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Hayrapetyan, A and Tumasyan, A and Adam, W and Andrejkovic, JW and Bergauer, T and Chatterjee, S and Damanakis, K and Dragicevic, M and Valle, AED and Hussain, PS and Jeitler, M and Krammer, N and Liko, D and Mikulec, I and Schieck, J and Schöfbeck, R and Schwarz, D and Sonawane, M and Templ, S and Waltenberger, W and Wulz, C-E and Darwish, MR and Janssen, T and Mechelen, PV and Bols, ES and Dâ��Hondt, J and Dansana, S and De Moor, A and Delcourt, M and Faham, HE and Lowette, S and Makarenko, I and Morton, A and Müller, D and Sahasransu, AR and Tavernier, S and Tytgat, M and Putte, SV and Vannerom, D and Clerbaux, B and De Lentdecker, G and Favart, L and Hohov, D and Jaramillo, J and Khalilzadeh, A and Lee, K and Mahdavikhorrami, M and Malara, A and Paredes, S and Pétré, L and Postiau, N and Thomas, L and Bemden, MV and Velde, CV and Vanlaer, P and De Coen, M and Dobur, D and Knolle, J and Lambrecht, L and Mestdach, G and Rendón, C and Samalan, A and Skovpen, K and Bossche, NVD and Wezenbeek, L and Benecke, A and Bruno, G and Caputo, C and Delaere, C and Donertas, IS and Giammanco, A and Jaffel, K and Jain, S and Lemaitre, V and Lidrych, J and Mastrapasqua, P and Mondal, K and Tran, TT and Wertz, S and Alves, GA and Coelho, E and Hensel, C and De Oliveira, TM and Moraes, A and Teles, PR and Soeiro, M and Júnior, WLA and Pereira, MAG and Filho, MBF and Malbouisson, HB and Carvalho, W and Chinellato, J and Da Costa, EM and Da Silveira, GG and De Jesus Damiao, D and De Souza, SF and Martins, J and Herrera, CM and Amarilo, KM and Mundim, L and Nogima, H and Santoro, A and Amaral, SMSD and Sznajder, A and Thiel, M and Pereira, AV and Bernardes, CA and Calligaris, L and Tomei, TRFP and Gregores, EM and Mercadante, PG and Novaes, SF and Orzari, B and Padula, SS and Aleksandrov, A and Antchev, G and Hadjiiska, R and Iaydjiev, P and Misheva, M and Shopova, M and Sultanov, G and Dimitrov, A and Ivanov, T and Litov, L and Pavlov, B and Petkov, P and Petrov, A and Shumka, E and Keshri, S and Thakur, S and Cheng, T and Guo, Q and Javaid, T and Mittal, M and Yuan, L and Bauer, G and Hu, Z and Yi, K and Chen, GM and Chen, HS and Chen, M and Iemmi, F and Jiang, CH and Kapoor, A and Liao, H and Liu, Z-A and Monti, F and Sharma, R and Song, JN and Tao, J and Wang, J and Zhang, H and Agapitos, A and Ban, Y and Levin, A and Li, C and Li, Q and Lyu, X and Mao, Y and Qian, SJ and Sun, X and Wang, D and Yang, H and Zhou, C and You, Z and Lu, N and Gao, X and Leggat, D and Okawa, H and Zhang, Y and Lin, Z and Lu, C and Xiao, M and Avila, C and Trujillo, DAB and Cabrera, A and Florez, C and Fraga, J and Vega, JAR and Guisao, JM and Ramirez, F and Rodriguez, M and Alvarez, JDR and Giljanovic, D and Godinovic, N and Lelas, D and Sculac, A and Kovac, M and Sculac, T and Bargassa, P and Brigljevic, V and Chitroda, BK and Ferencek, D and Mishra, S and Starodumov, A and Susa, T and Attikis, A and Christoforou, K and Konstantinou, S and Mousa, J and Nicolaou, C and Ptochos, F and Razis, PA and Rykaczewski, H and Saka, H and Stepennov, A and Finger, M and Finger, M and Kveton, A and Ayala, E and Jarrin, EC and Abdelalim, AA and Salama, E and Al-Mashad, MA and Mahmoud, MA and Dewanjee, RK and Ehataht, K and Kadastik, M and Lange, T and Nandan, S and Nielsen, C and Pata, J and Raidal, M and Tani, L and Veelken, C and Kirschenmann, H and Osterberg, K and Voutilainen, M and Bharthuar, S and Brücken, E and Garcia, F and Havukainen, J and Kallonen, KTS and Kim, MS and Kinnunen, R and Lampén, T and Lassila-Perini, K and Lehti, S and Lindén, T and Lotti, M and Martikainen, L and Myllymäki, M and Rantanen, M and Siikonen, H and Tuominen, E and Tuominiemi, J and Luukka, P and Petrow, H and Tuuva, T and Besancon, M and Couderc, F and Dejardin, M and Denegri, D and Faure, JL and Ferri, F and Ganjour, S and Gras, P and de Monchenault, GH and Lohezic, V and Malcles, J and Rander, J and Rosowsky, A and Sahin, MÃ� and Savoy-Navarro, A and Simkina, P and Titov, M and Barrera, CB and Beaudette, F and Perraguin, AB and Busson, P and Cappati, A and Charlot, C and Damas, F and Davignon, O and Falmagne, G and Alves, BAFS and Ghosh, S and Gilbert, A and de Cassagnac, RG and Hakimi, A and Harikrishnan, B and Kalipoliti, L and Liu, G and Motta, J and Nguyen, M and Ochando, C and Portales, L and Salerno, R and Sarkar, U and Sauvan, JB and Sirois, Y and