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Vivekanantha, Murugan and Senthil, Chenrayan and Kesavan, Thangaian and Partheeban, Thamodaran and Navaneethan, Mani and Senthilkumar, Baskar and Barpanda, Prabeer and Sasidharan, Manickam (2019) Reactive template synthesis of Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 nanorod cathode for Li-ion batteries: Influence of temperature over structural and electrochemical properties. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 317 . pp. 398-407.

Veerasubramani, Ganesh Kumar and Subramanian, Yuvaraj and Park, Myung-Soo and Senthilkumar, Baskar and Eftekhari, Ali and Kim, Sang Jae and Kim, Dong-Won (2019) Enhanced sodium-ion storage capability of P2/O3 biphase by Li-ion substitution into P2-type Na0.5Fe0.5Mn0.5O2 layered cathode. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 296 . pp. 1027-1034.

Singh, Rana Pratap and Arora, Payal and Nellaiappan, Subramanian and Shivakumara, C and Irusta, Silvia and Paliwal, Manas and Sharma, Sudhanshu (2019) Electrochemical insights into layered La2CuO4 perovskite: Active ionic copper for selective CO2 electroreduction at low overpotential. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 326 .

Suriyakumar, Shruti and Gopi, Sivalingam and Kathiresan, Murugavel and Bose, Suriyasarathi and Gowd, E. Bhoje and Nair, Jijeesh R. and Angulakshmi, Natarajan and Meligrana, Giuseppina and Bella, Federico and Gerbaldi, Claudio and Stephan, A Manuel (2018) Metal organic framework laden poly(ethylene oxide) based composite electrolytes for all-solid-state Li-S and Li-metal polymer batteries. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 285 . pp. 355-364.

Roy, Atanu and Ray, Apurba and Saha, Samik and Ghosh, Monalisa and Das, Trisha and Satpati, Biswarup and Nandi, Mahasweta and Das, S (2018) NiO-CNT composite for high performance supercapacitor electrode and oxygen evolution reaction. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 283 . pp. 327-337.

Dwibedi, Debasmita and Jaschin, Prem W and Gond, Ritambhara and Barpanda, Prabeer (2018) Revisiting the alluaudite NaMnFe2(PO4)(3) sodium insertion material: Structural, diffusional and electrochemical insights. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 283 . pp. 850-857.

Naik, Keerti M and Sampath, S (2017) Cubic Mo6S8-Efficient Electrocatalyst Towards Hydrogen Evolution Over Wide pH Range. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 252 . pp. 408-415.

Anju, VG and Sampath, S (2017) Stable, Rechargeable Lithium - Oxygen Battery in Liquid and Gel-Based Electrolytes. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 252 . pp. 119-126.

Ghosh, Swatilekha and Mitra, Sagar and Barpanda, Prabeer (2016) Sonochemical Synthesis of Nanostructured Spinel Li4Ti5O12 Negative Insertion Material for Li-ion and Na-ion Batteries. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 222 . pp. 898-903.

Jha, Niki S and Mishra, Satyendra and Jha, Shailendra K and Surolia, Avadhesha (2015) Antioxidant activity and electrochemical elucidation of the enigmatic redox behavior of curcumin and its structurally modified analogues. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 151 . pp. 574-583.

Nandy, Anshuman and Tiwary, CS and Dutta, A and Chattopadhyay, K and Pradhan, SK (2015) Effect of Manganese (II) Oxide on microstructure and ionic transport properties of nanostructured cubic zirconia. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 170 . pp. 360-368.

Dash, Sthitaprajna and Munichandraiah, N (2015) Nanoflowers of PdRu on PEDOT for Electrooxidation of Glycerol and Its Analysis. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 180 . pp. 339-352.

Chattopadhyay, Jayeeta and Pathak, Tara Sankar and Srivastava, R and Singh, AC (2015) Ni Nano-particle Encapsulated in Hollow Carbon Sphere Electrocatalyst in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolyzer. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 167 . pp. 429-438.

Penki, Tirupathi Rao and Shivakumara, S and Minakshi, M and Munichandraiah, N (2015) Porous Flower-like alpha-Fe2O3 Nanostructure: A High Performance Anode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 167 . pp. 330-339.

Joseph, Alex and Subramanian, Sankaran and Ramamurthy, Praveen C and Sampath, Srinivasan and Kumar, Vasant R and Schwandt, Carsten (2014) Iminodiacetic acid functionalized polypyrrole modified electrode as Pb(II) sensor: Synthesis and DPASV studies. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 137 . pp. 557-563.

Thomas, Rajesh and Rao, Mohan G (2014) Phase and Dimensionality of Tin Oxide at graphene nanosheet array and its Electrochemical performance as anode for Lithium Ion Battery. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 125 . pp. 380-385.

Penki, Tirupathi Rao and Shanmughasundaram, D and Munichandraiah, N (2014) Porous lithium rich Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.22Fe0.04O2 prepared by microemulsion route as a high capacity and high rate capability positive electrode material. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 143 . pp. 152-160.

Raman, Thulasi KH and Penki, Tirupathi Rao and Munichandraiah, N and Rao, Mohan G (2014) Titanium nitride thin film anode: chemical and microstructural evaluation during electrochemical studies. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 125 . pp. 282-287.

Ndlovu, Thabile and Mamba, Bhelde B and Sampath, Srinivasan and Krause, Rui W and Arotiba, Omotayo A (2014) Voltammetric detection of arsenic on a bismuth modified exfoliated graphite electrode. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 128 (SI). pp. 48-53.

Meenakshi, S and Sahu, AK and Bhat, SD and Sridhar, P and Pitchumani, S and Shukla, AK (2013) Mesostructured-aluminosilicate-Nafion hybrid membranes for direct methanol fuel cells. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 89 . pp. 35-44.

Thomas, Rajesh and Rao, Yellareswar K and Rao, Mohan G (2013) Morphology and electrochemical performance of graphene nanosheet array for Li-ion thin film battery. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 108 . pp. 458-464.

Mathew, Ambily and Anand, Venu and Rao, Mohan G and Munichandraiah, N (2012) Effect of iodine concentration on the photovoltaic properties of dye sensitized solar cells for various I-2/LiI ratios. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 87 . pp. 92-96.

Dash, Sthitaprajna and Munichandraiah, N (2012) Electrocatalytic oxidation of 1,2-propanediol on electrodeposited Pd-poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanodendrite films in alkaline medium. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 80 . pp. 68-76.

Shukla, AK and Banerjee, A and Ravikumar, MK and Jalajakshi, A (2012) Electrochemical capacitors: Technical challenges and prognosis for future markets. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 84 (SI). pp. 165-173.

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