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Warrit, N and Ascher, J and Basu, P and Belavadi, V and Brockmann, A and Buchori, D and Dorey, JB and Hughes, A and Krishnan, S and Ngo, HT and Williams, P and Zhu, C-D and Abrol, D and Bawa, K and Bhatta, C and Borges, RM and Bossert, S and Cervancia, C and Chatthanabun, N and Chesters, D and Chinh, PH and Devkota, K and Duc, HP and Ferrari, R and Garibaldi, L and Ge, J and Ghosh, D and Huang, D and Jung, C and Klein, A-M and Koch, JBU and Krichilsky, E and Kunte, K and Ling, TC and Liu, S and Liu, X and Luo, A and Luo, S and Mu, J and Nidup, T and Niu, Z and Nur-Zati, AM and Olsson, SB and Otis, GW and Ouyang, F and Peng, Y-Q and Priawandiputra, W and Proshchalykin, M and Raffiudin, R and Rameshkumar, A and Ren, Z and Suruliraj, A and Sane, S and Shi, X and Sinu, PA and Smith, DR and Soh, ZWW and Somananthan, H and Sritongchuay, T and Stewart, AB and Sun, C and Tang, M and Thanoosing, C and Tscharntke, T and Vereecken, N and Wang, S and Wayo, K and Wongsiri, S and Zhou, X and Xie, Z and Zhang, D and Zou, Y and Zu, P and Orr, M (2023) Opportunities and challenges in Asian bee research and conservation. In: Biological Conservation, 285 .

Davies, SJ and Abiem, I and Abu Salim, K and Aguilar, S and Allen, D and Alonso, A and Anderson-Teixeira, K and Andrade, A and Arellano, G and Ashton, PS and Baker, PJ and Baker, ME and Baltzer, JL and Basset, Y and Bissiengou, P and Bohlman, S and Bourg, NA and Brockelman, WY and Bunyavejchewin, S and Burslem, DFRP and Cao, M and Cárdenas, D and Chang, L-W and Chang-Yang, C-H and Chao, K-J and Chao, W-C and Chapman, H and Chen, Y-Y and Chisholm, RA and Chu, C and Chuyong, G and Clay, K and Comita, LS and Condit, R and Cordell, S and Dattaraja, HS and de Oliveira, AA and den Ouden, J and Detto, M and Dick, C and Du, X and Duque, � and Ediriweera, S and Ellis, EC and Obiang, NLE and Esufali, S and Ewango, CEN and Fernando, ES and Filip, J and Fischer, GA and Foster, R and Giambelluca, T and Giardina, C and Gilbert, GS and Gonzalez-Akre, E and Gunatilleke, IAUN and Gunatilleke, CVS and Hao, Z and Hau, BCH and He, F and Ni, H and Howe, RW and Hubbell, SP and Huth, A and Inman-Narahari, F and Itoh, A and Janík, D and Jansen, PA and Jiang, M and Johnson, DJ and Jones, FA and Kanzaki, M and Kenfack, D and Kiratiprayoon, S and Král, K and Krizel, L and Lao, S and Larson, AJ and Li, Y and Li, X and Litton, CM and Liu, Y and Liu, S and Lum, SKY and Luskin, MS and Lutz, JA and Luu, HT and Ma, K and Makana, J-R and Malhi, Y and Martin, A and McCarthy, C and McMahon, SM and McShea, WJ and Memiaghe, H and Mi, X and Mitre, D and Mohamad, M and Monks, L and Muller-Landau, HC and Musili, PM and Myers, JA and Nathalang, A and Ngo, KM and Norden, N and Novotny, V and O'Brien, MJ and Orwig, D and Ostertag, R and Papathanassiou, K and Parker, GG and Pérez, R and Perfecto, I and Phillips, RP and Pongpattananurak, N and Pretzsch, H and Ren, H and Reynolds, G and Rodriguez, LJ and Russo, SE and Sack, L and Sang, W and Shue, J and Singh, A and Song, G-ZM and Sukumar, R and Sun, I-F and Suresh, HS and Swenson, NG and Tan, S and Thomas, SC and Thomas, D and Thompson, J and Turner, BL and Uowolo, A and Uriarte, M and Valencia, R and Vandermeer, J and Vicentini, A and Visser, M and Vrska, T and Wang, X and Wang, X and Weiblen, GD and Whitfeld, TJS and Wolf, A and Wright, SJ and Xu, H and Yao, TL and Yap, SL and Ye, W and Yu, M and Zhang, M and Zhu, D and Zhu, L and Zimmerman, JK and Zuleta, D (2021) ForestGEO: Understanding forest diversity and dynamics through a global observatory network. In: Biological Conservation, 253 .

Stelfox, M and Burian, A and Shanker, K and Rees, AF and Jean, C and Willson, MS and Manik, NA and Sweet, M (2020) Tracing the origin of olive ridley turtles entangled in ghost nets in the Maldives: A phylogeographic assessment of populations at risk. In: Biological Conservation, 245 .

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