Tarabini, A and Vernazza, E and Zabi, A and Zghiche, A and Agram, J-L and Andrea, J and Apparu, D and Bloch, D and Brom, J-M and Chabert, EC and Collard, C and Falke, S and Goerlach, U and Grimault, C and Haeberle, R and Bihan, A-CL and Sessini, MA and Hove, PV and Beauceron, S and Blancon, B and Boudoul, G and Chanon, N and Choi, J and Contardo, D and Depasse, P and Dozen, C and Mamouni, HE and Fay, J and Gascon, S and Gouzevitch, M and Greenberg, C and Grenier, G and Ille, B and Laktineh, IB and Lethuillier, M and Mirabito, L and Perries, S and Donckt, MV and Verdier, P and Xiao, J and Chokheli, D and Lomidze, I and Tsamalaidze, Z and Botta, V and Feld, L and Klein, K and Lipinski, M and Meuser, D and Pauls, A and Röwert, N and Teroerde, M and Diekmann, S and Dodonova, A and Eich, N and Eliseev, D and Engelke, F and Erdmann, M and Fackeldey, P and Fischer, B and Hebbeker, T and Hoepfner, K and Ivone, F and Jung, A and Lee, M and Mastrolorenzo, L and Merschmeyer, M and Meyer, A and Mukherjee, S and Noll, D and Novak, A and Nowotny, F and Pozdnyakov, A and Rath, Y and Redjeb, W and Rehm, F and Reithler, H and Sarkisovi, V and Schmidt, A and Schuler, SC and Sharma, A and Stein, A and Da Silva De Araujo, FT and Vigilante, L and Wiedenbeck, S and Zaleski, S and Dziwok, C and Flügge, G and Ahmad, WH and Kress, T and Nowack, A and Pooth, O and Stahl, A and Ziemons, T and Zotz, A and Petersen, HA and Martin, MA and Alimena, J and Amoroso, S and An, Y and Baxter, S and Bayatmakou, M and Gonzalez, HB and Behnke, O and Belvedere, A and Bhattacharya, S and Blekman, F and Borras, K and Brunner, D and Campbell, A and Cardini, A and Cheng, C and Colombina, F and Rodríguez, SC and Silva, GC and De Silva, M and Eckerlin, G and Eckstein, D and Banos, LIE and Filatov, O and Gallo, E and Geiser, A and Giraldi, A and Greau, G and Guglielmi, V and Guthoff, M and Hinzmann, A and Jafari, A and Jeppe, L and Jomhari, NZ and Kaech, B and Kasemann, M and Kaveh, H and Kleinwort, C and Kogler, R and Komm, M and Krücker, D and Lange, W and Pernia, DL and Lipka, K and Lohmann, W and Mankel, R and Melzer-Pellmann, I-A and Morentin, MM and Metwally, J and Meyer, AB and Milella, G and Mussgiller, A and Nürnberg, A and Otarid, Y and Adán, DP and Ranken, E and Raspereza, A and Lopes, BR and Rübenach, J and Saggio, A and Scham, M and Scheurer, V and Schnake, S and Schütze, P and Schwanenberger, C and Shchedrolosiev, M and Ricardo, RES and Pramod, LPS and Stafford, D and Vazzoler, F and Barroso, AV and Walsh, R and Wang, Q and Wen, Y and Wichmann, K and Wiens, L and Wissing, C and Wuchterl, S and Yang, Y and Santos, AZC and Albrecht, A and Albrecht, S and Antonello, M and Bein, S and Benato, L and Bonanomi, M and Connor, P and Eich, M and Morabit, KE and Fischer, Y and Fröhlich, A and Garbers, C and Garutti, E and Grohsjean, A and Hajheidari, M and Haller, J and Jabusch, HR and Kasieczka, G and Keicher, P and Klanner, R and Korcari, W and Kramer, T and Kutzner, V and Labe, F and Lange, J and Lobanov, A and Matthies, C and Mehta, A and Moureaux, L and Mrowietz, M and Nigamova, A and Nissan, Y and Paasch, A and Rodriguez, KJP and Quadfasel, T and Raciti, B and Rieger, M and Savoiu, D and Schindler, J and Schleper, P and Schröder, M and Schwandt, J and Sommerhalder, M and Stadie, H and Steinbrück, G and Tews, A and Wolf, M and Brommer, S and Burkart, M and Butz, E and Chwalek, T and Dierlamm, A and Droll, A and Faltermann, N and Giffels, M and Gottmann, A and Hartmann, F and Horzela, M and Husemann, U and Klute, M and Koppenhöfer, R and Link, M and Lintuluoto, A and Maier, S and Mitra, S and Mormile, M and Müller, T and Neukum, M and Oh, M and Quast, G and Rabbertz, K and Shvetsov, I and Simonis, HJ and Trevisani, N and Ulrich, R and Linden, J and Cube, RFV and Wassmer, M and Wieland, S and Wittig, F and Wolf, R and Wunsch, S and Zuo, X and Anagnostou, G and Assiouras, P and Daskalakis, G and Kyriakis, A and Papadopoulos, A and Stakia, A and Karasavvas, D and Kontaxakis, P and Melachroinos, G and Panagiotou, A and Papavergou, I and Paraskevas, I and Saoulidou, N and Theofilatos, K and Tziaferi, E and Vellidis, K and Zisopoulos, I and Bakas, G and Chatzistavrou, T and Karapostoli, G and Kousouris, K and Papakrivopoulos, I and Siamarkou, E and Tsipolitis, G and Zacharopoulou, A and Adamidis, K and Bestintzanos, I and Evangelou, I and Foudas, C and Gianneios, P and Kamtsikis, C and Katsoulis, P