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Kumbhar, D and Palliyarayil, A and Reghu, D and Shrungar, D and Umapathy, S and Sil, S (2021) Rapid discrimination of porous bio-carbon derived from nitrogen rich biomass using Raman spectroscopy and artificial intelligence methods. In: Carbon, 178 . pp. 792-802.

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Li, B and Tan, H and Jenkins, D and Srinivasa Raghavan, V and Rosa, BG and Güder, F and Pan, G and Yeatman, E and Sharp, DJ (2020) Clinical detection of neurodegenerative blood biomarkers using graphene immunosensor. In: Carbon, 168 . pp. 144-162.

Joyner, J and Javvaji, B and Owuor, PS and Raghavan, P and Salpekar, D and Tsafack, T and Bhowmick, S and Vajtai, R and Mahapatra, DR and Tiwary, CS and Ajayan, PM (2020) Shear exfoliation synthesis of large-scale graphene-reinforced nanofibers. In: Carbon, 166 . pp. 405-413.

Choudhary, HK and Kumar, R and Pawar, SP and Sundararaj, U and Sahoo, B (2020) Effect of morphology and role of conductivity of embedded metallic nanoparticles on electromagnetic interference shielding of PVDF-carbonaceous-nanofiller composites. In: Carbon, 164 . pp. 357-368.

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Sahu, AK and Nishanth, KG and Selvarani, G and Sridhar, P and Pitchumani, S and Shukla, AK (2009) Polymer electrolyte fuel cells employing electrodes with gas-diffusion layers of mesoporous carbon derived from a sol-gel route. In: Carbon, 47 (01). pp. 102-108.

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