bangalore), 60 (3). pp. 173-176.

Ramaswamy, S and Nethaji, M and Murthy, MRN (1989) Crystal-Structure Of Putrescine- Glutamic Acid Complex. In: Current Science (Bangalore), 58 (20). pp. 1160-1163.

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