and Kokkas, P and Kioseoglou, PGK and Manthos, N and Papadopoulos, I and Strologas, J and Csanád, M and Farkas, K and Gadallah, MMA and Kadlecsik, Ã� and Major, P and Mandal, K and Pásztor, G and Rádl, AJ and Veres, GI and Bartók, M and Hajdu, C and Horvath, D and Sikler, F and Veszpremi, V and Bencze, G and Czellar, S and Karancsi, J and Molnar, J and Szillasi, Z and Raics, P and Ujvari, B and Zilizi, G and Csorgo, T and Nemes, F and Novak, T and Babbar, J and Bansal, S and Beri, SB and Bhatnagar, V and Chaudhary, G and Chauhan, S and Dhingra, N and Gupta, R and Kaur, A and Kaur, A and Kaur, H and Kaur, M and Kumar, S and Kumari, P and Meena, M and Sandeep, K and Sheokand, T and Singh, JB and Singla, A and Ahmed, A and Bhardwaj, A and Chhetri, A and Choudhary, BC and Kumar, A and Naimuddin, M and Ranjan, K and Saumya, S and Baradia, S and Barman, S and Bhattacharya, S and Bhowmik, D and Dutta, S and Dutta, S and Gomber, B and Palit, P and Saha, G and Sahu, B and Sarkar, S and Behera, PK and Behera, SC and Chatterjee, S and Jana, P and Kalbhor, P and Komaragiri, JR and Kumar, D and Ameen, MMM and Panwar, L and Pradhan, R and Pujahari, PR and Saha, NR and Sharma, A and Sikdar, AK and Verma, S and Aziz, T and Das, I and Dugad, S and Kumar, M and Mohanty, GB and Suryadevara, P and Bala, A and Banerjee, S and Chatterjee, RM and Guchait, M and Karmakar, S and Kumar, S and Majumder, G and Mazumdar, K and Mukherjee, S and Thachayath, A and Bahinipati, S and Das, AK and Kar, C and Maity, D and Mal, P and Mishra, T and Bindhu, VKMN and Naskar, K and Nayak, A and Sadangi, P and Saha, P and Swain, SK and Varghese, S and Vats, D and Alpana, A and Dube, S and Kansal, B and Laha, A and Rastogi, A and Sharma, S and Bakhshiansohi, H and Khazaie, E and Zeinali, M and Chenarani, S and Etesami, SM and Khakzad, M and Najafabadi, MM and Grunewald, M and Abbrescia, M and Aly, R and Colaleo, A and Creanza, D and Anzi, BD and De Filippis, N and De Palma, M and Florio, AD and Elmetenawee, W and Fiore, L and Iaselli, G and Maggi, G and Maggi, M and Margjeka, I and Mastrapasqua, V and My, S and Nuzzo, S and Pellecchia, A and Pompili, A and Pugliese, G and Radogna, R and Ramirez-Sanchez, G and Ramos, D and Ranieri, A and Silvestris, L and Simone, FM and Sözbilir, Ã� and Stamerra, A and Venditti, R and Verwilligen, P and Zaza, A and Abbiendi, G and Battilana, C and Bonacorsi, D and Borgonovi, L and Campanini, R and Capiluppi, P and Castro, A and Cavallo, FR and Dallavalle, GM and Diotalevi, T and Fabbri, F and Fanfani, A and Fasanella, D and Giacomelli, P and Giommi, L and Grandi, C and Guiducci, L and Meo, SL and Lunerti, L and Marcellini, S and Masetti, G and Navarria, FL and Perrotta, A and Primavera, F and Rossi, AM and Rovelli, T and Siroli, GP and Costa, S and Mattia, AD and Potenza, R and Tricomi, A and Tuve, C and Barbagli, G and Bardelli, G and Camaiani, B and Cassese, A and Ceccarelli, R and Ciulli, V and Civinini, C and Dâ��Alessandro, R and Focardi, E and Latino, G and Lenzi, P and Lizzo, M and Meschini, M and Paoletti, S and Papanastassiou, A and Sguazzoni, G and Viliani, L and Benussi, L and Bianco, S and Meola, S and Piccolo, D and Chatagnon, P and Ferro, F and Robutti, E and Tosi, S and Benaglia, A and Boldrini, G and Brivio, F and Cetorelli, F and De Guio, F and Dinardo, ME and Dini, P and Gennai, S and Ghezzi, A and Govoni, P and Guzzi, L and Lucchini, MT and Malberti, M and Malvezzi, S and Massironi, A and Menasce, D and Moroni, L and Paganoni, M and Pedrini, D and Pinolini, BS and Ragazzi, S and Redaelli, N and de Fatis, TT and Zuolo, D and Buontempo, S and Cagnotta, A and Carnevali, F and Cavallo, N and De Iorio, A and Fabozzi, F and Iorio, AOM and Lista, L and Paolucci, P and Rossi, B and Sciacca, C and Ardino, R and Azzi, P and Bacchetta, N and Bisello, D and Bortignon, P and Bragagnolo, A and Checchia, P and Dorigo, T and Gasparini, F and Gasparini, U and Gozzelino, A and Grosso, G and Gulmini, M and Layer, L and Lusiani, E and Margoni, M and Migliorini, M and Pazzini, J and Ronchese, P and Rossin, R and Simonetto, F and Strong, G and Tosi, M and Triossi, A and Ventura, S and Yarar, H and Zanetti, M and Zotto, P and Zucchetta, A and Zumerle, G and Zeid, SA and Aimè, C and Braghieri, A and Calzaferri, S and Fiorina, D and Montagna, P and Re, V and Riccardi, C and Salvini, P and Vai, I and Vitulo, P and Ajmal, S and Asenov, P and Bilei, GM and