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Dawara, V and Gupta, N and Dey, A and Kumar, A and Viswanathan, K (2022) Pore–microcrack interaction governs failure in bioconsolidated space bricks. In: Ceramics International .

Elango, I and Selvamani, M and Ramamurthy, PC and Kesavan, AV (2022) Studying VOC in lead free inorganic perovskite photovoltaics by tuning energy bandgap and defect density. In: Ceramics International .

Manjunatha, M and Reddy, GS and Mallikarjunaiah, KJ and Ramesh, KP and Bhat, SV (2022) Effect of aluminum substitution on structural and magnetic properties of nickel ferrites: Raman and 57Fe IFNMR studies. In: Ceramics International .

Nawade, A and Ramya, K and Chakrabortty, S and Bamola, P and Sharma, H and Sharma, M and Chakraborty, K and Ramakrishna, S and Biring, S and Shun Wong, TK and Kumar, A and Mukhopadhyay, S and Dalapati, GK (2022) Copper based transparent solar heat rejecting film on glass through in-situ nanocrystal engineering of sputtered TiO2. In: Ceramics International, 48 (2). pp. 2482-2491.

Parida, A and Sahoo, D and Alagarasan, D and Vardhrajperumal, S and Ganesan, R and Naik, R (2022) Impact on nonlinear/linear optical and structural parameters in quaternary In15Ag10S15Se60 thin films upon annealing at different temperatures. In: Ceramics International .

Thapliyal, P and Kandari, AS and Lingwal, V and Panwar, NS and Rao, GM (2021) Annealing temperature-dependent structural and electrical properties of (Ta2O5)1-x - (TiO2)x thin films, x � 0.11. In: Ceramics International . (In Press)

Ray, S and Bhattacharya, TK and Singh, VK and Deb, D and Ghosh, S and Das, S (2021) Non-isothermal decomposition kinetics of nano-scale CaCO3 as a function of particle size variation. In: Ceramics International, 47 (1). pp. 858-864.

Singh, RP and Saha, S (2021) Additives effect on the multiferroic behaviour of BiFeO3�PbTiO3. In: Ceramics International .

Pillai, AM and Ghosh, R and Dey, A and Prajwal, K and Rajendra, A and Sharma, AK and Sampath, S (2021) Crystalline and amorphous PEO based ceramic coatings on AA6061: Nanoindentation and corrosion studies. In: Ceramics International .

Dash, S and Thakur, VN and Kumar, A and Mahaling, RN and Patel, S and Thomas, R and Sahoo, B and Pradhan, DK (2021) Enhancing functional properties of PVDF-HFP/BZT-BCT polymer-ceramic composites by surface hydroxylation of ceramic fillers. In: Ceramics International .

Thapliyal, P and Panwar, NS and Rao, GM (2021) Influence of post-deposition annealing on electrical and optical properties of (Ta2O5)1-x - (TiO2)x thin films, x � 0.08. In: Ceramics International .

Haunsbhavi, K and Deva Arun Kumar, K and Mele, P and Aldossary, OM and Ubaidullah, M and Mahesh, HM and Murahari, P and Angadi, B (2021) Pseudo n-type behaviour of nickel oxide thin film at room temperature towards ammonia sensing. In: Ceramics International .

Hossain, A and Yanda, P and Cherepanov, VA and Sakthipandi, K and Sundaresan, A (2020) Synthesis, structure, optical and magnetic properties of Nd1�xAxMn0.5Co0.5O3�δ (A = Ba, Sr and Ca; x = 0 and 0.25). In: Ceramics International, 46 (17). pp. 26895-26902.

Shariff, YKR and Choudhary, HK and Khopkar, V and Yadav, A and Madhusudhana, R and Sahoo, B (2020) Sol-gel auto-combustion synthesis of Ba�Sr hexaferrite ceramic powders. In: Ceramics International . (In Press)

Dikshit, R and Dey, A and Gupta, N and Varma, SC and Venugopal, I and Viswanathan, K and Kumar, A (2020) Space bricks: From LSS to machinable structures via MICP. In: Ceramics International .

Barman, Nabadyuti and Varma, KBR (2017) Enhanced non-linear current-voltage response of Te-doped calcium copper titanate ceramics. In: Ceramics International, 43 (8). pp. 6363-6370. ISSN 02728842

Rangaraj, Lingappa and Barman, Kanika and Divakar, Canchi and Jayaram, Vikram (2013) Reactive hot pressing of Ti-B-C and Ti-C at 1200 degrees C. In: Ceramics International, 39 (5). pp. 5955-5961.

Kotharu, Venkateswarlu and Nagumothu, Rameshbabu and Arumugam, Chandra Bose and Veerappan, Muthupandi and Sankaran, Subramanian and Davoodbasha, MubarakAli and Nooruddin, Thajuddin (2012) Fabrication of corrosion resistant, bioactive and antibacterial silver substituted hydroxyapatite/titania composite coating on Cp Ti. In: Ceramics International, 38 (1). pp. 731-740.

Kulkarni, S and Nagabhushana, BM and Suriya murthy, N and Shivakumara, C and Chakradhar, RPS and Damle, R (2012) Synthesis, luminescence and EPR studies on CaSiO 3: Pb, Mn-nano phosphors synthesized by the solution combustion method. In: Ceramics International .

Tiwary, CS and Verma, Akash and Biswas, Krishanu and Mondal, Amit K and Chattopadhyay, Kamanio (2011) Preparation of ultrafine CsCl crystallites by combined cryogenic and room temperature ball milling. In: Ceramics International, 37 (8). pp. 3677-3686.

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Jacob, KT and Petric, A and Kale, GM and Iyengar, GNK (1987) Phase relations between Al2O3---Cr2O3 and FeAl2O4---FeCr2O4 solid solutions at 1823 K. In: Ceramics International, 13 (2). pp. 123-129.

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