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Aalbers, J and Abdussalam, SS and Abe, K and Aerne, V and Agostini, F and Ahmed Maouloud, S and Akerib, DS and Akimov, DY and Akshat, J and Al Musalhi, AK and Alder, F and Alsum, SK and Althueser, L and Amarasinghe, CS and Amaro, FD and Ames, A and Anderson, TJ and Andrieu, B and Angelides, N and Angelino, E and Angevaare, J and Antochi, VC and Antón Martin, D and Antunovic, B and Aprile, E and Araújo, HM and Armstrong, JE and Arneodo, F and Arthurs, M and Asadi, P and Baek, S and Bai, X and Bajpai, D and Baker, A and Balajthy, J and Balashov, S and Balzer, M and Bandyopadhyay, A and Bang, J and Barberio, E and Bargemann, JW and Baudis, L and Bauer, D and Baur, D and Baxter, A and Baxter, AL and Bazyk, M and Beattie, K and Behrens, J and Bell, NF and Bellagamba, L and Beltrame, P and Benabderrahmane, M and Bernard, EP and Bertone, GF and Bhattacharjee, P and Bhatti, A and Biekert, A and Biesiadzinski, TP and Binau, AR and Biondi, R and Biondi, Y and Birch, HJ and Bishara, F and Bismark, A and Blanco, C and Blockinger, GM and Bodnia, E and Boehm, C and Bolozdynya, AI and Bolton, PD and Bottaro, S and Bourgeois, C and Boxer, B and Brás, P and Breskin, A and Breur, PA and Brew, CAJ and Brod, J and Brookes, E and Brown, A and Brown, E and Bruenner, S and Bruno, G and Budnik, R and Bui, TK and Burdin, S and Buse, S and Busenitz, JK and Buttazzo, D and Buuck, M and Buzulutskov, A and Cabrita, R and Cai, C and Cai, D and Capelli, C and Cardoso, JMR and Carmona-Benitez, MC and Cascella, M and Catena, R and Chakraborty, S and Chan, C and Chang, S and Chauvin, A and Chawla, A and Chen, H and Chepel, V and Chott, NI and Cichon, D and Cimental Chavez, A and Cimmino, B and Clark, M and Co, RT and Colijn, AP and Conrad, J and Converse, MV and Costa, M and Cottle, A and Cox, G and Creaner, O and Cuenca Garcia, JJ and Cussonneau, JP and Cutter, JE and Dahl, CE and D'Andrea, V and David, A and Decowski, MP and Dent, JB and Deppisch, FF and De Viveiros, L and Di Gangi, P and Di Giovanni, A and Di Pede, S and Dierle, J and Diglio, S and Dobson, JEY and Doerenkamp, M and Douillet, D and Drexlin, G and Druszkiewicz, E and Dunsky, D and Eitel, K and Elykov, A and Emken, T and Engel, R and Eriksen, SR and Fairbairn, M and Fan, A and Fan, JJ and Farrell, SJ and Fayer, S and Fearon, NM and Ferella, A and Ferrari, C and Fieguth, A and Fieguth, A and Fiorucci, S and Fischer, H and Flaecher, H and Flierman, M and Florek, T and Foot, R and Fox, PJ and Franceschini, R and Fraser, ED and Frenk, CS and Frohlich, S and Fruth, T and Fulgione, W and Fuselli, C and Gaemers, P and Gaior, R and Gaitskell, RJ and Galloway, M and Gao, F and Garcia Garcia, I and Genovesi, J and Ghag, C and Ghosh, S and Gibson, E and Gil, W and Giovagnoli, D and Girard, F and Glade-Beucke, R and Glück, F and Gokhale, S and De Gouvêa, A and Gráf, L and Grandi, L and Grigat, J and Grinstein, B and Van Der Grinten, MGD and Grössle, R and Guan, H and Guida, M and Gumbsheimer, R and