Ciangottini, D and Fanò, L and Magherini, M and Mantovani, G and Mariani, V and Menichelli, M and Moscatelli, F and Piccinelli, A and Presilla, M and Rossi, A and Santocchia, A and Spiga, D and Tedeschi, T and Azzurri, P and Bagliesi, G and Bhattacharya, R and Bianchini, L and Boccali, T and Bossini, E and Bruschini, D and Castaldi, R and Ciocci, MA and Cipriani, M and Dâ��Amante, V and Dellâ��Orso, R and Donato, S and Giassi, A and Ligabue, F and Figueiredo, DM and Messineo, A and Musich, M and Palla, F and Parolia, S and Rizzi, A and Rolandi, G and Chowdhury, SR and Sarkar, T and Scribano, A and Spagnolo, P and Tenchini, R and Tonelli, G and Turini, N and Venturi, A and Verdini, PG and Barria, P and Campana, M and Cavallari, F and Mendez, LC and Re, DD and Marco, ED and Diemoz, M and Errico, F and Longo, E and Meridiani, P and Mijuskovic, J and Organtini, G and Pandolfi, F and Paramatti, R and Quaranta, C and Rahatlou, S and Rovelli, C and Santanastasio, F and Soffi, L and Tramontano, R and Amapane, N and Arcidiacono, R and Argiro, S and Arneodo, M and Bartosik, N and Bellan, R and Bellora, A and Biino, C and Cartiglia, N and Costa, M and Covarelli, R and Demaria, N and Finco, L and Grippo, M and Kiani, B and Legger, F and Luongo, F and Mariotti, C and Maselli, S and Mecca, A and Migliore, E and Monteno, M and Mulargia, R and Obertino, MM and Ortona, G and Pacher, L and Pastrone, N and Pelliccioni, M and Ruspa, M and Siviero, F and Sola, V and Solano, A and Soldi, D and Staiano, A and Tarricone, C and Tornago, M and Trocino, D and Umoret, G and Vagnerini, A and Vlasov, E and Belforte, S and Candelise, V and Casarsa, M and Cossutti, F and De Leo, K and Ricca, GD and Dogra, S and Hong, J and Huh, C and Kim, B and Kim, DH and Kim, J and Lee, H and Lee, SW and Moon, CS and Oh, YD and Pak, SI and Ryu, MS and Sekmen, S and Yang, YC and Bak, G and Gwak, P and Kim, H and Moon, DH and Asilar, E and Kim, D and Kim, TJ and Merlin, JA and Park, J and Choi, S and Han, S and Hong, B and Lee, K and Lee, KS and Park, J and Park, SK and Yoo, J and Goh, J and Kim, HS and Kim, Y and Lee, S and Almond, J and Bhyun, JH and Choi, J and Jeon, S and Jun, W and Kim, J and Kim, JS and Ko, S and Kwon, H and Lee, H and Lee, J and Lee, J and Lee, S and Oh, BH and Oh, SB and Seo, H and Yang, UK and Yoon, I and Jang, W and Kang, DY and Kang, Y and Kim, S and Ko, B and Lee, JSH and Lee, Y and Park, IC and Roh, Y and Watson, IJ and Yang, S and Ha, S and Yoo, HD and Choi, M and Kim, MR and Lee, H and Lee, Y and Yu, I and Beyrouthy, T and Maghrbi, Y and Dreimanis, K and Gaile, A and Pikurs, G and Potrebko, A and Seidel, M and Veckalns, V and Strautnieks, NR and Ambrozas, M and Juodagalvis, A and Rinkevicius, A and Tamulaitis, G and Norjoharuddeen, NB and Yusuff, I and Zolkapli, Z and Benitez, JF and Hernandez, AC and Acosta, HAE and Maríñez, LGG and Coello, ML and Quijada, JAM and Sehrawat, A and Palomo, LV and Ayala, G and Castilla-Valdez, H and De La Cruz-Burelo, E and La Cruz, IH-D and Lopez-Fernandez, R and Herrera, CAM and Navarro, DAP and Hernández, AS and Barrera, CO and García, MR and Bautista, I and Pedraza, I and Ibarguen, HAS and Estrada, CU and Bubanja, I and Raicevic, N and Butler, PH and Ahmad, A and Asghar, MI and Awais, A and Awan, MIM and Hoorani, HR and Khan, WA and Avati, V and Grzanka, L and Malawski, M and Bialkowska, H and Bluj, M and Boimska, B and Górski, M and Kazana, M and Szleper, M and Zalewski, P and Bunkowski, K and Doroba, K and Kalinowski, A and Konecki, M and Krolikowski, J and Muhammad, A and Araujo, M and Bastos, D and Da Cruz E Silva, CB and Boletti, A and Bozzo, M and Faccioli, P and Gallinaro, M and Hollar, J and Leonardo, N and Niknejad, T and Pisano, M and Seixas, J and Varela, J and Adzic, P and Milenovic, P and Dordevic, M and Milosevic, J and Rekovic, V and Aguilar-Benitez, M and Maestre, JA and Luna, MB and Bedoya, CF and Cepeda, M and Cerrada, M and Colino, N and De La Cruz, B and Peris, AD and Val, DFD and Ramos, JPF and Flix, J and Fouz, MC and Lopez, OG and Lopez, SG and Hernandez, JM and Josa, MI and Holgado, JL and Moran, D and Perez, CMM and Tobar, Ã�N and Dengra, CP and Yzquierdo, AP-C and Pelayo, JP and Redondo, I and Ferrero, DDR and Romero, L and Navas, SS and Gómez, LU and Escobar, JV and Willmott, C and de Trocóniz, JF and Gonzalez, BA and Cuevas, J and Menendez, JF and Folgueras, S and Caballero, IG and Fernández, JRG and