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Journal Article

Keasar, C and McGuffin, LJ and Wallner, B and Chopra, G and Adhikari, B and Bhattacharya, D and Blake, L and Bortot, LO and Cao, R and Dhanasekaran, BK and Dimas, I and Faccioli, RA and Faraggi, E and Ganzynkowicz, R and Ghosh, S and Ghosh, S and GieÅdoÅ, A and Golon, L and He, Y and Heo, L and Hou, J and Khan, M and Khatib, F and Khoury, GA and Kieslich, C and Kim, DE and Krupa, P and Lee, GR and Li, H and Li, J and Lipska, A and Liwo, A and Maghrabi, AHA and Mirdita, M and Mirzaei, S and Mozolewska, MA and Onel, M and Ovchinnikov, S and Shah, A and Shah, U and Sidi, T and Sieradzan, AK and Å�lusarz, M and Å�lusarz, R and Smadbeck, J and Tamamis, P and Trieber, N and Wirecki, T and Yin, Y and Zhang, Y and Bacardit, J and Baranowski, M and Chapman, N and Cooper, S and Defelicibus, A and Flatten, J and Koepnick, B and PopoviÄ�, Z and Zaborowski, B and Baker, D and Cheng, J and Czaplewski, C and Delbem, ACB and Floudas, C and Kloczkowski, A and OÅ�dziej, S and Levitt, M and Scheraga, H and Seok, C and Söding, J and Vishveshwara, S and Xu, D and Caglar, A and Coral, A and MacMillan, A and Lubow, A and Failer, B and Kestemont, B and Landers, CR and Painter, CR and Garnier, C and Sellin, C and Janz, D and Wheeler, DC and Simon, V and Flear, DM and Croze, E and McIlvaine, GV and Beecher, G and Lawrie, G and Ykman, G and Feldmann, H and Fuentes, HK and Terumasa, H and Kovanecz, I and Longino, III and Nijland, JH and Diderich, JA and Canfield, JM and Eriksson, J and Slone, JD and Appel, JG and Mitchell, J and Mitch, J and Loots-Boiy, J and Brownlee, JM and Wilson, K and Clayton, KT and Deford, KE and Abbey, KJ and Withers, L and Wei, L and Ives, L and Miller, LA and Carpenter, L and Sharma, MG and Ricci, M and Binfield, MS and Davids, MJ and Gaebel, M and Cassidy, MD and Fagiola, M and Pfützenreuter, M and Barlow, N and Triggiani, IV and Innes, RBM and Leduc, R and Dos Santos Gomes, RLC and Morneau, RLR and Zaccanelli, SJ and Kleinfelter, SC and Van Der Laan, TJA and Bausewein, T and George, TJ and Mikhail, V and Barmettler, W and Crivelli, SN (2018) An analysis and evaluation of the WeFold collaborative for protein structure prediction and its pipelines in CASP11 and CASP12. In: Scientific Reports, 8 (1).

Andrews, PW and Baker, D and Benvinisty, N and Miranda, B and Bruce, K and Bruestle, O and Choi, M and Choi, YM and Crook, JM and de Sousa, PA and Dvorak, P and Freund, C and Firpo, M and Furue, MK and Gokhale, P and Ha, H-Y and Han, E and Haupt, S and Healy, L and Hei, DJ and Hovatta, O and Hunt, C and Hwang, S-M and Inamdar, MS and Isasi, RM and Jaconi, M and Jekerle, V and Kamthorn, P and Kibbey, MC and Knezevic, I and Knowles, BB and Koo, S-K and Laabi, Y and Leopoldo, L and Liu, P and Lomax, GP and Loring, JF and Ludwig, TE and Montgomery, K and Mummery, C and Nagy, A and Nakamura, Y and Nakatsuji, N and Oh, S and Oh, S-K and Otonkoski, T and Pera, M and Peschanski, M and Pranke, P and Rajala, KM and Rao, M and Ruttachuk, R and Reubinoff, B and Ricco, L and Rooke, H and Sipp, D and Stacey, GN and Suemori, H and Takahashi, T A and Takada, K and Talib, S and Tannenbaum, S and Yuan, B-Z and Zeng, F and Zhou, Q (2015) Points to consider in the development of seed stocks of pluripotent stem cells for clinical applications: International Stem Cell Banking Initiative (ISCBI). In: REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, 10 (2, S). pp. 1-44.

Doerig, C and Baker, D and Billker, O and Blackman, MJ and Chitnis, C and Kumar, Dhar S and Heussler, V and Holder, AA and Kocken, C and Krishna, S and Langsley, G and Lasonder, E and Menard, R and Meissner, M and Pradel, G and Ranford-Cartwright, L and Sharma, A and Sharma, P and Tardieux, T and Tatu, Utpal and Alano, P (2009) Signalling in Malaria Parasites the Malsig Consortium. In: Parasite-Journal De La Societe Francaise De Parasitologie, 16 (3). pp. 169-182. (In Press)

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