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Meneguzzo, A T and Pozzobon, N and Ronchese, P and Rossin, R and Simonetto, F and Tiko, A and Torassa, E and Zanetti, M and Zotto, P and Zumerle, G and Braghieri, A and Magnani, A and Montagna, P and Ratti, S P and Re, V and Ressegotti, M and Riccardi, C and Salvini, P and Vai, I and Vitulo, P and Solestizi, L Alunni and Biasini, M and Bilei, G M and Cecchi, C and Ciangottini, D and Fano, L and Lariccia, P and Leonardi, R and Manoni, E and Mantovani, G and Mariani, V and Menichelli, M and Rossi, A and Santocchia, A and Spiga, D and Androsov, K and Azzurri, P and Bagliesi, G and Bianchini, L and Boccali, T and Borrello, L and Castaldi, R and Ciocci, M A and Dell'Orso, R and Fedi, G and Giannini, L and Giassi, A and Grippo, M T and Ligabue, F and Lomtadze, T and Manca, E and Mandorli, G and Messineo, A and Palla, F and Rizzi, A and Spagnolo, P and Tenchini, R and Tonelli, G and Venturi, A and Verdini, P G and Barone, L and Cavallari, F and Cipriani, M and Daci, N and Del Re, D and Di Marco, E and Diemoz, M and Gelli, S and Longo, E and Margaroli, F and Marzocchi, B and Meridiani, P and Organtini, G and Paramatti, R and Preiato, F and Rahatlou, S and Rovelli, C and Santanastasio, F and Amapane, N and Arcidiacono, R and Argiro, S and Arneodo, M and Bartosik, N and Bellan, R and Biino, C and Cartiglia, N and Castello, R and Cenna, F and Costa, M and Covarelli, R and Degano, A and Demaria, N and Kiani, B and Mariotti, C and Maselli, S and Migliore, A E and Monaco, V and Monteil, E and Monteno, M and Obertino, M M and Pacher, L and Pastrone, N and Pelliccioni, M and Angioni, G L Pinna and Romero, A and Ruspa, M and Sacchi, R and Shchelina, K and Sola, V and Solano, A and Staiano, A and Traczyk, P and Belforte, S and Casarsa, M and Cossutti, F and Della Ricca, G and Zanetti, A and Kim, D H and Kim, G N and Kim, M S and Lee, J and Lee, S and Lee, S W and Moon, C S and Oh, Y D and Sekmen, S and Son, D C and Yang, Y C and Kim, H and Moon, D H and Oh, G and Cifuentes, J A Brochero and Goh, J and Kim, T J and Cho, S and Choi, S and Go, Y and Gyun, D and Ha, S and Hong, B and Jo, Y and Kim, Y and Lee, K and Lee, K S and Lee, S and Lim, J and Park, S K and Roh, Y and Almond, J and Kim, J and Kim, J S and Lee, H and Lee, K and Nam, K and Oh, S B and Radburn-Smith, B C and Seo, S H and Yang, U K and Yoo, H D and Yu, G B and Kim, H and Kim, J H and Lee, J S H and Park, I C and Choi, Y and Hwang, C and Lee, J and Yu, I and Dudenas, V and Juodagalvis, A and Vaitkus, J and Ahmed, I and Ibrahim, Z A and Ali, M A B Md and Idris, F. Mohamad and Abdullah, W A T Wan and Yusli, M N and Zolkapli, Z and Reyes-Almanza, R and Ramirez-Sanchez, G and Duran-Osuna, M C and Castilla-Valdez, H and De la Cruz-Burelo, E and Heredia-De La Cruz, I and Rabadan-Trejo, R and Lopez-Fernandez, R and Mejia Guisao, J and Sanchez-Hernandez, A and Carrillo Moreno, S and Oropeza Barrera, C and Vazquez Valencia, F and Eysermans, J and Pedraza, I and Salazar Ibarguen, H A and Uribe Estrada, C and Morelos Pineda, A and Krofcheck, D and Butler, P H and Ahmad, A and Ahmad, M and Hassan, Q and Hoorani, H R and Saddique, A and Shah, M A and Shoaib, M and Waqas, M and Bialkowska, H and Bluj, M and Boimska, B and Frueboes, T and Gorski, M and Kazana, M and Nawrocki, K and Szleper, M and Zalewski, P and Bunkowski, K and Byszuk, A and Doroba, K and Kalinowski, A and Konecki, M and Krolikowski, J and Misiura, M and Olszewski, M and Pyskir, A and Walczak, M and Bargassa, P