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Nandan, Ravi and Nanda, Sankalpa (2019) Cyanogenic glycosides: A sustainable carbon and nitrogen source for developing resilient Janus reversible oxygen electrocatalysts for metal-air batteries. In: CARBON, 155 . pp. 155-165.

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Kumar, Rajeev and Kumar, Ajay and Verma, Nancy and Anupama, A V and Philip, Reji and Sahoo, Balaram (2019) Modulating non-linear optical absorption through controlled graphitization of carbon nanostructures containing Fe3C-graphite core-shell nanoparticles. In: CARBON, 153 . pp. 545-556.

Sreedhara, MB and Barua, Manaswee and Chaturvedi, Abhishek and Rao, CNR and Ramamurty, Upadrasta (2018) Borocarbonitride, (BN)(x)(C)(1-x,) nanosheet-reinforced polymer nanocomposites for high mechanical performance. In: CARBON, 140 . pp. 688-695.

Yadav, Ankit and Kumar, Rajeev and Choudhary, Harish Kumar and Sahoo, Balaram (2018) Graphene-oxide coating for corrosion protection of iron particles in saline water. In: CARBON, 140 . pp. 477-487.

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