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Mukherjee, Arpita and Saigal, Nihit and Pandey, Anshu (2020) Low power all optical switching and implementation of universal logic gates using micro-bubbles in semiconductor nanocrystal solutions. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 31 (5).

Nuthalapati, Suresh and Shirhatti, Vijay and Kedambaimoole, Vaishakh and Neella, Nagarjuna and Nayak, M M and Rajanna, K and Takao, Hidekuni (2020) Highly sensitive, scalable reduced graphene oxide with palladium nano-composite as strain sensor. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 31 (3).

Prajapati, Chandra Shekhar and Benedict, Samatha and Bhat, Navakanta (2020) An ultralow power nanosensor array for selective detection of air pollutants. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 31 (2).

Shirhatti, Vijay and Kedambaimoole, Vaishakh and Nuthalapati, Suresh and Neella, Nagarjuna and Nayak, M M and Rajanna, K (2019) High-range noise immune supersensitive graphene-electrolyte capacitive strain sensor for biomedical applications. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 30 (47).

Somaiah, Nalla and Kumar, Praveen (2019) Tuning sample length effect on mass transport in current carrying Cu-Si thin-film systems via interfacial engineering. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 30 (48).

Menon, Thanmay S and Mishra, Simli and Antony, Vidhu Catherine and Dixit, Kiranmayi and Kakkar, Saloni and Ahmed, Tanweer and Slam, Saurav and Jayaraman, Aditya and Hsieh, Kimberly and Karnatak, Paritosh and Ghosh, Arindam (2019) Optimising graphene visibility in van der Waals heterostructures. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 30 (39).

Bhati, Vijendra Singh and Sheela, D and Roul, Basanta and Raliya, Ramesh and Biswas, Pratim and Kumar, Manish and Roy, MS and Nanda, KK and Krupanidhi, SB and Kumar, Mahesh (2019) NO2 gas sensing performance enhancement based on reduced graphene oxide decorated V2O5 thin films. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 30 (22).

Goel, Neeraj and Kumar, Rahul and Jain, Shubhendra Kumar and Rajamani, Saravanan and Roul, Basanta and Gupta, Govind and Kumar, Mahesh and Krupanidhi, S B (2019) A high-performance hydrogen sensor based on a reverse-biased MoS2/GaN heterojunction. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 30 (31).

Jangir, Suresh K and Malik, Hitendra K and Saho, Praveen and Muralidharan, R and Srinivasan, T and Mishra, Puspashree (2019) Electrical transport and gas sensing characteristics of dielectrophoretically aligned MBE grown catalyst free InAs nanowires. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 30 (10).

Ghosh, Monalisa and Anand, Venu and Gowravaram, Mohan Rao (2018) Wetting characteristics of vertically aligned graphene nanosheets. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 29 (38).

Venkataramanababu, Sruthi and Nair, Greshma and Deshpande, Preeti and Jithin, M A and Mohan, Sangeneni and Ghosh, Ambarish (2018) Chiro-plasmonic refractory metamaterial with titanium nitride (TiN) core-shell nanohelices. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 29 (25).

Benedict, Samatha and Lumdee, Chatdanai and Dmitriev, Alexandre and Anand, Srinivasan and Bhat, Navakanta (2018) Colloidal lithography nanostructured Pd/PdOx core-shell sensor for ppb level H2S. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 29 (25).

Garlapati, Suresh Kumar and Marques, Gabriel Cadilha and Gebauer, Julia Susanne and Dehm, Simone and Bruns, Michael and Winterer, Markus and Tahoori, Mehdi Baradaran and Aghassi-Hagmann, Jasmin and Hahn, Horst and Dasgupta, Subho (2018) High performance printed oxide field-effect transistors processed using photonic curing. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 29 (23).

Mitra, Richa and Jariwala, Bhakti and Bhattacharya, Arnab and Das, Anindya (2018) Probing in-plane anisotropy in few-layer ReS2 using low frequency noise measurement. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 29 (14).

Krishna, Murali and Kallatt, Sangeeth and Majumdar, Kausik (2018) Substrate effects in high gain, low operating voltage SnSe2 photoconductor. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 29 (3).

Tripathi, Rahul and Majji, Shanmukh Naidu and Ghosh, Rituparna and Nandi, Sukanta and Boruah, Buddha D and Misra, Abha (2017) Capacitive behavior of carbon nanotube thin film induced by deformed ZnO microspheres. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 28 (39).

Mukherjee, Anwesha and Reddy, Siva Kumar and Boruah, Buddha Deka and Misra, Abha (2017) Influence of charge traps in carbon nanodots on gas interaction. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 28 (13).

Manjanath, Aaditya and Roy, Ahin and Samanta, Atanu and Singh, Abhishek K (2017) Negative differential resistance in armchair silicene nanoribbons. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 28 (27).

Santra, Saswati and Das, Nirmalya Sankar and Senapati, Subrata and Sen, Dipayan and Chattopadhyay, Kalyan Kumar and Nanda, Karuna Kar (2017) Negative-charge-functionalized carbon nanodot: a low-cost smart cold emitter. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 28 (39).