and Beirao Da Cruz E Silva, C and Di Francesco, A and Faccioli, P and Galinhas, B and Gallinaro, M and Hollar, J and Leonardo, N and Iglesias, L Lloret and Nemallapudi, M V and Seixas, J and Strong, G and Toldaiev, O and Vadruccio, D and Varela, J and Afanasiev, S and Bunin, P and Gavrilenko, M and Golutvin, I and Gorbunov, I and Kamenev, A and Karjavin, V and Lanev, A and Malakhov, A and Matveev, V and Moisenz, P and Palichik, V and Perelygin, V and Shmatov, S and Shulha, S and Skatchkov, N and Smirnov, V and Voytishin, N and Zarubin, A and Ivanov, Y and Kim, V and Kuznetsova, E and Levchenko, P and Murzin, V and Oreshkin, V and Smirnov, I and Sosnov, D and Sulimov, V and Uvarov, L and Vavilov, S and Vorobyev, A and Andreev, Yu and Dermenev, A and Gninenko, S and Golubev, N and Karneyeu, A and Kirsanov, M and Krasnikov, N and Pashenkov, A and Tlisov, D and Toropin, A and Epshteyn, V and Gavrilov, V and Lychkovskaya, N and Popov, V and Pozdnyakov, I and Safronov, G and Spiridonov, A and Stepennov, A and Stolin, V and Toms, M and Vlasov, E and Zhokin, A and Aushev, T and Bylinkin, A and Chistov, R and Danilov, M and Parygin, P and Philippov, D and Polikarpov, S and Tarkovskii, E and Andreev, V and Azarkin, M and Dremin, I and Kirakosyan, M and Rusakov, S V and Terkulov, A and Baskakov, A and Belyaev, A and Boos, E and Dubinin, M and Dudko, L and Ershov, A and Gribushin, A and Klyukhin, V and Kodolova, O and Lokhtin, I and Miagkov, I and Obraztsov, S and Petrushanko, S and Savrin, V and Snigirev, A and Blinov, V and Shtol, D and Skovpen, Y and Azhgirey, I and Bayshev, I and Bitioukov, S and Elumakhov, D and Godizov, A and Kachanov, V and Kalinin, A and Konstantinov, D and Mandrik, P and Petrov, V and Ryutin, R and Sobol, A and Troshin, S and Tyurin, N and Uzunian, A and Volkov, A and Babaev, A and Adzic, P and Cirkovic, P and Devetak, D and Dordevic, M and Milosevic, J and Alcaraz Maestre, J and Bachiller, I and Barrio Luna, M and Cerrada, M and Colino, N and De la Cruz, B and Delgado Peris, A and Fernandez Bedoya, C and Fernandez Ramos, J P and Flix, J and Fouz, M C and Gonzalez Lopez, O and Goy Lopez, S and Hernandez, J M and Josa, M I and Moran, D and Perez-Calero Yzquierdo, A and Puerta Pelayo, J and Redondo, I and Romero, L and Soares, M S and Triossi, A and Alvarez Fernandez, A and Albajar, C and de Troconiz, J F and Cuevas, J and Erice, C and Fernandez Menendez, J and Folgueras, S and Gonzalez Caballero, I and Gonzalez Fernandez, J R and Palencia Cortezon, E and Sanchez Cruz, S and Vischia, P and Vizan Garcia, J M and Cabrillo, I J and Calderon, A and Chazin Quero, B and Duarte Campderros, J and Fernandez, M and Fernandez Manteca, P J and Garcia-Ferrero, J and Garcia Alonso, A and Gomez, G and Lopez Virto, A and Marco, J and Martinez Rivero, C and Martinez Ruiz del Arbol, P and Matorras, F and Piedra Gomez, J and Prieels, C and Rodrigo, T and Ruiz-Jimeno, A and Scodellaro, L and Trevisani, N and Vila, I and Vilar Cortabitarte, R and Abbaneo, D and Akgun, B and Auffray, E and Baillon, P and Ball, A H and Barney, D and Bendavid, J and Bianco, M and Bocci, A and Botta, C and Camporesi, T and Cepeda, M and Cerminara, G and Chapon, E and Chen, Y and d'Enterria, D and Dabrowski, A and Daponte, V and David, A and De Gruttola, M and De Roeck, A and Deelen, N and Dobson, M and du Pree, T and Dunser, M and Dupont, N and Elliott-Peisert, A and Everaerts, P and Fallavollita, F and Franzoni, G and Fulcher, J and Funk, W and Gigi, D and Gilbert, A and Gill, K and Glege, F