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Kaur, C and Asrith, KP and Ramachandra, SG and Hegde, NR (2024) Immunoinformatics-guided recombinant polypeptide-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for seromonitoring of laboratory animals for minute virus of mice and Kilham rat virus. In: PLoS ONE, 19 (2 Febr).

Sunny, SP and Ravindra, DR and Hariharan, A and Mukhia, N and Gurudath, S and Keerthi, G and Raghavan, S and Kolur, T and Shetty, V and Vidya Bushan, R and Surolia, A and Satyajit, T and Chandrashekhar, P and Nisheena, R and Pandya, HJ and Pillai, V and Praveen Birur, N and Kuriakose, MA and Suresh, A (2023) CD44-SNA1 integrated cytopathology for delineation of high grade dysplastic and neoplastic oral lesions. In: PLoS ONE, 18 (9 Sept).

Dikshit, R and Gupta, N and Dey, A and Viswanathan, K and Kumar, A (2022) Microbial induced calcite precipitation can consolidate martian and lunar regolith simulants. In: PLoS ONE, 17 (4).

Sahoo, D and Behera, SP and Shakya, J and Kaviraj, B (2022) Cost-effective synthesis of 2D molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nanocrystals: An exploration of the influence on cellular uptake, cytotoxicity, and bio-imaging. In: PLoS ONE, 17 (1).

Bellè, S-L and Riotte, J and Backhaus, N and Sekhar, M and Jouquet, P and Abiven, S (2022) Tailor-made biochar systems: Interdisciplinary evaluations of ecosystem services and farmer livelihoods in tropical agro-ecosystems. In: PLoS ONE, 17 (1).

Waturuocha, UW and Athira, PJ and Singh, KK and Malhotra, V and Krishna, MS and Saini, DK (2021) A high-frequency single nucleotide polymorphism in the MtrB sensor kinase in clinical strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis alters its biochemical and physiological properties. In: PLoS ONE, 16 (9 Sept).

Batabyal, A and Bhattacharya, A and Thaker, M and Mukherjee, S (2021) A longitudinal study of perceived stress and cortisol responses in an undergraduate student population from India. In: PLoS ONE, 16 (6 June).

Barbieri, DM and Lou, B and Passavanti, M and Hui, C and Hoff, I and Lessa, DA and Sikka, G and Chang, K and Gupta, A and Fang, K and Banerjee, A and Maharaj, B and Lam, L and Ghasemi, N and Naik, B and Wang, F and Mirhosseini, AF and Naseri, S and Liu, Z and Qiao, Y and Tucker, A and Wijayaratna, K and Peprah, P and Adomako, S and Yu, L and Goswami, S and Chen, H and Shu, B and Hessami, A and Abbas, M and Agarwal, N and Rashidi, TH (2021) Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mobility in ten countries and associated perceived risk for all transport modes. In: PLoS ONE, 16 (2 Febr).

Kaushal, S and Rajput, AS and Bhattacharya, S and Vidyasagar, M and Kumar, A and Prakash, MK and Ansumali, S (2020) Estimating the herd immunity threshold by accounting for the hidden asymptomatics using a COVID-19 specific model. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (12).

Mondal, PP (2020) Probabilistic Optically-Selective Single-molecule Imaging Based Localization Encoded (POSSIBLE) microscopy for ultra-superresolution imaging. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (11).

Ramesh, V and Vijayakumar, SP and Gopalakrishna, T and Jayarajan, A and Shanker, K (2020) Determining levels of cryptic diversity within the endemic frog genera, Indirana and Walkerana, of the Western Ghats, India. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (9 Sept).

Dikshit, R and Jain, A and Dey, A and Kumar, A (2020) Microbially induced calcite precipitation using Bacillus velezensis with guar gum. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (8 Augu).

Kumar, N and Arakeri, JH and Bobji, MS (2020) Formation of a hard surface layer during drying of a heated porous media. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (2).

Marathe, A and Priyadarsanan, DR and Krishnaswamy, J and Shanker, K (2020) Spatial and climatic variables independently drive elevational gradients in ant species richness in the Eastern Himalaya. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (1).

Prairie, MW and Frisbie, SH and Rao, KK and Saksri, AH and Parbat, S and Mitchell, EJ (2020) An accurate, precise, and affordable light emitting diode spectrophotometer for drinking water and other testing with limited resources. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (1).

Zimik, S and Pandit, R and Majumder, R (2020) Anisotropic shortening in the wavelength of electrical waves promotes onset of electrical turbulence in cardiac tissue: An in silico study. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (3). pp. 1-14.

Kumar, JRH and Seelamantula, CS and Mohan, A and Shetty, R and Berendschot, TJM and Webers, CAB (2020) Automatic analysis of normative retinal oximetry images. In: PLoS ONE, 15 (5). pp. 1-15.

