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Anantharamaiah, PN and Mondal, S and Saha, S (2020) Inducing the Catalytic Activity in SrFe12O19 Via Chemical Modification. In: Catalysis Letters .

Sharma, S and Gupta, A (2010) Pt2+ Dispersed in Ce0.83Ti0.15O2-delta: Significant Improvement in PROX Activity by Ti Substitution in CeO2 in Hydrogen Rich Stream. In: Catalysis Letters, 134 (3-4). pp. 330-336.

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Dutta, Gargi and Waghmare, Umesh V and Baidya, Tinku and Hegde, MS and Priolkar, KR and Sarode, PR (2006) Reducibility of $Ce_1_-_xZr_xO_2$: Origin of Enhanced Oxygen Storage Capacity. In: Catalysis Letters, 108 (3-4). 165 -172.

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