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Premachandran, Y and Ugalde, JM (2023) Let the sunshine in: Abscisic acid modulates shade avoidance by inducing hyponasty movement in Arabidopsis. In: Plant Physiology, 191 (1). pp. 15-17.

Premachandran, Y (2023) Double the action: multimodal action of a CONSTANS-LIKE protein enhances stress tolerance in soybean. In: Plant Physiology, 191 (4). pp. 2221-2223.

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Ghosh, Ananda K and Chauhan, Neha and Rajakumari, Sona and Daum, Guenther and Rajasekharan, Ram (2009) At4g24160, a Soluble Acyl-Coenzyme A-Dependent Lysophosphatidic Acid Acyltransferase. In: Plant Physiology, 151 (2). pp. 869-881.

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