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Prasad, Kavirayani R and Rangari, Vipin Ashok (2019) Stereoselective addition of Grignard reagents to sulfinimines derived from tartrate diol (threitol): Generation of chiral building blocks for the collective total synthesis of lentiginosine, conhydrine and methyldihydropalustramate. In: TETRAHEDRON, 75 (37).

Ray, Bidisha and Mukherjee, Santanu (2019) Catalytic enantioselective Michael addition of deconjugated butyrolactams to maleimides. In: TETRAHEDRON, 75 (24). pp. 3292-3298.

Prasad, Kavirayani R and Rangari, Vipin Ashok (2018) Efficient enantiospecific synthesis of ent-conduramine F-1. In: TETRAHEDRON, 74 (46). pp. 6689-6693.

Dey, Nilanjan and Kumari, Namita and Bhagat, Deepa and Bhattacharya, Santanu (2018) Smart optical probe for `equipment-free' detection of oxalate in biological fluids and plant-derived food items. In: TETRAHEDRON, 74 (34). pp. 4457-4465.

Vaithegi, Kannan and Prasad, Kavirayani R (2018) Total Synthesis of Sch 725674. In: TETRAHEDRON, 74 (20). pp. 2488-2492.

Singh, Nishant and Kandiyal, Pancham Singh and Shukla, Praveen Kumar and Ampapathi, Ravi Sankar and Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti (2016) Conformational studies of glycosylated cyclic oligomers of furanoid sugar amino acids. In: TETRAHEDRON, 72 (37). pp. 5671-5678.

Bali, Amit K and Sunnam, Sunil Kumar and Prasad, Kavirayani R (2016) Enantiospecific synthesis of functionalized polyols from tartaric acid using Ley's dithiaketalization: Application to the total synthesis of achaetolide. In: TETRAHEDRON, 72 (52). pp. 8623-8636.

Harisha, Attimogae Shivamurthy and Nayak, Suresh Parameshwar and Nagarajan, Kuppuswamy and Row, Tayur Narasingarow Guru and Hosamani, Amar A (2016) Reaction of 3-arylidenepropenoic acid derivatives with triethylamine and other amines; unexpected reductions and vinylogations. In: TETRAHEDRON, 72 (22). pp. 2880-2889.

Balaji, Pandur Venkatesan and Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan (2016) Reagent-switch controlled metal-free intermolecular geminal diamination and aminooxygenation of vinylarenes. In: TETRAHEDRON, 72 (8). pp. 1095-1104.

Revu, Omkar and Uphade, Manoj B and Prasad, Kavirayani R (2016) Synthesis and evaluation of C-2-symmetric bis-sulfinamides as effective ligands in rhodium catalyzed addition of arylboronic acids to cycloalkenones. In: TETRAHEDRON, 72 (35). pp. 5355-5362.

Siddaraju, Yogesh and Prabhu, Kandikere Ramaiah (2016) Transition metal-free Minisci reaction promoted by NCS, and TBHP: acylation of heteroarenes. In: TETRAHEDRON, 72 (7). pp. 959-967.

Singh, Nishant and Pulukuri, Kiran Kumar and Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti (2015) Formal synthesis of degraded sterol (+)-aplykurodinone-1. In: TETRAHEDRON, 71 (28). pp. 4608-4615.

Nagaraju, Chinta and Prasad, Kavirayani R (2015) Gold catalyzed intramolecular hydroalkoxylation assisted ring opening of furans to the corresponding saturated gamma-keto esters. In: TETRAHEDRON, 71 (48). pp. 9081-9087.

Sureshkumar, Devarajulu and Gunasundari, Thanikachalam and Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan (2015) Tandem aziridine ring opening-disulfide formation-reduction-Michael addition in one-pot mediated by tetrathiomolybdate. In: TETRAHEDRON, 71 (39, SI). pp. 7267-7281.

Kumaran, Senthil R and Mehta, Goverdhan (2015) An enantiodivergent protocol from R-(-)-carvone: synthesis of dihydroagarofuran sesquiterpenoid 1-deacetoxy-ent-orbiculin A. In: TETRAHEDRON, 71 (10). pp. 1547-1554.

