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Liu, Xiaoran and Singh, Sobhit and Kirby, Brian J and Zhong, Zhichen and Cao, Yanwei and Pal, Banabir and Kareev, Mikhail and Middey, Srimanta and Freeland, John W and Shafer, Padraic and Arenholz, Elke and Vanderbilt, David and Chakhalian, Jak (2019) Emergent Magnetic State in (111)-Oriented Quasi-Two-Dimensional Spinel Oxides. In: NANO LETTERS, 19 (12). pp. 8381-8387.

Arab, Arian and Liu, Xiaoran and Koeksal, Okan and Yang, Weibing and Chandrasena, Ravini U and Middey, Srimanta and Kareev, Mikhail and Kumar, Siddharth and Husanu, Marius Adrian and Yang, Zhenzhong and Gu, Lin and Strocov, Vladimir N and Lee, Tien Lin and Minar, Jan and Pentcheva, Rossitza and Chakhalian, Jak and Gray, Alexander X (2019) Electronic Structure of a Graphene-like Artificial Crystal of NdNiO3. In: NANO LETTERS, 19 (11). pp. 8311-8317.

Prasad, Parmeshwar and Arora, Nishta and Naik, A K (2019) Gate Tunable Cooperativity between Vibrational Modes. In: NANO LETTERS, 19 (9). pp. 5862-5867.

Ghosh, Tanmoy and Samanta, Manisha and Vasdev, Aastha and Dolui, Kapildeb and Ghatak, Jay and Das, Tanmoy and Sheet, Goutam and Biswas, Kanishka (2019) Ultrathin Free-Standing Nanosheets of Bi2O2Se: Room Temperature Ferroelectricity in Self-Assembled Charged Layered Heterostructure. In: NANO LETTERS, 19 (8). pp. 5703-5709.

Banerjee, Abhishek and Mohapatra, Abhinab and Ganesan, R and Kumar, PS Anil (2019) Restoring Superconductivity in the Quantum Metal Phase of NbSe2 Using Dissipative Coupling. In: NANO LETTERS, 19 (3). pp. 1625-1631.

Chatterjee, Dipanwita and Shetty, Shwetha and Mueller-Caspary, Knut and Grieb, Tim and Krause, Florian F and Schowalter, Marco and Rosenauer, Andreas and Ravishankar, Narayanan (2018) Ultrathin Au-Alloy Nanowires at the Liquid-Liquid Interface. In: NANO LETTERS, 18 (3). pp. 1903-1907.

Kumar, Abinash and Kundu, Subhajit and Samantaray, Debadarshini and Kundu, Paromita and Zanaga, Daniele and Bals, Sara and Ravishankar, N (2017) Designing Diameter-Modulated Heterostructure Nanowires of PbTe/Te by Controlled Dewetting. In: NANO LETTERS, 17 (12). pp. 7226-7233.

Hsieh, Kimberly and Kochat, Vidya and Zhang, Xiang and Gong, Yongji and Tiwary, Chandra Sekhar and Ajayan, Pulickel M and Ghosh, Arindam (2017) Effect of Carrier Localization on Electrical Transport and Noise at Individual Grain Boundaries in Monolayer MoS2. In: NANO LETTERS, 17 (9). pp. 5452-5457.

Chandrasekaran, Anand and Mishra, Avanish and Singh, Abhishek Kumar (2017) Ferroelectricity, Antiferroelectricity, and Ultrathin 2D Electron/Hole Gas in Multifunctional Monolayer MXene. In: NANO LETTERS, 17 (5). pp. 3290-3296.

Mahapatra, Phanibhusan S and Sarkar, Kingshuk and Krishnamurthy, HR and Mukerjee, Subroto and Ghosh, Arindam (2017) Seebeck Coefficient of a Single van der Waals Junction in Twisted Bilayer Graphene. In: NANO LETTERS, 17 (11). pp. 6822-6827.

Ghosh, Moumita and Ghosh, Siddharth and Attariani, Hamed and Momeni, Kasra and Seibt, Michael and Rao, Gowravaram Mohan (2016) Atomic Defects Influenced Mechanics of II-VI Nanocrystals. In: NANO LETTERS, 16 (10). pp. 5969-5974.