Pal, M and Khan, J and Kumar, R and Surolia, A and Gupta, S (2019) Testosterone supplementation improves insulin responsiveness in HFD fed male T2DM mice and potentiates insulin signaling in the skeletal muscle and C2C12 myocyte cell line. In: PLoS ONE, 14 (11).

Sunny, S and Baby, A and James, BL and Balaji, D and Aparna, NV and Rana, MH and Gurpur, P and Skandarajah, A and D�Ambrosio, M and Ramanjinappa, RD and Mohan, SP and Raghavan, N and Kandasarma, U and Sangeetha, N and Raghavan, S and Hedne, N and Koch, F and Fletcher, DA and Selvam, S and Kollegal, M and Praveen Birur, N and Ladic, L and Suresh, A and Pandya, HJ and Kuriakose, MA (2019) A smart tele-cytology point-of-care platform for oral cancer screening. In: PLoS ONE, 14 (11).

Das, S and Bansal, M (2019) Variation of gene expression in plants is influenced by gene architecture and structural properties of promoters. In: PLoS ONE, 14 (3).

Subban, K and Subramani, R and Madambakkam Srinivasan, VP and Johnpaul, M and Chelliah, J (2019) Salicylic acid as an effective elicitor for improved taxol production in endophytic fungus Pestalotiopsis microspora. In: PLoS ONE, 14 (2).

Nag, C and Karanth, Praveen K and Gururaja, KV (2014) Delineating Ecological Boundaries of Hanuman Langur Species Complex in Peninsular India Using MaxEnt Modeling Approach. In: PLoS ONE, 9 (2). e87804.

Davies, Matthew N and Bayry, Jagadeesh and Tchilian, Elma Z and Vani, Janakiraman and Shaila, Melkote S and Forbes, Emily K and Draper, Simon J and Beverley, Peter CL and Tough, David F and Flower, Darren R (2009) Toward the Discovery of Vaccine Adjuvants: Coupling In Silico Screening and In Vitro Analysis of Antagonist Binding to Human and Mouse CCR4 Receptors. In: PLoS ONE, 4 (11).

Saraswathi, Ramachandran and Chowdhury, Rakhi Pait and Williams, Sunanda Margrett and Ghatak, Payel and Chatterji, Dipankar (2009) The Mycobacterial MsDps2 Protein Is a Nucleoid-Forming DNA Binding Protein Regulated by Sigma Factors sigma(A) and sigma(B). In: PLoS ONE, 4 (11).

Walia, Guneet and Kumar, Parimal and Surolia, Avadhesha (2009) The Role of UPF0157 in the Folding of M-tuberculosis Dephosphocoenzyme A Kinase and the Regulation of the Latter by CTP. In: PLoS ONE, 4 (10).

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Agarwal, Garima and Rajavel, Malligarjunan and Gopal, Balasubramanian and Srinivasan, Narayanaswamy (2009) Structure-Based Phylogeny as a Diagnostic for Functional Characterization of Proteins with a Cupin Fold. In: PLoS ONE, 4 (5).

Eswarappa, Sandeepa M (2009) Location of Pathogenic Bacteria during Persistent Infections: Insights from an Analysis Using Game Theory. In: PLoS ONE, 4 (4).

Dey, Devaveena and Saxena, Meera and Paranjape, Anurag N and Krishnan, Visalakshi and Giraddi, Rajashekhar and Kumar, M Vijaya and Mukherjee, Geetashree and Rangarajan, Annapoorni (2009) Phenotypic and Functional Characterization of Human Mammary Stem/Progenitor Cells in Long Term Culture. In: PLoS ONE, 4 (4).

Shajahan, TK and Nayak, Alok Ranjan and Pandit, Rahul (2009) Spiral-Wave Turbulence and Its Control in the Presence of Inhomogeneities in Four Mathematical Models of Cardiac Tissue. In: PLoS ONE, 4 (3).

Bansal, Kushagra and Kapoor, Nisha and Narayana, Yeddula and Puzo, Germain and Gilleron, Martine and Balaji, Kithiganahalli Narayanaswamy (2009) PIM2 Induced COX-2 and MMP-9 Expression in Macrophages Requires PI3K and Notch1 Signaling. In: PLoS ONE, 4 (3).

Gadkari, Rupali A and Varughese, Deepthi and Srinivasan, N (2009) Recognition of Interaction Interface Residues in Low-Resolution Structures of Protein Assemblies Solely from the Positions of C alpha Atoms. In: PLoS ONE, 4 (2).

Purushothaman, Sudha and Gupta, Garima and Srivastava, Richa and Ramu, Vasanthakumar Ganga and Surolia, Avadhesha (2008) Ligand Specificity of Group I Biotin Protein Ligase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In: PLoS ONE, 3 (5).

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