Gwilliam, CB and Hall, CR and Hall, LJ and Hammann, R and Han, K and Hannen, V and Hansmann-Menzemer, S and Harata, R and Hardin, SP and Hardy, E and Hardy, CA and Harigaya, K and Harnik, R and Haselschwardt, SJ and Hernandez, M and Hertel, SA and Higuera, A and Hils, C and Hochrein, S and Hoetzsch, L and Hoferichter, M and Hood, N and Hooper, D and Horn, M and Howlett, J and Huang, DQ and Huang, Y and Hunt, D and Iacovacci, M and Iaquaniello, G and Ide, R and Ignarra, CM and Iloglu, G and Itow, Y and Jacquet, E and Jahangir, O and Jakob, J and James, RS and Jansen, A and Ji, W and Ji, X and Joerg, F and Johnson, J and Joy, A and Kaboth, AC and Kalhor, L and Kamaha, AC and Kanezaki, K and Kar, K and Kara, M and Kato, N and Kavrigin, P and Kazama, S and Keaveney, AW and Kellerer, J and Khaitan, D and Khazov, A and Khundzakishvili, G and Khurana, I and Kilminster, B and Kleifges, M and Ko, P and Kobayashi, M and Kodroff, D and Koltmann, G and Kopec, A and Kopmann, A and Kopp, J and Korley, L and Kornoukhov, VN and Korolkova, EV and Kraus, H and Krauss, LM and Kravitz, S and Kreczko, L and Kudryavtsev, VA and Kuger, F and Kumar, J and López Paredes, B and Lacascio, L and Laha, R and Laine, Q and Landsman, H and Lang, RF and Leason, EA and Lee, J and Leonard, DS and Lesko, KT and Levinson, L and Levy, C and Li, I and Li, SC and Li, T and Liang, S and Liebenthal, CS and Lin, J and Lin, Q and Lindemann, S and Lindner, M and Lindote, A and Linehan, R and Lippincott, WH and Liu, X and Liu, K and Liu, J and Loizeau, J and Lombardi, F and Long, J and Lopes, MI and Lopez Asamar, E and Lorenzon, W and Lu, C and Luitz, S and Ma, Y and Machado, PAN and Macolino, C and Maeda, T and Mahlstedt, J and Majewski, PA and Manalaysay, A and Mancuso, A and Manenti, L and Manfredini, A and Mannino, RL and Marangou, N and March-Russell, J and Marignetti, F and Marrodán Undagoitia, T and Martens, K and Martin, R and Martinez-Soler, I and Masbou, J and Masson, D and Masson, E and Mastroianni, S and Mastronardi, M and Matias-Lopes, JA and McCarthy, ME and McFadden, N and McGinness, E and McKinsey, DN and McLaughlin, J and McMichael, K and Meinhardt, P and Menéndez, J and Meng, Y and Messina, M and Midha, R and Milisavljevic, D and Miller, EH and Milosevic, B and Milutinovic, S and Mitra, SA and Miuchi, K and Mizrachi, E and Mizukoshi, K and Molinario, A and Monte, A and Monteiro, CMB and Monzani, ME and Moore, JS and Morå, K and Morad, JA and Morales Mendoza, JD and Moriyama, S and Morrison, E and Morteau, E and Mosbacher, Y and Mount, BJ and Mueller, J and Murphy, ASJ and Murra, M and Naim, D and Nakamura, S and Nash, E and Navaieelavasani, N and Naylor, A and Nedlik, C and Nelson, HN and Neves, F and Newstead, JL and Ni, K and Nikoleyczik, JA and Niro, V and Oberlack, UG and Obradovic, M and Odgers, K and O'Hare, CAJ and Oikonomou, P and Olcina, I and Oliver-Mallory, K and Oranday, A and Orpwood, J and Ostrovskiy, I and Ozaki, K and Paetsch, B and Pal, S and Palacio, J and Palladino, KJ and