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Viswanath, B and Narayanan, Ravishankar (2011) Biphasic composite of Tricalcium phosphate reinforced with Hydroxyapatite Whiskers. In: MRS Proceedings, 898 . pp. 5-20.

Srinivasan, Sharada (2011) Crucible Steel in South India-Preliminary Investigations on Crucibles from Some Newly Identified Sites. In: MRS Proceedings, 462 . p. 111.

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Jaiswal, Piyush and Sathar, Abdul and Shariff, Arshiyan and Saif, Mohammed and Dhar, Sukanya and Shivashankar, SA (2011) Comparison of CVD and MOCVD-grown Al2O3 coatings in the performance of cemented carbide cutting tool inserts. In: MRS Proceedings, 1298 .

Lockwood, AJ and Wedekind, J and Gay, RS and Wang, JJ and Bobji, MS and Amavasai, B and Howarth, M and Möbus, G and Inkson, BJ (2011) NanoLAB Triboprobe: Characterizing Dynamic Wear, Friction and Fatigue at the Nanoscale. In: MRS Proceedings, 1297 . 03-61.

Bhat, Asha N and Sangunni, KS and Rao, KSRK (2011) PL due to Discrete Gap Levels in Some Chalcogenide Glasses- A Configurational Coordinate Diagram Illustration. In: MRS Proceedings, 667 . G3.4.

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Biswas, Krishanu and Chattopadhyay, Kamanio and Galun, Rolf and Mordike, Barry L (2003) The ω Phase Formation during Laser Cladding and Remelting of Quasicrystal Forming AlCuFe on Pure Aluminum. In: MRS Proceedings, 805 .

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Laha, Apurba and Saha, S and Krupanidhi, SB (2002) Field Induced Dielectric Properties of 0.7Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.3PbTiO3 Thin Films. In: MRS Proceedings, 748 .

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Victor, P and Bhattacharyya, S and Saha, S and Krupanidhi, SB (2002) MFIS and MFS structures using SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films for the FRAM applications. In: MRS Proceedings, 748 .

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