Kochat, Vidya and Tiwary, Chandra Sekhar and Biswas, Tathagata and Ramalingam, Gopalakrishnan and Hsieh, Kimberly and Chattopadhyay, Kamanio and Raghavan, Srinivasan and Jain, Manish and Ghosh, Arindam (2016) Magnitude and Origin of Electrical Noise at Individual Grain Boundaries in Graphene. In: NANO LETTERS, 16 (1). pp. 562-567.

Kumar, Chandan and Kuiri, Manabendra and Jung, Jeil and Das, Tanmoy and Das, Anindya (2016) Tunability of 1/f Noise at Multiple Dirac Cones in hBN Encapsulated Graphene Devices. In: NANO LETTERS, 16 (2). pp. 1042-1049.

Shamim, Saquib and Weber, Bent and Thompson, Daniel W and Simmons, Michelle Y and Ghosh, Arindam (2016) Ultralow-Noise Atomic-Scale Structures for Quantum Circuitry in Silicon. In: NANO LETTERS, 16 (9). pp. 5779-5784.

Nayak, Avinash P and Pandey, Tribhuwan and Voiry, Damien and Liu, Jin and Moran, Samuel T and Sharma, Ankit and Tan, Cheng and Chen, Chang-Hsiao and Li, Lain-Jong and Chhowalla, Manish and Lin, Jung-Fu and Singh, Abhishek K and Akinwande, Deji (2015) Pressure-Dependent Optical and Vibrational Properties of Mono layer Molybdenum Disulfide. In: NANO LETTERS, 15 (1). pp. 346-353.

Lee, Somin Eunice and Chen, Qian and Bhat, Ramray and Petkiewicz, Shayne and Smith, Jessica M and Ferry, Vivian E and Correia, Ana Luisa and Alivisatos, Paul A and Bissell, Mina J (2015) Reversible Aptamer-Au Plasmon Rulers for Secreted Single Molecules. In: NANO LETTERS, 15 (7). pp. 4564-4570.

Bhogra, Meha and Ramamurty, U and Waghmare, Umesh V (2015) Smaller is Plastic: Polymorphic Structures and Mechanism of Deformation in Nanoscale hcp Metals. In: NANO LETTERS, 15 (6). pp. 3697-3702.

Venugopalan, Pooyath Lekshmy and Sai, Ranajit and Chandorkar, Yashoda and Basu, Bikramjit and Shivashankar, Srinivasrao and Ghosh, Ambarish (2014) Conformal Cytocompatible Ferrite Coatings Facilitate the Realization of a Nanovoyager in Human Blood. In: NANO LETTERS, 14 (4). pp. 1968-1975.

Chandiran, Aravind Kumar and Abdi-Jalebi, Mojtaba and Yella, Aswani and Dar, Ibrahim M and Yi, Chenyi and Shivashankar, Srinivasrao A and Nazeeruddin, Mohammad K and Graetzel, Michael (2014) Quantum-Confined ZnO Nanoshell Photoanodes for Mesoscopic Solar Cells. In: NANO LETTERS, 14 (3). pp. 1190-1195.

Ozden, Sehmus and Autreto, Pedro AS and Tiwary, Chandra Sekhar and Khatiwada, Suman and Machado, Leonardo and Galvao, Douglas S and Vajtai, Robert and Barrera, Enrique V and Ajayan, Pulickel M (2014) Unzipping Carbon Nanotubes at High Impact. In: NANO LETTERS, 14 (7). pp. 4131-4137.

Roy, Ahin and Kundu, Subhajit and Mueller, Knut and Rosenauer, Andreas and Singh, Saransh and Pant, Prita and Gururajan, MP and Kumar, Praveen and Weissmueller, J and Singh, Abhishek Kumar and Ravishankar, N (2014) Wrinkling of Atomic Planes in Ultrathin Au Nanowires. In: NANO LETTERS, 14 (8). pp. 4859-4866.

Acharya, Somobrata and Das, Bidisa and Thupakula, Umamahesh and Ariga, Katsuhiko and Sarma, DD and Israelachvili, Jacob and Golan, Yuval (2013) A Bottom-Up Approach toward Fabrication of Ultrathin PbS Sheets. In: NANO LETTERS, 13 (2). pp. 409-415.

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