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Nanda, Laxmi Narayan and Rangari, Vipin Ashok (2018) TfOH catalyzed synthesis of 1-substituted tetrahydrocarbazoles. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 59 (33). pp. 3194-3197.

Pal, Sunit and Prabhakaran, Erode N (2018) Hydrogen bond surrogate stabilized water soluble 3(10)-helix from a disordered pentapeptide containing coded alpha-amino acids. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 59 (26). pp. 2515-2519.

Varun, Begur Vasanthkumar and Dhineshkumar, Jayaraman and Bettadapur, Kiran R and Siddaraju, Yogesh and Alagiri, Kaliyamoorthy and Prabhu, Kandikere Ramaiah (2017) Recent advancements in dehydrogenative cross coupling reactions for C-C bond formation. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 58 (9). pp. 803-824.

Naik, Ravikumar TR and Shivashankar, SA (2016) Heterogeneous bimetallic ZnFe2O4 nanopowder catalyzed synthesis of Hantzsch 1,4-dihydropyridines in water. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 57 (36). pp. 4046-4049.

Muthusamy, Subramaniam and Kumarswamyreddy, Nandarapu and Kesavan, Venkitasamy and Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan (2016) Recent advances in aerobic oxidation with ruthenium catalysts. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 57 (50). pp. 5551-5559.

Das, Dipendu and Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti (2016) An overview of the recent synthetic studies toward penifulvins and other fenestranes. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 57 (33). pp. 3665-3677.

Harisha, Attimogae Shivamurthy and Nayak, Suresh Parameshwar and Nagarajan, Kuppuswamy and Row, Tayur Narasingarow Guru and Hosamani, Amar A (2015) Novel triethylamine mediated thermal reactions of 3-aryl-2-cyanoprop-2-enoic acid derivatives-demethylation, reduction and vinylogation. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 56 (11). pp. 1427-1431.

Tumminakatti, Shama and Khatri, Bhavesh and Krishnamurti, Vinayak and Athavale, Vishikh and Prabhakaran, Erode N (2015) Solution structural features of N-acyl homoserine lactones. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 56 (42). pp. 5771-5775.

Thirupathi, Ravula and Prabhakaran, Erode N (2014) Estimation of the 2.0(5) helix type i -> i hydrogen bond energy at Aib*-Oxa motif: an isodesmic approach. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 55 (23). pp. 3418-3421.

Pandiakumar, Arun Kumar and Sarma, Siddhartha P and Samuelson, Ashoka G (2014) Mechanistic studies on the diazo transfer reaction. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 55 (18). pp. 2917-2920.

Tumminakatti, Shama and Reddy, Damodara N and Lakshmi, Aparna N and Prabhakaran, Erode N (2014) Synthesis of 5,6-dihydro-4H-1,3-thiazine containing peptide mimics from N-(3-hydroxypropyl)thioamides and epimerization studies. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 55 (34). pp. 4731-4735.

Gowda, Byre G and Charanraj, TP and Kumara, Pradeepa CS and Ramesh, N and Thomas, SP and Sadashiva, MP and Junjappa, H (2014) Synthesis of novel beta-aryl-beta-(methylthio)acroleins via Vilsmeier-Haack protocol as potential 1,3-dielectrophilic three-carbon building blocks. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 55 (32). pp. 4475-4479.

Pal, Sudip and Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti (2014) Toward the total synthesis of a lagunamide B analogue. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 55 (24). pp. 3469-3472.

Mehta, Goverdhan and Shinde, Harish M and Kumaran, R Senthil (2012) Model synthetic studies toward jiadifenin and majucin type seco-prezizaane natural products via a stereo- and enantioselective approach. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 53 (33). pp. 4320-4323.

Mehta, Goverdhan and Roy, Subhrangsu and Pan, Subhas Chandra (2012) Enantioselective syntheses of bioactive epoxyquinone natural products (+)-harveynone and (-)-asperpentyn. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 53 (32). pp. 4093-4095.

Mehta, Goverdhan and Das, Manabendra and Kundu, Uday Kumar (2012) Synthetic studies toward geranylated PPAP natural products oblongifolin A, oblongifolin D, and enervosanone. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 53 (34). pp. 4538-4542.

Reddy, Damodara N and Thirupathi, Ravula and Tumminakatti, Shama and Prabhakaran, Erode N (2012) A method for stabilizing the cis prolyl peptide bond: influence of an unusual n -> pi* interaction in 1,3-oxazine and 1,3-thiazine containing peptidomimetics. In: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 53 (33). pp. 4413-4417.

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