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Book Chapter

Gogoi, M and Karmakar, K and Chandra, K and Chakravortty, D (2017) Methylglyoxal and other AGEs: Good and bad dual role in the body. [Book Chapter]

Hajra, D and Datey, A and Chakravortty, D (2020) Attenuation methods for live vaccines. [Book Chapter]

Kavya Satheesh, K S and Rani, Harsha and Jolly, Mohit Kumar and Mahadevan, Vijayalakshmi (2021) Epigenetics of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) in cancer. [Book Chapter]

Pramanik, D and Kanchi, S and Ayappa, KG and Maiti, PK (2021) Dendrimers: A novel nanomaterial. [Book Chapter]

Singha, MK and Dwivedi, P and Sankhe, G and Patra, A and Rojwal, V (2021) Role of Sensors, Devices and Technology for Detection of COVID-19 Virus. [Book Chapter]

Tripathi, S and Xing, J and Levine, H and Jolly, MK (2020) Mathematical modeling of plasticity and heterogeneity in EMT. [Book Chapter]

Yang, Y and Jolly, MK and Levine, H (2019) Computational Modeling of Collective Cell Migration: Mechanical and Biochemical Aspects. [Book Chapter]

Conference Proceedings

Kaushalram, Archana and Hegde, Gopalkrishna and Talabattula, Srinivas (2019) Comparative analysis of ultra-compact few-mode photonic wires on LNOI and SOI platforms. In: Conference on Integrated Optics - Devices, Materials, and Technologies XXIII, FEB 04-07, 2019, San Francisco, CA.

Conference Paper

Achuth Rao, MV and Yadav, S and Ghosh, PK (2017) A dual source-filter model of snore audio for snorer group classification. In: 18th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, INTERSPEECH 2017, 20 - 24 August 2017, Stockholm, pp. 3502-3506.

Adiga, V and Adiga, B and Adiga, PC and Roy Mahapatra, D and Hegde, G (2021) Hermetic Sealed Perovskite Solar Cells: Water Stable Encapsulation. In: 48th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, PVSC 2021, 20-25 Jun 2021, Bengaluru; India, pp. 904-907.

Ananthanarayanan, V and Mylavarapu, SVS (2020) Meeting report - the Microtubules, Motors, Transport and Trafficking (M2T2) 2019 meeting. In: The Molecular Motors, Transport and Trafficking (M2T2) meeting, 18-20 October, 2019, National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), Manesar, India.

Chandru, Vijay and Dasgupta, Sudeshna (2005) Minimal unsatisfiable sets: Classification and bounds. In: 9th Asian Computing Science Conference, DEC 08-10, 2004, Chiang Mai, THAILAND.

Jagdish, AK and Kumar, MP and Sandeep, BS and Ramamurthy, PC and Mahapatra, DR and Hegde, G (2018) Hierarchical structures and multiscale optical coupling for improved photodetectors. In: 4th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Electronics, ICEE 2018, 17-19 December 2018, Bengaluru.

Nath, B and Ramamurthy, PC and Roy Mahapatra, D and Hegde, G (2021) Effect of top electrode using Silver Nano powder on the performance of Perovskite Solar cells. In: 48th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 20-25 Jun 2021, Bengaluru, pp. 326-329.

Nath, B and Ramamurthy, PC and Roy Mahapatra, D and Hegde, G (2021) Effect of top electrode using Silver Nano powder on the performance of Perovskite Solar cells. In: 48th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, PVSC 2021, 20-25 jun 2021, Fort Lauderdale, pp. 326-329.

Vishnu, AGK and De, T and Ariun, BS and Rangarajan, A and Pandya, HJ (2021) Towards the development of a table-top system for tumour delineation using electro-thermal characterization. In: 7th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Computing and Communication Technologies, 9-11 Jul 2021, Bangalore.

Yadav, S and Gope, D and Krishnaswamy, UM and Ghosh, PK (2021) Convolutional Dense Neural Network Based Spirometry Variable FVC Prediction Using Sustained Phonations. In: 31st IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, 25-28 Oct 2021, Gold Coast.

