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Sarkar, Biswajit and Mahapa, Avisek and Chatterji, Dipankar and Jayaraman, Narayanaswamy (2019) Sugar Vinyl Sulfoxide Glycoconjugation of Peptides and Lysozynne: Abrogation of Proteolysis at the Lysine Sites. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 58 (34). pp. 3561-3565.

Munshi, Sneha and Subramanian, Sandhyaa and Ramesh, Samyuktha and Golla, Hemashree and Kalivarathan, Divakar and Kulkarni, Madhurima and Campos, Luis A and Sekhar, Ashok and Naganathan, Athi N (2019) Engineering Order and Cooperativity in a Disordered Protein. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 58 (19). pp. 2389-2397.

Bhattacharya, Avisek and Paul, Anindita and Chakrabarti, Dipanjan and DasGupta, Maitrayee (2019) Gatekeeper-Activation Loop Cross-Talk Determines Distinct Autoactivation States of Symbiosis Receptor Kinase. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 58 (19). pp. 2419-2431.

Bansal, Akanksha and Karanth, N Megha and Demeler, Borries and Schindelin, Hermann and Sarma, Siddhartha P (2019) Crystallographic Structures of IlvN center dot Val/Ile Complexes: Conformational Selectivity for Feedback Inhibition of Aceto Hydroxy Acid Synthases. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 58 (15). pp. 1992-2008.

Selmke, Benjamin and Borbat, Peter P and Nickolaus, Chen and Varadarajan, Raghavan and Freed, Jack H and Trommer, Wolfgang E (2018) Open and Closed Form of Maltose Binding Protein in Its Native and Molten Globule State As Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 57 (38). pp. 5507-5512.

Najar, Tariq Ahmad and Kar, Uddipan and Flynn, Jessica A and Varadarajan, Raghavan (2018) Isolation of an in Vitro Affinity-Matured, Thermostable ``Headless'' HA Stem Fragment That Binds Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies with High Affinity. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 57 (26). pp. 3817-3829.

Vishwanath, Sneha and Banerjee, Sunaina and Jamithireddy, Anil K and Srinivasan, Narayanaswamy and Gopal, Balasubramanian and Chatterjee, Jayanta (2017) Design, Synthesis, and Experimental Validation of Peptide Ligands Targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis sigma Factors. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 56 (16). pp. 2209-2218.

Balakrishnan, Swati and Sarma, Siddhartha P (2017) Engineering Aromatic-Aromatic Interactions To Nucleate Folding in Intrinsically Disordered Regions of Proteins. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 56 (33). pp. 4346-4359.

Aghera, Nilesh and Udgaonkar, Jayant B (2017) Stepwise Assembly of beta-Sheet Structure during the Folding of an SH3 Domain Revealed by a Pulsed Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry Study. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 56 (29). pp. 3754-3769.

Baliga, Chetana and Varadarajan, Raghavan and Aghera, Nilesh (2016) Homodimeric Escherichia coli Toxin CcdB (Controller of Cell Division or Death B Protein) Folds via Parallel Pathways. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 55 (43). pp. 6019-6031.

Manjunath, GP and Soni, Neelesh and Vaddavalli, Pavana L and Shewale, Dipeshwari J and Madhusudhan, MS and Muniyappa, K (2016) Molecular Mechanism Underlying ATP-Induced Conformational Changes in the Nucleoprotein Filament of Mycobacterium smegmatis RecA. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 55 (12). pp. 1850-1862.

Thakur, Manoj and Kumar, Mohan BJ and Muniyappa, K (2016) Mycobacterium tuberculosis UvrB Is a Robust DNA-Stimulated ATPase That Also Possesses Structure-Specific ATP-Dependent DNA Helicase Activity. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 55 (41). pp. 5865-5883.

Patra, Dhabaleswar and Mishra, Padmanabh and Vijayan, Mamannamana and Surolia, Avadhesha (2016) Negative Cooperativity and High Affinity in Chitooligosaccharide Binding by a Mycobacterium smegmatis Protein Containing LysM and Lectin Domains. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 55 (1). pp. 49-61.

Dixit, Karuna and Pande, Ajay and Pande, Jayanti and Sarma, Siddhartha P (2016) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure of a Major Lens Protein, Human gamma C-Crystallin: Role of the Dipole Moment in Protein Solubility. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 55 (22). pp. 3136-3149.

Johnson, William M and Golczak, Marcin and Choe, Kyonhwan and Curran, Pierce L and Miller, Olga Gorelenkova and Yao, Chen and Wang, Wenzhang and Lin, Jiusheng and Milkovic, Nicole M and Ray, Ajit and Ravindranath, Vijayalakshmi and Zhu, Xiongwei and Wilson, Mark A and Wilson-Delfosse, Amy L and Chen, Shu G and Mieyal, John J (2016) Regulation of DJ-1 by Glutaredoxin 1 in Vivo: Implications for Parkinson's Disease. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 55 (32). pp. 4519-4532.

Sathyanarayana, Pradeep and Desikan, Rajat and Ayappa, Ganapathy K and Visweswariah, Sandhya S (2016) The Solvent-Expoded C-Terminus of the Cytolysin A Pore-Forming Toxin Directs Pore Formation and Channel Function in Membranes. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 55 (42). pp. 5952-5961.