and Gulhan, D and Hegeman, J and Innocente, V and Jafari, A and Janot, P and Karacheban, O and Kieseler, J and Knunz, V and Kornmayer, A and Kortelainen, M J and Krammer, M and Lange, C and Lecoq, P and Lourenco, C and Lucchini, M T and Malgeri, L and Mannelli, M and Martelli, A and Meijers, F and Merlin, J A and Mersi, S and Meschi, E and Milenovic, P and Moortgat, F and Mulders, M and Neugebauer, H and Ngadiuba, J and Orfanelli, S and Orsini, L and Pantaleo, F and Pape, L and Perez, E and Peruzzi, M and Petrilli, A and Petrucciani, G and Pfeiffer, A and Pierini, M and Pitters, F M and Rabady, D and Racz, A and Reis, T and Rolandi, G and Rovere, M and Sakulin, H and Schafer, C and Schwick, C and Seidel, M and Selvaggi, M and Sharma, A and Silva, P and Sphicas, P and Stakia, A and Steggemann, J and Stoye, M and Tosi, M and Treille, D and Tsirou, A and Veckalns, V and Verweij, M and Zeuner, W D and Bertl, W and Caminada, L and Deiters, K and Erdmann, W and Horisberger, R and Ingram, Q and Kaestli, H C and Kotlinski, D and Langenegger, U and Rohe, T and Wiederkehr, S A and Backhaus, M and Bani, L and Berger, P and Casal, B and Dissertori, G and Dittmar, M and Donega, M and Dorfer, C and Grab, C and Heidegger, C and Hits, D and Hoss, J and Klijnsma, T and Lustermann, W and Mangano, B and Marionneau, M and Meinhard, M T and Meister, D and Micheli, F and Musella, P and Nessi-Tedaldi, F and Pandolfi, F and Pata, J and Pauss, F and Perrin, G and Perrozzi, L and Quittnat, M and Reichmann, M and Becerra, D A Sanz and Schonenberger, M and Shchutska, L and Tavolaro, V R and Theofilatos, K and Olsson, M L Vesterbacka and Wallny, R and Zhu, D H and Aarrestad, T K and Amsler, C and Brzhechko, D and Canelli, M F and De Cosa, A and Del Burgo, R and Donato, S and Galloni, C and Hreus, T and Kilminster, B and Neutelings, I and Pinna, D and Rauco, G and Robmann, P and Salerno, D and Schweiger, K and Seitz, C and Takahashi, Y and Zucchetta, A and Candelise, V and Chang, Y H and Cheng, K Y and Doan, T H and Jain, Sh and Khurana, R and Kuo, C M and Lin, W and Pozdnyakov, A and Yu, S S and Kumar, Arun and Chang, P and Chao, Y and Chen, K F and Chen, P H and Fiori, F and Hou, W -S and Hsiung, Y and Liu, Y F and Lu, R -S and Paganis, E and Psallidas, A and Steen, A and Tsai, J F and Asavapibhop, B and Kovitanggoon, K and Singh, G and Srimanobhas, N and Bat, A and Boran, F and Cerci, S and Damarseckin, S and Demiroglu, Z S and Dozen, C and Dumanoglu, I and Girgis, S and Gokbulut, G and Guler, Y and Hos, I and Kangal, E E and Kara, O and Topaksu, A Kayis and Kiminsu, U and Oglakci, M and Onengut, G and Ozdemir, K and Cerci, D Sunar and Tali, B and Tok, U G and Turkcapar, S and Zorbakir, I S and Zorbilmez, C and Karapinar, G and Ocalan, K and Yalvac, M and Zeyrek, M and Gulmez, E and Kaya, M and Kaya, O and Tekten, S and Yetkin, E A and Agaras, M N and Atay, S and Cakir, A and Cankocak, K and Komurcu, Y and Grynyov, B and Levchuk, L and Ball, F and Beck, L and Brooke, J J and Burns, D and Clement, E and Cussans, D and Davignon, O and Flacher, H and Goldstein, J and Heath, G P and Heath, H F and Kreczko, L and Newbold, D M and Paramesvaran, S and Sakuma, T and El Nasr-Storey, S Seif and Smith, D and Smith, V J and Bell, K W and Belyaev, A and Brew, C and Brown, R M and Calligaris, L and Cieri, D and Cockerill, D J A and Coughlan, J A and Harder, K and Harper, S and Linacre, J and Olaiya, E and Petyt, D and Shepherd-Themistocleous, C H and Thea, A and Tomalin, I R and Williams, T and Womersley, W