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Prajapati, SK and Mishra, G and Malaiya, A and Jain, A and Mody, N and Raichur, AM (2021) Antimicrobial Application Potential of Phytoconstituents from Turmeric and Garlic. [Book Chapter]

Baby, A and Saeed Rila, BC and Anil Vishnu, GK and Pandya, HJ (2021) Assembly Management Software Integrated with Additive Manufacturing for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. [Book Chapter]

Edachery, V and Pariyar, A and Muthukumar, M and Harsha, S and Likhitha, CS and Kailas, SV (2021) A Study on the Tribological Behavior of Al/B4C/Graphite Hybrid Composite Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing. [Book Chapter]

Hajra, D and Datey, A and Chakravortty, D (2020) Attenuation methods for live vaccines. [Book Chapter]

Hampali, Shamanth and Anoosha, Pai S and Ananthasuresh, GK (2019) An Open-Section Shell Designed for Customized Bending and Twisting to Ease Sitting and Rising in a Chair. [Book Chapter]

Kolavali, Sudha Rani and Bhatnagar, Shalabh (2009) Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for Shortest Path Problems. [Book Chapter]

Sudhira, HS and Ramachandra, TV (2009) A Spatial Planning Support System for Managing Bangalore's Urban Sprawl. [Book Chapter]

Prasanna, HM and Ghose, D and Bhat, MS and Bhattacharyya, C and Umakant, J (2005) Ascent Phase Trajectory Optimization for a Hypersonic Vehicle Using Nonlinear Programming. [Book Chapter]

Karumanchi, Ashok and Talabattula, Srinivas and Rao, Kalyan (2005) A Shift Varying Filtering Theory for Dynamic Service Guarantees. [Book Chapter]

Pakka, Vijaynarasimha Hindupur (2004) Approximation of Multi-pattern to Single-Pattern Functions by Combining FeedForward Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines. [Book Chapter]

Chandran, Sunil L and Ram, Shankar L (2002) Approximations for ATSP with Parametrized Triangle Inequality. [Book Chapter]

Sastry, PS (2002) An Introduction to Support Vector Machines. [Book Chapter]

Rangarajan, G and Sachidanand, M (2002) An invariant norm for nonlinear Hamiltonian systems, in Nonlinear System. [Book Chapter]

Thathachar, MAL and Sastry, PS (2001) Adaptive Stochastic Algorithms for Pattern Classification. [Book Chapter]

Shankar, Priti and Sasidharan, K and Aggarwal, Vikas and Rajan, Sundar B (2001) A Package for the Implementation of Block Codes as Finite Automata. [Book Chapter]

Fisher, Brian L and Malsch, Annette KF and Gadagkar, Raghavendra and Delabie, Jacques HC and Vasconcelos, Heraldo L and Majer, Jonathan D (2000) Applying the ALL Protocol: Selected Case Studies. [Book Chapter]

Deshpande, SM (1999) Application of kinetic schemes to all types of meshes. [Book Chapter]

Sreenivasa, Kumar P and Veni, Madhavan (1989) A new class of separators and planarity of chordal graphs. [Book Chapter]


Kumar, CV and Pattammattel, A (2016) BioGraphene: Direct Exfoliation of Graphite in a Kitchen Blender for Enzymology Applications. [Book Chapter]

Dey, D and Rangarajan, A (2010) Breast Cancer Stem Cells. [Book Chapter]


Roy, SS (2020) Chapter 19: Long-lived Spin Order Coupled to SABRE. [Book Chapter]

Ganesan, RA (2020) Cardiorespiratory and endocrine mechanisms behind the effectiveness of pranayama. [Book Chapter]

Molisch, Andy and Mehta, Neelesh B and Draper, Stark (2010) Cooperative Communications for Reliability. [Book Chapter]

Omrani, Reza and Kumar, Vijay P (2006) Codes for Optical CDMA. [Book Chapter]

Barua, Rana and Roy, Suman and Chaochen, Zhou (1999) Completeness of Neighbourhood Logic. [Book Chapter]

Narayanan, RA and Kumar, A and Asokan, S (1998) Chemical and shifted mechanical thresholds in Al-Ge-Te glass system. [Book Chapter]

Swaroop, P (1997) Cases in management science - Lapin,LL, Whisler,WD. [Book Chapter]

Arathi, HS and Gadagkar, Raghavendra (1996) Can genetically unrelated individuals join colonies of Ropalidia marginata ? [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, Raghavendra (1996) Complex behaviour in Social Wasps -Towards a scientific study. [Book Chapter]

Rao, VSR and Reddy, BVS and Mukhopadhyay, C and Biswas, M (1990) Computer simulation of protein-carbohydrate complexes Application to concanavalin A and L-arabinose-binding protein. [Book Chapter]