Palmer, J and Panci, P and Pandurovic, M and Parlati, A and Parveen, N and Patton, SJ and P��, V and Pellegrini, Q and Penning, B and Pereira, G and Peres, R and Perez-Gonzalez, Y and Perry, E and Pershing, T and Petrossian-Byrne, R and Pienaar, J and Piepke, A and Pieramico, G and Pierre, M and Piotter, M and Pizzella, V and Plante, G and Pollmann, T and Porzio, D and Qi, J and Qie, Y and Qin, J and Quevedo, F and Raj, N and Rajado Silva, M and Ramanathan, K and Ramírez García, D and Ravanis, J and Redard-Jacot, L and Redigolo, D and Reichard, S and Reichenbacher, J and Rhyne, CA and Richards, A and Riffard, Q and Rischbieter, GRC and Rocchetti, A and Rosenfeld, SL and Rosero, R and Rupp, N and Rushton, T and Saha, S and Salucci, P and Sanchez, L and Sanchez-Lucas, P and Santone, D and Dos Santos, JMF and Sarnoff, I and Sartorelli, G and Sazzad, ABMR and Scheibelhut, M and Schnee, RW and Schrank, M and Schreiner, J and Schulte, P and Schulte, D and Schulze Eissing, H and Schumann, M and Schwemberger, T and Schwenk, A and Schwetz, T and Scotto Lavina, L and Scovell, PR and Sekiya, H and Selvi, M and Semenov, E and Semeria, F and Shagin, P and Shaw, S and Shi, S and Shockley, E and Shutt, TA and Si-Ahmed, R and Silk, JJ and Silva, C and Silva, MC and Simgen, H and Šimkovic, F and Sinev, G and Singh, R and Skulski, W and Smirnov, J and Smith, R and Solmaz, M and Solovov, VN and Sorensen, P and Soria, J and Sparmann, TJ and Stancu, I and Steidl, M and Stevens, A and Stifter, K and Strigari, LE and Subotic, D and Suerfu, B and Suliga, AM and Sumner, TJ and Szabo, P and Szydagis, M and Takeda, A and Takeuchi, Y and Tan, P-L and Taricco, C and Taylor, WC and Temples, DJ and Terliuk, A and Terman, PA and Thers, D and Thieme, K and Thümmler, T and Tiedt, DR and Timalsina, M and To, WH and Toennies, F and Tong, Z and Toschi, F and Tovey, DR and Tranter, J and Trask, M and Trinchero, GC and Tripathi, M and Tronstad, DR and Trotta, R and Tsai, YD and Tunnell, CD and Turner, WG and Ueno, R and Urquijo, P and Utku, U and Vaitkus, A and Valerius, K and Vassilev, E and Vecchi, S and Velan, V and Vetter, S and Vincent, AC and Vittorio, L and Volta, G and Von Krosigk, B and Von Piechowski, M and Vorkapic, D and Wagner, CEM and Wang, AM and Wang, B and Wang, Y and Wang, W and Wang, JJ and Wang, L-T and Wang, M and Wang, Y and Watson, JR and Wei, Y and Weinheimer, C and Weisman, E and Weiss, M and Wenz, D and West, SM and Whitis, TJ and Williams, M and Wilson, MJ and Winkler, D and Wittweg, C and Wolf, J and Wolf, T and Wolfs, FLH and Woodford, S and Woodward, D and Wright, CJ and Wu, VHS and Wu, P and Wüstling, S and Wurm, M and Xia, Q and Xiang, X and Xing, Y and Xu, J and Xu, Z and Xu, D and Yamashita, M and Yamazaki, R and Yan, H and Yang, L and Yang, Y and Ye, J and Yeh, M and Young, I and Yu, HB and Yu, TT and Yuan, L and Zavattini, G and Zerbo, S and Zhang, Y and Zhong, M and Zhou, N and Zhou, X and Zhu, T and Zhu, Y and Zhuang, Y and 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