J and Auzinger, G and Bainbridge, R and Bloch, P and Borg, J and Breeze, S and Buchmuller, O and Bundock, A and Casasso, S and Colling, D and Corpe, L and Dauncey, P and Davies, G and Della Negra, M and Di Maria, R and Haddad, Y and Hall, G and Iles, G and James, T and Komm, M and Lane, R and Laner, C and Lyons, L and Magnan, A -M and Malik, S and Mastrolorenzo, L and Matsushita, T and Nash, J and Nikitenko, A and Palladino, V and Pesaresi, M and Richards, A and Rose, A and Scott, E and Seez, C and Shtipliyski, A and Strebler, T and Summers, S and Tapper, A and Uchida, K and Acosta, M Vazquez and Virdee, T and Wardle, N and Winterbottom, D and Wright, J and Zenz, S C and Cole, J E and Hobson, P R and Khan, A and Kyberd, P and Morton, A and Reid, I D and Teodorescu, L and Zahid, S and Borzou, A and Call, K and Dittmann, J and Hatakeyama, K and Liu, H and Pastika, N and Smith, C and Bartek, R and Dominguez, A and Buccilli, A and Cooper, S I and Henderson, C and Rumerio, P and West, C and Arcaro, D and Avetisyan, A and Bose, T and Gastler, D and Rankin, D and Richardson, C and Rohlf, J and Sulak, L and Zou, D and Benelli, G and Cutts, D and Hadley, M and Hakala, J and Heintz, U and Hogan, J M and Kwok, K H M and Laird, E and Landsberg, G and Lee, J and Mao, Z and Narain, M and Pazzini, J and Piperov, S and Sagir, S and Syarif, R and Yu, D and Band, R and Brainerd, C and Breedon, R and Burns, D and Sanchez, M Calderon De la Barca and Chertok, M and Conway, J and Conway, R and Cox, P T and Erbacher, R and Flores, C and Funk, G and Ko, W and Lander, R and Mclean, C and Mulhearn, M and Pellett, D and Pilot, J and Shalhout, S and Shi, M and Smith, J and Stolp, D and Taylor, D and Tos, K and Tripathi, M and Wang, Z and Zhang, F and Bachtis, M and Bravo, C and Cousins, R and Dasgupta, A and Florent, A and Hauser, J and Ignatenko, M and Mccoll, N and Regnard, S and Saltzberg, D and Schnaible, C and Valuev, V and Bouvier, E and Burt, K and Clare, R and Ellison, J and Gary, J W and Shirazi, S M A Ghiasi and Hanson, G and Karapostoli, G and Kennedy, E and Lacroix, F and Long, O R and Negrete, M Olmedo and Paneva, M I and Si, W and Wang, L and Wei, H and Wimpenny, S and Yates, B R and Branson, J G and Cittolin, S and Derdzinski, M and Gerosa, R and Gilbert, D and Hashemi, B and Holzner, A and Klein, D and Kole, G and Krutelyov, V and Letts, J and Masciovecchio, M and Olivito, D and Padhi, S and Pieri, M and Sani, M and Sharma, V and Simon, S and Tadel, M and Vartak, A and Wasserbaech, S and Wood, J and Wurthwein, F and Yagil, A and Della Porta, G Zevi and Amin, N and Bhandari, R and Bradmiller-Feld, J and Campagnari, C and Citron, M and Dishaw, A and Dutta, V and Sevilla, M Franco and Gouskos, L and Heller, R and Incandela, J and Ovcharova, A and Qu, H and Richman, J and Stuart, D and Suarez, I and Yoo, J and Anderson, D and Bornheim, A and Bunn, J and Lawhorn, J M and Newman, H B and Nguyen, T Q and Pena, C and Spiropulu, M and Vlimant, J R and Wilkinson, R and Xie, S and Zhang, Z and Zhu, R Y and Andrews, M B and Ferguson, T and Mudholkar, T and Paulini, M and Russ, J and Sun, M and Vogel, H and Vorobiev, I and Weinberg, M and Cumalat, J P and Ford, W T and Jensen, F and Johnson, A and Krohn, M and Leontsinis, S and Macdonald, E and Mulholland, T and Stenson, K and Ulmer, K A and Wagner, S R and Alexander, J and Chaves, J and Cheng, Y and Chu, J and Datta, A and Dittmer, S and Mcdermott, K and Mirman, N and Patterson, J R and Quach, D and Rinkevicius, A and Ryd, A and