Yadav, S and Keerthana, M and Gope, D and Uma Maheswari, K and Kumar Ghosh, P (2020) Analysis of Acoustic Features for Speech Sound Based Classification of Asthmatic and Healthy Subjects. In: 2020 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2020, 4-8, May 2020, Barcelona, Spain, pp. 6789-6793.

Yadav, S and Nk, K and Gope, D and Krishnaswamy, UM and Ghosh, PK (2018) Comparison of Cough, Wheeze and Sustained Phonations for Automatic Classification between Healthy Subjects and Asthmatic Patients. In: 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC 2018, 18 - 21 July 2018, Honolulu, pp. 1400-1403.

Journal Article

Agarwal, Rachit and Johnson, Christopher T and Imhoff, Barry R and Donlan, Rodney M and McCarty, Nael A and Garcia, Andres J (2018) Inhaled bacteriophage-loaded polymeric microparticles ameliorate acute lung infections. In: NATURE BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, 2 (11). pp. 841-849.

Aggarwal, A and Naskar, S and Maroli, N and Gorai, B and Dixit, NM and Maiti, PK (2021) Mechanistic insights into the effects of key mutations on SARS-CoV-2 RBD-ACE2 binding. In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23 (46). pp. 26451-26458.

Agrawal, A and Hari, KVS and Arun, SP (2020) A compositional neural code in high-level visual cortex can explain jumbled word reading. In: eLife, 9 .

Agrawal, A and Nag, S and Hari, KVS and Arun, SP (2022) Letter Processing in Upright Bigrams Predicts Reading Fluency Variations in Children. In: Journal of Experimental Psychology: General .

Agrawal, Ayush and Apoorva, K and Ayappa, KG (2017) Transmembrane oligomeric intermediates of pore forming toxin Cytolysin A determine leakage kinetics. In: RSC ADVANCES, 7 (82). pp. 51750-51762.

Agrawal, P and Katragadda, S and Hariharan, AK and Raghavendrachar, VG and Agarwal, A and Dayalu, R and Awasthy, D and Sharma, SC and Sivasamy, YK and Lakshmana, P and Shanmugam, A and Veeramachaneni, V and Gupta, V and Vani, BP and Subaiya, L and Syamala, TS and Hariharan, R and Chandru, V and Bloom, DE (2021) Validation of whole genome sequencing from dried blood spots. In: BMC Medical Genomics, 14 (1).

Agrawal, Ruchi and Kumar, Prem and Ramanan, Harini and Saini, Deepak Kumar (2016) FRET reveals multiple interaction states between two component signalling system proteins of M. tuberculosis. In: BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-GENERAL SUBJECTS, 1860 (7). pp. 1498-1507.

Agrawal, Ruchi and Sahoo, Bikash Kumar and Saini, Deepak Kumar (2016) Cross-talk and specificity in two-component signal transduction pathways. In: FUTURE MICROBIOLOGY, 11 (5). pp. 685-697.

Aiyar, Y and Chandru, V and Chatterjee, M and Desai, S and Fernandez, A and Gupta, A and Kang, G and Khanna, T and Mazumdar-Shaw, K and Mor, N and Mukherji, A and Muttreja, P and Narayan, T and Patwardhan, B and Rao, KS and Sharma, S and Shetty, D and Subramanian, SV and Varkey, LEC and Venkateswaran, S and Patel, V (2021) India's resurgence of COVID-19: urgent actions needed. In: The Lancet, 397 (10291). pp. 2232-2234.

Alagarasan, D and Varadharajaperumal, S and Arun Kumar, KD and Naik, R and Arunkumar, A and Ganesan, R and Hegde, G and El Sayed Massoud, E (2021) Optimization of different temperature annealed nanostructured CdSe thin film for photodetector applications. In: Optical Materials, 122 .