Cortezon, EP and Ã�lvarez, CR and Bouza, VR and Rodríguez, AS and Trapote, A and Villalba, CV and Vischia, P and Bhowmik, S and Fernández, SB and Cifuentes, JAB and Cabrillo, IJ and Calderon, A and Campderros, JD and Fernandez, M and Madrazo, CF and Gomez, G and García, CL and Rivero, CM and Arbol, PMR and Matorras, F and Cuevas, PM and Ramos, EN and Gomez, JP and Prieels, C and Scodellaro, L and Vila, I and Garcia, JMV and Jayananda, MK and Kailasapathy, B and Sonnadara, DUJ and Wickramarathna, DDC and Dharmaratna, WGD and Liyanage, K and Perera, N and Wickramage, N and Abbaneo, D and Amendola, C and Auffray, E and Auzinger, G and Baechler, J and Barney, D and Martínez, AB and Bianco, M and Bilin, B and Anuar, AAB and Bocci, A and Brondolin, E and Caillol, C and Camporesi, T and Cerminara, G and Chernyavskaya, N and dâ��Enterria, D and Dabrowski, A and David, A and De Roeck, A and Defranchis, MM and Deile, M and Dobson, M and Fallavollita, F and Forthomme, L and Franzoni, G and Funk, W and Giani, S and Gigi, D and Gill, K and Glege, F and Gouskos, L and Haranko, M and Hegeman, J and Innocente, V and James, T and Janot, P and Kieseler, J and Laurila, S and Lecoq, P and Leutgeb, E and Lourenço, C and Maier, B and Malgeri, L and Mannelli, M and Marini, AC and Meijers, F and Mersi, S and Meschi, E and Milosevic, V and Moortgat, F and Mulders, M and Orfanelli, S and Pantaleo, F and Peruzzi, M and Petrilli, A and Petrucciani, G and Pfeiffer, A and Pierini, M and Piparo, D and Qu, H and Rabady, D and Gutiérrez, GR and Rovere, M and Sakulin, H and Scarfi, S and Selvaggi, M and Sharma, A and Shchelina, K and Silva, P and Sphicas, P and Leiton, AGS and Steen, A and Summers, S and Treille, D and Tropea, P and Tsirou, A and Walter, D and Wanczyk, J and Wozniak, KA and Zehetner, P and Zejdl, P and Zeuner, WD and Bevilacqua, T and Caminada, L and Ebrahimi, A and Erdmann, W and Horisberger, R and Ingram, Q and Kaestli, HC and Kotlinski, D and Lange, C and Missiroli, M and Noehte, L and Rohe, T and Aarrestad, TK and Androsov, K and Backhaus, M and Calandri, A and Cazzaniga, C and Datta, K and De Cosa, A and Dissertori, G and Dittmar, M and DonegÃ, M and Eble, F and Galli, M and Gedia, K and Glessgen, F and Grab, C and Hits, D and Lustermann, W and Lyon, A-M and Manzoni, RA and Marchegiani, M and Marchese, L and Perez, CM and Mascellani, A and Nessi-Tedaldi, F and Pauss, F and Perovic, V and Pigazzini, S and Ratti, MG and Reichmann, M and Reissel, C and Reitenspiess, T and Ristic, B and Riti, F and Ruini, D and Becerra, DAS and Seidita, R and Steggemann, J and Valsecchi, D and Wallny, R and Amsler, C and Bärtschi, P and Botta, C and Brzhechko, D and Canelli, MF and Cormier, K and De Wit, A and Burgo, RD and Heikkilä, JK and Huwiler, M and Jin, W and Jofrehei, A and Kilminster, B and Leontsinis, S and Liechti, SP and Macchiolo, A and Meiring, P and Mikuni, VM and Molinatti, U and Neutelings, I and Reimers, A and Robmann, P and Cruz, SS and Schweiger, K and Senger, M and Takahashi, Y and Adloff, C and Kuo, CM and Lin, W and Rout, PK and Tiwari, PC and Yu, SS and Ceard, L and Chao, Y and Chen, KF and Chen, P and Chen, Z and Hou, W-S and Hsu, T and Kao, Y and Khurana, R and Kole, G and Li, Y and Lu, R-S and Paganis, E and Psallidas, A and Su, X and Thomas-Wilsker, J and Wu, H and Yazgan, E and Asawatangtrakuldee, C and Srimanobhas, N and Wachirapusitanand, V and Agyel, D and Boran, F and Demiroglu, ZS and Dolek, F and Dumanoglu, I and Eskut, E and Guler, Y and Guler, EG and Isik, C and Kara, O and Topaksu, AK and Kiminsu, U and Onengut, G and Ozdemir, K and Polatoz, A and Tali, B and Tok, UG and Turkcapar, S and Uslan, E and Zorbakir, IS and Ocalan, K and Yalvac, M and Akgun, B and Atakisi, IO and Gülmez, E and Kaya, M and Kaya, O and Tekten, S and Cakir, A and Cankocak, K and Komurcu, Y and Sen, S and Aydilek, O and Cerci, S and Epshteyn, V and Hacisahinoglu, B and Hos, I and Isildak, B and Kaynak, B and Ozkorucuklu, S and Sert, H and Simsek, C and Cerci, DS and Zorbilmez, C and Boyaryntsev, A and Grynyov, B and Levchuk, L and Anthony, D and Brooke, JJ and Bundock, A and Bury, F and Clement, E and Cussans, D and Flacher, H and Glowacki, M and Goldstein, J and Heath, HF and Kreczko, L and Krikler, B and Paramesvaran, S and Nasr-Storey, SSE and Smith, VJ and Stylianou, N and Pass, KW and White, R and Ball, AH and Bell, KW and Belyaev, A and Brew, C and Brown, RM and