Skinnari, L and Soffi, L and Tan, S M and Tao, Z and Thom, J and Tucker, J and Wittich, P and Zientek, M and Abdullin, S and Albrow, M and Alyari, M and Apollinari, G and Apresyan, A and Apyan, A and Banerjee, S and Bauerdick, L A T and Beretvas, A and Berryhill, J and Bhat, P C and Bolla, G and Burkett, K and Butler, J N and Canepa, A and Cerati, G B and Cheung, H W K and Chlebana, F and Cremonesi, M and Duarte, J and Elvira, V D and Freeman, J and Gecse, Z and Gottschalk, E and Gray, L and Green, D and Grunendahl, S and Gutsche, O and Hanlon, J and Harris, R M and Hasegawa, S and Hirschauer, J and Hu, Z and Jayatilaka, B and Jindariani, S and Johnson, M and Joshi, U and Klima, B and Kreis, B and Lammel, S and Lincoln, D and Lipton, R and Liu, M and Liu, T and De Sa, R Lopes and Lykken, J and Maeshima, K and Magini, N and Marraffino, J M and Mason, D and McBride, P and Merkel, P and Mrenna, S and Nahn, S and O'Dell, V and Pedro, K and Prokofyev, O and Rakness, G and Ristori, L and Savoy-Navarro, A and Schneider, B and Sexton-Kennedy, E and Soha, A and Spalding, W J and Spiegel, L and Stoynev, S and Strait, J and Strobbe, N and Taylor, L and Tkaczyk, S and Tran, N V and Uplegger, L and Vaandering, E W and Vernieri, C and Verzocchi, M and Vidal, R and Wang, M and Weber, H A and Whitbeck, A and Wu, W and Acosta, D and Avery, P and Bortignon, P and Bourilkov, D and Brinkerhoff, A and Carnes, A and Carver, M and Curry, D and Field, R D and Furic, I K and Gleyzer, S V and Joshi, B M and Konigsberg, J and Korytov, A and Kotov, K and Ma, P and Matchev, K and Mei, H and Mitselmakher, G and Shi, K and Sperka, D and Terentyev, N and Thomas, L and Wang, J and Wang, S and Yelton, J and Joshi, Y R and Linn, S and Markowitz, P and Rodriguez, J L and Ackert, A and Adams, T and Askew, A and Hagopian, S and Hagopian, V and Johnson, K F and Kolberg, T and Martinez, G and Perry, T and Prosper, H and Saha, A and Santra, A and Sharma, V and Yohay, R and Baarmand, M M and Bhopatkar, V and Colafranceschi, S and Hohlmann, M and Noonan, D and Roy, T and Yumiceva, F and Adams, M R and Apanasevich, L and Berry, D and Betts, R R and Cavanaugh, R and Chen, X and Evdokimov, O and Gerber, C E and Hangal, D A and Hofman, D J and Jung, K and Kamin, J and Gonzalez, I D Sandoval and Tonjes, M B and Varelas, N and Wang, H and Wu, Z and Zhang, J and Bilki, B and Clarida, W and Dilsiz, K and Durgut, S and Gandrajula, R P and Haytmyradov, M and Khristenko, V and Merlo, J -P and Mermerkaya, H and Mestvirishvili, A and Moeller, A and Nachtman, J and Ogul, H and Onel, Y and Ozok, F and Penzo, A and Snyder, C and Tiras, E and Wetzel, J and Yi, K and Blumenfeld, B and Cocoros, A and Eminizer, N and Fehling, D and Feng, L and Gritsan, A V and Maksimovic, P and Roskes, J and Sarica, U and Swartz, M and Xiao, M and You, C and Al-bataineh, A and Baringer, P and Bean, A and Boren, S and Bowen, J and Castle, J and Khalil, S and Kropivnitskaya, A and Majumder, D and Mcbrayer, W and Murray, M and Rogan, C and Royon, C and Sanders, S and Schmitz, E and Takaki, J D Tapia and Wang, Q and Ivanov, A and Kaadze, K and Maravin, Y and Mohammadi, A and Saini, L K and Skhirtladze, N and Rebassoo, F and Wright, D and Baden, A and Baron, O and Belloni, A and Eno, S C and Feng, Y and Ferraioli, C and Hadley, N J and Jabeen, S and Jeng, G Y and Kellogg, R G and Kunkle, J and Mignerey, A C and Ricci-Tam, F and Shin, Y H and Skuja, A and Tonwar, S C and Abercrombie, D and Allen, 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