Pawar, Shital Patangrao and Kumar, Sachin and Jain, Shubham and Gandi, Mounika and Chatterjee, Kaushik and Bose, Suryasarathi (2017) Synergistic interactions between silver decorated graphene and carbon nanotubes yield flexible composites to attenuate electromagnetic radiation. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 28 (2).

Boruah, Buddha Deka and Misra, Abha (2016) Conjugated assembly of colloidal zinc oxide quantum dots and multiwalled carbon nanotubes for an excellent photosensitive ultraviolet photodetector. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (35).

Banerjee, Ipshita and Kumaran, V and Santhanam, Venugopal (2016) Fabrication of electrodes with ultralow platinum loading by RF plasma processing of self-assembled arrays of Au@Pt nanoparticles. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (30).

Stoesser, Anna and von Seggern, Falk and Purohit, Suneeti and Nasr, Babak and Kruk, Robert and Dehm, Simone and Wang, Di and Hahn, Horst and Dasgupta, Subho (2016) Facile fabrication of electrolyte-gated single-crystalline cuprous oxide nanowire field-effect transistors. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (41).

Das, Manasmita and Dhak, Prasanta and Gupta, Satyajit and Mishra, Debasish and Maiti, Tapas K. and Basak, Amit and Pramanik, Panchanan (2016) Highly biocompatible and water-dispersible, amine functionalized magnetite nanoparticles, prepared by a low temperature, air-assisted polyol process: a new platform for bio-separation and diagnostics (Retraction of vol 5, pg 2883, 2009). In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (47).

Bharadwaj, Krishna B and Nath, Digbijoy and Pratap, Rudra and Raghavan, Srinivasan (2016) Making consistent contacts to graphene: effect of architecture and growth induced defects. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (20).

Paul, Tathagata and Ghatak, Subhamoy and Ghosh, Arindam (2016) Percolative switching in transition metal dichalcogenide field-effect transistors at room temperature. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (12).

Boruah, Buddha Deka and Mukherjee, Anwesha and Misra, Abha (2016) Sandwiched assembly of ZnO nanowires between graphene layers for a self-powered and fast responsive ultraviolet photodetector. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (9).

Boruah, Buddha Deka and Mukherjee, Anwesha and Misra, Abha (2016) Sandwiched assembly of ZnO nanowires between graphene layers for a self-powered and fast responsive ultraviolet photodetector. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (9).

Bid, Aveek and Raychaudhuri, AK (2016) Structural instability and phase co-existence driven non-Gaussian resistance fluctuations in metal nanowires at low temperatures. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27 (45).

Boruah, Buddha Deka and Ferry, Darim B and Mukherjee, Anwesha and Misra, Abha (2015) Few-layer graphene/ZnO nanowires based high performance UV photodetector. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 26 (23).

Ferry, Darim B and Kumar, Pavan R and Reddy, Siva K and Mukherjee, Anwesha and Misra, Abha (2015) Graphene based multifunctional flame sensor. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 26 (19).

Kuiri, Manabendra and Kumar, Chandan and Chakraborty, Biswanath and Gupta, Satyendra N and Naik, Mit H and Jain, Manish and Sood, AK and Das, Anindya (2015) Probing 2D black phosphorus by quantum capacitance measurements. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 26 (48).

Manjanath, Aaditya and Samanta, Atanu and Pandey, Tribhuwan and Singh, Abhishek K (2015) Semiconductor to metal transition in bilayer phosphorene under normal compressive strain. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 26 (7).

Chandrasekar, Hareesh and Bharadwaj, Krishna B and Vaidyuala, Kranthi Kumar and Suran, Swathi and Bhat, Navakanta and Varma, Manoj and Raghavan, Srinivasan (2015) Spotting 2D atomic layers on aluminum nitride thin films. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 26 (42).

Gowda, Prarthana and Suri, Ashish and Reddy, Siva Kumar and Misra, Abha (2014) Chemical vapor detection using nonlinear electrical properties of carbon nanotube bundles. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 25 (2).

Bhattacharyya, Swastibrata and Pandey, Tribhuwan and Singh, Abhishek K (2014) Effect of strain on electronic and thermoelectric properties of few layers to bulk MoS2. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 25 (46).

Gowda, Prarthana and Mohapatra, Dipti R and Misra, Abha (2014) Nonlinear optical absorption in a graphene infrared photodetector. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 25 (33).

Bagchi, Amrit and Meka, Sai Rama Krishna and Rao, Badari Narayana and Chatterjee, Kaushik (2014) Perovskite ceramic nanoparticles in polymer composites for augmenting bone tissue regeneration. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 25 (48).

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De Almeida, JM and Rocha, AR and Singh, Abhshek K and Fazzio, A and Da Silva, Antonio JR (2013) Electronic transport in patterned graphene nanoroads. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 24 (49).

Sivaraman, Sankar K and Santhanam, Venugopal (2012) Realization of thermally durable close-packed 2D gold nanoparticle arrays using self-assembly and plasma etching. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 23 (25).

Kiran, MSRN and Ramamurty, U and Misra, Abha (2012) Mechanical and electrical contact resistance characteristics of a cellular assembly of carbon nanotubes. In: NANOTECHNOLOGY, 24 (1).

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