Cockerill, DJA and Cooke, C and Ellis, KV and Harder, K and Harper, S and Holmberg, M-L and Jain, S and Linacre, J and Manolopoulos, K and Newbold, DM and Olaiya, E and Petyt, D and Reis, T and Salvi, G and Schuh, T and Shepherd-Themistocleous, CH and Tomalin, IR and Williams, T and Bainbridge, R and Bloch, P and Brown, CE and Buchmuller, O and Cacchio, V and Montoya, CAC and Chahal, GS and Colling, D and Dancu, JS and Dauncey, P and Davies, G and Davies, J and Negra, MD and Fayer, S and Fedi, G and Hall, G and Hassanshahi, MH and Howard, A and Iles, G and Knight, M and Langford, J and Lyons, L and Magnan, A-M and Malik, S and Martelli, A and Mieskolainen, M and Nash, J and Pesaresi, M and Radburn-Smith, BC and Richards, A and Rose, A and Seez, C and Shukla, R and Tapper, A and Uchida, K and Uttley, GP and Vage, LH and Virdee, T and Vojinovic, M and Wardle, N and Winterbottom, D and Coldham, K and Cole, JE and Khan, A and Kyberd, P and Reid, ID and Abdullin, S and Brinkerhoff, A and Caraway, B and Dittmann, J and Hatakeyama, K and Hiltbrand, J and Kanuganti, AR and McMaster, B and Saunders, M and Sawant, S and Sutantawibul, C and Toms, M and Wilson, J and Bartek, R and Dominguez, A and Escamilla, CH and Simsek, AE and Uniyal, R and Hernandez, AMV and Chudasama, R and Cooper, SI and Gleyzer, SV and Perez, CU and Rumerio, P and Usai, E and West, C and Yi, R and Akpinar, A and Albert, A and Arcaro, D and Cosby, C and Demiragli, Z and Erice, C and Fontanesi, E and Gastler, D and Rohlf, J and Salyer, K and Sperka, D and Spitzbart, D and Suarez, I and Tsatsos, A and Yuan, S and Benelli, G and Coubez, X and Cutts, D and Hadley, M and Heintz, U and Hogan, JM and Kwon, T and Landsberg, G and Lau, KT and Li, D and Luo, J and Mondal, S and Narain, M and Pervan, N and Sagir, S and Simpson, F and Wong, WY and Yan, X and Zhang, W and Abbott, S and Bonilla, J and Brainerd, C and Breedon, R and De La Barca Sanchez, MC and Chertok, M and Citron, M and Conway, J and Cox, PT and Erbacher, R and Haza, G and Jensen, F and Kukral, O and Mocellin, G and Mulhearn, M and Pellett, D and Regnery, B and Wei, W and Yao, Y and Zhang, F and Bachtis, M and Cousins, R and Datta, A and Hauser, J and Ignatenko, M and Iqbal, MA and Lam, T and Manca, E and Nash, WA and Saltzberg, D and Stone, B and Valuev, V and Clare, R and Gordon, M and Hanson, G and Si, W and Wimpenny, S and Branson, JG and Cittolin, S and Cooperstein, S and Diaz, D and Duarte, J and Gerosa, R and Giannini, L and Guiang, J and Kansal, R and Krutelyov, V and Lee, R and Letts, J and Masciovecchio, M and Mokhtar, F and Pieri, M and Quinnan, M and Narayanan, BVS and Sharma, V and Tadel, M and Vourliotis, E and Würthwein, F and Xiang, Y and Yagil, A and Brennan, L and Campagnari, C and Collura, G and Dorsett, A and Incandela, J and Kilpatrick, M and Kim, J and Li, AJ and Masterson, P and Mei, H and Oshiro, M and Richman, J and Sarica, U and Schmitz, R and Setti, F and Sheplock, J and Stuart, D and Wang, S and Bornheim, A and Cerri, O and Latorre, A and Lawhorn, JM and Mao, J and Newman, HB and Nguyen, TQ and Spiropulu, M and Vlimant, JR and Wang, C and Xie, S and Zhu, RY and Alison, J and An, S and Andrews, MB and Bryant, P and Dutta, V and Ferguson, T and Harilal, A and Liu, C and Mudholkar, T and Murthy, S and Paulini, M and Roberts, A and Sanchez, A and Terrill, W and Cumalat, JP and Ford, WT and Hassani, A and Karathanasis, G and MacDonald, E and Manganelli, N and Marini, F and Perloff, A and Savard, C and Schonbeck, N and Stenson, K and Ulmer, KA and Wagner, SR and Zipper, N and Alexander, J and Bright-Thonney, S and Chen, X and Cranshaw, DJ and Fan, J and Fan, X and Gadkari, D and Hogan, S and Monroy, J and Patterson, JR and Reichert, J and Reid, M and Ryd, A and Thom, J and Wittich, P and Zou, R and Albrow, M and Alyari, M and Amram, O and Apollinari, G and Apresyan, A and Bauerdick, LAT and Berry, D and Berryhill, J and Bhat, PC and Burkett, K and Butler, JN and Canepa, A and Cerati, GB and Cheung, HWK and Chlebana, F and Cummings, G and Dickinson, J and Dutta, I and Elvira, VD and Feng, Y and Freeman, J and Gandrakota, A and Gecse, Z and Gray, L and Green, D and Grünendahl, S and Guerrero, D and Gutsche, O and Harris, RM and Heller, R and Herwig, TC and Hirschauer, J and Horyn, L and Jayatilaka, B and Jindariani, S and Johnson, M and Joshi, U and Klijnsma, T and Klima, B and Kwok, KHM and Lammel, S and Lincoln, D