Kumaran, Senthil R and Mehta, Goverdhan (2015) A versatile, RCM based approach to eudesmane and dihydroagarofuran sesquiterpenoids from (-)-carvone: a formal synthesis of (-)-isocelorbicol. In: TETRAHEDRON, 71 (11). pp. 1718-1731.

Sunkari, Yashoda Krishna and Pal, Chandan and Reddy, Thota Jagadeshwar and Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti (2014) 3 `-Amino-5 `-carboxymethy1-3 `,5 `-dideoxy nucleosides for the synthesis of fully amide-linked RNA mimics. In: TETRAHEDRON, 70 (35). pp. 5455-5462.

Sunnam, Sunil Kumar and Prasad, Kavirayani R (2014) Enantioselective synthesis of macrolactone core of the natural product Sch725674. In: TETRAHEDRON, 70 (12). pp. 2096-2101.

Kumar, Akshai and Pandiakumar, Arun Kumar and Samuelson, AG (2014) Titanium promoted reduction of imines with Grignards, silanes, and zinc: identification of a new mechanism with silanes. In: TETRAHEDRON, 70 (19). pp. 3185-3190.

Prasad, Kavirayani R and Kumar, Mothish S (2014) Total synthesis of (+)-anamarine. In: TETRAHEDRON, 70 (30). pp. 4552-4556.

Prasad, Kavirayani R and Nidhiry, John Eugene and Sridharan, Makuteswaran (2014) Total synthesis of the indole alkaloids henrycinol A and B. In: TETRAHEDRON, 70 (31). pp. 4611-4616.

Singh, Gajendra and Ghosh, Uttam and Pal, Sudip and Ampapathi, Ravi Sankar and Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti (2014) beta gamma-fused turn structures in sugar amino acid (SAA) containing cyclic tetrapeptides with alpha 3 delta architecture. In: TETRAHEDRON, 70 (42). pp. 7681-7685.

Ganesh, Venkataraman and Kundu, Taraknath and Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan (2014) sigma-Ferrier rearrangement of carbohydrate derived vinylcyclopropanes: a facile approach to oxepane analogs. In: TETRAHEDRON, 70 (40, SI). pp. 7268-7282.

Haveli, Shrutisagar Dattatraya and Roy, Sudipta and Gautam, Vibha and Parmar, Ketan C and Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan (2013) Ring opening of activated cyclopropanes with NIS/NaN3: synthesis of C-1 linked pseudodisaccharides. In: TETRAHEDRON, 69 (52). pp. 11138-11143.

Prasad, Kavirayani R and Kumar, Mothish S (2013) Unprecedented formation of a 14-membered dihydropyran macrocycle via sequential olefin cross metathesis-intramolecular hetero Diels-Alder reaction. In: TETRAHEDRON, 69 (31). pp. 6512-6518.

Mehta, Goverdhan and Bera, Mrinal K (2013) An approach toward the synthesis of PPAP natural product garsubellin A: construction of the tricyclic core. In: TETRAHEDRON, 69 (7). pp. 1815-1821.

Dinesh, Bhimareddy and Basuroy, Krishnayan and Shamala, Narayanaswamy and Balaram, Padmanabhan (2012) Structural characterization of folded pentapeptides containing centrally positioned beta(R)Val, gamma(R)Val and gamma(S)Val residues. In: TETRAHEDRON, 68 (23). pp. 4374-4380.

Mukherjee, Arunima and Jayaraman, Narayanaswamy (2012) 2,3-Unsaturated enoses. A Pummerer rearrangement route to sugar vinyl sulfides and synthesis of 3-deoxy-3-alkyl/arylsulfinyl pyranosides. In: TETRAHEDRON, 68 (42). pp. 8746-8752.

Bhowmick, Debasish and Mugesh, Govindasamy (2012) Tertiary amine-based glutathione peroxidase mimics: some insights into the role of steric and electronic effects on antioxidant activity. In: TETRAHEDRON, 68 (51). pp. 10550-10560.

Prasad, Kavirayani R and Gutala, Phaneendra (2012) Total synthesis of (+)-phomopsolide B. In: TETRAHEDRON, 68 (36). pp. 7489-7493.

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