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Antony, A and P, P and Jedryka, J and Ozga, K and Hegde, G and Kulkarni, SD and Chandra Petwal, V and Verma, VP and Dwivedi, J (2021) Enhancement of defects induced optical nonlinearity in Al: ZnO thin films by electron beam. In: Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 128 .

Bagheri, Meisam and Nair, Raji R and Singh, Krishna Kumar and Saini, Deepak Kumar (2017) ATM-ROS-iNOS axis regulates nitric oxide mediated cellular senescence. In: BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH, 1864 (1). pp. 177-190.

Balachander, GM and Kotcherlakota, R and Nayak, B and Kedaria, D and Rangarajan, A and Chatterjee, K (2021) 3D Tumor Models for Breast Cancer: Whither We Are and What We Need. In: ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering .

Balachander, Gowri Manohari and Balaji, Sai A and Rangarajan, Annapoorni and Chatterjee, Kaushik (2015) Enhanced Metastatic Potential in a 3D Tissue Scaffold toward a Comprehensive in Vitro Model for Breast Cancer Metastasis. In: ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 7 (50). pp. 27810-27822.

Balachander, Gowri Manohari and Talukdar, Pinku Mani and Debnath, Monojit and Rangarajan, Annapoorni and Chatterjee, Kaushik (2018) Inflammatory Role of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts in Invasive Breast Tumors Revealed Using a Fibrous Polymer Scaffold. In: ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 10 (40). pp. 33814-33826.

Balakrishnan, Arjun and Das Sarma, Priya and Bhattacharjee, Oindrilla and Kim, Jong Myoung and Das Sarma, Shiladitya and Chakravortty, Dipshikha (2016) Halobacterial nano vesicles displaying murine bactericidal permeability-increasing protein rescue mice from lethal endotoxic shock. In: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6 .

Balakrishnan, Arjun and Schnare, Markus and Chakravortty, Dipshikha (2016) Of Men not Mice: Bactericidal/Permeability-increasing Protein expressed in human Macrophages acts as a Phagocytic receptor and Modulates entry and replication of gram-negative Bacteria. In: FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY, 7 .

Balakrishnan, S and Mathad, SS and Sharma, G and Raju, SR and Reddy, UB and Das, S and Ananthasuresh, GK (2019) A Nondimensional Model Reveals Alterations in Nuclear Mechanics upon Hepatitis C Virus Replication. In: Biophysical Journal, 116 (7). pp. 1328-1339.

Banerjee, Sunaina and Maurya, Satyaghosh and Roy, Rahul (2018) Single-molecule fluorescence imaging: Generating insights into molecular interactions in virology. In: JOURNAL OF BIOSCIENCES, 43 (3). pp. 519-540.

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Baral, Subhasish and Raja, Rubesh and Sen, Pramita and Dixit, Narendra M (2019) Towards multiscale modeling of the CD8(+) T cell response to viral infections. In: WILEY INTERDISCIPLINARY REVIEWS-SYSTEMS BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, 11 (4).

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Barui, S and Hadagalli, K and Mukherjee, S and Roy, S and Bhattacharjee, D and Basu, B (2022) Pilot-scale manufacturing of phase-pure and highly crystalline hydroxyapatite: Lessons learned and process protocols. In: International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 19 (2). pp. 762-772.

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Basu, B and Bhaskar, N and Barui, S and Sharma, V and Das, S and Govindarajan, N and Hegde, P and Perikal, PJ and Antharasanahalli Shivakumar, M and Khanapure, K and Tekkatte Jagannatha, A (2021) Evaluation of implant properties, safety profile and clinical efficacy of patient-specific acrylic prosthesis in cranioplasty using 3D binderjet printed cranium model: A pilot study. In: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 85 . pp. 132-142.

Basu, S and Gorai, B and Basu, B and Maiti, PK (2021) Electric Field-Mediated Fibronectin-Hydroxyapatite Interaction: A Molecular Insight. In: Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 125 (1). pp. 3-16. (In Press)

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