and Lipton, R and Liu, T and Madrid, C and Maeshima, K and Mantilla, C and Mason, D and McBride, P and Merkel, P and Mrenna, S and Nahn, S and Ngadiuba, J and Noonan, D and Papadimitriou, V and Pastika, N and Pedro, K and Pena, C and Ravera, F and Hall, AR and Ristori, L and Sexton-Kennedy, E and Smith, N and Soha, A and Spiegel, L and Stoynev, S and Strait, J and Taylor, L and Tkaczyk, S and Tran, NV and Uplegger, L and Vaandering, EW and Zoi, I and Aruta, C and Avery, P and Bourilkov, D and Cadamuro, L and Chang, P and Cherepanov, V and Field, RD and Koenig, E and Kolosova, M and Konigsberg, J and Korytov, A and Lo, KH and Matchev, K and Menendez, N and Mitselmakher, G and Madhu, AM and Rawal, N and Rosenzweig, D and Rosenzweig, S and Shi, K and Wang, J and Adams, T and Kadhim, AA and Askew, A and Bower, N and Habibullah, R and Hagopian, V and Hashmi, R and Kim, RS and Kim, S and Kolberg, T and Martinez, G and Prosper, H and Prova, PR and Viazlo, O and Wulansatiti, M and Yohay, R and Zhang, J and Alsufyani, B and Baarmand, MM and Butalla, S and Elkafrawy, T and Hohlmann, M and Verma, RK and Rahmani, M and Yumiceva, F and Adams, MR and Bennett, C and Cavanaugh, R and Dittmer, S and Franco, RE and Evdokimov, O and Gerber, CE and Hofman, DJ and Lee, J and Lemos, DS and Merrit, AH and Mills, C and Nanda, S and Oh, G and Ozek, B and Pilipovic, D and Roy, T and Rudrabhatla, S and Tonjes, MB and Varelas, N and Wang, X and Ye, Z and Yoo, J and Alhusseini, M and Blend, D and Dilsiz, K and Emediato, L and Karaman, G and Köseyan, OK and Merlo, J-P and Mestvirishvili, A and Nachtman, J and Neogi, O and Ogul, H and Onel, Y and Penzo, A and Snyder, C and Tiras, E and Blumenfeld, B and Corcodilos, L and Davis, J and Gritsan, AV and Kang, L and Kyriacou, S and Maksimovic, P and Roguljic, M and Roskes, J and Sekhar, S and Swartz, M and Vámi, TÃ� and Abreu, A and Alcerro, LFA and Anguiano, J and Baringer, P and Bean, A and Flowers, Z and Grove, D and King, J and Krintiras, G and Lazarovits, M and Mahieu, CL and Lindsey, C and Marquez, J and Minafra, N and Murray, M and Nickel, M and Pitt, M and Popescu, S and Rogan, C and Royon, C and Salvatico, R and Sanders, S and Smith, C and Wang, Q and Wilson, G and Allmond, B and Ivanov, A and Kaadze, K and Kalogeropoulos, A and Kim, D and Maravin, Y and Nam, K and Natoli, J and Roy, D and Sorrentino, G and Rebassoo, F and Wright, D and Adams, E and Baden, A and Baron, O and Belloni, A and Bethani, A and Chen, YM and Eno, SC and Hadley, NJ and Jabeen, S and Kellogg, RG and Koeth, T and Lai, Y and Lascio, S and Mignerey, AC and Nabili, S and Palmer, C and Papageorgakis, C and Paranjpe, MM and Wang, L and Wong, K and Bendavid, J and Busza, W and Cali, IA and Chen, Y and Dâ��Alfonso, M and Eysermans, J and Freer, C and Gomez-Ceballos, G and Goncharov, M and Harris, P and Hoang, D and Kovalskyi, D and Krupa, J and Lavezzo, L and Lee, Y-J and Long, K and Mironov, C and Paus, C and Rankin, D and Roland, C and Roland, G and Rothman, S and Shi, Z and Stephans, GSF and Wang, J and Wang, Z and Wyslouch, B and Yang, TJ and Crossman, B and Joshi, BM and Kapsiak, C and Krohn, M and Mahon, D and Mans, J and Pandey, S and Revering, M and Rusack, R and Saradhy, R and Schroeder, N and Strobbe, N and Wadud, MA and Cremaldi, LM and Bloom, K and Bryson, M and Claes, DR and Fangmeier, C and Golf, F and Hossain, J and Joo, C and Kravchenko, I and Reed, I and Siado, JE and Snow, GR and Tabb, W and Wightman, A and Yan, F and Yu, D and Zecchinelli, AG and Agarwal, G and Bandyopadhyay, H and Hay, L and Iashvili, I and Kharchilava, A and McLean, C and Morris, M and Nguyen, D and Pekkanen, J and Rappoccio, S and Sfar, HR and Williams, A and Alverson, G and Barberis, E and Haddad, Y and Han, Y and Krishna, A and Li, J and Lu, M and Madigan, G and Marzocchi, B and Morse, DM and Nguyen, V and Orimoto, T and Parker, A and Skinnari, L and Tishelman-Charny, A and Wang, B and Wood, D and Bhattacharya, S and Bueghly, J and Chen, Z and Hahn, KA and Liu, Y and Miao, Y and Monk, DG and Schmitt, MH and Taliercio, A and Velasco, M and Band, R and Bucci, R and Castells, S and Cremonesi, M and Das, A and Goldouzian, R and Hildreth, M and Ho, KW and Anampa, KH and Jessop, C and Lannon, K and Lawrence, J and Loukas, N and Lutton, L and Mariano, J and Marinelli, N and Mcalister, I and McCauley, T and Mcgrady, C and Mohrman, K and Moore, C and Musienko, Y and Nelson, H