Dhar, Gopa and Chakravarty, Devlina and Hazra, Joyita and Dhar, Jesmita and Poddar, Asim and Pal, Mahadeb and Chakrabarti, Pinak and Surolia, Avadhesha and Bhattacharyya, Bhabatarak (2015) Actin-Curcumin Interaction: Insights into the Mechanism of Actin Polymerization Inhibition. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 54 (4). pp. 1132-1143.

Sah, Shivjee and Varshney, Umesh (2015) Impact of Mutating the Key Residues of a Bifunctional 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate Dehydrogenase-Cyclohydrolase from Escherichia coli on Its Activities. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 54 (22). pp. 3504-3513.

Sharadamma, Narayanaswamy and Harshavardhana, Yadumurthy and Ravishankar, Apoorva and Anand, Praveen and Chandra, Nagasuma and Muniyappa, K (2015) Molecular Dissection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Integration Host Factor Reveals Novel Insights into the Mode of DNA Binding and Nucleoid Compaction. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 54 (26). pp. 4142-4160.

Kumar, Ambrish and Arya, Richa and Makwana, Pinakin K and Dangi, Rohit Singh and Yadav, Usha and Surolia, Avadhesha and Kundu, Suman and Sundd, Monica (2015) The Structure of the Holo-Acyl Carrier Protein of Leishmania major Displays a Remarkably Different Phosphopantetheinyl Transferase Binding Interface. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 54 (36). pp. 5632-5645.

Agarwal, Tani and Roy, Saumya and Kumar, Santosh and Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti and Maiti, Souvik (2014) In the Sense of Transcription Regulation by G-Quadruplexes: Asymmetric Effects in Sense and Antisense Strands. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 53 (23). pp. 3711-3718.

Agarwal, Tani and Lalwani, Mukesh Kumar and Kumar, Santosh and Roy, Saumya and Chakraborty, Tushar Kanti and Sivasubbu, Sridhar and Maiti, Souvik (2014) Morphological Effects of G-Quadruplex Stabilization Using a Small Molecule in Zebrafish. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 53 (7). pp. 1117-1124.

Sharma, Ritu and Zaveri, Anisha and Gopalakrishnapai, Jayashree and Thiruneelakantan, Srinath and Thiruneelakantan, Umesh and Visweswariah, Sandhya S (2014) Paralogous cAMP Receptor Proteins in Mycobacterium smegmatis Show Biochemical and Functional Divergence. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 53 (49). pp. 7765-7776.

Karanth, Megha N and Sarma, Siddhartha P (2013) The Coil-to-Helix Transition in IlvN Regulates the Allosteric Control of Escherichia coli Acetohydroxyacid Synthase I. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 52 (1). pp. 70-83.

Khan, Krishnendu and Madhavan, Vipin TP and Kshirsagar, Rucha and Boosi, Kannan N and Sadhale, Parag and Muniyappa, K (2013) N-Terminal Disordered Domain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hop1 Protein Is Dispensable for DNA Binding, Bridging, and Synapsis of Double-Stranded DNA Molecules But Is Necessary for Spore Formation. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 52 (31). pp. 5265-5279.

Chakraborti, Soumyananda and Dhar, Gopa and Dwivedi, Vishnu and Das, Amlan and Poddar, Asim and Chakraborti, Gopal and Basu, Gautam and Chakrabarti, Pinak and Surolia, Avadhesha and Bhattacharyya, Bhabatarak (2013) Stable and Potent Analogues Derived from the Modification of the Dicarbonyl Moiety of Curcumin. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 52 (42). pp. 7449-7460.

Singh, Parminder and Jindal, Bhavya and Surolia, Avadhesha and Panda, Dulal (2012) A Rhodanine Derivative CCR-11 Inhibits Bacterial Proliferation by Inhibiting the Assembly and GTPase Activity of FtsZ. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 51 (27). pp. 5434-5442.

Sharma, Indra Mani and Dhanaraman, Thillaivillalan and Mathew, Ritta and Chatterji, Dipankar (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of a Fluorescent Analogue of Cyclic di-GMP. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 51 (27). pp. 5443-5453.

Nagamalleswari, Easa and Vasu, Kommireddy and Nagaraja, Valakunja (2012) Ca2+ Binding to the ExDxD Motif Regulates the DNA Cleavage Specificity of a Promiscuous Endonuclease. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 51 (44). pp. 8939-8949.

Khoo, Keith K and Gupta, Kallol and Green, Brad R and Zhang, Min-Mm and Watkins, Maren and Olivera, Baldomero M and Balaram, Padmanabhan and Yoshikami, Doju and Bulaj, Grzegorz and Norton, Raymond S (2012) Distinct Disulfide Isomers of mu-Conotoxins KIIIA and KIIIB Block Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 51 (49). pp. 9826-9835.

Ghosh, Amit and Vishveshwara, Saraswathi (2008) Variations in Clique and Community Patterns in Protein Structures during Allosteric Communication: Investigation of Dynamically Equilibrated Structures of Methionyl tRNA Synthetase Complexes. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 47 (44). pp. 11398-11407.

Khadake, JR and Rao, MRS (1995) DNA-condensing and chromatin-condensing properties of rat testes hla and hit compared to those of rat-liver hlbdec - hlt is a poor condenser of chromatin. In: BIOCHEMISTRY, 34 (48). pp. 15792-15801.

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