Ashok Krishnan, KS and Sharma, V (2020) Diffusion approximation analysis of multihopwireless networks: Quality-of-service and convergence of stationary distribution. [Book Chapter]

Nair, Siddharth and Rao, Roshan and Kumar, Tarun and Prasad G, Guru and Kumar, Manish and Henna P, Khadeeja and Saifudeen, Aysha and Mani, Monto (2019) Design of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) based Solar Powered LED Lighting System for Training and Empowering Rural youth. [Book Chapter]

Suryaprakash, N and Nath, Nilamoni and Baishya, Bikash (2010) Design of Novel Experimental Techniques for Chiral Analyses Using 1H NMR. [Book Chapter]

Sonti, Venkata R (2008) Dynamics and Control Systems (ME240) Lecture Notes. [Book Chapter] (Unpublished)

Kumar, A and Jacob, J and Ali, BMJ (1999) Deviation from 3-D Ising critical behaviour in aqueous electrolyte solutions. [Book Chapter]


Das, Anindita and Chakrabarti, Abhijit and Das, Puspendu K (2017) Enzyme Adsorption on Nanoparticle Surface Probed by Highly Sensitive Second Harmonic Light Scattering. [Book Chapter]

Doraiswamy, Harish and Natarajan, Vijay (2008) Efficient Output-Sensitive Construction of Reeb Graphs. [Book Chapter]

Ramachandra, TV (2008) Environment Education for Ecosystem Conservation. [Book Chapter]

Ramachandra, TV (2007) Environment Education for Ecosystem Conservation. [Book Chapter]

Kavitha, Telikepalli and Shah, Chintan D (2006) Efficient algorithms for weighted rank-maximal matchings and related problems. [Book Chapter]

Chandrashekar, TS and Narahari, Yadati (2005) Economic Mechanisms for Shortest Path Cooperative Games with Incomplete Information. [Book Chapter]

Kapoor, Mili and Thomas, Celestine J and Bachhawat-Sikder, Kiran and Sharma, Shilpi and Surolia, Avadhesha (2003) Exploring Kinetics and Mechanism of Protein–Sugar Recognition by Surface Plasmon Resonance. [Book Chapter]

Zhang, Chihong and Govindarajan, Ramaswamy and Ryan, Sean and Gao, Guang R (1999) Efficient State-Diagram Construction Methods for Software Pipelining. [Book Chapter]

Rao, KSRK and Kumar, A and Gopal, ESR and Sangunni, KS and Asha, G (1998) Effect of bismuth doping in GeSe and GeSeTe glasses by photoluminescence spectroscopy. [Book Chapter]

Ramaswamy, S (1997) Excess dissipation in dense emulsions. [Book Chapter]

Mukunda, N (1995) Expansors and expinors: Dirac, Harish-Chandra and the Lorentz group. [Book Chapter]

Natarajan, KA and Iwasaki, I (1985) Electrochemical aspects of xanthate and sulfide mineral oxidation by ozone. [Book Chapter]


Sukumar, Jairam and Bhat, Navakanta and Lata, Kusum and Roy, Subir K (2010) Formal Verification of Hybrid Automotive Systems. [Book Chapter]

Mujumdar, PP and Ghosh, S (2008) Fuzzy Logic-Based Approaches in Water Resource System Modelling. [Book Chapter]

Ding, Mingzhou and Rangarajan, Govindan (2004) First passage time problem: a Fokker-Planck approach. [Book Chapter]


Gupta, Anjali and Singh, Varsha (2017) GPCR Signaling in C. elegans and Its Implications in Immune Response. [Book Chapter]

Chandran, Thyageshwar and Sharma, Alok and Vijayan, Mamannamana (2013) Generation of Ligand Specificity and Modes of Oligomerization in beta-Prism I Fold Lectins. [Book Chapter]


Padmala, Srikanth and Sambuco, Nicola and Pessoa, Luiz (2019) Interactions between reward motivation and emotional processing. [Book Chapter]

Saha, Prasenjit Prasad and Vishwanathan, Vinaya and Bankapalli, Kondalarao and D'Silva, Patrick (2018) Iron-Sulfur Protein Assembly in Human Cells. [Book Chapter]

Ramachandra, TV (2011) Integrated Management of Municipal Solid Waste. [Book Chapter]

Vinayachandran, PN (2010) Impact of physical processes on the chlorophyll distribution in the Bay of Bengal. [Book Chapter]

Raghavan, Srinivasan (2010) Integration with Silicon Based Microelectronics. [Book Chapter]

Roy, Amitabha and Gopinath, K (2005) Improved Probabilistic Models for 802.11 Protocol Verification. [Book Chapter]

Narayan, Ganesh and Gopinath, K (2004) iSAN -An intelligent Storage Area Network Architecture. [Book Chapter]

