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Lala, SRF and Singh, AP and Singh, S and Tiwari, SC and Srivastava, C (2023) Effect of molybdenum partitioning on the evolution of microstructure, grain boundary constitution and corrosion behaviour of electrodeposited zinc-molybdenum coatings. In: Materialia, 27 .

Rathnakara, SH and Raju, SR and Kumar, R and Hegde, G (2022) Silk fibroin nanofiber scaffold (SFNS) as a graft material for myringoplasty- in vitro and in vivo. In: Materialia, 26 .

Kumar, GM and Jyotheender, KS and Srivastava, C (2022) Effect of grain boundary constitution on corrosion behaviour in cobalt-carbon nanotube composite coatings. In: Materialia, 24 .

Mondol, S and Bansal, U and Singh, MP and Dixit, S and Mandal, A and Paul, A and Chattopadhyay, K (2022) Microstructure-strength correlations in Al-Si-Cu alloys micro-alloyed with Zr. In: Materialia, 23 .

Meshram, AP and Gupta, A and Srivastava, C (2022) Effect of electrodeposition temperature on texture, strain, grain boundary constitution and corrosion behavior of Ni-P coatings with low phosphorous content. In: Materialia, 22 .

Jyotheender, K Sai and Srivastava, Chandan (2022) Effect of geometrically necessary dislocations induced strain on the corrosion behavior of Ni coatings with different surfactants. In: Materialia, 22 . ISSN 25891529

Baler, Nithin and MV, Abdulla Samin and Godha, Akshat and Makineni, Surendra Kumar (2022) Microstructural engineering of medium entropy NiCo(CrAl) alloy for enhanced room and high-temperature mechanical properties. In: Materialia, 22 (101424). ISSN 25891529

Kanjilal, A and P, RN and Kumar, P (2022) Size dependent creep deformation of elastically constrained compliant metallic joints. In: Materialia, 21 .

Esakkiraja, N and Dash, A and Mondal, A and Kumar, KCH and Paul, A (2021) Correlation between estimated diffusion coefficients from different types of diffusion couples in multicomponent system. In: Materialia, 16 .

Pandey, P and Shankar Prasad, A and Baler, N and Chattopadhyay, K (2021) On the effect of Ti addition on microstructural evolution, precipitate coarsening kinetics and mechanical properties in a Co�30Ni�10Al�5Mo�2Nb alloy. In: Materialia, 16 .

Pandey, P and Shankar Prasad, A and Baler, N and Chattopadhyay, K (2021) On the effect of Ti addition on microstructural evolution, precipitate coarsening kinetics and mechanical properties in a Co–30Ni–10Al–5Mo–2Nb alloy. In: Materialia, 16 .

Singh, S and Shaikh, SM and Kumar M K, P and Murty, BS and Srivastava, C (2020) Microstructural homogenization and substantial improvement in corrosion resistance of mechanically alloyed FeCoCrNiCu high entropy alloys by incorporation of carbon nanotubes. In: Materialia, 14 .

Dash, K and Yazar, KU and Chattopadhyay, K and Suwas, S (2020) Graded microstructure and texture in ultrafine grained multi-layered immiscible bimetallic system. In: Materialia, 13 .

Shankar, G and Madhavan, R and Kumar, R and Sahoo, B and Ray, RK and Suwas, S (2020) Micro-mechanism of evolution of microstructure and texture in Ni-Fe alloys. In: Materialia, 13 .

Singh, SP and Kumar, P and Kassner, ME (2020) The low-stress and high-temperature creep in LiF single crystals: An explanation for the So-called Harper-Dorn creep. In: Materialia, 13 .

Rajput, M and Mandal, M and Anura, A and Mukhopadhyay, A and Subramanian, B and Paul, RR and Chatterjee, J (2020) Honey loaded silk fibroin 3D porous scaffold facilitates homeostatic full-thickness wound healing. In: Materialia, 12 .

Kini, MK and Chokshi, AH (2020) Initial stage sintering of polycrystalline spheres: A model and experiments. In: Materialia, 10 (100665).

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Kalsar, R and Sanamar, S and Schell, N and Brokmeier, H G and Saha, R and Ghosh, P and Bhagat, A N and Suwas, S (2020) Elemental partitioning in medium Mn steel during short-time annealing: An in-situ study using synchrotron x-rays. In: Materialia, 9 .

Kar, A and Kailas, SV and Suwas, S (2020) Formation sequence of intermetallics and kinetics of reaction layer growth during solid state reaction between titanium and aluminum. In: Materialia, 11 (100702).

Karati, A and Mukherjee, S and Mallik, RC and Shabadi, R and Murty, BS and Varadaraju, UV (2019) Simultaneous increase in thermopower and electrical conductivity through Ta-doping and nanostructuring in half-Heusler TiNiSn alloys. In: Materialia, 7 .

Vikram, RJ and Gaddam, S and Kalsar, R and Acharya, S and Suwas, S (2019) A fractal approach to predict the oxidation and corrosion behavior of a grain boundary engineered low SFE high entropy alloy. In: Materialia, 7 .

Aliyu, A and Srivastava, C (2019) Microstructure and corrosion properties of MnCrFeCoNi high entropy alloy-graphene oxide composite coatings. In: Materialia, 5 .

Gopalan, H and Chokshi, AH (2019) On the limiting grain sizes in carbon nanotube nanocomposites. In: Materialia, 5 .

Santra, S and Makineni, SK and Shankar, G and Suwas, S and Chattopadhyay, K and Divinski, SV and Paul, A (2019) Insight into the effect of Ti-addition on diffusion-controlled growth and texture of Nb 3 Sn intermetallic superconductor phase. In: Materialia, 6 .

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Acharya, S and Bahl, S and Chatterjee, K and Suwas, S (2018) Variant selection in metastable β Ti-V-Fe-Al alloy during triaxial and uniaxial compression. In: Materialia, 4 . pp. 20-32.

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