and Osherson, M and Ruchti, R and Townsend, A and Wayne, M and Yockey, H and Zarucki, M and Zygala, L and Basnet, A and Bylsma, B and Carrigan, M and Durkin, LS and Hill, C and Joyce, M and Lesauvage, A and Ornelas, MN and Wei, K and Winer, BL and Yates, BR and Addesa, FM and Bouchamaoui, H and Das, P and Dezoort, G and Elmer, P and Frankenthal, A and Greenberg, B and Haubrich, N and Higginbotham, S and Kopp, G and Kwan, S and Lange, D and Loeliger, A and Marlow, D and Ojalvo, I and Olsen, J and Stickland, D and Tully, C and Malik, S and Bakshi, AS and Barnes, VE and Chandra, S and Chawla, R and Das, S and Gu, A and Gutay, L and Jones, M and Jung, AW and Kondratyev, D and Koshy, AM and Liu, M and Negro, G and Neumeister, N and Paspalaki, G and Piperov, S and Purohit, A and Schulte, JF and Stojanovic, M and Thieman, J and Virdi, AK and Wang, F and Xie, W and Dolen, J and Parashar, N and Pathak, A and Acosta, D and Baty, A and Carnahan, T and Dildick, S and Ecklund, KM and Manteca, PJF and Freed, S and Gardner, P and Geurts, FJM and Kumar, A and Li, W and Colin, OM and Padley, BP and Redjimi, R and Rotter, J and Yigitbasi, E and Zhang, Y and Bodek, A and de Barbaro, P and Demina, R and Dulemba, JL and Fallon, C and Garcia-Bellido, A and Hindrichs, O and Khukhunaishvili, A and Parygin, P and Popova, E and Taus, R and Onsem, GPV and Goulianos, K and Chiarito, B and Chou, JP and Gershtein, Y and Halkiadakis, E and Hart, A and Heindl, M and Jaroslawski, D and Karacheban, O and Laflotte, I and Lath, A and Montalvo, R and Nash, K and Routray, H and Salur, S and Schnetzer, S and Somalwar, S and Stone, R and Thayil, SA and Thomas, S and Vora, J and Wang, H and Acharya, H and Ally, D and Delannoy, AG and Fiorendi, S and Holmes, T and Karunarathna, N and Lee, L and Nibigira, E and Spanier, S and Aebi, D and Ahmad, M and Bouhali, O and Dalchenko, M and Eusebi, R and Gilmore, J and Huang, T and Kamon, T and Kim, H and Luo, S and Malhotra, S and Mueller, R and Overton, D and Rathjens, D and Safonov, A and Akchurin, N and Damgov, J and Hegde, V and Hussain, A and Kazhykarim, Y and Lamichhane, K and Lee, SW and Mankel, A and Mengke, T and Muthumuni, S and Peltola, T and Volobouev, I and Whitbeck, A and Appelt, E and Greene, S and Gurrola, A and Johns, W and Elayavalli, RK and Melo, A and Romeo, F and Sheldon, P and Tuo, S and Velkovska, J and Viinikainen, J and Cardwell, B and Cox, B and Hakala, J and Hirosky, R and Ledovskoy, A and Li, A and Neu, C and Lara, CEP and Karchin, PE and Aravind, A and Banerjee, S and Black, K and Bose, T and Dasu, S and De Bruyn, I and Everaerts, P and Galloni, C and He, H and Herndon, M and Herve, A and Koraka, CK and Lanaro, A and Loveless, R and Sreekala, JM and Mallampalli, A and Mohammadi, A and Mondal, S and Parida, G and Pinna, D and Savin, A and Shang, V and Sharma, V and Smith, WH and Teague, D and Tsoi, HF and Vetens, W and Warden, A and Afanasiev, S and Andreev, V and Andreev, Y and Aushev, T and Azarkin, M and Babaev, A and Belyaev, A and Blinov, V and Boos, E and Borshch, V and Budkouski, D and Chadeeva, M and Chekhovsky, V and Chistov, R and Dermenev, A and Dimova, T and Druzhkin, D and Dubinin, M and Dudko, L and Ershov, A and Gavrilov, G and Gavrilov, V and Gninenko, S and Golovtcov, V and Golubev, N and Golutvin, I and Gorbunov, I and Gribushin, A and Ivanov, Y and Kachanov, V and Kaminskiy, A and Kardapoltsev, L and Karjavine, V and Karneyeu, A and Kim, V and Kirakosyan, M and Kirpichnikov, D and Kirsanov, M and Klyukhin, V and Kodolova, O and Konstantinov, D and Korenkov, V and Kozyrev, A and Krasnikov, N and Lanev, A and Levchenko, P and Lychkovskaya, N and Makarenko, V and Malakhov, A and Matveev, V and Murzin, V and Nikitenko, A and Obraztsov, S and Oreshkin, V and Palichik, V and Perelygin, V and Petrushanko, S and Polikarpov, S and Popov, V and Radchenko, O and Savina, M and Savrin, V and Selivanova, D and Shalaev, V and Shmatov, S and Shulha, S and Skovpen, Y and Slabospitskii, S and Smirnov, V and Snigirev, A and Sosnov, D and Sulimov, V and Tcherniaev, E and Terkulov, A and Teryaev, O and Tlisova, I and Toropin, A and Uvarov, L and Uzunian, A and Vorobyev, A and Voytishin, N and Yuldashev, BS and Zarubin, A and Zhizhin, I and Zhokin, A and Collaboration, CMS Luminosity determination using Z boson production at the CMS experiment. In: Institute for Ionics .

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