Chaturvedi, VK and Kurup, Ramakrishna CK (1987) Interaction of lutein with mitochondrial and artificial membranes. [Book Chapter]


Swaminathan, Rajaram and Ravi, Vijay Kumar and Kumar, Satish and Kumar, Mattaparthi Venkata Satish and Chandra, Nividh (2011) Lysozyme: A model protein for amyloid research. [Book Chapter]

Kumaran, A and Haritsa, Jayant R (2004) LexEQUAL: Supporting Multiscript Matching in Database Systems. [Book Chapter]


Kumar, P and Dutta, I and Huang, Z and Conway, P (2021) Materials and Processing of TSV. [Book Chapter]

Kumar, P and Lee, T-K and Dutta, I and Huang, Z and Conway, P (2021) Microstructure and Mechanical Reliability Issues of TSV. [Book Chapter]

Tripathi, S and Xing, J and Levine, H and Jolly, MK (2020) Mathematical modeling of plasticity and heterogeneity in EMT. [Book Chapter]

Goswami, BN and Mohan, Ajaya RS (2005) Multi-scale interactions and predictability of the Indian summer monsoon. [Book Chapter]

Shenoy, PD and Srinivasa, KG and Thomas, AO and Venugopal, KR and Patnaik, LM (2004) Mining Top – $\mathit{k}$ Ranked Webpages Using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms. [Book Chapter]

Ravindra, G and Balakrishnan, N and Ramakrishnan, KR (2004) Multi-Document Automatic Text Summarization Using Entropy Estimates. [Book Chapter]

Sastry, PS (1991) Machine Learning. [Book Chapter]


Gadiyaram, V and Dighe, A and Ghosh, S and Vishveshwara, S (2021) Network Re-Wiring During Allostery and Protein-Protein Interactions: A Graph Spectral Approach. [Book Chapter]

Bharadwaj, Kishor KS and Ramesh, T and Ananthasuresh, GK (2019) Non-dimensionalized Feasibility Maps for Designing Compliant Mechanisms. [Book Chapter]

Mondal, S and Sengupta, K and Sen, D (2010) Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Systems: Order Parameter Evolution, Defect Generation, and Qubit Transfer. [Book Chapter]

Prasad, P (2001) Nonlinear Hyperbolic Waves in Multi-Dimensions. [Book Chapter]

Rao, CNR and Gopalakrishnan, J (1997) New Directions in Solid State Chemistry by [C. N. R. Rao , J. Gopalakrishnan] Book. [Book Chapter]


Ramakrishnan, TV (2016) One Subject, Two Lands: My Journey in Condensed Matter Physics. [Book Chapter]

Ramanathan, KV and Khetrapal, CL and Lobo, NP (2010) Oriented Molecules. [Book Chapter]

DSouza, Deepak and Holla, Raveendra and Kulkarni, Janardhan and Raghavendra, KR and Sprick, Barbara (2008) On the Decidability of Model Checking Information Flow Properties. [Book Chapter]

Prabhakar, Pavithra and D’Souza, Deepak (2006) On the Expressiveness of MTL with Past Operators. [Book Chapter]

Kumar, Santhosh V and Thazhuthaveetil, MJ and Govindarajan, R (2005) Offloading Bloom Filter Operations to Network Processor for Parallel Query Processing in Cluster of Workstations. [Book Chapter]

Souza, Deepak D and Tabareau, Nicolas (2004) On Timed Automata with Input-Determined Guards. [Book Chapter]

Narayanaswamy, NS and Madhavan, Veni CE (2001) On Assigning Prefix Free Codes to the Vertices of a Graph. [Book Chapter]

Rao, CNR (1989) Oxygen hole mechanism of superconductivity in cuprates and other metal oxides. [Book Chapter]


Iyer, N and Ganesan, S (2020) Parallel smoothers in multigrid method for heterogeneous CPU-GPU environment. [Book Chapter]

Middey, S and Chakhalian, J and Mahadevan, P and Freeland, JW and Millis, AJ and Sarma, DD (2016) Physics of Ultrathin Films and Heterostructures of Rare-Earth Nickelates. [Book Chapter]

Mondal, Partha Pratim and Diaspro, Alberto (2012) Point Spread Function Engineering for Super-Resolution Single-Photon and Multiphoton Fluorescence Microscopy. [Book Chapter]

Kavitha, Telikepalli and Mestre, Julian and Nasre, Meghana (2009) Popular Mixed Matchings. [Book Chapter]

Garg, Dinesh and Narahari, Yadati (2005) Price of Anarchy of Network Routing Games with Incomplete Information. [Book Chapter]

Chandru, Vijay and Rao, Rammohan M and Swaminathan, Ganesh (2004) Protein folding on lattices: an integer programming approach. [Book Chapter]

