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Agostini, P and Aksakal, H and Alekhin, S and Allport, PP and Andari, N and Andre, KDJ and Angal-Kalinin, D and Antusch, S and Bella, LA and Apolinario, L and Apsimon, R and Apyan, A and Arduini, G and Ari, V and Armbruster, A and Armesto, N and Auchmann, B and Aulenbacher, K and Azuelos, G and Backovic, S and Bailey, I and Bailey, S and Balli, F and Behera, S and Behnke, O and Ben-Zvi, I and Benedikt, M and Bernauer, J and Bertolucci, S and Biswal, SS and Blümlein, J and Bogacz, A and Bonvini, M and Boonekamp, M and Bordry, F and Boroun, GR and Bottura, L and Bousson, S and Bouzas, AO and Bracco, C and Bracinik, J and Britzger, D and Brodsky, SJ and Bruni, C and Brüning, O and Burkhardt, H and Cakir, O and Calaga, R and Caldwell, A and Calıskan, A and Camarda, S and Catalan-Lasheras, NC and Cassou, K and Cepila, J and Cetinkaya, V and Chetvertkova, V and Cole, B and Coleppa, B and Cooper-Sarkar, A and Cormier, E and Cornell, AS and Corsini, R and Cruz-Alaniz, E and Currie, J and Curtin, D and Dâ��Onofrio, M and Dainton, J and Daly, E and Das, A and Das, SP and Dassa, L and de Blas, J and Rose, LD and Denizli, H and Deshpande, KS and Douglas, D and Duarte, L and Dupraz, K and Dutta, S and Efremov, AV and Eichhorn, R and Eskola, KJ and Ferreiro, EG and Fischer, O and Flores-Sánchez, O and Forte, S and Gaddi, A and Gao, J and Gehrmann, T and Gehrmann-De Ridder, A and Gerigk, F and Gilbert, A and Giuli, F and Glazov, A and Glover, N and Godbole, RM and Goddard, B and Gonçalves, V and Gonzalez-Sprinberg, GA and Goyal, A and Grames, J and Granados, E and Grassellino, A and Gunaydin, YO and Guo, YC and Guzey, V and Gwenlan, C and Hammad, A and Han, CC and Harland-Lang, L and Haug, F and Hautmann, F and Hayden, D and Hessler, J and Helenius, I and Henry, J and Hernandez-Sanchez, J and Hesari, H and Hobbs, TJ and Hod, N and Hoffstaetter, GH and Holzer, B and Honorato, CG and Hounsell, B and Hu, N and Hug, F and Huss, A and Hutton, A and Islam, R and Iwamoto, S and Jana, S and Jansova, M and Jensen, E and Jones, T and Jowett, JM and Kaabi, W and Kado, M and Kalinin, DA and Karadeniz, H and Kawaguchi, S and Kaya, U and Khalek, RA and Khanpour, H and Kilic, A and Klein, M and Klein, U and Kluth, S and Köksal, M and Kocak, F and Korostelev, M and Kostka, P and Krelina, M and Kretzschmar, J and Kuday, S and Kulipanov, G and Kumar, M and Kuze, M and Lappi, T and Larios, F and Latina, A and Laycock, P and Lei, G and Levitchev, E and Levonian, S and Levy, A and Li, R and Li, X and Liang, H and Litvinenko, V and Liu, M and Liu, T and Liu, W and Liu, Y and Liuti, S and Lobodzinska, E and Longuevergne, D and Luo, X and Ma, W and Machado, M and Mandal, S and Mäntysaari, H and Marhauser, F and Marquet, C and Martens, A and Martin, R and Marzani, S and McFayden, J and McIntosh, P and Mellado, B and Meot, F and Milanese, A and Milhano, JG and Militsyn, B and Mitra, M and Moch, S and Najafabadi, MM and Mondal, S and Moretti, S and Morgan, T and Morreale, A and Nadolsky, P and Navarra, F and Nergiz, Z and Newman, P and Niehues, J and Nissen, EA and Nowakowski, M and Okada, N and Olivier, G and Olness, F and Olry, G and Osborne, JA and Ozansoy, A and Pan, R and Parker, B and Patra, M and Paukkunen, H and Peinaud, Y and Pellegrini, D and Perez-Segurana, G and Perini, D and Perrot, L and Pietralla, N and Pilicer, E and Pire, B and Pires, J and Placakyte, R and Poelker, M and Polifka, R and Polini, A and Poulose, P and Pownall, G and Pupkov, YA and Queiroz, FS and Rabbertz, K and Radescu, V and Rahaman, R and Rai, SK and Raicevic, N and Ratoff, P and Rashed, A and Raut, D and Raychaudhuri, S and Repond, J and Rezaeian, AH and Rimmer, R and Rinolfi, L and Rojo, J and Rosado, A and Ruan, X and Russenschuck, S and Sahin, M and Salgado, CA and Sampayo, OA and Satendra, K and Satyanarayan, N and Schenke, B and Schirm, K and Schopper, H and Schott, M and Schulte, D and Schwanenberger, C and Sekine, T and Senol, A and Seryi, A and Setiniyaz, S and Shang, L and Shen, X and Shipman, N and Sinha, N and Slominski, W and Smith, S and Solans, C and Song, M and Spiesberger, H and Stanyard, J and Starostenko, A and Stasto, A and Stocchi, A and Strikman, M and Stuart, MJ and Sultansoy, S and Sun, H and Sutton, M and Szymanowski, L and Tapan, I and Tapia-Takaki, D and Tanaka, M and Tang, Y and Tasci, AT and Ten-Kate, AT and Thonet, P and Tomas-Garcia, R and Tommasini, D and Trbojevic, D and Trott, M and Tsurin, I and Tudora, A and Cakir, IT and Tywoniuk, K and Vallerand, C and Valloni, A and Verney, D and Vilella, E and Walker, D and Wallon, S and Wang, B and Wang, K and Wang, K and Wang, X and Wang, ZS and Wei, H and Welsch, C and Willering, G and Williams, PH and Wollmann, D and Xiaohao, C and Xu, T and Yaguna, CE and Yamaguchi, Y and Yamazaki, Y and Yang, H and Yilmaz, A and Yock, P and Yue, CX and Zadeh, SG and Zenaiev, O and Zhang, C and Zhang, J and Zhang, R and Zhang, Z and Zhu, G and Zhu, S and Zimmermann, F and Zomer, F and Zurita, J and Zurita, P (2021) The Large Hadron–Electron Collider at the HL-LHC. In: Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 48 (11).

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