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Oliver, C and Mukherjee, S and Rechstman, MC and Carusotto, I and Price, HM (2023) Artificial gauge fields in the t-z mapping for optical pulses: Spatiotemporal wave packet control and quantum Hall physics. In: Science Advances, 9 (42).

Brown, MS and Abdollahi, B and Wilkins, OM and Lu, H and Chakraborty, P and Ognjenovic, NB and Muller, KE and Jolly, MK and Christensen, BC and Hassanpour, S and Pattabiraman, DR (2022) Phenotypic heterogeneity driven by plasticity of the intermediate EMT state governs disease progression and metastasis in breast cancer. In: Science Advances, 8 (31).

Bandyopadhyay, P and Pramanick, I and Biswas, R and Sabarinath, PS and Sreedharan, S and Singh, S and Rajmani, RS and Laxman, S and Dutta, S and Singh, A (2022) S-Adenosylmethionine–responsive cystathionine β-synthase modulates sulfur metabolism and redox balance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In: Science Advances, 8 (25).

Yadav, N and Sen, P and Ghosh, A (2021) Bubbles in superfluid helium containing six and eight electrons: Soft, quantum nanomaterial. In: Science Advances, 7 (28).

Bretscher, HM and Andrich, P and Murakami, Y and Golež, D and Remez, B and Telang, P and Singh, A and Harnagea, L and Cooper, NR and Millis, AJ and Werner, P and Sood, AK and Rao, A (2021) Imaging the coherent propagation of collective modes in the excitonic insulator Ta2NiSe5 at room temperature. In: Science Advances, 7 (28).

Sharma, S and Pinto, R and Saha, A and Chaudhuri, S and Basu, S (2021) On secondary atomization and blockage of surrogate cough droplets in single- And multilayer face masks. In: Science Advances, 7 (10).

Arora, P and Sood, AK and Ganapathy, R (2021) Emergent stereoselective interactions and self-recognition in polar chiral active ellipsoids. In: Science Advances, 7 (9).

Patel, NM and Siva, MSA and Kumari, R and Shewale, DJ and Rai, A and Ritt, M and Sharma, P and Setty, SRG and Sivaramakrishnan, S and Soppina, V (2021) KIF13A motors are regulated by Rab22A to function as weak dimers inside the cell. In: Science Advances, 7 (6).

Dhandapany, PS and Kang, S and Kashyap, DK and Rajagopal, R and Sundaresan, NR and Singh, R and Thangaraj, K and Jayaprakash, S and Manjunath, CN and Shenthar, J and Lebeche, D (2021) Adiponectin receptor 1 variants contribute to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that can be reversed by rapamycin. In: Science Advances, 7 (2).

Guillermic, M and Cameron, LP and De Corte, I and Misra, S and Bijma, J and De Beer, D and Reymond, CE and Westphal, H and Ries, JB and Eagle, RA (2021) Thermal stress reduces pocilloporid coral resilience to ocean acidification by impairing control over calcifying fluid chemistry. In: Science Advances, 7 (2).

Xiao, M and Carey, RL and Chen, H and Jiao, X and Lemaur, V and Schott, S and Nikolka, M and Jellett, C and Sadhanala, A and Rogers, S and Senanayak, SP and Onwubiko, A and Han, S and Zhang, Z and Abdi-Jalebi, M and Zhang, Y and Thomas, TH and Mahmoudi, N and Lai, L and Selezneva, E and Ren, X and Nguyen, M and Wang, Q and Jacobs, I and Yue, W and McNeill, CR and Liu, G and Beljonne, D and McCulloch, I and Sirringhaus, H (2021) Charge transport physics of a unique class of rigid-rod conjugated polymers with fused-ring conjugated units linked by double carbon-carbon bonds. In: Science Advances, 7 (18).

Sugihara, T and Udupa, A and Viswanathan, K and Davis, JM and Chandrasekar, S (2020) Organic monolayers disrupt plastic flow in metals. In: Science Advances, 6 (51).

Mondal, D and Adhikari, R and Sharma, P (2020) Internal friction controls active ciliary oscillations near the instability threshold. In: Science Advances, 6 (33).

Agarwal, S and Sharma, A and Bouzeyen, R and Deep, A and Sharma, H and Mangalaparthi, KK and Datta, KK and Kidwai, S and Gowda, H and Gowda, H and Varadarajan, R and Sharma, RD and Thakur, KG and Singh, R (2020) VapBC22 toxin-antitoxin system from Mycobacterium tuberculosis is required for pathogenesis and modulation of host immune response. In: Science Advances, 6 (23).

Mondal, M and Mishra, CK and Banerjee, R and Narasimhan, S and Sood, AK and Ganapathy, R (2020) Cooperative particle rearrangements facilitate the self-organized growth of colloidal crystal arrays on strain-relief patterns. In: Science Advances, 6 (10).

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