Muthu, DVS and Jayaraman, A and Chandrabhas, N and Sood, AK and Teredesai, P (1998) Pressure induced phase transition in metallic LaB6: A Raman study. [Book Chapter]


Gopinathan, Madhu and Rajamani, Sriram K (2008) Runtime Monitoring of Object Invariants with Guarantee. [Book Chapter]

Suresh, V and Sophia, Maria S and Madhavan, Veni CE (2006) Resampling Operations as Features for Detecting LSB Replacement and LSB Matching in Color Images. [Book Chapter]


Kannaraya, PS and Dilip, S and Deshpande, CS and Arora, M and Chakrabarti, A (2021) Smart Multi-material Weight Tracking Resource Bin. [Book Chapter]

Srinivas, MS and Panneer, R and Suvin, PS and Kailas, SV (2021) Synthesis and Testing of Novel Neem Oil-Based Cutting Fluid with Ionic Liquid Additives. [Book Chapter]

Garg, Satyendra Kumar and Tripathi, Manikant and Srinath, Thiruneelakantan (2012) Strategies for Chromium Bioremediation of Tannery Effluent. [Book Chapter]

Lev, Ovadia and Sampath, Srinivasan (2010) Silica and Silicates. [Book Chapter]

Harshan, J and Rajan, Susinder G and Rajan, Sundar B (2010) Space-Time Coding for Non-coherent Cooperative Communications. [Book Chapter]

Ananthasuresh, GK (2008) Systematic Synthesis Methods. [Book Chapter]

Bedathur, Srikanta J and Haritsa, Jayant R (2005) Search-Optimized Suffix-Tree Storage for Biological Applications. [Book Chapter]

Kumaran, A and Haritsa, Jayant R (2005) SemEQUAL: Multilingual Semantic Matching in Relational Systems. [Book Chapter]

BN, Goswami (2005) South Asian Monsoon. [Book Chapter]

Chandru, Vijay and Hariharan, Ramesh and Krishnakumar, Narasimha M (2004) Short-Cuts on Star, Source and Planar Unfoldings. [Book Chapter]

Rao, CNR and Seikh, M and Narayana, C (2004) Spin-State Transition in $LaCoO_{3}$ and Related Materials. [Book Chapter]

Ramaswamy, S (1997) Self-diffusion of colloids at freezing. [Book Chapter]

Ramaswamy, S (1997) Shear-enhanced diffusion in charge-stabilised colloids. [Book Chapter]

Gadagkar, Raghavendra and Chandrashekara, Krishnappa and Chandran, Swarnalatha and Bhagavan, Seetha (1993) Serial polygyny in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata: implications for the evolution of sociality. [Book Chapter]


Singh, V and Mirzaeifar, S (2021) Towards Socio-Technical Network Analysis (STNA) in the Connected World of Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing. [Book Chapter]

Kumar, Anil and Suryaprakash, N (2010) Two-Dimensional NMR of Molecules Oriented in Liquid Crystals - Recent Developments. [Book Chapter]

Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata (2008) Transonic Properties of Accretion Disk Around Compact Objects. [Book Chapter]

Sudhira., HS (2008) The Emergence of World City: Bangalore. [Book Chapter]

Raju, Sabari S and Pati, PB and Ramakrishnan, AG (2005) Text Localization and Extraction from Complex Color Images. [Book Chapter]

Joshi, N and Sita, G and Ramakrishnan, AG and Madhvanath, S (2004) Tamil Handwriting Recognition Using Subspace and DTW Based Classifiers. [Book Chapter]

Chandru, V and Vidyasagar, M and Vinay, V (1997) Tractable theories for the synthesis of neural networks. [Book Chapter]

Nunno, T and Arienti, M and Breton, M and Palmer, S (1990) Toxic wastes in the printed circuit board industry - sources and minimization. [Book Chapter]


Vishwanathan, SVN and Murty, Narasimha M (2002) Use of Multi Category Proximal SVM for Dataset Reduction. [Book Chapter]

Sood, AK and Munro, CH and Asher, SA and Gupta, R (1999) Unusual dependence of raman mode frequency on excitation wavelength in graphite and single walled carbon nanotubes. [Book Chapter]


Natarajan, Vijay and Koeh, Patrice and Wang, Yusu and Hamann, Bernd (2008) Visual Analysis of Biomolecular Surfaces. [Book Chapter]


Gadagkar, R (2019) What Can We Learn from Insect Societies? [Book Chapter]

Srikanth, R and Muralishankar, R and Ramakrishnan, AG (2004) Wavelet-Based Estimation of Hemodynamic Response Function. [Book Chapter]

Shakarad, Mallikarjuna and Gadagkar, Raghavendra (1996) Why are there multiple-foundress colonies in Ropalidia marginata? [Book Chapter]

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